Horoscope: Sept 25-Oct. 1

Overview for all signs

The sun and Jupiter combine their energies in a positive aspect, creating an air of optimism.

Many feel that things are going to improve. There will be new or additional opportunities available.

Step out of your comfort zone to check out some of these. It's time to settle on something that feels more solid or presents a higher level of security.

This energy will have a nice effect on budding or current relationships; make quality time for each other.

The new moon in Libra enhances this as well. Seek balance and harmony in all areas. Love can be the kind you dream of. Destiny will play a part in it.

Important or powerful individuals come before the public in ways that entertain.

ARIES: Meet with associates who have the same goals or interests. Partnering will benefit all involved.

TAURUS: Combined effort or resources can see wishes coming true. The details flow in an easy way.

GEMINI: You can mix personal and business into a wonderful combination that seems very successful.

CANCER: You have added luck with home or property matters. Visit others or have special company.

LEO: You will be shown additional appreciation in tangible ways. Accept gifts, praise or valuable perks.

VIRGO: New or improved finances or other resources can ease your situation. Follow necessary steps.

LIBRA: You demonstrate your ability to balance the scales or help others do so. Charm works wonders.

SCORPIO: Behind the scenes backing or support allows you to shine with confidence. Step up front.

SAGITTARIUS: Important associates offer to help or open doors. Endorsements could add to finances.

CAPRICORN: Your status is better than others realize. You have support or praise from those above.

AQUARIUS: Connections over distance benefit you in various ways. The past is a good place to start.

PISCES: No matter how things look on the surface, you still have an ace up your sleeve. Play it now.

Horoscope: Sept. 18-24

Overview for all signs:

Sudden shifts in the air can affect relationships. Don’t jump ship unless you know where you're likely to land.

The new or exciting may not be lasting, so avoid risks that would hurt you or others. Thrill seekers will have a bit of fun though.

Plans with a solid base will flourish as Mercury resumes forward motion. Go ahead and sign contracts or put the finishing touches on projects.

Brainstorming with others gets to the heart of matters affecting many. Do investigations or research on a deeper level. Get confirmation from all those who have decided to come on board.

Stalls end and there is a feeling of relief by the weekend. Take a break for some down time, alone or together.

ARIES: Hammer out the fine points of a deal or arrangement, so it can be wrapped up to satisfy everyone.

TAURUS: You shift gears or try different tactics while stepping out of your comfort zone. You will be OK.

GEMINI: You seek to control others in a different way than expected. Try to rein in their radical behaviour.

CANCER: You may have to agree to changes you did not plan on. It affects home or base of operations.

LEO: Divide your energy between practical day-to-day matters and your adventurous side. It all works.

VIRGO: Let your independence show a little more as you prove what you can do. Others are surprised.

LIBRA: You take steps that will provide you with a sense of freedom. Sign documents to make it happen.

SCORPIO: Powerful or knowledgeable associates are on board with you. Let important information out.

SAGITTARIUS: Your words have power or influence in important areas. Your earning capacity increases.

CAPRICORN: Take care of matters that need to be handled over long distance. Handle any uncertainty.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from others assets or finances. There may be some unusual arrangements now.

PISCES: Keeping plans between a select few will benefit all involved. Taking chances pays off later on.

Horoscope: Sept.11-17

Overview for all signs:

Emotional showdowns bring clarity to intentions; burdens can be lifted. 

It's time to move on. Relationships that are co-dependent or controlling need to end.

Listen to warning signs from your intuition. Seek spiritual counsel if it will make you feel better.

Words can be shocking or a bitter blow to those not expecting them. Avoid confrontations with authority that could turn out badly.

Stay sober or otherwise in control of yourself or associates. Some are overly confident in the power they have over others. This will back fire or cause related fallout. Behaving like a dictator does not bode well.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces adds drama on various levels or with events.

ARIES: You may need to separate yourself from those who make promises with no intention of delivery.

TAURUS: Take an indirect route to get the results you seek. There will be some form of organization.

GEMINI: A delicate balance can be tipped one way or the other. The full moon eclipse is a game changer.

CANCER: Purging or altering circumstances can be intensely emotional for you or others involved with it.

LEO: Events close to home or in the neighbourhood will influence decision made regarding locations now.

VIRGO: Stand strong in your position no matter what others try to do behind your back. Maintain ethics.

LIBRA: Use subtle pressure or confidential information to steer things in directions you would like to see.

SCORPIO: Keep a tight rein on behind-the-scenes matters as they would have an effect on future events.

SAGITTARIUS: Soft peddle your approach when it comes to status, leadership or control. Be negotiable.

CAPRICORN: Make sure important information or arrangements are clear or they may require a redo.

AQUARIUS: A connection to others finances or assets will focus on special arrangements or settlements.

PISCES: The full moon in your sign puts the spotlight on you in various ways. You know how to play it.

Horoscope: Sept. 4-10

Overview for all signs:

Feelings of uncertainty cause emotions to swing. Seek further clarity before reacting.

Some situations need time to settle or return to their usual pattern. Be more self contained on your own path to avoid any fallout around you.

Take it slow, remaining silent as the truth will rise to the surface eventually. Whispered communications show where support is for some.

Try to relax and follow protocol. Be responsible. Order can be restored by Wednesday. Align yourself with like-minded individuals for best success. Be realistic about financial matters.

Double check travel plans, coming or going for yourself as well as others; changes are likely. Be ready to shift gears.

ARIES: Preparations take more time than expected. Line up the right people for the job to be completed.

TAURUS: Organize your finances carefully if they are tied to others in any way. Sell or discard stuff now.

GEMINI: Home or property plans need more clarity and firming up. Certain arrangements are important.

CANCER: What you say or do now affects relationships or location. A clearer understanding is needed.

LEO: Don’t let the past cloud your future direction or plans. Financial security should be closely watched.

VIRGO: Your quiet confidence in your abilities will get you through any tough situations or competitions.

LIBRA: You may gloat a little as you are the one who knows what others are really up to. Be gracious.

SCORPIO: Harness the influence of power brokers who are on the same page. It is a successful force.

SAGITTARIUS: Your status or reputation solidifies your position at the top. Private meetings are good.

CAPRICORN: Stay the course and you can weather any storms around you. Avoid other involvement.

AQUARIUS: You have a beneficial connection to others financially or through joint assets. Discuss it.

PISCES: You get clarity on the true intentions of those involved with you or who want to be connected.

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