Get commitments, Pisces

Overview for all signs

Heavy brainstorming between key individuals is important before the business of the week begins.

There needs to be a united front or consensus to move things forward in a positive way.

Those who object should double check the reasons why.

Certain positions originally taken will evolve so give it a bit of time.

Some will be holding their breath waiting for results. Discussions will help to ease worries; get things in writing where possible.

Forceful decisions or actions midweek tend to be extreme, some feel tricked or manipulated. Contain resentment until it is time to deal with it and win.

Be organized and practical. Secrets will be revealed; check the source.

ARIES: Your passionate actions can overwhelm others. Reputation or status may be affected a bit.

TAURUS: Compare notes with others who will be affected by your decisions. Patience with timing.

GEMINI: Power struggles behind the scenes involve the pecking order or where they should be.

CANCER: Arrange to visit others or have company. Try to avoid discussing who is in control now.

LEO: Be more security conscious of your surroundings. Events could be circumstantial or caused.

VIRGO: Follow rules or protocol to advance your position. There are certain conditions.

LIBRA: Any showdowns will have an impact on home or relationships involving you or others now.

SCORPIO: Contain secret or delicate information between a select few. Avoid making it an issue.

SAGITTARIUS: Be careful with personal data involving finances or documents. Finalize others.

CAPRICORN: Take control of your environment or circumstances, personal or work. Stay focused.

AQUARIUS: Visit with those in positions of power or authority behind closed doors. It’s important.

PISCES: There are some unusual or flexible parts to an agreement. Nail down any commitments.


Horoscope: Feb. 12-18

Overview for all signs

Feelings slosh back and forth; take your time to stand on a position that you are more sure of.

There has to be a solid base to build on for eventual success. Analyze input from all sides to strike a balance.

Follow tried and true policies or actions that make everyone relax about the direction things are going in.

Intuitive flashes help with making choices or easing worries. Avoid being influenced by others doubts; they may not have all the facts.

Attend meetings or brainstorm with associates.

Some are still looking for the right location to live or work. Relationship interests change, some will be temporary.

Love needs careful assessment to see that needs are met for both.

ARIES: Hitch your wagon to those who have influence in areas of mutual interest. You share the gains.

TAURUS: Behind the scenes support gets you to the finish line. Complete papers or other documents.

GEMINI: You act in a commanding manner using words that give direction to those who need to trust.

CANCER: Your talents are applauded or showcased in ways that make you feel confident in promises.

LEO: Holidays or other travels can, like a dream, come true. Relationships grow in cozy environments.

VIRGO: Others are more supportive than expected. Your future is secured by special arrangements.

LIBRA: Magical moments are shared. Relationship plans advance to the next or final stage. Its good.

SCORPIO: You are a rising star and would succeed in any competitions. Others make way for you.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with the unexpected this week. Private deals or arrangements work.

CAPRICORN: Your stable, steady dedication is appreciated by those who count. Conditions improve.

AQUARIUS: Your words have a calming effect on others who need reassurance. Get together now.

PISCES: You get the backing or financing you need to pull a plan together. All involved will benefit.

Horoscope: Feb. 5-11

Overview for all signs

Look at ways to brighten and lighten up as the week begins.

Get together or re-unite to ease worries or concerns where there may have been misunderstandings. Firm up negotiations in ways to recoup power or a position that suits you.

There can be a shuffling of the deck where things return to normal or a least the appearance of that. Certain matters should be kept private for now, so discuss them behind closed doors.

No need to upset the apple cart. Be open to sudden travel or changes of venue.

Enjoy social events or weddings under the full moon eclipse. International relations should be handled by someone who understands the culture.

Firm up connections.

ARIES: Your hopes are high as matters you hoped for seem to be unfolding. Powerful associates help.

TAURUS: Your status or position rises in the eyes of others as they see your capability and worth now.

GEMINI: You mix business with pleasure successfully. All involved benefit from what develops out of it.

CANCER: You become more passionate about what you want and with whom. Make sure it's agreeable.

LEO: Grand plans develop into equally grand actions. The full moon in your sign enhances enjoyment.

VIRGO: Behind the scenes matters will benefit you in more than one area. Rely on past connections.

LIBRA: You will be in a position to be generous with words or deeds, which will benefit all involved.

SCORPIO: You can make changes with home, office or base of operations that suit you better now.

SAGITTARIUS: Powerful connections over long distance benefit you in lucky ways. Promises come.

CAPRICORN: Your position is good no matter how it looks to those around you. Let them imagine.

AQUARIUS: You shine in the eyes or esteem of others in relationships or in various public venues.

PISCES: Financial benefits come to you from more than one source and this supports expectations.


Horoscope: Jan. 29-Feb 4

Overview for all signs

Intense emotions add force to words or statements. Efforts are made to gain or regain power or position whether they deserve it or not.

There will be those who object or push back. Searches or investigations go deeper as truth or evidence is sought. Go undercover if this will be helpful to the end result.

Opposing factions are like a Mexican standoff. Settle matters of law or judgment. Feelings of conviction are strong affecting relationships.

Mixed or disrupted communications will influence the timing of events or results; check the details. Travel or leave town to avoid confrontations.

Power plays grow legs. It will be important to use logic to gain leverage when sparring.

ARIES: Venus enters your sign making you more attractive and interested in romance. Take the leap.

TAURUS: Decisions on travel come down to whether you need to or want to. Look at all the reasons.

GEMINI: Think or act on your feet as you deal with drama or the unexpected. Sidestep direct conflict.

CANCER: Others have some sway over your next steps or moves. Reaffirm your areas of support now.

LEO: You may end up being somewhere different that you planned. This involves yourself or others.

VIRGO: Avoid going out on any limbs without a net or support system in place. Be patient a bit longer.

LIBRA: Home or property matters need discussion or involvement with others. Look at the documents.

SCORPIO: Brainstorming with power people works wonders and pulls grand plans together. Sign in.

SAGITTARIUS: Hold the reins no matter what direction things are going in. Use personal influence.

CAPRICORN: Stand aside and watch how events play out. This will have a beneficial affect on you.

AQUARIUS: A Lot goes on behind the scenes. Some of this may connect to travel or other locations.

PISCES: You can pull a rabbit out of the hat even if it's not yours. You have rank where it counts now.

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