Canada Post delivery fail

A video shared on social media catching a Toronto-area Canada Post worker failing to deliver a package has stirred up strong reaction online. 

YouTube user Yul Brenner posted a video this week that has been viewed over 280,000 times.

On Jan. 14, a delivery driver parks across the street from a home at 4 p.m. The video says the employee is “writing up the card.”

After a few minutes, the employee gets out of the Canada Post vehicle with a white slip of paper and no package.

The employee jogs over to the home, goes up the steps and places the white slip on the door handle. He is never seen going to the door with the package. 

A woman can be seen opening the door and says “hello? You didn’t even knock on the door.”

“I… I didn’t know if anyone was home,” he response. “I’ll bring the package.

He then retrieves the package from the vehicle and walks it back to the home.

“Sorry about that,” he says. “Usually there is no nobody home, that’s why.”

The woman awkwardly chuckles and signs for the package. 

He adds “that actually helps me, this way I don’t have to come back.”

The employee then asked the woman to remove the white slip that was left on the door.

In response to the video, Canada Post has admitted the delivery should have been attempted on the first visit to the door. 

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