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Horoscope: October 4 - 10

A focus on security causes some to struggle with emotional versus practical needs. Look at how this will play out long-term before deciding which way to go; moves are likely. Take the high road with faith and confidence that things are unfolding as they should; weigh intentions.

Increased competition causes manipulation of some into positions of collusion. Remain silent until the focus shifts to keep status or reputation intact. Avoid face to face contact; message privately until this situation passes.

Mercury resumes forward motion on Friday, allowing normalcy to return in many areas. Firm up plans and conclude agreements. It's time to sign things, or take that trip.

• Aries ~ Listen carefully to the plans or speculation of others. The past affects your future with them. Negotiate.

• Taurus ~ Information is not clear, and distance can be an added issue. Follow all the details, step by step.

• Gemini ~ Work with restrictions or delays that affect residence or base of operations for you or others.

• Cancer ~ Plans are stalled or restricted by others or circumstances. Make necessary moves, or adjust.

• Leo  ~ Patience is important for all transactions now. Let time constraints run their course; move ahead.

• Virgo  ~ Check the actual value of things before making a large purchase. It looks better than it is. Wait.

• Libra ~ Keep expectations to yourself until you find out who is on board or what the future plans are.

• Scorpio ~ You can allow silence to work for you now as you wait for others to make their play. Stall.

• Sagittarius ~ Stand firm on what you know to be true. Others try to play with the facts or manipulate.

• Capricorn ~ You are on the inside track and have the backing of those who count. You are ambitious.

• Aquarius ~ Confidential or secret matters are brought to your attention. Your involvement will be key.

• Pisces ~ Carefully interpret words or looks that pass between you and others. There is a message.

Horoscope: Sept 27 - Oct 3

Extending the olive branch will help settle agreements under the full moon lunar eclipse (Harvest moon). Decide who will work together and who wants a more independent approach. Both sides have merit on different levels; sort priorities. Mixed signals alter communications or meetings. Take the time to pull it all together. Resources can be shared. Make decisions that allow for some wiggle room. Avoid gossip or those trying to spin things in a certain direction. Be cautious with any moves or transportation; double check the details. Prepare for the unexpected. Sharp minds come up with good plans or lines of approach. Mercury is still in retrograde all week. Wait.

  • Aries - Your independent stance will be interpreted as a power play. Clarify your deeper intentions to others.
  • Taurus - Shift gears to buy some time as mercury continues in retrograde. Look at all your viable options.
  • Gemini - Friends or associates have some influence on your relationships. You are encouraged to choose.
  • Cancer - Changes occur with residential matters or base of operations. Moves need careful planning now.
  • Leo - Your words or directives reach many, near or far. Insist on what you know is best for all involved.
  • Virgo - The full moon puts extra focus on your finances, assets or what is jointly held. Crunch the numbers.
  • Libra - You bring forth plans or ideas that others may not be ready for. Persist along lines of fair play for all.
  • Scorpio - Others shift more responsibility onto your shoulders. They know you can handle difficult matters.
  • Sagittarius - Important connections give you the added support to advance your position of trustworthiness.
  • Capricorn - You are the star as you demonstrate your ability to adapt to unexpected conditions or issues.
  • Aquarius - Those over distance have been paying attention to you and what you say or do. Its approved.
  • Pisces - Play any aces you have up your sleeve. You are a master at making use of sudden opportunities.

Horoscope: Sept. 20 - 26

A focused display of leadership is a motivator to get things moving as the week begins. Advancement occurs in a natural way, without the grunting and groaning; high expectations uplift and energize. Recoup losses and work around blocks or opposition. Tuesday is pivotal when it comes to reaching decisions on what is the best approach. There is some luck with opportunities. This includes personal or business choices. Assess where the long term stability is unless short term is all you want; land on your feet. There will be endings; some dramatic in the final stages. Pick up the pieces or overcome the harsh circumstances where possible. There is always hope.

  • Aries - Take a large step outside your comfort zone. You are able to adapt to changes quickly and easily.
  • Taurus - You have luck related to the past. There is value in dormant or unseen areas. Check it out now.
  • Gemini - Your words or presentation will change the course of events or how they will eventually unfold.
  • Cancer - Career direction and location are under review. There is luck connected to the lost or forgotten.
  • Leo - Make the effort to avoid obstacles where you know they exist. Others are behaving very strangely.
  • Virgo - Hold a steady course. Others realize they need you even if they are too stubborn to admit the truth.
  • Libra - Moves affect you or others that concern you. Changes are inevitable. Collect what you can. Go.
  • Scorpio - You need the support of key individuals now. Consult on the terms or details to take care of it.
  • Sagittarius - Your level of responsibility changes. It may feel like taking the bull by the horns. Steer clear.
  • Capricorn - Power struggles behind the scenes should be left there. Others are not sure of their place.
  • Aquarius - Handle serious matters involving others or distance. You will have some brilliant solutions.
  • Pisces - You have reached a point where you don’t want things to continue as they are. Change it up.


Horoscope: Sept. 13 - 19

Thoughts are coloured by illusion. Some fuss over details trying to get clarity. Put aside anything that would be affected by this in a direct way. Take care of business or other responsibilities while mulling it all over. Emotional blocks can hinder progress. Present information in a way that is easy to accept. Quick trips or changes with how things are handled will be important to end results. Any required cleanup needs proper organization as well. It will be appreciated by all involved. Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th causing some reversals or hiccups. Put off signing anything binding. Drive carefully. Communicate clearly and check equipment. Postpone large purchases.

  • Aries - Research your past to find the right path to your future. Consult with those you trust or admire.
  • Taurus - In your search for more personal freedom you will have to sort through what you don’t need.
  • Gemini - You ease toward a position of more responsibility. It could involve home or business moves.
  • Cancer - Be very clear about what you want and where you want to be. Get required confirmation on it.
  • Leo - Collect what is owed on more than one level. There are certain things you want to move past.
  • Virgo - Gather together whatever makes you feel comfortable or secure. Others will help you with this.
  • Libra - Put private plans into motion slowly and carefully to avoid any annoying interference. Relax.
  • Scorpio - Your grip becomes more solid as others step back and let you take the reins. You can tug.
  • Sagittarius - You demonstrate your stable, responsible side. Your reputation or status is rising now.
  • Capricorn - Step into places or positions that are familiar to you. Others know your dutiful personality.
  • Aquarius - Collect payments or favours. Renew connections to your past. Some unusual conditions.
  • Pisces - You are elevated or praised for all you have done or provided. It's time to rest on your laurels.

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