Excuses for high gas prices

The local oil industry blames the gas price increase on the weak Canadian dollar and a major pipeline that delivers gas from Gulf Coast refineries to the US mid-west currently shut down for maintenance. I never believe a word they say when giving excuses for the oil industry gouging.

The Canadian dollar is not weak, it is up considerably over the last few months. Everyone else noticed, I notice they did not name the pipeline. I can’t find any news of a pipeline shutdown, quite the contrary many of those that were shut down due to the hurricanes are now back in operation. In any event they don’t deliver fuel to Edmonton.

They claim that price of fuel from Edmonton is based on the Chicago mercantile price. If true that is an arbitrary decision on the part of the oil companies to rake in more profits. Fact: the average retail price of regular gas in Illinois is $2.80 USD or about .96 Canadian a litre. Sumas is roughly .97 and Bellingham .88 Canadian.

So tell me again why we are paying 139. a litre?

Gord Marshall

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