Schools are out of touch

I find it quite interesting how teachers and the province could not come to an agreement before the start of the new school year.  

How many times have we heard this? Do they purposely leave negotiations till the start of the school year?  

What other group of workers holds the people hostage?

Our children deserve better than this. My youngest child graduated high school this past year, like that means much. Graduation means nothing in a system that does little to prepare them for real life. My oldest, who was an honour student, had such a rude awakening upon going to university. High school does absolutely nothing to prepare them for this. 

Our children go to school in a system that pushes them through, because it’s good for the government, and teachers, to publish high graduation rates.  

Real life does not let people rewrite exams. What is that teaching them?  

It’s not uncommon to talk to parents whose children are graduating, and they can barely read or write.

The requirements for graduation are constantly changing, but they don’t seem to be an improvement. In fact, the current graduation requirements are a complete waste of our children’s time in the system.  

Our children are better prepared for life with reading, writing and math. Anything else, is just the government trying to make points with specific groups.  

Cindy Nixdorf

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