Dog park; enter at own risk

Madison Erhardt

A Kelowna resident and her dog were kicked out of the Glenmore dog park over the weekend for "aggressive behaviour," and now the woman is taking to social media to voice her frustration. 

"At the Glenmore dog park today, myself and my dog were kicked out because my dog was 'showing signs of aggression.' When I asked the older gentleman to further explain, I was told my dog was chasing another dog and two of the three dogs were growling," she wrote.

"I watched the entire five-minute play session, and while the dogs were chasing each other (as dogs do) and 'growling' as some (not all) dogs do in play, there were no signs of aggression from any of the three."

After the Facebook post received numerous comments, Castanet reached out to dog trainers and experts to get their take on proper dog park etiquette.

Wayne Dorman is an owner and trainer at Dogzies canine school of excellence.

"In a situation like that ... put them on a leash and take them for a walk. You can start doing mental and physical exercises with them.''

"Dogs are like kids, and sometimes they can be overtired when they are playing and they don't know how to switch off. As well, you are always going to get a grumpy person that thinks he owns the park," Droman said. 

Laura Vigar of Watson's Hound Lounge likes to follow a few steps when taking her dog to the park.

1.Know your dog

Is this an area or activity where my dog wants to be involved in. 

2.Be engaged and active at the park

Make sure you are really watching what your dog gets up to.

3. Leave on a good note

You want your dog to have fun and get some energy out and even make a friend, but its important to leave before things out of hand. Know when it's time to go.

For more information on dog park rules, click here

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