Disabled in the Okanagan

I have to admit that since moving to the Okanagan as a disabled person my life has been a living nightmare.  "Someone" in this Okanagan has decided if a person is disabled (physical or mental) they are not allowed to live like a human being. No matter what your income, you are not allowed to get a mortgage, forced to sell all investment properties, and you must be on welfare!

I have recently tried to renegotiate my mortgage, my bank refused to give me a mortgage because I'm disabled and they automatically think I'm on welfare. I've never been on welfare in my life and have an income that would support my lifestyle. When I built my house in Peachland, a woman at a Summerland credit union, told me she would not give me a mortgage unless I sold the condo I owned in Summerland. I had a low mortgage and the rent I was collecting was over $400 more than my mortgage payments. 

I was forced to sell that condo before they would release the funds for my new build in Peachland. Now I needed to re-finance my mortgage because of all the thefts of my investment properties. I was able to re-finance through a mortgage broker but the discrimination is horrific. I am physically disabled not mentally disabled. Since I turned 65 I am no longer considered disabled by the government (Harper's rules), I am just a retired person. Now this same government is taking away the Disability Tax Credit.   

When is the discrimination against women going to stop?

Kerry Kozak

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