Disabled phone discount?

Those who voluntarily disable their cellphone while behind the wheel could get a break on their insurance rates.

ICBC is exploring how apps that block incoming calls and texts could be implemented in B.C., and Attorney General David Eby says he'd like to see those using such an app be rewarded.

“Potentially people could have a lower insurance rate if they agree to implement these technologies in their vehicle," Eby told CTV News.

"What we're trying to do is stop bad driving behaviour with technology. A distracted driving app could be a solution for that.”

Distracted driving is the second-leading cause of driving-related deaths, second only to speeding.

The government also wants to explore wireless devices that track and transmit data on a driver's speeding and other driving habits.

"American-insured drivers get a reduced rate if they implement these in their vehicles,” Eby said. “I asked ICBC to look at these kinds of things and they're preparing to do that.”

Such devices would obviously raise privacy concerns, and Eby acknowledged those who sign on to such a program would have to waive some privacy. 

- with files from CTV Vancouver

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