Horoscope: Dec. 3-9


The week starts off under the influence of Mercury going retrograde, so there will be some reversals, delays, cancellations or changes of plans.

Check equipment or anything mechanical; update or replace where needed.

The sun and full moon make a square to Neptune, adding fog or unrealistic confusion. Watch for strange events or situations to play out on various levels; double-check all facts and avoid signing anything binding unless it was already in motion.

Use logic and follow protocol. Some are running on nerves. Hammer out details or take action in protected environments.

Investigations produce results; stick to the truth. Look at the long-term effects.

ARIES: Seek seclusion or locations out of sight. Contain information or special plans among a select few.

TAURUS: Private talks with influential associates will give you the inside edge and ability to pull rank.

GEMINI: It seems necessary to create an illusion of sorts to advance your agenda. Deal with trust issues.

CANCER: What you want to do and where this will take place is up in the air for now. Seek some clarity.

LEO: Taking a chance or going out on a limb personally or financially can be dicey. Go over the details.

VIRGO: Others have some influence on where you will go or live. You gain from pleasant negotiations.

LIBRA: Short- or long-distance travel benefits you personally or with career ambitions. Status improves.

SCORPIO: You have your way by avoiding objections and going around delays or other interferences.

SAGITTARIUS: Work with those in positions of power to reinforce your own. They rely on your abilities.

CAPRICORN: Meetings behind the scenes work well for you and added support will be given to you.

AQUARIUS: You have information or knowledge of value to those seeking it. Bargain on an agreement.

PISCES: Hold your position or stand your ground. You have what it takes to be a winner. Line things up.

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