Sick dogs being sold

"I don't want this lady doing anymore of this, ever again."

A dog breeder with a notorious history of mistreating animals is again selling puppies in the Okanagan.

Castanet ran an article on Wednesday, Feb. 21 after being contacted by a woman who went to purchase a dog from the breeder, ultimately deciding not to buy one because of the deplorable conditions in which the puppies were being transported.

“When I looked down at the puppy, the puppy was very lethargic and had its head held down and it wasn't looking up and most puppies are pretty curious and sniffing around and wondering what's happening and these puppies weren't,” she said. “And when I picked the puppy up, it was very droopy and shaking and it's feet were covered in poop.” 

The article has touched a nerve in the community, and now more people have come forward to Castanet to share their story about the breeder and the puppies for sale. 

A Kelowna man and his fiancé recently purchased a puppy from the alleged breeder, and while the whole experience didn't feel right — from the condition of the dog to how the breeder was acting at the time of the sale — he says they still purchased a puppy.

"Hindsight, we should have done more research, but we were super excited to get this dog."

The man who wishes to remain anonymous says after they had purchased the dog, a friend had told him about the Castanet story. After reading the story, he was convinced he had purchased a puppy from the same breeder.

He says they found an ad on Kijiji and at the time, he felt they were dealing with a reputable breeder from out of province. 

Looking back there were a lot of red flags. He says he was asked to send a deposit, which he did in January. He had asked for photos but never received one of the dog they selected.

"It made me feel like she was either a bad breeder or a really bad businesswoman."

The man says once he was contacted by the breeder to pick up the puppy, he was asked to meet at the edge of town to make the purchase.

"The van was dirty and all the windows were covered," he said. "They almost wanted to meet us at our car instead of the van."

The man guesses that was because of the condition inside the van, but he can't be certain. He says two adult dogs stuck their noses out of the passenger window and were barking.

The puppy they were handed was not acting how a puppy should be acting. He says the puppy's nose was dry, it was lethargic and its head was drooping and its paws were covered in poop. 

"The transaction was a little bit sketchy, it wasn't as professional as we hoped."

After taking the puppy home and after his friend told him about the Castanet article, the man and his fiancé took his new puppy to the vet to get checked out.

"The article on Castanet was why. The main photo in the story is one of the photos in her ad. I basically had a mini panic attack."

The vet told the couple the puppy had worms and his ears were filled with mites.

"He's going to be fine. He is on medications. We will take him back to the vet next week for a follow-up."

The Kelowna man wants to provide a warning for anybody who purchased a dog off this breeder to get their puppy checked out.

"Just take your dog to the vet right away. And make sure it is fine before the worms or the ear mites, anything it has, may get worse."

Animal Protection Services in the home province of the breeder has been contacted.

The vagueness of the breeder and the purchaser of the dog is due to an ongoing investigation.

The BCSPCA has been made aware of the breeder as well. At the time of publication, a spokesperson from BCSPCA had not contacted Castanet regarding a possible investigation. 

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