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Flood waters recede

A voluntary evacuation order has been lifted in the northwestern New Brunswick village of Perth-Andover, bringing relief to the community that was devastated by flooding two years ago.

A massive ice jam breached the Grand Falls dam north of the community early Sunday and started heading for Perth-Andover, prompting concerns the St. John River would spill its banks.

But Justine Waldeck, a spokeswoman for the village, says the jam passed safely through the village, coming to a rest downstream above the Beechwood dam where another patch of ice is located.

She says the water is flowing freely under the ice jam and water levels have dropped.

The voluntary evacuation order issued Wednesday affected 49 homes and 35 families heeded the warning.

River Watch warned last week that Perth-Andover could see flooding reminiscent of March 2012 when flood waters caused extensive damage and forced the evacuation of 185 homes.

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