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Horoscope: Aug 30 - Sept 5

Emotions swing up and down when trying to settle on a line of approach. Take as much time as you need to give logic a chance to show you the way. Knee jerk reactions are not productive; take the high road if at all possible. Some situations are different than they appear; get the facts. Those in positions of authority are helpful. Passions heat up in relationships under the influence of Venus and Mars together in the loving sign of Leo, ruler of the heart. These strong feelings can bring life changes for some as romantic decisions are made. Choose carefully if you want it to last. It has to be based on more than the “chemistry” between you. There must be mutual respect.

  • Aries - You feel lucky and expectations are high. Check the facts behind any presentations or power grabs.
  • Taurus - Connections over distance become more important. You will gain from home or property matters.
  • Gemini - Your charming words influence others or base of operations. You pull important strings to win now.
  • Cancer - Power plays affect finances or possessions. Make sure everything is backed up in writing. Sign.
  • Leo - You gain respect or support from those who count. Lay out a plan of what you will do for them as well.
  • Virgo - Seek out those who know your worth and will stand by you when needed. Keep details confidential.
  • Libra - Meet with others in remote or secluded places. There is power in unity. It brings success all around.
  • Scorpio - Your influence is greater than expected. Your ability to rise above adversity is quite phenomenal.
  • Sagittarius - Connections bring important benefits to you in various ways. Make required arrangements.
  • Capricorn - Others want to tap into your vast knowledge or abilities. This increases your personal power.
  • Aquarius - You can gain from your association to others, personally or in business. Keep details private.
  • Pisces - You pull strings behind the scenes. Those who object come to realize it is good for all involved.


Horoscope: August 23 - 29

Sleep is disturbed for some who are waiting for changes to occur; don’t push, it will work out. Expectations need to be based on reality. Certain communications should be clarified first. Too much emotion becomes a false driving force in the wrong direction; lighten up. Too much intensity sends things off the rails. A meeting of the minds can be reached. Sit down and discuss the main issues before the full moon on Saturday. Put other matters aside for a less stressful time. Practical organization is the key to advancement on all levels now. This is supported by the positive conduction of the sun and Jupiter. Important people will shine in the media, gaining support.


  • Aries - Take the time to go over papers or documents point by point to reach a reasonable settlement or deal.
  • Taurus - Time is on your side so use it to your advantage. Get confirmation from those in positions of influence.
  • Gemini - Make sure the steps you take are secure before switching your position or moving. It counts later.
  • Cancer - Control your emotions when dealing with others in areas where you need some of their help now.
  • Leo - Shine some light on personal or joint matters. Patience runs out. Any pushing should be done gently.
  • Virgo - You have power behind the scenes at the moment. Play cards close to the vest to be the winner.
  • Libra - Speak up or clarify information or situations. Others look to you for some kind of leadership now.
  • Scorpio - Your quiet, stable manner secures your position in ways you hoped for. Carry on the same way.
  • Sagittarius - Career ambitions are highlighted and can be enhanced by others; some distant connections.
  • Capricorn - Others realize your worth and discuss what to do about it. The outcome will be in your favour.
  • Aquarius - You can gain from others or the past financially or with anything shared. Divide it up evenly.
  • Pisces - Settle mate or partnership issues that affect health or work. It's time to take it easier and relax.

Horoscope: August 16 - 22

Weigh how you feel about relationships. Decide if more talking will help or hurt the situation. If you have made up your mind already then don’t take things any further. Timing is important on many levels. Loosen up emotionally to see the reality of events that led up to the way things are. Detach from those trying to push your buttons. Freedom lifts the mood and stimulates new attractions or different connections. Review where you have been in order to plan where you are going; follow your instincts. Check out other locations before making any permanent moves. Settle your affairs by Saturday the 22nd. Your duties and responsibilities are changing or evolving. Adapt.


  • Aries - New or renewed relationships affect other choices that need to be made, personally or with work.
  • Taurus - There is luck attached to property or possessions. Take the time to do a proper assessment of it.
  • Gemini - You are the main attraction near or far. Be mobile and flexible with meetings or scheduling now.
  • Cancer - Your focus shifts to career, status and potential income from one or more sources. Be persistent.
  • Leo - Special communications or invitations connect you to other locations. Make needed preparations.
  • Virgo - Measure your words carefully as you don’t want to lose any ground you have already gained.
  • Libra - Make sure promised support arrives in a concrete form before taking the next step or investing.
  • Scorpio - Be willing to stand alone on certain issues or positions. Others need time to catch up to you.
  • Sagittarius - Deal with information in a concise or point form. Give out only what is needed at this time.
  • Capricorn - Look at the past for indication of how to handle similar situations. Solutions come easily.
  • Aquarius - Your fresh and unique ideas bring hope to others now. Join forces with those like minded.
  • Pisces - Settle outstanding matters connected to the past. Opportunities take you in another direction.


Horoscope: August 9 - 15

Rely on instincts regarding unstable situations or circumstances; solutions surface. Go with the flow, one step at a time. Some are uncertain where they should be. Avoid moves that are not secured; you don’t want to have to back track. Certain matters are misrepresented so take the time to dig for clearer interpretation as it would affect some choices one way or the other. The new moon in Leo on Friday highlights the generous, magnanimous qualities of the sign. Take what is handed out and worry about what else is owed later. Events can be grand or over the top on the weekend. Enjoy special entertainment whether you are part of it or in the audience.

  • Aries - Look at the facts to support presentations. There is more going on than what meets the eye right now.
  • Taurus - Hopes and dreams will be influenced by locations or base of operations. Be very selective.
  • Gemini - Your abilities with communication reaches far and deep. Your influence is growing naturally.
  • Cancer - Reach an agreement with others regarding financial matters and assets. Collect the paperwork.
  • Leo - Others look to you for leadership or inspiration. Step into the limelight as it's your rightful place.
  • Virgo - Deal with most things in private this week. It gives you more power when ready to take action.
  • Libra - You can pull strings connected to more than one situation. Be available to wheel and deal now.
  • Scorpio - You can be a superstar with your ideas or know how. Career or status rises. Enjoy acclaim.
  • Sagittarius - You have the information that others want. Talks lead to making special arrangements.
  • Capricorn - You gain from others in unusual or unexpected ways. Negotiate with them regarding it.
  • Aquarius - You have solutions to hidden or confidential matters. Others want to work with you on this.
  • Pisces - You can influence or control others remotely or through unusual means. They get involved.

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Heather resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer,  medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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