Keep calm and call a broker

Keep calm call a mortgage broker

You have no doubt heard by now that major mortgage rule changes will come into effect on Jan. 1.

There will be lots of talk over the next few weeks as to whether these changes are necessary, unnecessary, good or bad. There will be comments that "no one will ever qualify for a mortgage again" and that "Canada’s housing market is crashing."

The reality is that people will continue to buy and sell homes and obtain mortgage financing. Will it be more confusing and difficult? Most definitely.

Could your purchasing budget be significantly reduced? Yes.

This is why it is more necessary than ever to have a mortgage broker assist you to make the right decision about mortgage financing and help you navigate the complicated world of mortgages.

Regardless of all the commentary, these mortgage rule changes will be happening as the government will not reverse its decision. So how do you react?

As it becomes more and more difficult to qualify for mortgage financing, working with a mortgage professional that can offer you choice and options will be important rather than a single financial institution that can only offer their suite of products.

Here’s a short reminder on how a Mortgage Broker can assist you.

  • I work with Canada’s leading financial institutions including banks, trust companies, and credit unions. Did you know that you can only access many of the largest mortgage companies in Canada by working with a mortgage broker? Many of these lenders have the most favourable terms available.
  • When you work with me to find you the very best mortgage, and negotiate on your behalf, there is no cost to you. The lender pays me a fee for finding and bringing them the business. You are dealing with an expert as my business is only mortgages.
  • I also have lenders available that specialize in providing mortgages for clients who are self-employed, contract employees, have seasonal income, have trouble proving income, or lack some of the standard documentation. I am an expert in negotiating the best rates for all Canadians, but understand that sometimes you may have challenges in your past that I can work through with you, to get you back on track.
  • You deal with me directly through the entire process, from our very first conversation right until the mortgage process and funding is complete. I am also there after funding to manage your mortgage ensuring that you are paying the lowest overall cost on your mortgage going forward.

If you have any questions about your mortgage options please give me a call at 888-561-2679 or email [email protected]. I would love to have a conversation with you.

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About the Author

April Dunn is the owner and a Mortgage Broker with The Red Door Mortgage Group – Mortgage Architects. She has been assisting clients to purchase, refinance or renew their mortgages for over 20 years.

April has experience as a Credit Union manager, a Residential Mortgage Manager with a large financial institution and as a licensed Mortgage Broker. By specializing in Strategic Mortgage Planning she has the tools available to build a customized mortgage plan, with the features and options that meet your needs.

April provides a full range of residential and commercial mortgage financing options for clients all over the province of British Columbia and across Canada through the Mortgage Architects network.

Contact e-mail address: [email protected] or by phone at: 888-561-2679.

Website:  www.reddoormortgage.com

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