Horoscope: March 11-17


Those who dug in their heels have had time to think things over and look at where there is common ground.

This is necessary to keep everything moving in a positive direction. They realize that stubborn behaviour is petty and can be isolating for them or others.

New information tips the scales one way or the other. Respect of proper order showcases individuals who suit the role; listen to them.

Trim costly overruns where possible. Travel brings key players together, coming or going. Intuitive thoughts are a form of inspiration to those needing it.

Brainstorm with the decision makers. Consider all the angles and how progress will be possible under the Pisces new moon.

ARIES: Pull rank from behind the scenes and it will have an effect on how events will unfold with all involved.

TAURUS: Connect with powerful or influential individuals. You will find the common ground between you.

GEMINI: Close relationships, personal or business, will have an effect on your job, status or reputation now.

CANCER: Plans to travel or have company gives positive hope to negotiations. Work around restrictions.

LEO: You have added luck with joint finances or assets, some related to property or base of operations.

VIRGO: Rely on those who demonstrate how much they care for you. Cut them some stack on decisions.

LIBRA: Relationships reach a point where choices need to be made regarding who stays and who goes.

SCORPIO: Stand your ground even if you would rather be somewhere else. Manoeuvre carefully.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a leap of faith and it will pay off one way or the other. The new moon lights up home. 

CAPRICORN: Mix practicality with intuition to bring doubters on side. They see your wisdom and ability.

AQUARIUS: Navigate around blocks or situations to come out ahead of the game. You are the winner.

PISCES: The new moon in your sign attracts more attention or affection. Make the most of it.


Horoscope: March 4-10


The sun and Neptune combine their energies to provide a spiritual, inspirational tone above and beyond material concerns.

This is helpful if anything needs to be merged.

Talks have a friendly or flirty edge that lightens the mood and helps agreements to be reached. Work as a team for all to benefit in the long run, there is enough to go around.

Passions run strong and catch some by surprise. Let each other know how you really feel. This can advance or end expectations. Seek clarity if it looks like a game is being played.

New lines of approach are interesting or stimulating. Be prepared to act or react if it’s called for. The winds of change are swirling on various levels.

ARIES: Your confidence rises along with positive developments in personal or business relationships.

TAURUS: You have the ear of important or influential individuals. They see value in your plans now.

GEMINI: You turn on the charm and this flips things in another direction. Keep hands on the reins.

CANCER: Make adjustments or be adaptable. The road becomes clearer as you navigate conditions.

LEO: You are more focused and energized by opportunities that open up. Take advantage of them.

VIRGO: Relationships deepen as you discuss each other’s needs or situations. Get on same page.

LIBRA: You tell others how it is or at least your version of it as you paint a picture. They connect.

SCORPIO: You step up to the plate and put your money where your mouth is. Luck is increasing.

SAGITTARIUS: You have power in connections behind the scenes. Discuss property or benefits.

CAPRICORN: You climb up the ladder as those in authority know they can count on your integrity.

AQUARIUS: You can be the winner in more than one area. Try your luck or take a leap for gains.

PISCES: Your ability to sway others is a natural talent. You put on an award winning performance.

Horoscope: Feb. 25-Mar. 3


Mixed emotions over expectations affect relationships; reality does not match imagination here.

Step back and seek clarity to handle any regrets. Control jealousy because it’s not pretty.

Intuition helps interpret what is really going on. Rise above circumstances and take a more philosophical approach.

Discuss true feelings or desires you have for each other. Watch driving and don’t argue in the vehicle. Practical action will calm situations.

The full moon causes some to be pickier about who cares the most.

Plan a little get away, together or apart. Some seek more excitement or change. Time out is good if you need to think things over or change your line of approach.

ARIES: Pull in support from behind the scenes. Don’t put others on the spot if you want to have your way.

TAURUS: Work within the rules, laws or boundaries. Your inner determination pushes agenda ahead now.

GEMINI: Others look to you for leadership even though you make changes midstream. Trust your instincts.

CANCER: A lot of communication and planning goes on over distance. Apply pressure to meet deadlines.

LEO: Part of your finances or assets are tied to others. Seek a release from some control to free this up.

VIRGO: Your emotional intensity has an effect on the direction things will take. Get others on your side.

LIBRA: Others feel what you want and respond in unexpected ways. Explain intentions or compromise.

SCORPIO: You free wheel your way along while dodging obstacles or blocks. You’re in the drivers seat.

SAGITTARIUS: You feel strong and have the backing of those in positions of power or authority. Compare.

CAPRICORN: Take on a teaching role of sorts. Others know you have the expertise that is required now.

AQUARIUS: You can wheel and deal to advantage personally or financially. Climb the ladder of success.

PISCES: Your natural sense of drama puts you in the spotlight. This affects how relationship will play out.


Horoscope: Feb. 18-24


Recover where you can. This extends to relationship matters. Apologize for bad behaviour and make it right.

There are issues of control or responsibility. Stand up for what you believe is right without pushing it on others.

Mutual respect can make any situation workable. Some are just looking for more personal freedom and that is fine. Keep radical thoughts to yourself for now.

Romantic expectations create an interesting energy exchange. Discuss how you really feel about each other.

Practical plans co-ordinate diverse lifestyles. Be realistic about changes you are willing to make for unity.

Pause. Allow scattered forces to find a solid footing to avoid showdowns or cancellations.

ARIES: Changes of venue are by choice or not depending on circumstances and who has the upper hand.

TAURUS: Those who have feelings for you can be helpful in other areas or business. Have discussions.

GEMINI: Soft peddle your words to sway others to your way of thinking. Be prepared to back it up later.

CANCER: Cozy conversations relate to matters over distance or plans affecting work or travel. Schedule.

LEO: Make sure others are aware of your value and what you do beyond the call of duty. It will work out.

VIRGO: Make deals with those having the power to do what you want or to provide for your added needs.

LIBRA: Be the peacemaker when trying to gain additional control in any situation. Bide your time on this.

SCORPIO: Personal relationships need some extra care or attention. Take time out for private moments.

SAGITTARIUS: Negotiate terms to secure your base of operations or where you want to be. Shake on it.

CAPRICORN: Use the iron-fist-in-the-velvet-glove approach so others fall into line in a more natural way.

AQUARIUS: Financial benefits come from unlikely or unexpected sources. Follow protocol with papers.

PISCES: You attract attention or praise that will enhance your status or position. Accept gifts or perks.

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