Horoscope: Dec. 4-10

Overview for all signs:

Relax in friendly or inspirational environments to start the week on a positive note. 

The pressure is on Monday to get moving or have things up and running. 

Follow guidelines already in place. Sign off on financial arrangements in private to avoid knee jerk reactions from those in opposition.

They will take their demands elsewhere. Regroup. Separate camps can still work together where they find common ground.

Those with superior intellect should be in charge of any game plans. 

Travel or expand connections over distance; the world is open. 

Artists are showcased. Shoulder responsibility at work or in relationships. It's time to move on. 

Reputations would be affected by actions.

ARIES: Show others your unique or independent side. Certain words or instructions carry weight. It counts.

TAURUS: Change goes on behind the scenes by choice or not; adapt as best you can. It all works out.

GEMINI: Wheel and deal with those of equal or greater power. Their input will be important to future gains.

CANCER: Try to nail down the fine points when negotiation positions. The outcome has an effect on status.

LEO: Seeking adventure could involve going out on a limb beyond your original plans. Take others along.

VIRGO: Special company can be inspirational for you now. Others show support or pave the way forward.

LIBRA: The elephant in the room can be turned into a power play that benefits all involved. Laugh about it.

SCORPIO: Your influence behind the scenes is still very strong. You need to be strategic in your actions now.

SAGITTARIUS: Your gracious, jovial personality is an inspiration to others. Inform or instruct those with you.

CAPRICORN: Lighthearted banter will ease tensions all round. Some with personal issues need to relax.

AQUARIUS: Your star is on the rise in the eyes of powerful or influential individuals. Take a strong stand.

PISCES: Your position is good no matter how it looks in the eyes of the public. Continue to climb upward.


Horoscope: Nov. 27-Dec. 3

Overview for all signs

Disjointed energy can see some off their game as the week begins. Try to get back on track by the new moon on Tuesday.

Matters over distance take on added importance. Some travel or behave differently, just for the fun of it.

Be considerate if relationships unravel or break up; settle any control issues. Put alternate plans in place to calm everything down; it's for the best.

Keep negative opinions to yourself for now. Feelings and expectations don’t match; give them time to be corrected or cleared.

Move or get settled in better circumstances no matter how far it takes you. Disciplined action can expand from a ground swell into something more dramatic. Control the details.

ARIES: Changes affect status or reputation in unexpected ways. Key individuals discuss confidential data.

TAURUS: Others try to make arrangements on your behalf or pull strings. Make necessary adjustments.

GEMINI: Your ability to spin is remarkable. Reverse course or change things up to gain. Collaborate more.

CANCER: A connection to the past needs deeper investigation. Plan to meet in person if this will clear it.

LEO: Get together with those of like mind, personally or work related. There needs to be a united front.

VIRGO: Don’t go out on any limbs for others if they would not do it for you. Guard your path forward now.

LIBRA: Sudden decisions will end up affecting home or property for you or those you care about. It works.

SCORPIO: You have power on more than one level. Take dramatic action with a note of finality. Choose.

SAGITTARIUS: The new moon in your sign gives you a positive boost and platform to deal from. It's fine.

CAPRICORN: Teach or explain to others in ways they will understand. You have necessary experience.

AQUARIUS: Plan travels or receive company. A lot of brainstorming will produce unusual, positive results.

PISCES: Shift your power base to something more comfortable or suitable to your ambitions. Stand tall.

Horoscope: Nov. 20-26

Overview for all signs:

Get together with like-minded individuals for mutual support or just the enjoyment of their company. 

Intuitive ideas and thoughts grow more intense and mix with brainstorming; arrive at a plan by Tuesday. 

Reach across the isle at home or abroad. This will enhance relations on various levels as each has something to offer. 

Agreements should be reached behind closed doors before being presented; key individuals need to be on the same page. 

Be very careful with fact checking. Get large moves underway by the end of the month to avoid interference or delay. Work around restrictions or outdated laws. Passionate relationships create a ripple affect. 

Some plan to live together.

ARIES: Agreements with mate or partners shift. Decide who will let the other take the lead or responsibility.

TAURUS: Decide where you want to be and how soon. It could come down to issues of finance and assets.

GEMINI: Discussions get closer to who is responsible in business or personal areas. Clouds of secrecy lift.

CANCER: Look at different jobs or occupations if you see the handwriting on the wall with current situations.

LEO: Check all the facts with what others are trying to promote. It could require more than you want to give.

VIRGO: Negotiate financials or whether a move is needed. It all comes down to viable circumstances now.

LIBRA: Making major changes would be worthwhile, especially when it comes to security for you or others.

SCORPIO: Keep important talks behind closed doors for awhile. There needs to be further negotiations.

SAGITTARIUS: Make decisions on others' behalf. There will be powerful support for this. Sort finances.

CAPRICORN: You attract attention or strong feelings from others. Cement relationships or make choices.

AQUARIUS: Travel opportunities can be instigated by others. There would be official or other approval.

PISCES: Associates have confidence in you and seek to invest. You are seen as a major player of sorts.

Horoscope: Nov. 13-19

Overview for all signs

Some strike out on an independent, unpredictable path.

This works for a few, but not for others; assess the end game before entering uncharted waters.

Seek like-minded individuals to connect the dots in a congenial way.

The full moon on Monday places a focus on the funding that will be needed.

Avoid going out on any credit-based limbs. Rely on the value of assets for security. A focused directive pulls things together. Move quickly if location is an issue.

Check communication devices or transportation. Mix business with pleasure.

Whispered words affect relationships; discuss dreams or expectations in private. Gather needed materials near or far to gain.

ARIES: Speculation discussed confidentially will bring about a shift of direction and key to possessions.

TAURUS: The full moon in Taurus places additional focus on what is solid and secure. Markets affected.

GEMINI: Suppressed information or secrets come up for review. It's time to put all cards on the table.

CANCER: Decisions made by you or others affect your future direction or state. Choices are restricted.

LEO: Those in high places will support you if asked. Demonstrate your value to those who count now.

VIRGO: You will have more freedom of action or movement this week. Alter your normal activities, etc.

LIBRA: Observe closer what goes on around you at the office or other venues. Silence is still golden.

SCORPIO: Agreements with mate or partner will settle areas of power or control. It can be workable.

SAGITTARIUS: Playing from behind the scenes is best for now. Visit those in seclusion or restricted.

CAPRICORN: You have inside information or evidence that you can use for leverage when dealing.

AQUARIUS: You have the OK to go ahead from those in positions of power or authority. Remain calm.

PISCES: You can convince others to follow your lead or presentation. Important individuals join you.

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