Infamous West Kelowna

Many media outlets have reported on how West Kelowna has become the easiest place to live off taxpayers. I refer, of course, to the vagrants turning our City into a public convenience and to the media reports such as; the 12 minute report on BC1 (Global), Global Okanagan, The Daily Courier, The Kelowna Capital News, and various letters and forums such as are contained in the following links;



Not to mention the recent Castanet Poll that clearly shows that this is a very large issue within our community.

Are we waiting for another dangerous issue that has affected one of our City Staff? Are we waiting for more a fire from the campers to spread? Are we waiting for more break-ins or vandalism? Are we waiting for some of our young children to be harassed or stabbed with a needle they find on what is supposed to be a playground? How about we let more illegal Marijuana shops open up and not act. Illegal is illegal. Why is our City Council and Police Services waiting?

Citizens are only going to the media because they feel the West Kelowna City Council is not reacting to issues. West Kelowna appears to be headed to be a free for all flop house and the media coverage will bring in more and more unless the West Kelowna City Council take drastic enforcement action now.

Richard McLeod

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