Do you fear growing old?

How are you with growing old?

A new study by the Angus Reid Institute indicates a mixed reaction to the prospect of aging.

As Canada’s largest population demographic – Baby-Boomers – get older, more and more are being exposed to the realities of getting old.

The study shows Canadians over the age of 30 have mixed views of getting older. Only six per cent say they actually fear aging, as opposed to 15 per cent who say they welcome getting older.

Everyone else seem to fall into three categories – they fear it more than they welcome it (22 per cent), welcome it more than they fear it (20 per cent), or feel an equal mix of both (37 per cent).

Interestingly, aging is less scary for those most acquainted with old age than for younger people. Just 21 per cent of Canadians over the age of 70 say they look upon aging with worry.

The study also indicates most Canadians feel quite comfortable with their own age, with just one in 10 saying they feel older than they are. Six in 10 say they feel younger.

When it comes to finances, though, the story shifts.

Two-thirds of Canadians worry about outliving their savings, including three-quarters of women under 55.

In fact, younger Canadians, especially younger women, appear more concerned by financial and emotional troubles as they get older. Indeed, three-quarters of women between the ages of 30 and 55 say they worry about outliving their savings, and seven in 10 say the same of outliving their loved ones.

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