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Horoscope Nov 29 - Dec 5


Make sure the path is clear on all levels before heading in that direction. Promotional presentations may hide the truth, or be misleading in regards to what is really going on. Try to check the facts yourself, and don’t invest on a whim. 

Some will need to assume responsibility or fulfill obligations. Focus on business, organize and concentrate your efforts. Pick the most capable to lead. 

Explore new ideas and ways to communicate, it’s worth it. Travel may be required to investigate things in person. Use the element of surprise. 

Attractions can sway practical judgement. Don’t let it get in the way of progress or affect the bottom line as this will not be a permanent situation.


Look at new or different locations that would be a better venue for your ambitious plans. 

Review the past in ways that give you another perspective on why events went that way. 

Unite with those who can pull rank for you. Base of operations could be affected. Move.

Covert talks or meetings involve a transition form one situation to another. Adjust plays. 

Avoid any investments where you have to rely only on the word of those doing presentations.

A surprise connected to others or the past allows you some leeway with positive changes. 

Meet with associates in private to lay out plans or settle things one way or the other. 

Make sure those who say they support you actually do. It’s time for them to back it up. 

State your position and stick to the facts. Teach or explain in a clear methodical way.

Keep certain information to yourself for now, others could feel threatened by you. 

Contacts associated to older or important individuals are a powerful link to your plans. 

Your position may not be clear to others, but it works for you. Hold onto a steady course.

Horoscope Nov 22-28


Powerful energies push for change by the full moon on Wednesday. Relationships are altered and some of them permanently. Be willing to adapt to any changes. The old or outworn can be replaced with the new or refurbished. It all works out in the end. 

Build a stable path toward success, time will tell if the target was worthwhile. Decisions can change suddenly as expectations play out in different ways. Keep some info temporarily private. 

Travels are delayed, rerouted, or cancelled - rebooking is advised. Take news seriously and be responsible. 

Delusions lead to forgetfulness; the truth or reality will become clearer. Spend time with loved one and try to relax. . . .


Check the rules and procedures before putting a plan into motion. Meet in person where possible. 

Follow up on health or work issues that may need to be reviewed or changed for good reasons. 

Relationship confusion affects status or reputation on personal or business levels. Sort this out. 

Home, career, and base of operations undergo alterations, making you adapt your expectations. 

Be negotiable with travel or other dealings over distance. Limit expenses and avoid loop holes.

You may have to keep secrets and take research to a deeper level. A past connection is likely. 

Step back from others until you clearly see their agenda. You can then take firm action yourself. 

Pull on the reins remotely, or out of the direct line of fire. You have some subtle control here. 

A calm, stable approach can override those who are negative or trying their power plays. 

Talks behind the scenes have some influence on status or base of operations. Adjust to it. 

You discuss important secrets or confidential information that has an extended influence.

Your charm or reputation has a magical affect on the outcome of events or other agreements.

Horoscope Nov 16-21


Sit on certain information until it can be brought out in a way that will not cause a loss of ground gained. Each step taken needs to be secured. All the related material does not need to be made public, as it won’t affect the final outcome. Covert actions will have an effect; arrange a backup plan. Meet in out of the way places to avoid those who want to interfere or make trouble. Make sure it is a safe location on all levels. 

Deal with jealousy or obsession; maintain control. Investigate those who manipulate or hide their real agenda. Switch how you communicate with some of these individuals. Power struggles play out on various levels; adapt to sudden changes. 


Those who work against you are just jealous. Seek alternate sources of support where possible. 

Consolidate plans with those who wish to participate. Divide up most of the responsibilities.

You take control or a leadership role where others feel they should. Accept all the duties. 

Blocks from others could affect home or base of operations. Make necessary adjustments. 

You don’t have to invest further to make advancements. Others need to pick up on the rest of it. 

Avoid any financial risks that you are not sure about. Buy yourself time to get everything organized. 

Your natural abilities to meditate will shine where a fair deal needs to be made for all involved.

You pull strings behind the scenes in seamless ways so others will not be upset by results. 

Confidential talks connect you to powerful or influential individuals. Assist each other now. 

Use your influence in subtle ways to get the results you seek. Others will be fine with it. 

Brainstorm with those over distance. Arrangements will boost your status or reputation.

Others seek your advice or input on the value of continuing on the present path or course.


Horoscope November 8-14


Expectations can be elevated to a more gracious or agreeable level. Plan elaborate gatherings and celebrations, these include business or personal. Any changes of venue will work out fine, with a little extra effort.

Try to keep emotional reactions to a minimum. Great minds compare notes to pull things together for the benefit of all involved. Get the main parts of any negotiations in writing to calm any doubts. 

International relations can be improved by good intentions that pave the way for future talks and deals. It’s time to look at the larger picture. 

Take a chance on lucky Friday the 13th.

 Romance could blossom under the right conditions as well, so make your move. 


Unite with others as there is strength in numbers. Share the load financially, or otherwise engage. 

Deals come together. Personal and business can be mixed in ways that support both agendas. 

Consider your options with work, health or responsibilities. You are at an intersection. Choose. 

Positive communications enhance relationships on various levels. Meet or connect with them. 

Weigh the financial benefits of selling as is, or renovating. Don’t throw good money after bad. 

Organize the aspects of your life or situation that will make you feel calm. Secure your future.

Your charming banter helps to bring others together on to the same page. Show the benefits. 

Your personal magnetism attracts powerful or influential support. Relax and meet up socially. 

Hopes and wishes unfold in ways that you envisioned. Your confidence and status rises. 

You can be promoted or rewarded in other ways as your value increases with associates. 

You are the star in the eyes of the public as your position moves even higher, near or far. 

You have luck attached to the past or distance. Some travel could have expenses covered. 

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About the Author

Heather Zais has been a psychic since birth. She had a vision of her own future at the age of 11 that covered about 20 years of her life. Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people. She has taught and lectured in schools and colleges as well as at an institute in Germany. She has clients around the world. 

Heather resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer,  medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

Phone for appointment :  Heather at 250.861.6774 or e-mail [email protected]


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