Canada's carbon footprint

According to Canadian sources Canada has 990 million acres of forests, 370 million acres of wetlands and 167  million acres of crop-yielding farmland. These are known as "carbon sinks". (they absorb carbon), somehow they forgot to mention all the lakes.

Biologists tell us that trees absorb about 2.6 tonnes of carbon per acre, so if you do the math 990 million acres x 2.6  tones/acre = 2.574 billion tonnes of carbon being absorbed every year here in Canada. Now if you do more math, 36 trillion tones (amount of world emission x 0.0167 (1.67%) = 601.2 million tonnes this is the amount of carbon that Canada contributes to world emissions. In the forests alone, Canada absorbs almost 4 times the amount of carbon it emits. Again, in the forests alone, Canada absorbs 4 times the carbon it emits.

This means that the other three quarters of our forests are being sustained by carbon being emitted by the rest of the world. This calculation does not take into account the wetland or farmland that also absorbs carbon.
Canada really couldn't get any greener, so why are our politicians hell bent on punishing us with these ridiculous carbon taxes? If the media were honest, this information would be made public and should be made public!

Considering the fact that Canada is given no credit for absorbing much more carbon than it emits I think there is a good case for some lawyer to charge governments with a “class action suit “, the government money grab has to stop.

Roger von Dach

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