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Horoscope: June 28 - July 4

Additional effort is required to extract or classify confidential information as some of it is sensitive and not for the general public. Protect the channel it will flow through or hand it over directly person to person; events could be affected on a larger scale otherwise. Take time to focus on getting relationships on track or meeting someone new. It's fine to flirt a little. Settle domestic concerns highlighted by the full moon on Wednesday. Be creative with ideas and communications; it's inspiring. Travel plans come together; give yourself extra time to look around or take side trips. Avoid danger zones. Follow your gut feelings when dealing with unusual people or situations; be cool.


  • Aries - Spend time in seclusion or out of the way places. The reason for this may be out of your control.
  • Taurus - Discuss private matters with those in positions of power or authority. Accept reasonable outcomes.
  • Gemini - Your position or status in not as it may appear to others. They struggle to figure out connections.
  • Cancer - You are more direct in your questioning or research. Take an alternate approach to get answers.
  • Leo - You have the Midas touch and can make things happen. Others will be surprised and delighted by it.
  • Virgo - Private wishes are formulating as you are in touch with those who can help to manifest them now.
  • Libra - Whispered plans could develop into something real as you see how they actually come together.
  • Scorpio - You have your hands on the reins even if others are not fully aware of it. Steer events positively.
  • Sagittarius - The tide turns in your favour financially. You have luck in all directions. Handle the details.
  • Capricorn - Your ideas can benefit others as well as yourself if they are implemented. Negotiate terms.
  • Aquarius - Joint finances or assets will benefit you in the long run. Allow situations to develop naturally.
  • Pisces - The full moon heightens your intuition. Personal or financial investments will pay off. Sign it.


Horoscope: June 21 - 27

Be ready to let go of some responsibility. This shifts the amount of power or authority that would be retained; it's time. Personal relationships have some influence on these decisions. For others it's just a time to retire or move on. Make desires known Monday the 22nd, so that others have time to adjust or fill in. Luck is in the air; the ultimate result will be a good choice. Travel or plan a change of location. Keep discussions private between key individuals to avoid problems or confrontations with those who feel they should be preferred. Check credentials before getting into any deeper involvement that has an element of security or risk attached. Take your time.

  • Aries - Investigate opportunities before committing to any of them. There will be some variables to consider.
  • Taurus - You have some luck with possessions or property matters. Negotiate special terms when dealing.
  • Gemini - What you say may buy you some extra time, but it does not clarify the situation for you or others.
  • Cancer -- You try to navigate the hidden or unknown. Be more targeted in your approach and stay calm now.
  • Leo - Make use of travel opportunities, but there is no rush to sign on the dotted line. Relax and enjoy a bit.
  • Virgo - You have the ear of someone in a position of power or control. You can back each other up equally.
  • Libra - Relationships take an interesting turn. Make sure it's for real and keep control issues out of it all.
  • Scorpio - Perks or promotions are exciting but limit any discussions of them as others may feel jealous.
  • Sagittarius - Take the reins behind the scenes or over others affairs. Handle the responsibility gracefully.
  • Capricorn - You are included in talks about extra funding or improvements that will be forthcoming. Share.
  • Aquarius - You benefit through all types of relationships. Be willing to wait for certain arrangements to unfold.
  • Pisces - Plan ways to collect from the past or recoup in other areas. Your patience will pull it all together.

Horoscope: June 14 - 20

Pick a direction and go forward with confidence even if you are not sure of the outcome. Drives are focused; keep destination or goals in sight. Emotions affect discussions, try to stick to the facts for now; put aside expectations that seem unreal. Some illusion or infatuation is a sidetrack; investigate further and avoid binding commitments. The new moon in the communicative sign of Gemini gives added power to words, so measure them carefully in all media. Seek seclusion to think things over; don’t get pinned down until you are ready. Decide on renovations or rebuilding. Crunch the numbers to arrive at an assessment of the actual value.

  • Aries - Make sure all required information is on the table before involving others in your ambitious plans.
  • Taurus - Look at alternate sources of income. You are capable of more that you think. Activate abilities.
  • Gemini - A calm, measured approach gives you the power or control you need to handle certain matters.
  • Cancer - Discuss confidential information in private. Sort out what is owed or due. Take care of papers.
  • Leo - Support and favours come your way from important or influential individuals. Make arrangements.
  • Virgo - Your star is rising and along with that there could be a shift of responsibilities. Be adaptable now.
  • Libra - Take your time when considering expanded opportunities; developments affect the long term.
  • Scorpio - Revisit or pick up where you left off with income or assets connected to others. Get your share.
  • Sagittarius - Mate or partnership matters take priority. Lay the groundwork towards your future plans.
  • Capricorn - You are a key person in how things will unfold. Hold your position while others catch up.
  • Aquarius - Gains from various sources come easily to you now. Others will give you what you deserve.
  • Pisces - You can re-invent yourself on various levels as you navigate around or over obstacles easily.

Horoscope: June 7 - 13

The travel urge prompts many to start their holidays early. Organizing schedules could be tricky, but worth it in the long run; call in favours. There are mixed emotions about how much time to take off and how far to go. Follow a relaxed route, checking out opportunities along the way. Future goals may be altered by what you find. A side trip provides added interest or adventure; be innovative. Check reception and the security of communication devices. Destination weddings are highlighted; special words have depth of meaning. Mercury resumes forward motion on Thursday, changing the tide to a more positive direction. Go with the flow as things get moving.

  • Aries - A change of focus or direction proves to be lucky for you. Display your ingenious abilities or talents.
  • Taurus - Positive news can boost your financial bottom line. What you know or have is worth much more.
  • Gemini - You surprise, impress or entertain in positive ways. Others are becoming very interested in you.
  • Cancer - Use your connections or instincts to show you where to pull strings behind the scenes; it works.
  • Leo - You have the support of those in positions of power or influence. Use it to your advantage. You look good.
  • Virgo - Your position or status gets a boost. Display your leadership abilities, even if it's on a low key level.
  • Libra - The world is open to you now and you can explore other locations or venues; permanently or to visit.
  • Scorpio - Your financial power increases and you can look at other investments or assets. Check data.
  • Sagittarius - There are gains to be made from others or relationships of all types. It flows into place now.
  • Capricorn - Work closely with those who have the power to make important decisions. They like loyalty.
  • Aquarius - Your luck is high this week and you will feel like a winner on various levels. It uplifts you.
  • Pisces - A home environment becomes an additional base of operations.You are still in charge anyway.

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Heather resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer,  medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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