Ex-addict seeks her saviour

A woman who was once homeless and struggling with drug addiction on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is now searching for a man she credits with “saving her life.”

With her life now back on track – all she wants to do is thank this man.

It was a cold, wet night 13 years ago when Krisi Ferris reached one of her lowest points while walking along East Hastings Street. She was ready to end it all until a Good Samaritan, who claimed to be an off-duty police officer, pulled over in a black SUV to offer her help that would change the course of her life.

By the spring of 2006, Ferris had hit rock bottom and was numbing the pain with a cocktail of drugs – heroin, morphine and crack.

She remembers the man called out from from his vehicle, “Do you need help?”

She said she initially declined the offer and kept walking, but the man kept following. It was his words, ‘I really don’t think you belong down here!’ that made Ferris think twice.

“I knew this was the work of angels. In that moment, my guard went down. I took my hoodie down and said, ‘you’re a perfect stranger, how do I know you’re not a killer!?’”

“He said, ‘I’m an off-duty cop, don’t think I’ll be killing anyone,’” Ferris said.

“He showed me a badge. I reached for the handle, opened the door, and asked to see it. It was a badge all right, and the relief made my knees buckle and I almost fell. I climbed in.”

“He said, ‘what if I made you a deal… I’ll take your money and get you a bus ticket back to Calgary, and I’ll pay for your room tonight.’

“I will be back at exactly 11 a.m. and I’ll be waiting to take you to the bus, if you’re truly ready to end this,” added the man.

The next morning, the man returned and gave her a brown paper bag with food for the trip and a Cabbage Patch Kids doll.

The man then explained to her: “The food my wife packed is for your trip back to Calgary, the doll is for your daughter when she meets you at the bus station with the rest of your family.”

“The tears started falling. I was astonished,” Ferris said.

The mother of two, and step-mother to two, has now been sober for a decade. She has also reunited with her immediate family and reconnected with her high school sweetheart.

She first put out the call in 2015 to find the man who helped her, but had no luck. Now, she’s trying to find him again.

“I would love to express my ultimate gratitude to such a wonderful, caring human being,” she said.

Glacier Media has reached out to the Vancouver Police Department and Lower Mainland RCMP to help with her search.

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