Simplify your morning

The morning is often the most chaotic part of the day.

If you have to rise for an early shift or have a hectic household, you may have only minutes each morning to get up and ready. 

Here are some time-saving strategies to get you out the door quickly without sacrificing style. 

The night before:

First, the single most helpful tip is to pick your outfit the night before. Include everything you plan to wear the next day, including accessories, shoes and jacket. 

This forces you to ensure that what you plan to wear is:

  • clean
  • fits
  • that all the pieces are ready to go.

No more hunting for that second shoe underneath the sofa and being late for your first meeting of the day. 

24/7 Jewelry:

A few years ago, I stopped buying trendy baubles to match every conceivable outfit and invested in comfortable classic pieces in precious metals that I never take off.

Seriously, they stay on while sleeping, at the gym, in the shower and everywhere. 

I may switch out items for a special occasion, but, on a daily basis, having 24/7 jewelry saves so much time and guesswork. 

Excellent quality staples in gold and sterling silver can be found at Tiffany, Canadian jeweller Birks and Tacori, available at Canadian Jewelry Exchange on Tutt Street in Kelowna.

Also check out unique handmade necklaces and earrings crafted in recycled silver from local designer Little Jems

Earrings you can sleep in:

I’ve discovered where to find the best earrings you can actually doze in - stores that carry body piercing jewelry.

Labrets are studs that have a screw-on flat or ball backings, so no more posts poking into your neck while snoozing. 

Body-piercing stores, both online and in town, also carry all kinds of closed sleeper hoops that you won’t see in traditional jewellers. 

Gorgeous styles in 14K gold are available through “celebrity piercer” Maria Tash or find less expensive options in surgical stainless steel at Pierced Universe.

Extend your hairstyle:

Don’t wash, blow-dry and style your hair every day. All you need to go two-three days between washings is a shower cap and dry shampoo. 

For my dark hair, Cake brand tinted dry shampoo powder applied to the roots on off-wash days works best. Find it and other options at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora. 

If you have long hair, you’ll also want to check out the range of Goody hair accessories at Shoppers Drug Mart.

They have developed the Simple Styles collection that allow you to quickly and easily create up-dos, sleek ballerina buns, Gibson rolls, braids and even faux bobs. 

Bag switching made easy:

If you are frequently changing between a work tote to casual bag or other handbag, I highly recommend a purse organizer.

They allow you to simply pick up all your essentials in one organized packet and plunk it into another bag. 

There are many on the market in all shapes and sizes depending on the amount of items you typically carry, and they also provide the added benefit of protecting the inside of your cherished bag. My favourites are from Chameleon Inserts

Lips last before leaving:

There is no point applying lip colour or balm before breakfast and teeth-brushing. Since it’s the last thing I do before walking out the door, I keep all lipsticks and glosses in a jar in the mudroom. 

Then, it’s easy to pick the right shade for what I’m wearing, apply, and toss it in my bag for the day. 

Cheers to a less stressful morning.

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About the Author

Marla is best known for her 19-year career in the local charitable sector as a fund development and marketing manager with the Okanagan Regional Library, United Way, UBC Okanagan, and Kelowna Community Resources. 

In 2014, Marla and her husband decided to take a break from the work world, and, four years, later they are still enjoying Okanagan summers, winters in Mexico, and extensive travel. 

Marla has had a life-long passion for fashion, designing her own graduation dress and formal gown for the 1990 Miss Interior competition before age 20.

In 2014, she was named one of nine Style Ambassadors for a year-long marketing campaign at Orchard Park Mall. Her motto is “Life is short...you might as well go through it looking good."

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