Visions of pot everywhere

If Dana Larsen had his way, pot plants would be as prevalent as dandelions.

Larsen has been fighting for the legalization of marijuana in Canada for over 20 years. His next step in that fight involves growing plants all over Canada.

Larson was the editor of Cannabis Culture magazine from 1994 until 2005, a founding member of the B.C. and the federal Marijuana Party and a candidate for the BC NDP leadership in 2011.

He also co-founded the Vancouver Seed Bank, a mail-order seed store.

Through his website, overgrowcanada.com, Larsen will be mailing out 10 pot seeds to anyone who asks.

He will also be taking his vision on the road.

Larsen plans to hit 14 cities across Canada, including Kelowna, where he will speak about the history of Cannabis in Canada and explain how people can go about opening their own pot dispensary.

He plans to give away thousands of seeds on the tour.

Larsen’s only condition on the free seeds is that people plant them in an open, noticeable area, in an act of civil disobedience.

"Canada's cannabis revolution is the largest single act of civil disobedience in our nation's history," said Larsen. "From bong shops to seed banks, from vapour lounges to dispensaries, all the progress we've made against cannabis prohibition in Canada has come from civil disobedience."

He doesn’t just want people throwing his seeds on the ground. He has careful instructions on his website about how to germinate the seeds, plant them in soil, and transplant them to a public area, preferably one that is not regularly tended to by civic gardeners.

He suggests planting them in storefront planters, community gardens or traffic circles.

He hopes to one day see thousands of people across Canada growing cannabis plants openly in their front yard.

In last year’s federal election, Justin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to legalize and regulate the plant, but it still remains illegal to grow and possess in Canada.

"We must not wait around to see if maybe Trudeau will be kind enough to let us grow a few cannabis plants at home," said Larsen. "We must seize the moment, seize our freedom and plant our victory gardens."

Larsen noted that he cannot guarantee those participating in his event won’t face legal repercussions, but said by accepting the risks, participants can become part of history by helping end the prohibition on marijuana in Canada.

Larsen’s tour across Canada will run from April 5 to 17, with Kelowna being the first stop. 

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