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Horoscope: July 26 - Aug 1

Feelings or expectations shift with relationships. Those who need to step away should do it now. Whatever is meant to be will be, so don’t worry about it too much. It's better to wait until you are sure what you really want. Meet in private so you can sense the connection on a deeper level. Listen to your intuition when reaching a conclusion as the “gut” feelings are usually correct. Weigh the practical side of a life together as this will be important to how it evolves. The ego and emotional sides seek shared spotlight under the full moon on Friday. Be gracious with final decisions. Neediness subsides. Act more independently. Clinging is negative energy.


  • Aries - Friends or associates have a lot of influence on your choices now. Co-ordinate all the ideas.
  • Taurus - You need to solidify your base of operations and security for the future. Crunch the numbers.
  • Gemini - It's time to explain things to others or teach in some way. You have control over certain info.
  • Cancer - You focus on finances or assets, past, present or future. Follow the rules to receive benefits.
  • Leo - Make your needs known in a clear way if you want others to go along with most of your plans.
  • Virgo - What goes on behind the scenes will eventually affect others or how situations will evolve.
  • Libra - Connections are your best resource now. Call in any IOUs or rain cheques. Discuss terms.
  • Scorpio - You shine in others' eyes. Take the next step up the ladder as you are very ambitious now.
  • Sagittarius - Events at a distance have some influence on your career or status. Accept the reviews.
  • Capricorn - Information is available that would be beneficial to finances or dealing with some assets.
  • Aquarius - You gain from mate or partnership matters. Discuss how things will work out in the end.
  • Pisces - A lot of power or control is still in your hands. How you manage things benefits all involved.

Horoscope: July 19 - 25

Reach out or reconnect over short or long distance; it will be uplifting for all involved. Plans come together in a way that is comforting as well as adding security. It's a good time to settle into a stable job or career path, even if there is extra responsibility with it. For some it will be a time to grow up or have a reality check. Arrange for further training where needed; finalize decisions by Wednesday the 22nd. Take necessary measures to calm situations. A charming, confident personalty takes the spotlight to inspire or entertain. This causes a shift in the general tide of emotions that many are experiencing at the moment. Use sound judgement over any presentations.


  • Aries - Decisions regarding locations need your attention now. Home or office will be affected. Adjust this.
  • Taurus - Switch gears about how you will handle things. Better organization brings extra profits all around.
  • Gemini - Others see your point and follow your lead even if it requires some negotiations for changes.
  • Cancer - Your position or responsibilities are different than expected. Work on settling financial dealings.
  • Leo - You take center stage. Your words or actions are inspiring to those who need it from you in person.
  • Virgo - Those with power or authority support you behind the scenes. Rely on their judgment to prevail.
  • Libra - Handle leaks with confidence as public opinions undergo change. Stay on top of the situation.
  • Scorpio - Powerful intuition gives you the inside track. Stay with it to help achieve your ambitious goals.
  • Sagittarius - There are added benefits from joint finances or resources. Make any necessary changes.
  • Capricorn - Uniting with like minded individuals adds strength to the whole situation. Count on results.
  • Aquarius - A different approach brings your hopes and wishes closer to fruition. Hold a steady pace.
  • Pisces - Abrupt actions may seem like you are flipping a coin. It works out well for anyone involved.

Horoscope: July 12 - 18

Plans or schedules are interrupted; call ahead if you can’t make it on time. A need for change or freedom catches some off guard. Check communications or equipment. Intuitive feelings are a strong motivation to action, but get the facts anyway. Count the cost before shirking responsibilities as it could affect the bottom line. The new moon and the Mars/Pluto opposition midweek creates extreme tension provoking aggression and conflict; try to contain it. Domestic or international matters are in focus. Talks should be short and to the point; meet in person where possible. Contain those with destructive behaviour. Put forth the effort needed to achieve a positive outcome.


  • Aries - Covert information or leaks affect home or base of operations. This will limit some of your choices.
  • Taurus - Take care of important matters over distance. Discuss details with those in a position of authority.
  • Gemini - Handle issues over joint finances or who owes who. A mediator may need to become involved.
  • Cancer - Relationship tensions escalate. Control issues affect status. Various points will be argued over.
  • Leo - Get a grip behind the scenes. Important matters affect you or those connected to you. Take control.
  • Virgo - Discuss important matters with those who have the influence to deal with them. Compare notes.
  • Libra - Showdowns affect home or base of operations one way or the other. Salvage what you can now.
  • Scorpio - How you handle information will be important now as it will affect more than an expected few.
  • Sagittarius - Take care of property or estate matters (yours or others). Keep some of the details private.
  • Capricorn - Avoid conflict or involvement in others' issues. Let authorities handle any dicey situations.
  • Aquarius - Power struggles behind the scenes escalate. Dance around any issues you are not sure of.
  • Pisces - Let others jump into the deep end on their own. Your intuition warns you when to be cautious.

Horoscope: July 5 - 11

Charming words leave an aura that softens the approach on issues this week. It goes a long way towards paving the way or opening doors for future success. It would be nice to bring coffee and goodies for work mates or those helping out; it would be appreciated. Those with unwarranted attitude problems should back off so the rest can get back to what they were doing. Subtle power struggles will cause decisions to be made about who stays and who goes; it's final. Have resumes ready to hand out. Avoid intrigue or game playing that would not be an advantage to anyone. The bottom line is the quality of production needed from all sources; take responsibility.

  • Aries - Plan a getaway or visit a secluded area. Avoid direct confrontation to retain some personal control.
  • Taurus - Take care of private matters that may require some papers or documents. Follow certain leads.
  • Gemini - Others are not aware of how many strings you pull. Negotiate separately with each one of them.
  • Cancer - You dig deeper and get the results you seek. Power struggles may require selective mediation.
  • Leo - Pay attention to serious matters of yourself or others. Investigate or arrange for tests to be done.
  • Virgo - Protect delicate information or agreements from prying eyes. Carry everything elsewhere now.
  • Libra - Situations reach an end point and some have to move on. Papers or documents back this up.
  • Scorpio - Take care of important matters over distance. Certain information is delicate; transfer some.
  • Sagittarius - Handle joint finances or assets carefully. There are additional benefits available for you.
  • Capricorn - Those who challenge you are just testing how you will react. Maintain a casual demeanour.
  • Aquarius - Resist other's demands on your talents. Keep some in reserve for future compensation etc.
  • Pisces - Your intuition will help you navigate around dead locks or stubborn individuals; get control.

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Heather Zais has been a psychic since birth. She had a vision of her own future at the age of 11 that covered about 20 years of her life. Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people. She has taught and lectured in schools and colleges as well as at an institute in Germany. She has clients around the world. 

Heather resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer,  medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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