Solution for hospital parking

If automatic parking machines at hospital entrances dispense time-stamped tickets, the patients and their family can get voucher tickets from the clinic or patient area where they are.

The voucher pays for a certain time period and is then used to pay the balance owing when you exit the parking area. 

Clinics at hospitals can dispense vouchers, as can in-patient areas.

Maybe not every last visitor need be eligible. Immediate family are never visitors; they are treated with the patient. Eg. a new dad is never a visitor in the perinatal areas. He is part of the family unit. 

Employees at hospitals surely must pay to park. What system do they use?

Put the person marking tires at the exit booth. No job lost. 

I have seen this work in big downtown areas adjacent to a huge sports stadiums. Parking for patients available at no cost, even as the Superbowl is happening next door.

Sheila Humphrey

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