Horoscope: Aug. 21-27


Overview for all signs 

Get the word out Monday. Positive communications and presentations are well received.

Walk through any doors of opportunity, putting your best foot forward. Those with the right credentials get the position as others have faith they will get the job done.

There is no need to manipulate the facts as they are obvious to those who make the decisions in the end.

Some are edgy as they don’t know how they will be received; be patient. There are some restrictions to work around. Consult with authorities regarding laws.

Take responsibilities seriously. Gossip may be misleading or misinterpreted as emotions slant the truth. Dine out or attend special events to lift spirits.

ARIES: Being in the spotlight may not be all its cracked up to be if the results you seek don’t materialize.

TAURUS: Acting on an inside tip can make you feel like a winner. Be selective when it comes to sharing.

GEMINI: Meet with others in private or visit secluded destinations. Use leverage when making choices.

CANCER: Exchange of information back and forth may be recorded or monitored in some way. Be calm.

LEO: You can pull nebulous circumstances together that would benefit all involved. Lay out the details.

VIRGO: Don’t react to those who try to manipulate you directly. Power plays evaporate with enough time.

LIBRA: You are on the inside track to good fortune, but you need to play it cool for desired, ultimate gains.

SCORPIO: Important individuals communicate with you in private to let you know they are on your side.

SAGITTARIUS: Take charge of a situation that has some covert aspects to it. Demonstrate leadership.

CAPRICORN: Keep talks between a select few in order to have the impact you want. Others will wait.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from the past in unexpected ways. Follow protocol to get the results you seek.

PISCES: Personal relationships have an effect on other areas of your life. Avoid those who are gossips.


Horoscope: Aug. 14-20

Overview for all signs

Dreams or illusions will have an effect on how relationships unfold.

Try to get clarity without accusing any one of anything. Spend casual time together to sense how feelings are developing; tap into the flow.

Check where your true support system is.

A change of circumstance is coming, ready or not. Situations go smoothly if the details are agreed upon up front.

A sense of freedom can be rejuvenating. Tighten the focus in a positive direction for best results.

This would increase benefits on more than one level. Love deepens between those who truly belong together. The full-moon eclipse Thursday highlights who is in control and who are the revolutionaries. Take care.

ARIES: Secrets discussed behind closed doors will give you the heads up on everyone else’s agenda. Wait.

TAURUS: You would like to see matters concluded before they have an effect on your career or reputation. 

GEMINI: Arrangements need to be made connected to distance. Decide who will be coming or going now.

CANCER: You attempt to reach a settlement with funds or assets attached to others. Request the details, etc.

LEO: The full moon highlights mate or partnership relationships. Try to get both sides on to the same page.

VIRGO: Your calm dedication to duty is noticed by those who count. Their support will come more easily.

LIBRA: There is a fine balance that can be achieved between business and personal relationships. Enjoy.

SCORPIO: Your position is solid and you have the backing of important or powerful individuals on all levels.

SAGITTARIUS: Intuitive manoeuvres will provide benefits near or far. Finances increase with follow through.

CAPRICORN: Plan to travel or receive company. Your sense of power or influence is growing so enjoy it.

AQUARIUS: Private arrangements benefit you in ways that make you smile. Others will be generous to you.

PISCES: Those with the same passionate interests join forces on some level. Keep other relationships light.

Horoscope: Aug. 7-13

Overview for all signs

Take extra time to sort through information as well as checking behaviour that may be deceptive or unreal. Some confusion is on purpose.

There are those who try to gain on the backs of others. This can be blocked by being aware. Trust issues come up to be faced.

Power plays are subtle. Investigations go deeper and information is found or coordinated with ultimate success.

Certain matters or relationships reach a turning point or conclusion.

Create some distance between you even it its temporary; It helps. The financials need more time to be worked on.

There will have to be some give or take even if it does not seem fair at this point. Follow the law in any case.

ARIES: Be willing to make adjustments with duties or responsibilities that could affect your reputation etc.

TAURUS: Avoid any investments sight unseen. It may not be as valuable as it is presented. Investigate.

GEMINI: You may have to be more guarded or protective with home, family or locations. Questions asked.

CANCER: Seek further clarity on what you will be doing and with whom. There are grey areas to check.

LEO: Adjust the rules or change the fine print on agreements. It will affect how things will play out later.

VIRGO: Your patience is part of your charm and goes a long way to helping you improve your situation.

LIBRA: A lot goes on behind the scenes that needs clarification or confirmation. Organize how to meet.

SCORPIO: Sparring with others mentally can be fun if it’s handled right. Weigh how important this will be.

SAGITTARIUS: Stand firm on your position no matter what the circumstances or reactions. Status rises.

CAPRICORN: Take care of certain matters off side or out of view of those who are not supposed to know.

AQUARIUS: Have patience with joint funds or assets. An element of timing will be important to benefits.

PISCES: Associates may be trying a subtle power play with you or each other. Avoid any showdowns.


Horoscope: July 31-Aug.6

Overview for all signs

New or unusual attractions create an air of excitement. Handle any relationship matters with consideration or discretion.

Expectations cause feelings to shift or swing. Find a stable place to land as things may not be as they appear. Light flirtations can be fun in any case. Affairs are likely to be short term.

The new moon on Tuesday is a good time to decide on heart matters. Be sincere. Those who don’t agree with your choice may show signs of jealousy or resentment.

Avoid any face-to-face confrontations; respect each other's choices. Watch words. Some endings occur by force. Adapt to changes with dignity. It all works out in the end, so be patient with delays.

ARIES: You are energized to make sweeping changes near or far. Others will need more information on it.

TAURUS: Make long-term plans regarding home or family matters. Consider renovating or moving plans.

GEMINI: You get rid of the old as you shift gears or pull rank. Your works or decisions are final. Let it go.

CANCER: Avoid making demands that others will object to. Your ability to negotiate is critical for support.

LEO: You can say what you think in a humorous way. This allows you to maintain a solid or stable front.

VIRGO: Make changes that help to streamline your activities and goals. Show your responsible side.

LIBRA: Your involvement with others financially or jointly held assets influence important decisions with it.

SCORPIO: You steer things in a new or different direction that shocks or surprises other. Your status rises.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a firm stand with your words or actions in order to move forward with your plans now.

CAPRICORN: Connect with the past in ways that provide confidential information or evidence you seek.

AQUARIUS: New or renewed relationships affect personal or business or both. Be more selective with it.

PISCES: Be willing to act on your own if others don’t follow through on their end of the bargain. You rock.

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