She's 24, he's 69

Don and Stefani Walper are like any newlywed couple.

They dated for about three years before tying the knot last August

They have a son, Lachlan, who just turned one at the end of January.

And, like most newlyweds? "For me, it's the sex," said Stefani when asked about the the best thing in their marriage.

But, Don and Stefani are not like most newlywed couples.

He's 69. She's 24.

The Armstrong couple recently sat down and told their story to Barcroft TV, A British news outlet that features "incredible real-life stories and footage."

Stories are posted to their YouTube channel.

"People insult me more than they insult Don because I'm the gold digger. I'm the one with daddy issues. I'm the one who can't support myself, I need a man to save me," Stefani said about the age difference.

"I feel like I have a man. I feel I have a stable relationship. I have somebody I can trust."

Still, the age difference doesn't bother either of them, even with a one-year-old to take care of.

"Age is just a number," he said.

"Being my age I'm not too worried about being around later. Obviously, I'd like to. Mother Nature plays a role in it. I'm just going to take it as far as I can. After that, I guess he can push me around in my wheelchair."

The couple met at a bar Don frequented after work.

"Before I met Don I was living on my own. I kept getting a job, quitting jobs. Finally, I found a job at a pub, and I met you.

"He would come in almost every day after work to have a beer and relax."

"Stefani appeared one day, and most of the guys were, oh, a new gal. We started getting curious, talking and flirting, and it just steadily progressed.

"We partied down until 2:30 in the morning, then we got in a cab and went to her house."

Don has been married once before, and has a son they discovered went to school with Stefani.

"She knew my son before she knew me," Don said.

And, as for the sex?

"2 a.m., 5 a.m., in the middle of the afternoon, before dinner, after dinner, in the middle of dinner. On the rooftop, on the balcony, on the floor, whatever," she said.

"It doesn't last two seconds. He knows what he's doing. It's always different. We've done a lot of different stuff."

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