Catios gain in popularity

Dog parents have long had many options for outdoor runs and enclosures for their fur babies.

There's a growing movement to offer freedom and protection for cats across Canada.

Many companies are now offering cat patios, or catios, for cats to spend time outside while being protected from predators and vehicles.

One of the first was Hellas Pet Enclosures in Edmonton, Alta. Their tight cage designs are custom-built for clients based on their needed configuration and access to the home.

Many of their designs actually have cat-sized entrances to the catios from the house so they can come and go from their outside space as the like.

"The feline community is starting to grasp this concept of 'safe outdoor time' for their kitties, and swaying away from the traditional thinking of kitties roaming the neighbourhood unsupervised," said Don and Yvette Bacha of Hellas Pet Enclosures.

The City of Edmonton Animal Care and Control actually contracted the couple to build them one in front of their facility for safe outdoor enrichment for felines in their care and to promote the idea of responsible pet ownership to feline guardians. 

The enclosures are designed to stimulate feline behaviour with various perches and pathways to spur creativity and comfort, while protecting them from predatory attacks and the hazards of the roadways.

A B.C. company produces similar structures and is based in Brentwood Bay. Beautiful World Living Environments serves the island, the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and they do take jobs that require travel.


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