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Horoscope: March 1 - 7

Relax and let intuitive energies flow; solutions form into a plan of action. Switch gears or procedures if delays can be overcome. Handle some of this over distance instead of having all the eggs in one basket. Look behind the scenes for proof of what is really going on if there are any suspicions. Do on site inspections if it's necessary. Those who see the writing on the wall should grab their severance packages and move on. There is luck attached to changes, especially regarding homes or locations; be optimistic. Let go of material or emotional deadwood by the full moon on Thursday in the sign of Virgo. This causes some to be fuss pots, dwelling on details too much.

  • Aries - You have the guts to play the old shell game. Others have trouble spotting where the “goods” are.
  • Taurus - Meet in private or with authorities. Go over all relevant items on the table. Settle your accounts.
  • Gemini - Discuss matters related to who holds the power in certain positions. Negotiate status changes.
  • Cancer - Look at where you can make financial gains. Your reputation may be affected by how you do it.
  • Leo - Your reach is long and is supported by others. You benefit from their contact or resources. Sign.
  • Virgo - Recoup what you can from the past. Well placed individuals can help you with this. Be in touch.
  • Libra - You have an advantage when it comes to showdowns. They succumb to your charms. Be strong.
  • Scorpio - Your position is elevated. Those in power see you in a favourable light and they tell you that.
  • Sagittarius - You have luck attached to those over distance. Invitations could include some travel plans.
  • Capricorn - Wishes can come true with residence, property or base of operations. Make arrangements.
  • Aquarius - You come up with solutions and the necessary funding to handle it. All involved will benefit.
  • Pisces - The full moon highlights relationships, partnerships or public standing. You shine in all areas.

Horoscope: February 22 - 28

Passionate feelings lead to dramatic actions; excitement is a strong motivator. Quick decisions have equally swift follow-through. Make sure it will be worth it as endings are likely. It will be important to reflect on why things happened the way they did; go within. Some will be too stubborn to own up to their part in it. Avoid those who stone wall. Make your moves based on long term speculation or trends. Controlled action coupled with silent focus will bring results. Expectations can be realized. Connections deepen on a heart level with someone special. Meet in a neutral place or away from too much scrutiny. The relationship is still developing.

  • Aries - You forge ahead with your grand plans. Others are drawn in by association. Discuss involvement.
  • Taurus - A meeting of the minds allows a private deal to go through. The details fall into place in natural ways.
  • Gemini - Promises from the past can be fulfilled as others step up to the plate for you. Consult with them.
  • Cancer - Clarify your status or position to fit your expectations. Work out any special arrangements now.
  • Leo - Disregard how things are presented to you. Your intuition will uncover the truth as you dig for details.
  • Virgo - Look deep into the past. You can recover funds or convert assets into something more workable.
  • Libra - Make commitments in personal or business areas. You get past delays or deadlocks. It's timely.
  • Scorpio - Praise for a job well done brings added benefits or increase in status. It's good for all involved.
  • Sagittarius - A lucky break opens up speculative doors that could include home or property matters now.
  • Capricorn - You have access to new or improved surroundings or equipment. Make worthwhile choices.
  • Aquarius - Use words carefully to navigate around others who are stubborn or egotistic. Move forward.
  • Pisces - Your appearance or manner of presentation has great influence over other's future directions.

Horoscope: February 15 - 21

Strong words stimulate clarity of focus; take direct action on them. Waiting too long causes a change of course or some confusion. Proper leadership will be important for ultimate success. The new moon midweek is also the beginning of the Year of the Sheep. Trust, Hope and Faith are the keywords. Be more security conscious. Pick with care the best ones to shepherd or guide the flocks. Female leadership is strong among sheep. Practical talks will see decisions being made on various levels. It is important to go over all the details to get an accurate account of where things really stand and who is in charge of them. Look at things the way they really are now.

  • Aries - You will need the support of others to pull things off behind the scenes. Brainstorm on manoeuvres.
  • Taurus - The new moon enhances your intuition giving you the heads up on hopes and wishes. Go ahead.
  • Gemini - Others look to you for leadership, but are not aware of all your levels of influence. Step with care.
  • Cancer - Nebulous situations need clarification regarding career, reputation or base of operations. Deal.
  • Leo - When joining forces with others, make sure you get a sweet deal. They know it's your turn to gain.
  • Virgo - The new moon provides a window of opportunity for you. Take steps toward your advancement.
  • Libra - You double your efforts as well as bringing others along with you. There are benefits to be shared.
  • Scorpio - Your intensity overpowers any opposition. They decide it's best to negotiate terms or step back.
  • Sagittarius - Make decisions about home, property or speculative ventures. You can play a hunch now.
  • Capricorn - Your confidence inspires others to move forward as well. Cooperation is a winning combo.
  • Aquarius - New or renewed sources of income are available if you want to follow the process to get it.
  • Pisces - Your magnetic personality clears your ambitious path by allowing you to navigate procedures.


Horoscope: February 8 - 14

Intense feelings are a driving force. Abilities to arrive at accurate conclusions are sharpened; assess people or situations. Make emotional choices to stay or go. Weigh the pros and cons for the long term; it has to fit into the grander plan. Decisions need to be made about who will move; don’t grind the details or make promises. Mercury resumes forward motion Wednesday, so go ahead and make deals, sign things or purchase what you want or need. Communications will improve and travel steps up. Equipment upgrades help progress. Take a chance on lucky Friday the thirteenth. Opportunities are opening up as the tide turns on the eleventh.

  • Aries - Passionate promotion of yourself or projects will receive an unexpected response. Take action.
  • Taurus - Put your knowledge and contacts to good use. Involve others to increase any shared benefits.
  • Gemini - You have access to other's resources and this will increase your level of confidence to deal.
  • Cancer - Reach an agreement with others so you can move forward. Leave doubt and upsets behind.
  • Leo - Circumstances will showcase your real value. Have some income or benefits adjusted to gain.
  • Virgo - Relationships heat up to a level where choices have to be made; continue as is or move on.
  • Libra - Working from a home base can save you time and money. Re-arrange schedules or hours.
  • Scorpio - You let others know how you feel and it brings a release along with other improvements.
  • Sagittarius - Financial or other investment arrangements benefit your security now or in the future.
  • Capricorn - The way you express yourself makes others feel more relaxed about all your abilities.
  • Aquarius - Draw on hidden resources or convert assets to a more liquid form. Free your finances.
  • Pisces - Whether you are being toasted or roasted, you are getting lots of added attention now.

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Heather resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer,  medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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