Kelowna RCMP investigated

The Abbotsford Police Department has confirmed that it is investigating the Kelowna RCMP detachment.

APD spokesman Ian MacDonald wouldn't give specifics on the case, but said the department was contacted by the RCMP sometime around the Labour Day weekend to investigate the detachment.

"They requested that we come in as an independent investigative body to look at a series of allegations that involved Kelowna detachment," MacDonald said.

However, details are sparse at this time, as MacDonald said divulging names or the nature of the allegations could have an effect on the investigation.

"Because we are in the midst of it, one of the things we have to be extremely mindful of is to not influence any of the evidence," he said. "What I can definitively say is we are still investigating."

MacDonald said the APD has a proven track record of performing external investigations like this, and that details will be made available as the investigation closes.

However, he couldn't say when that might be, due to the nature of a series of allegations.

"When you're dealing with a series of allegations as opposed to ... a single allegation, is that it can branch off into other areas," MacDonald said. "You have to make sure you chase down each of those areas so that you know there is a completeness to the work."

This information comes to light as the detachment's top cop, Supt. Nick Romanchuk's retirement was suddenly announced.

Romanchuk had been superintendent of the Kelowna detachment since 2013.

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