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Honest and heartbreaking

For a parent, there is not a more difficult and heartbreaking task imaginable than having to write your child's obituary. 

When Ann-Marie sat down to pen her son Kevin Day's obituary, she had no idea how she would find the words to describe not only her son but the void left behind by his passing.

What she penned can only be described as a heartbreaking, gutwrenching, real-life-account of her son and the demon that took his life. 

Her words have reignited a discussion around drugs, addiction and provided a face to the deadly fentanyl crisis. 

Kevin Day's Obituary as written by his mother, Ann-Marie:

"Many times I began to try to write this Obituary - and began the same way. KEVIN ROGER DAY, BORN DECEMBER 3, 1984 …

That was as far as I got. Today I believe I should begin at the end of the story. He died May 8, 2018 by himself in his bedroom - the cause was a lethal amount of Fentanyl that he was not aware of that was dropped into the drug he ingested.

He was not aware that he would die that night. He knew it was roulette every time he turned to a drug to ease his pain.

He had fought a battle - he would win at times - but his desire for a "normal life" was not in the cards. There was no more normal once his addiction took hold. But he was always up for the battle - he wanted to work - loved his job as a Diamond Driller in the exploration field - his picture sits on my mantle with him in his happy place on the job site.

He would painfully fight the demon - he was the strongest person I know. I've seen the strength it took every time he would decide enough was enough - he would get his life back......and he would.

He would decide and move into action .... cold turkey when he made that choice and he would suffer silently, he didn't like to see the pain in my eyes - and always made sure I was ok. There was a love between Kevin and his family and friends that will never end. He was bigger than life - his friends knew he loved them - his family knew he loved them deeply - his fiancée, will now be loved for eternity.

Kevin's Death is ruled as an "Accidental Death", but in reality it was someone's choice to add the Fentanyl.

People are choosing to add Fentanyl to a variety of street drugs and the people that do this have no moral compass and are murdering their own. These upper-level drug dealers are preying on all of society.

Fentanyl has been known to be added to even the most innocently used drugs, like marijuana, although it is more commonly added to other stronger drugs.

The mentality of them killing their own "customers" doesn't make sense to us in the "normal" world, but when someone is already in the addicted state, they are looking for that higher high and will actually search out more drugs from that person.....they never believe that they will die - they think they know what they are doing - that they will test before taking - they believe that because they have bought drugs from their dealer before and didn't die that they can be considered a trusted source.

In truth, there is no longer a trusted source, a trusted dealer, just a friend sharing a joint, there is no safe street drug...even the "Dealers" may not know the source - BUT WHAT I DO KNOW is the DEALER that sold and heard there is a death from that sale and continues to sell the product is now knowingly murdering the people he pretends he is friends with....AND CONTINUES....DEATH AFTER DEATH....AND HE NEEDS TO KNOW HE IS NOT WELCOME ANY LONGER.

I am sure you know who you are, you actually have no doubt. So is it not now the time, to look at your own life.

Change your life - because Karma sucks.

Kevin may now be with the Angels - But in life wasn't always the Angel - I am not pretending here. He made his decisions, and when addiction took him, lived and died the consequences.

From the time I was a young girl, I wanted to be a Mother - and I was to him no matter what. Even when I finally learned that I really could not help him and he needed to do this himself, he always knew that I loved him deeply. 

Kevin lived life to the fullest - He grew up in a loving family, entertaining everyone with his actions - anything for a laugh, never shy and always laughing.

He loved his family more than anything, and we all know that. He struggled thru school, but yet went on to become fluent in Spanish when he worked in the jungle of Panama. "He loved to sing every word of the Big Mac Song, as fast as he could, just because he could and would tell everyone that he will always be THE BEST DRILLER that ever lived. He loved the limitless near-infinity of space and all of its beauty." 

KEVIE WAS THE MAN! KEV! KEVY! KEVVY! No matter how you spell it - It spells LOVE 




A Celebration of Life was held for Kevin on May 12 for immediate family.

A Celebration of Life for all Kevin’s friends that loved him will be announced at a later date. Hoping to hear all the funny Kev stories, so bring your love!

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