All about common decency

This week’s election in Alabama was more about common decency than it was party alliances.

Finally, the population in an historically republican state sent a strong message to the leadership in the U.S.

As in any situation that you witness from afar or walk into part way through, you never can be sure of who is who in the zoo. Fingers point in all directions as you ask questions about how the fight started.

The absurdity of witnessing a president of the U.S. having continuous “hissy fits” on Twitter and bullying anybody who gets in his way is too much to swallow. The risk of supporting an accused pedophile for one of the highest public positions in U.S. politics makes zero sense.

But this is the new era of “modern politics” according to Trump.

If draining the swamp in Washington is the plan, I think the tactics need re-thinking.

For now, common decency won. We have seen enough of the name calling, mud slinging and cyber bullying. What happened to a common sense debate where one person talks, the other listens and forms a carefully articulated and reasoned rebuttal? 

For all the women who are lining up to accuse Donald Trump or Roy Moore of sexual harassment and worse, this is a message that their stories will be heard. For all the accused, the law still states that we are innocent until proven guilty.

Should we forgive the perpetrators of sexual assault? I believe forgiveness is as important as an apology. 

If someone has done me wrong in business, I can forgive easily enough, but it doesn’t mean I have to do business with them again.

Perhaps now we will see more reason in U.S. political debate. Perhaps we will now see focus on priorities important to the population and not simply to the president.

Perhaps now, we will see a very unsteady stack of cards start to tumble.

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