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In response to a previous letter, “Dear BCSC” about U-Go Brands, dated January 22, 2016 to Castanet, I would like to share my experience with the BCSC and the Alberta Securities Commission, their overreaching power that involve each and every working/investing Canadian and how these unelected securities commissions mandate through antiquated laws that are never repealed and that hobble the free enterprise system and limits ‘all future generations’ in this supposed “land of opportunity”. My experience with these quasi governmental organizations are now to “bring out” these excessive and oppressive regulators whom have been nothing more than some government sanctioned rogue administrators that have created numerous rules and laws that inhibited and hobbled a level playing field in the investment market.
When Canada was becoming a country, Sir John A. McDonald was doing all he could to bring the western part of the country into Confederation, so he promised to build a railroad that would reach right out to British Columbia. While blasting dynamite to clear rocky wilderness through northern Ontario, the blasting uncovered what appeared to be copper ore at a place called Sudbury. To date that mineral discovery has produced over 1.3 billion tonnes of various mineralization and one of the fathers of Confederation, Sir Charles Tupper, and two others individuals, Lord Mount-Stephen and Sir William Van Horne, helped build the Canadian Pacific Railroad to Western Canada.
Our experience relates to 3,000 shareholders and myself that live on both sides of the 49th parallel who are investors of a company named “Flag Resources (1985) Limited”. We have invested millions of dollars into a 63 year old (1953) Canadian Heritage Mining Company that, in 2003, held over 70,000 acres of prolific mineral properties within the Sudbury, Ontario which has been litigated into obscurity by the these very sanctioned organizations that were supposed to be protectors' of the investing public. To date, all the Flag Shareholders, Canadian Taxpayers and Workers, hold considerably less mineral properties due to the relentless and constant bombardment of this “large litigation family” that holds a monopoly in all levels of our decision making power grid such as the Federal, Provincial, Judicial, Regulatory Commissions, Corporate, Board and Company member subsidiaries that eliminates and casts a net over the whole free market system and the future of our economic prosperity of all parties concerned. Some of these accusers are none other than members of the Westar Group Limited, who issued British Columbia Resources Investment Corporation shares that offered 5 shares to all British Columbians that went the way of the Doe Doe Bird and are now in charge of many of these regulatory decisions within the BCSC and elsewhere in the system. 
My name, Rodney J. Snider of Kelowna, and my supposed misdeeds, have been published and broadcasted repeatedly on the BCSC/ASC websites, CBC radio, Vancouver Sun Newspaper business section and elsewhere. These trumped up frivolous allegations are questionable due to the fact that Flag’s out of house accountant was found guilty 13 counts of unprofessional conduct and fined $57,000 in 2012, yet both the BCSC/ASC commissions looked the other way for convenience sake. Their unrelenting power of the public purse has more precedence to these people than using morality and common sense on making a right decision. Flag Resources’ wealth hangs by a thread today and Canada’s next storehouse of mineral wealth maybe beyond our mental comprehension if not researched and studied up to 2016 standards. These coordinated attacks by overzealous litigators that use their power, influence and positions against the Canadian People, need to be addressed immediately or our future and our children's future will be stole away from us.

Rodney J. Snider  

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