Horoscope: Dec. 10-16


Changes occur suddenly. Situations or conditions get switched up. Prepare for the unexpected as well as the unusual.

Deals can be made after taking a closer look. Be clear about intentions in relationships. Check messages you are sending or receiving.

Spread cheer and good will at work or socially. Put together new plans to be implemented later.

Basic expectations are positive. Lighthearted banter helps to get everyone on to the same page.

Make sure the numbers add up to make it cost effective all round. Relationships reach a point of decision, ask the right questions or give the right answers before the end of the year. Travel near or far.

ARIES: Plans or events may take you away from home or base of operations. There are benefits in this.

TAURUS: Make use of others finances or assets. You come out on the winning side of special deals .

GEMINI: Others become involved in agreements or relationship settlements. Play any wild cards now.

CANCER: Your status or position is subject to change; have a backup plan. Negotiations are intense.

LEO: You are lucky in more than one area this week. Take a chance or go for that new job or position.

VIRGO: Special arrangements or conditions will give you added security. Relax while it's unfolding.

LIBRA: What you say or do is noticed by others as being special or important. Make the right moves.

SCORPIO: Financial coups or windfalls boost your ego. Jump into new or vacated positions to gain.

SAGITTARIUS: You attract attention is unexpected ways. Demonstrate your talents or knowledge.

CAPRICORN: You have power and support behind the scenes. Work from a position of inner strength.

AQUARIUS: Powerful or influential people are on your side including you in the circle. Relax a bit.

PISCES: Step into the lime light near or far. It's time for you to be recognized. Your status is rising.


Horoscope: Dec. 3-9


The week starts off under the influence of Mercury going retrograde, so there will be some reversals, delays, cancellations or changes of plans.

Check equipment or anything mechanical; update or replace where needed.

The sun and full moon make a square to Neptune, adding fog or unrealistic confusion. Watch for strange events or situations to play out on various levels; double-check all facts and avoid signing anything binding unless it was already in motion.

Use logic and follow protocol. Some are running on nerves. Hammer out details or take action in protected environments.

Investigations produce results; stick to the truth. Look at the long-term effects.

ARIES: Seek seclusion or locations out of sight. Contain information or special plans among a select few.

TAURUS: Private talks with influential associates will give you the inside edge and ability to pull rank.

GEMINI: It seems necessary to create an illusion of sorts to advance your agenda. Deal with trust issues.

CANCER: What you want to do and where this will take place is up in the air for now. Seek some clarity.

LEO: Taking a chance or going out on a limb personally or financially can be dicey. Go over the details.

VIRGO: Others have some influence on where you will go or live. You gain from pleasant negotiations.

LIBRA: Short- or long-distance travel benefits you personally or with career ambitions. Status improves.

SCORPIO: You have your way by avoiding objections and going around delays or other interferences.

SAGITTARIUS: Work with those in positions of power to reinforce your own. They rely on your abilities.

CAPRICORN: Meetings behind the scenes work well for you and added support will be given to you.

AQUARIUS: You have information or knowledge of value to those seeking it. Bargain on an agreement.

PISCES: Hold your position or stand your ground. You have what it takes to be a winner. Line things up.

Horoscope: Nov. 26-Dec. 2


Take a turn toward a more traditional path to settle things down. Knee-jerk actions are not appreciated on any level.

Go over the rules or protocols to rein this in a bit. There is more than one way to handle this. Those with the right track record or expertise should be placed in leadership roles even if its only temporary. 

Back-room deals will be scrutinized, funds an issue. Don’t promise what cannot be delivered. Looks passed between those involved tell the story.

Some flirt to distract. Be assertive, but not combative. Plan an escape to an interesting spot or travel destination to cool things off. This works as a reset or regrouping situation that is positive. Dine out.

ARIES: Only work with those who are on the same page. There is a challenge from ambitious associates.

TAURUS: Pay attention to health or mobility issues for yourself or others. Consult with experts on this.

GEMINI: Unsecured actions or speculation can rattle nerves. Walk a fine line down the middle for now.

CANCER: Status or career ambitions will have an effect on residence of base of operations. Choose.

LEO: Location matters need review or a tighter schedule for timing of arrival or for company coming.

VIRGO: Enlist the help of those on the inside track when it comes to dealing with financial matters etc.

LIBRA: Taking a more independent stand works in your favour now. You catch others by surprise. Smile.

SCORPIO: You disarm others with your charm and generosity. Work out the fine points or sign papers.

SAGITTARIUS: Your faith is strong and you can bring about positive changes affecting circumstances.

CAPRICORN: Talks with authorities or those in charge will let you know the changes that are coming.

AQUARIUS: Favours or promotions improve your status or sense of importance. Act on power plays.

PISCES: You can fly under the radar and come out smelling like a rose. Luck is on your side. Enjoy.


Horoscope: Nov. 19-25


Control issues escalate with some getting dealt with, ready or not. Avoid those who like to stir things up. Be extra safety conscious.

The reins can be placed in different hands one way or the other, domestically or internationally. Emotions intensify and sweep events along in uncontrolled ways; stay out of the line of fire.

Light shines on secret or covert activity; those responsible will be pointed out.

Reach settlements if this is required. Like minds band together and there is strength in numbers. Silence is best until background information is confirmed.

Sudden shifts of focus cause some to travel or move. There needs to be a clearing or ending now.

ARIES: Turn back the clock by contacting past associates or relatives. Travel or arrange some moves.

TAURUS: Messages or news makes you alter some plans to accommodate what must be done now.

GEMINI: Align with those in authority or who have the influence to move things in desired directions.

CANCER: Take a different approach to get what you want. Those you counted on can’t follow through.

LEO: Size up others or the situation before you make your move. There is other information to view.

VIRGO: Actions by choice or not in any case can not be avoided even if the process takes more time.

LIBRA: Don’t overshoot the mark by words or deeds. Decisions will have some long-term affects.

SCORPIO: Covert activity involves you or those around you. This can also include medical matters.

SAGITTARIUS: Take charge or pull rank if situations require it. Join forces with powerful individuals.

CAPRICORN: Others want you to take charge or act as leader even if its temporary. You do the job.

AQUARIUS: Be informed about locations before planning to travel, conditions are unexpected now.

PISCES: Prove your point or take a stand on whatever level is required. Lift the veil over illusion.

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