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Horoscope: Mar 29 - Apr 4

Deep feelings influence decisions as actions need to be meaningful. Consider the long term benefits for all those involved. Areas of difficulty can be rectified. Restructuring will increase financial gains and security for the long term. Last minute adjustments take the form of a shortcut. Use alternate means of communication to bypass any glitches. Follow an organized plan to navigate other obstacles or delays. The full moon, lunar eclipse Saturday marks an ending or conclusion to some of these concerns. There is a tug on energies between those who want direct action and those who want to negotiate. Think it over clearly before deciding on what to do.

  • Aries - A lot goes on behind the scenes that has the potential to affect status or reputation. Make it good.
  • Taurus - Lay out a plan or some sort of structure for your hopes and wishes to unfold. Stay calm about it.
  • Gemini - Talks with powerful individuals or authority figures brings change to positions - yours or theirs.
  • Cancer - Home or base of operations are in the spotlight now. Moves can alter future directions or plans.
  • Leo - Your sense of optimism inspires others to follow your lead or invest, near or far. It's win-win for all.
  • Virgo - You have luck attached to other's finances or assets. There are gains to be made. Check details.
  • Libra - The eclipse places more emphasis on business or personal relationships. Reach a conclusion.
  • Scorpio - Secrets have a way of spilling over into work or other areas. Assess what info is worth using.
  • Sagittarius - Others open doors for you that could include travel opportunities; negotiate special terms.
  • Capricorn - Events unfold to give a greater level of security in career or residential matters. It's positive.
  • Aquarius - You inform or instruct in ways that others accept or are willing to promote in greater ways.
  • Pisces - You pull in gains from more than one source. Take your ambitious plans to the next level now.

Horoscope: March 22 - 28

Stop/go energy creates confusion for those wanting action. Look at the issues surrounding delays or switches of venue. Those in charge should put a plan together that all can live with. Make necessary changes and leave the rest for later. There needs to be adjustments to the direction things are going. Progress is the bottom line; try something new or advanced. Good instincts make up for financial short falls. There is long range potential for success. Sell off what is no longer useful or needed; keep some funds for backup. Some plan to move on looking for quicker, more substantial gains. Options are open on various levels or alternate locations.

  • Aries - Step into uncharted or unfamiliar territory for personal or business reasons. Make necessary calls.
  • Taurus - Surprise contact from the past may cause you to re-evaluate your future plans and goals. Meet.
  • Gemini - Use your charming ways when dealing with closure or endings as others are affected by this.
  • Cancer - Confidential matters affect your work or status. Re-direct your focus so you can move forward.
  • Leo - Tighten the reins until you assess the best way to proceed. Avoid being swayed by other attitudes.
  • Virgo - Private arrangements affect where you or others will live. It cannot be avoided, make decisions.
  • Libra - Try to settle personal, job or location matters of yourself or those who will be affected by changes.
  • Scorpio - Pull strings behind the scenes even if some protest. These developments will be positive for all.
  • Sagittarius - Negotiations in private bring a sense of unity or solidarity. Share any benefits with others.
  • Capricorn - New equipment or procedures will increase the bottom line. Demonstrate your expertise now.
  • Aquarius - You come up with solutions that unlock complex situations. Past ways are still valid; use them.
  • Pisces - You convince others to provide funding and you contribute your part with amazing ideas or tips.

Horoscope: March 15 - 21

Nervous energy causes sleeplessness. Discuss the issues so there can be some resolution. Avoid taking things personally unless the intent is obvious; then get all the cards on the table. Power struggles boil down to a flexing of egos as some are not being realistic about their real importance in the scheme of things. Cool your jets, as there are circumstances that box things in or create delays. Keep silent while you wait for final judgements. Rebellious actions create unrest, getting out of hand in explosive ways; counter resistance is strong. Raise talks to a higher, more inclusive level under the solar eclipse in the spiritual sign of Pisces on Friday. Follow intuitive prompting.

  • Aries - You surprise others by changing your MO. You behave in an independent or aggressive manner.
  • Taurus - Well placed connections give you the heads up regarding special plans or future ambitions. Sign.
  • Gemini - Your ability to spin or create illusion is unbeatable. Others try to connect or pin you down. Dodge.
  • Cancer - Confusion in messages causes delays near or far. Investigate this through alternate channels.
  • Leo - It will be important to keep discussions private until the ink is dry. Then you can present the results.
  • Virgo - Avoid getting drawn into other's emotional intrigues. The situation is not as it may appear to be.
  • Libra - Meetings behind closed doors affect others as well as how things will be handled now or ended.
  • Scorpio - Your intuition is on target giving you the edge over others. Play it cool to come out the winner.
  • Sagittarius - Keep a lid on secrets regarding homes, properties or locations. There are things to look at.
  • Capricorn - Your instincts give you solutions to problems making them easier to take care of. Step up.
  • Aquarius - Strange or unusual circumstances affect finances or assets. Sudden changes are likely now.
  • Pisces - Your soft approach hides your inner strength or clout. Your position is advanced more easily.

Horoscope: March 8 - 14

Pick a progressive path to focus energy or aggressive action; it needs to be worth it. Some are being impatient; be as politically correct as possible so any ground gained is not lost. Join forces with those who have similar agendas to share the load and the ultimate benefits. Success will come easier that way. Those with ego issues take risks that could be costly, finding themselves on their own. Power struggles intensify and destabilize agreements. Some clashes are destructive or explosive, domestically or internationally. Many are hyped toward revolution. Retaliation will be equally heavy, so be prepared. Put gifted negotiators to work behind the scenes now.

  • Aries - Your dramatic actions affect others. Avoid doing anything out of spite or revenge; it will backfire.
  • Taurus - Serious news over distance requires a change of plans on your part or theirs. Have a meeting.
  • Gemini - Positions will shift in power plays. Support in one form or another is an issue. Negotiate terms.
  • Cancer - Your reputation or status is affected by those in positions of authority. Wait as strings are pulled.
  • Leo - You may be required to be somewhere else or change base of operations. It works out fine for all.
  • Virgo - Avoid taking any risks in areas where you don’t have all the required information. Research it.
  • Libra - Relationship tensions affect home or property matters for you or them. It's time to make choices.
  • Scorpio - Change your line of approach in order to hold your position. Divert attention to area of focus.
  • Sagittarius - Roll with circumstances or shifting conditions. Go around blocks or obstacles. Plan travel.
  • Capricorn - Make changes that affect home or work environment. Recover losses or make any repairs.
  • Aquarius - Behind the scenes activity is associated to powerful individuals. Work within their protocols.
  • Pisces - You surprise others by the way you maneuver or handle things. Negotiations can be intense.

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Heather resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer,  medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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