3-D printed teeth?

3-D printing has been around for some time now, but one of the most interesting implications of it is in the field of dentistry.

Dentists can now print you a new tooth, or a new smile. And you can get it done in Kelowna at Landmark Dental.

You can even choose the smile you’d like (maybe J-Lo has the teeth you’ve always wanted?) from an online “smile library,” taking fandom to a whole new level.

Starting with a 3-D scan, the process of getting a crown has become much simpler, eliminating the “goop” everyone speaks about that used to be necessary to create an impression (and thereby 3-D rendering) of your pearly whites. 

After the scan, the file goes to a ceramic lab, where they come up with a 3-D rendering for you to try on to see if you like it. They call this, endearingly, your “trial smile.”

Your teeth are then created on a 3-D printing machine, and fitted at your next visit.

They are now working on making the teeth bacteria-resistant as well, to prevent cavities.

The era of the six-million-dollar man is upon us. Watch as host Leanne Allen goes through the process from start to finish.

– Leanne Allen

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