Horoscope: Oct. 15-21

Being spontaneous creates a nice surprise for some. A lighthearted approach is helpful in business or personal relationships.

A show of generosity smooths negotiations on both sides; appreciate what you receive. Get down to the nitty gritty.

Some throw in new ideas or want to switch things up; be pragmatic. Imaginations can run amuck with unrealistic expectations; nip it in the bud. Follow a secure or familiar routine so everyone can relax a bit.

Hot heads can have a tantrum or take off, ignore them. Settle anything legal or otherwise. Power positions change; negotiate terms.

The new moon in Libra puts more focus on relationships, balance and justice. Speak out.

ARIES: There are some surprises or changes of behaviour in personal or business relationships. Be calm.

TAURUS: Bite the bullet or shift gears as others will be affected by what you do. Smooth ruffled feathers.

GEMINI: The new moon affects balance or fairness in all areas of your life. Compare your needs to theirs.

CANCER: Career, home or base of operations is under the microscope. Moves are likely in one or all now.

LEO: Unusual or unexpected communications may have to be handled over distance. Take care of this.

VIRGO: Financial negotiations reach another stage. Input from others can be a deciding factor. Compare.

LIBRA: Make a bid for more personal freedom if you feel the time has arrived. Release. It will be fine.

SCORPIO: Others may say “there's a new sheriff in town” as you pull on the reins behind the scenes.

SAGITTARIUS: New or renewed connections with powerful individuals puts you in the right place now.

CAPRICORN: Changes with your status or position affect how others behave around you.

AQUARIUS: Plans to travel may involve unusual events or circumstances. Be ready for the changes.

PISCES: You can call in IOUs or rewrite agreements to suit you better. Other fall into line. Patience.


Horoscope: Oct. 8-14

Overview of all signs:

A restrained approach on various levels will convince others of your commitment to a realistic agenda.

Take steps to curb waste or launch an austerity program. Staying on message will advance plans or projects. Keep comments clear and simple.

Discussions can reveal covert or suppressed information that can be used or turfed. Power struggles between strong egos need to be settled one way of the other; some ties are cut. Frustration may involve authorities stepping in to take control.

Try your luck Friday the 13th.

Travel or meet at a neutral location to discuss plans in person. Take a look at how things were handled before and use what worked back then.

ARIES: Pressure from others or circumstance may see you going it alone as you are outside the loop.

TAURUS: Work within time constraints while you try to advance your personal or business agenda now.

GEMINI: Others flex their authority behind the scenes. This allows you to find a path around their moves.

CANCER: Increased pressure affects home or base of operations. Seek clarity in the role you will play.

LEO: You lay out a plan or have to explain to others the best route to take. Make it a painless process.

VIRGO: Work out the fine points of any arrangements that affect your finances, residence or security.

LIBRA: It's time for you to step forward and show your hand or explain your agenda. Ignore resistance.

SCORPIO: Shift gears or cause others to do so. The power structure is changing behind the scenes.

SAGITTARIUS: You take charge or replace others. Higher ups are confident in the way you handle it.

CAPRICORN: Being the leader or the target brings out the jealousy in those who want your position.

AQUARIUS: Serious or important matters need to be taken care of over distance by you or them now.

PISCES: You have a few aces up your sleeve when it comes to having a showdown with competition.

Horoscope: Oct. 1-7

Controlled focus can help to push an agenda forward; get out of the way.

The force is felt or seen on more than one level. There needs to be a shift into a more positive or effective direction.

Those who don’t normally work together can do so now. Emotional connections deepen taking relationships to another level.

The next stage may need some planning or getting others onto the same page. Take some time to deal with this.

Choices between independence or co-operation are key. Don’t expect more than can be delivered, some are still sorting out the details or how they feel.

Reality checks help with getting rid of baggage; let go of things that won’t change.

ARIES: Your emotional expectations are at a peak with the full moon in your sign. Have a heart to heart.

TAURUS: You take a feet-on-the-ground approach to most matters this week. Slowly push your agenda.

GEMINI: You seek support from those in powerful or key positions. They want some control or influence.

CANCER: Negotiations intensify affecting relationships, home or base of operations. Reach agreements.

LEO: What you say or lay out in plans will be applauded by others. Job or income is favourably affected.

VIRGO: You feel passionate about what you want or need, so any discussions will have positive results.

LIBRA: You step forward in ways that others will feel comfortable with your words or actions. You lead.

SCORPIO: You pull strings behind the scenes and are seen as a whisperer of sorts. Get messages out.

SAGITTARIUS: Influential associates go to bat for you and your status or reputation in enhanced. Enjoy.

CAPRICORN: Speak or teach as others appreciate your knowledge and expertise. Your influence calms.

AQUARIUS: Your reach expands near or far. You will benefit from others resources or good connections.

PISCES: You come out the winner in most areas of exchange. You have a natural gaming instinct. Use it.


Horoscope: Sept. 24-30

Overview for all signs:

Situations will have a strange or unreal air about them; keep feet on the ground. Conspiracy theories evolve.

There is a need for discretion. Navigate through unusual or foggy conditions or deception. Don’t count on promises.

Some drift into fantasy; avoid drugs or alcohol induced states that could lead to procrastination. Reactions have negative or deadly results.

Relationships reach a point of having the “talk” as they cannot carry on as they are.

Cut ties personally or on a larger scale. Keep plans private until launch; think independently.

Travel to select places. Wise counsel helps to pull things together or provide assistance. Dig deep while seeking further clarity.

ARIES: Meetings in private help with decisions about the direction things will take. Cut away deadwood.

TAURUS: You need to wing it as circumstances or conditions change. Hang on to anything that is secure.

GEMINI: Your status or reputation fluctuates. Decisions need to be made regarding career or locations.

CANCER: Increased communication is needed to nail things down. Others dodge questions about plans.

LEO: Work out the details on financial matters before taking on anything expensive. You can make deals.

VIRGO: Explain your needs to those who can assist or fulfill them. There is a lack of understanding now.

LIBRA: Take care of private matters for yourself or those you care for. More information will be needed.

SCORPIO: Deeper research or investigations provide clues to what was really going on around you.

SAGITTARIUS: Handle mysterious or unusual situations. Join forces with those behind the scenes, etc.

CAPRICORN: Contact with those over distance provide answers or supplies that benefit all involved.

AQUARIUS: Special arrangements with key individuals affect finances or assets. Discuss the terms.

PISCES: You have unseen influence on the status or reputations of others now. Research the facts.

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