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Intrigue, Lake Country

Wine: Social Rosé, 2016

Winery: Intrigue, Lake Country

Why drink it? There are many ways to make pink wine, and Intrigue has chosen to blend whites and reds for this bottle in their “social” series: gewürztraminer, pinot noir, merlot, and an odd German grape called rotberger, which produces light reds on its own. This is a bottle that doesn’t require deep thought, as conveniently the label provides words and phrases to sum up the wine, from “chilled” to “pinkalicious” to “date night”. Keep it cold, and share with friends when you simply want glass of rosé and a good gossip session.

Price: $17

Pair with: Throwing a party? Pre-wedding celebration this summer? The bottle does, in fact, say “social”, so embrace a fun evening with Intrigue. Would be a great base for a rosé sangria, and leftovers could give a nice kick to watermelon (adult) popsicles.

Classic cancon music pairing: Roxy Roller, Sweeny Todd

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