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8th generation, Summerland

Wine: “Confidence”, bubbly 2016

Winery: 8th Generation, Summerland

Why drink it? Pink bubbly for a long weekend at a great price point. Grab a couple of bottles of this mostly Pinot Noir (with just 10 percent Pinot Gris) sparkling wine, made in the frizzante style, as it’s fresh and uncomplicated. Bonus, it’s under a cap, not a cork for those who are afraid of opening champagne. Prepare for strawberries, cherries, vanilla, a bit of citrus on your tastebuds, and a nice finish with a touch of sweetness – accurately described by the winery as cream soda. Make sure it’s well chilled. Makes a great weekend brunch wine to get the day started after a good sleep.

Price: $21

Pair with: A delight on its own, break out some fresh fruit to nibble on, perhaps peach slices wrapped in prosciutto. Summer salads of almost any combination, but keep it light. Candied almonds left over from a weekend wedding reception. Heck, a classic freezie (blue raspberry?) would be tasty too.

Classic cancon music pairing: We’re Here for a Good Time, Trooper

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