Dog found shivering on hwy

A snowplow operator made a startling discovery on the Coquihalla Friday afternoon.

At about 1 p.m., Carlie Holman was plowing the highway between the Zopkios Brake Check and the Great Bear Snowshed when her partner noticed something black up on a snowbank.

Realizing it was dog, the pair turned around and radioed their foreman, and the rescue operation began.

“We climbed up the bank and my foreman tried to approach him first and (the dog) seemed pretty skittish and he was kind of growling a little bit and unsure, and my foreman was unsure and we were all unsure,” Holman said.

As her foreman went back to the truck to grab some gloves, Holman slowly approached the nervous, and shivering, dog.

“He took a little bit, but then when he realized it was OK, you should have seen him. He jumped up on me and he was licking my face, and he was just so thankful, he was so happy. It was one of those tear-jerking moments.”

The dog, who was wearing a Harley Davidson collar, has no tags or tattoos, but his nails are trimmed and he appears fed.

“I definitely think this is somebody's dog, he looks like he was cared for,” Holman said.

Her foreman took their new four-legged friend back to their shop, while Holman finished her shift. As soon as she was done though, she went and picked him up and brought him home, temporarily naming him Chance. It sounds like he's getting used to his new surroundings.

“He's really friendly,” Holman said. “I have kids and he has really good temperament. He actually slept in my daughter's room on her bed last night.”

Now Holman's looking to reunite Chance with his owner. She posted about him on several Facebook pages, and she's taking him to the vet today to see if he has a chip that could provide them with some information.

Holman says she's worked on the highways for four seasons, and Friday definitely stands out as a unique day on the job.

“I'm a dog person, I had to stop, I had to save him.”

Anyone with information about the dog can reach Holman at [email protected], or through Facebook. 

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