Horoscope: Nov. 19-25


Control issues escalate with some getting dealt with, ready or not. Avoid those who like to stir things up. Be extra safety conscious.

The reins can be placed in different hands one way or the other, domestically or internationally. Emotions intensify and sweep events along in uncontrolled ways; stay out of the line of fire.

Light shines on secret or covert activity; those responsible will be pointed out.

Reach settlements if this is required. Like minds band together and there is strength in numbers. Silence is best until background information is confirmed.

Sudden shifts of focus cause some to travel or move. There needs to be a clearing or ending now.

ARIES: Turn back the clock by contacting past associates or relatives. Travel or arrange some moves.

TAURUS: Messages or news makes you alter some plans to accommodate what must be done now.

GEMINI: Align with those in authority or who have the influence to move things in desired directions.

CANCER: Take a different approach to get what you want. Those you counted on can’t follow through.

LEO: Size up others or the situation before you make your move. There is other information to view.

VIRGO: Actions by choice or not in any case can not be avoided even if the process takes more time.

LIBRA: Don’t overshoot the mark by words or deeds. Decisions will have some long-term affects.

SCORPIO: Covert activity involves you or those around you. This can also include medical matters.

SAGITTARIUS: Take charge or pull rank if situations require it. Join forces with powerful individuals.

CAPRICORN: Others want you to take charge or act as leader even if its temporary. You do the job.

AQUARIUS: Be informed about locations before planning to travel, conditions are unexpected now.

PISCES: Prove your point or take a stand on whatever level is required. Lift the veil over illusion.

Horoscope: Nov. 12-18


Mixed feelings and emotions need time to settle before major decisions are made. Intervention from the right people will be helpful. Reconsider future directions.

Be charming and easy going Monday. It would be nice to bring coffee and goodies for everyone.

Let others have their say to clear any doubts. Pin down facts or evidence as games are being played. Compare notes or messaging to catch them at it.

Remove rose-coloured glasses with relationships; see them in their true light.

Egos are causing certain personalities to act out. Pace action or reaction now. The Scorpio new moon adds intensity to all matter, take responsibility or stand your ground. Be still.

ARIES: Much discussion revolves around finances or assets. Get everyone on the same page for now.

TAURUS: New moon highlights relationships. Decide what path this will take into the future or the end.

GEMINI: You need to clarify where you want to be or how much you want to do. Upgrade or change.

CANCER: Added focus on your personal life can sidetrack you from other areas of concern. Socialize.

LEO: Luck is close to home or family. Revisit plans affecting residence of yourself or others. Decide.

VIRGO: Talks conclude with beneficial results or arrangements. Keep some of the details private.

LIBRA: New or renewed sources of income can be a bright spot for you or those who share benefits.

SCORPIO: You stand out among others as your popularity is on the rise. Be willing to hold the reins.

SAGITTARIUS: Behind-the-scenes talks have beneficial results, making you feel renewed or free.

CAPRICORN: Those in authority or positions of power shine on you. Compare ideologies or plans.

AQUARIUS: You can be crowned or applauded on some level. Others see your value; status rises.

PISCES: You make gains or travel on someone else’s dime. Perks or other gains come easily now.

Horoscope: Nov. 5-11


Look behind the scenes or the mask; there should be more clarity of intentions. Those who stall need a nudge to make them open up.

There are those waiting to see what will benefit them in the end. Compare procedures and find one that is agreeable to most.

Those with solid leadership skills gain more support allowing nerves to settle down. A level of trust can be built or recovered.

Covert talks continue between those seeking to advance their own agenda; be patient. It all comes down to timing or location. Hold breakfast meetings in a congenial setting.

Toss around ideas, allowing everyone a say. Blend tradition with change, it can be built on. Settle disputes.

ARIES: Sudden changes in your behaviour can catch others off guard. They try to guess your intentions.

TAURUS: Unexpected matters connected to the past need your attention. Shift burdens or responsibility.

GEMINI: Align with those who stood with you in the past. There is still a bond of loyalty on some level.

CANCER: Certain responsibilities change or end. Look at options that suit you better or provide freedom.

LEO: Take a time out or cut back. You don't always have to be the leader of the pack. Enjoy yourself.

VIRGO: Situations are discussed as to what the next step entails or if it should be left alone. Patience.

LIBRA: You lay out plans that would be beneficial to all involved. Your words ease their anxieties now.

SCORPIO: You take a more prominent or responsible role personally or in the workplace. Ease worry.

SAGITTARIUS: Play your cards from a position of strength or security. Relationships develop naturally.

CAPRICORN: Others rely on you more than you think. You have considerable influence in all areas.

AQUARIUS: Your position or status gets a boost. Support or respect grows for you. Gather casually.

PISCES: You will have luck with locations near or far. Take the time to do research or look around.


Horoscope: Oct. 29-Nov. 4

Overview of all signs:

Pick the right place or conditions if you want to get things off your chest as others may not be in a receptive mood.

Keep your eyes on the road if driving; it's no place to deal with your issues.

Emotions can escalate into distractions as nit-picky things grow legs.

Don’t wait for others to bring the hammer down. Choose.

Look at how things were handled before; it can work again. Leave the scene if it gets dicey.

Calls or messages provide more information. Fall back on calm, supportive relationships, personal or business.

The full moon highlights finances of assets. Imagination leads to speculation as some seek excitement in an illusive way.

Be cautious with your information.

ARIES: Double down on measures to secure your future financially or in other areas. Sort out the details.

TAURUS: Your personal feelings are showing under the influence of the full moon in your sign. Be calm.

GEMINI: Strings pulled behind the scenes have some influence over work, health or reputation. Wait.

CANCER: Expectations need some help from those in key positions who can fulfill them. Chat privately.

LEO: Your optimism shows as you enjoy special or inside favours from those who count. Relax about it.

VIRGO: Plans for the future take shape. There is no need to rush the process while getting there. Chill.

LIBRA: Consider new jobs or income sources. Some private or unusual circumstances are helpful now.

SCORPIO: It’s a favourable time to focus on relationships or what you really want. You do have options.

SAGITTARIUS: Play your cards close to the vest as you have the ability to influence the future of others.

CAPRICORN: Discuss important matters with those in positions of authority or influence. Compromise.

AQUARIUS: You have good luck with position or reputation. Your influence grows, near or far. Rejoice.

PISCES: Make decisions regarding locations for you or others. It involves some private or covert action.

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