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This week: More on reminders, more on Tablet Mode, and more on Photos and movies.

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More on ReminderFox

The flood of email continues from people horrified about the demise of ReminderFox. (See last week’s column.) In this week’s email, long-time reader “Ron” passed along some good news for fans of the ReminderFox extension:

"Just discovered that reminder fox works in Mozilla's Thunderbird (which I use for my Telus mail account and access daily). It is superior to the Google app as you can create repeats daily, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly."

Thanks, Ron!

If you’re looking for an email program that’s not Windows Live Mail or the horrible Mail program built into Windows 10, check this recent column where I mention Thunderbird and a couple of others.

More on Tablet Mode

Several people wrote to say that after an update to Windows 10 they couldn’t find the taskbar on their laptops. Just going by the description of the problem by the first correspondent, I thought the problem might be that the taskbar had just been accidentally moved to someplace other than the bottom of the screen.

If that happens to you, follow these instructions to fix it and make it stay put:

  • Press the Windows Key and the I key (that's the letter i) at the same time to open Settings
  • Click on Personalization | Taskbar
  • Under Taskbar location on screen make sure you've selected Bottom
  • Under Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode select Off
  • Under Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode select Off
  • Under Lock the taskbar select On
  • Close the Settings window

That should put the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and make is visible all the time.

But that wasn’t the problem! It turns out the laptops had been sent into Tablet Mode. If you want to know how to get out and stay out of that dilemma, take a look here.

More on the Photos app features that replace Movie Maker

Windows Live Mail and Movie Maker are part of the same suite of free programs no longer supported by Microsoft. It’s now impossible to download Windows Live Essentials from Microsoft. But as I mentioned recently, the Fall Creators Update from Microsoft added some very cool features to the Photos app.

The Photos app is built into Windows 10. There is no charge for it. Once you have the Fall Creators Update installed, open Photos. Close it. Reboot the computer, then open Photos again. You’ll see a notification that additional features are being installed.

After a couple of minutes, your Photos app is good to go. And it’s free. Read more about it here.  If you are being asked to pay for this app, you are being scammed. There are excellent alternatives, both free and paid, and I mention a couple in that column. But this app is free.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment and to make suggestions. I appreciate it! Keep your questions and comments coming.

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