Chased down for waving

UPDATE: 1 p.m.

Karen Hamer was frustrated with another driver in downtown Kelowna Saturday night.

She waved her hands and said: "Where are you going?"

That hand motion resulted in at least nine police officers swarming her vehicle, handcuffing her and placing her under arrest for 45 minutes.

RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey said police were told a female driver of a white Hummer pulled alongside another vehicle, “reportedly yelled at the two occupants of that vehicle and brandished what they believed to be a weapon before driving away.”

Police surrounded her vehicle on Bernard Avenue, but Hamer said she was just trying to find a parking spot.

“I did flash my hand at them, waved my arm around and said what the heck are you doing?” she said. “When I looked behind me, there may have been five, six officers.”

An officer told her she was under arrest for assault with a weapon.

“They told me to get out of the vehicle, back up. They handcuffed me, took my driver's licence, took my purse, went through everything – and of course they didn’t find a damn thing.”

O’Donaghey said the woman was released unconditionally, without charge, once investigators were satisfied there was no risk to the public.

“Multiple officers responded, as a precaution to ensure public safety,” he said.

ORIGINAL: 9:30 a.m.

Kelowna RCMP responded to an incident of road rage after midnight November 12, 2017.

As many as nine officers, with guns drawn, surrounded a white Hummer after an alleged confrontation between two vehicles. Police say the Hummer pulled up alongside another vehicle when the female driver allegedly yelled at the two occupants and brandished what they believed to be a weapon before speeding away.

Officers caught up to and stopped the Hummer and arrested the driver without incident. A subsequent search of the Hummer failed to turn up any weapons and no charges were laid.

Tamara Pender, was with friends when she saw the incident happen.

"They arrested a girl and searched her vehicle and then let her go," Pender said, confirming the woman was handcuffed. "She resisted arrest for a bit."

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