Local block chain hires

Congratulations to Dr Dan Kobi for opening his Care Dental practice in the old East Side Mario’s this week.

Everything at the new Care Dental office is focused around the patient. The colour, the orchard, the smell, the lighting and the technology all make the patient experience better. Their hours are designed with us in mind too.

They are open seven days a week with longer hours than your traditional dentist office.

They take pride in ensuring every patient experience is an exceptional one. You can see even as you drive by and look at how beautiful this building has become.

You’re flossome so make an appointment today and go experience it for yourself. 

Sunday supper with the Garagist winemakers is happening Sunday. 

Start Fresh is s collaborative kitchen that is located at the Landmark Centre and Chef Michael Buffet is doing some real cool events. Just like this Garagist supper.

The name Garagist is a name from France that basically means garage winemaker. In the Okanagan it means a passionate winery that produces fewer than 2,000 cases a year.

Visit Start Fresh Kitchen to sign up for their events newsletter and to find out who the three Garagists will be for this unique supper.

A Little Farmers Course is starting Tuesday and will be running for five weeks. It is every Tuesday from 3:15-4:15 p.m. for a low cost of $50.  

Kids will have a hands-on experience of farm life. Children will actively participate in animal care and feeding, barn chores, and gardening.

These activities allow children to unplug from technology and have fun learning about animals and gain applicable life skills. This course is geared for children 6-12.

I wonder if there will be an adult course available one day?

If you’re looking for a fun event tonight, may I suggest the Comedy Debates at Dakoda’s Pub.

Kelowna Comedy says this show is insane. Silky comics debate over sillier topics and the audience gets to be the judge. 

Go check them out for big laughs and big fun.

Interior Rally Sports Association is hosting the BC SnowX Championship this Sunday. You can test your driving skills and watch others do the same.

If you’re like me and have been pulling your e-brake on every corner possible this week, you should come join me at Thunder Mountain Raceway.

Sutco Transportation Specialists has been in the transportation and logistics business for over 20 years now. They serve all of North America by hauling a wide range of products using their modern diversified fleet of equipment.

Sutco has safety embedded into everything they do, which is why they are reminding us that transports trucks need more room this time of year and be careful not to park to close behind them when stopping on hills.

Make it a great week!

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