Trying to be well

It appears more of us are seeking a way to feel better – whether it be through organic foods, natural body products or mental and spiritual support.

All were on offer this weekend at the Vernon Wellness Fair held at Rec Centre.

Since starting the fair 13 years ago, organizer Shara Mendoza said there has been a shift in the public's thinking.

“The general population is becoming more aware of the products that they are using, of the natural products that are available to them in the health and wellness community,” said Mendoza. “We are noticing a huge growth in this industry.”

People flocked to the fair as it opened Sunday morning and Mendoza said approximately 1,500 attended on Saturday.

“We have people here wanting to foster their spiritual growth so they might be looking for a spiritual counsellor or to discuss different religions or options for their spiritual growth. We also have a large population rising up, seeking organic, GMO-free, natural products to use on their body and to consume because they are not trusting what they are finding on store shelves anymore.”

The businesses at the fair were from around the Okanagan Valley, and included acupuncturists, producers of protein powders , probiotics and skin care and others.

Mendoza said people could also have some fun and try out various different types of massage therapy.

The wellness fair was open Sunday until 4 p.m.

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