Mamma moose mayhem

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In case you needed another reminder that wildlife can be dangerous this time of year, check out this video shot by KTVA in Alaska!

KTVA's Joe Vigil was working on another story when he and his shooter caught this mother moose taking a run at a cyclist.

The mamma moose had been hanging out in the same spot for several days and had been acting protective of her two calves, but took exception when the cyclist got too close for her liking.
You can see as she takes a run at the cyclist and pulls up just short of hitting him. Regardless the elderly cyclist lost control and crashed. He wisely stayed down but when he attempted to get up and carry on the moose charged again.

At that point, the reporter and his shooter drove the station vehicle between the moose and the downed rider in order to give him some cover.

The cyclist was unhurt and officials are now warning area resident's to give the moose a wide berth and the cycling and walking path has been closed down.

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