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Horoscope: April 13 - 19

Information triggers uncertainties. Some of this is intentional as there are subtle power plays. Seek proof or evidence before reacting. If you show your hand too soon it can be trumped (personally or globally). Some communications will be monitored so keep talks light. Locations or targets are moved or camouflaged; check known places. Avoid hazardous conditions. The full moon eclipse Tuesday heightens anxiety. Negotiate to avoid confrontation. A promise of support will ease some stress. Talk face to face or Skype. An alternate approach benefits all involved.

  • Aries - Mix business with pleasure as you meet in private. Pool information or resources to gain.
  • Taurus - Contact is likely with hospitals, institutions or the law. Coordinate necessary details.
  • Gemini - Pay attention to any red flags from your intuition. Others try to manipulate your choice.
  • Cancer - Expectations don't match reality. Your status or reputation is affected by other's terms.
  • Leo - Avoid taking action without all the necessary details. Gather funds or added support.
  • Virgo - Deal with joint finances or the past. Crunch the numbers differently to gain headway.
  • Libra - Relationships reach a point of change or closure. Salvage what you can out of it all.
  • Scorpio - Pull strings behind the scenes even if others protest your influence over them now.
  • Sagittarius - Handle others with kid gloves as expectations don't match reality. Be patient.
  • Capricorn - Career ambitions influence destination or base of operations. Weigh the odds.
  • Aquarius - Take care of important matters over distance. Sudden travel may be necessary.
  • Pisces - Shuffle the deck financially to cover all bases. Take some degree of responsibility.


Horoscope: April 6 - 12

Have company or attend events. Spread good will on a level playing field no matter the rank of the participants. Put partisan issues aside. Soft peddle words or demands to gain headway in domestic or global matters. Distance could be a problem getting key players together. Strong egos square off. Avoid conflict that is likely to escalate; it could get serious. Talented speakers should take center stage to calm the waters. Chats behind the scenes have influence on outcomes. Put some on the back burner for now. Negotiate terms on gains for all.

  • Aries - Sudden changes of location affect status or reputation for long or short term. Adapt.
  • Taurus - Pay attention to health or strength of self or those close. Be ready to take action.
  • Gemini - Work with those in authority to advance your position. Circumstances are pivotal.
  • Cancer - Guard your position or important information. Work with a select few to get ahead.
  • Leo - Extend your reach in a measured way. There are obstacles to navigate. Make contacts.
  • Virgo - A special relationship develops out of a serious situation. Play your cards close.
  • Libra - Don't take on more than you are comfortable with. Your position is changing soon.
  • Scorpio - Others realize you have more influence than expected. Play by your own rules.
  • Sagittarius - Navigate through the steps or paperwork required to get information you want.
  • Capricorn - Suppress aggressive feelings and use charming words instead; you get more.
  • Aquarius - What you say or do gets public attention. It affects events near or far. Organize.
  • Pisces - You are in a position to tell others what has value or not. Settle scores or deal.

Horoscope: March 30 - April 5

The New Moon in Aries stimulates some action; make sure it's not too aggressive as it could upset the status quo. Plan moves or expand. Prepare a solid base of support, financially or otherwise, before going ahead. Cut to the chase with talks or agreements. Avoid waste. Use what is already in place. Power is an issue. Some are running on nerves. Make adjustments to equipment to keep  up. Don't get in each other's way over ego clashes. Expectations are out of line, but can be made up for later on. Stay the course. Things work out. Spring is in the air, so enjoy.

  • Aries - Your personal actions or directives cause a change of status for yourself or others now.
  • Taurus - Focus on private matters or health issues (yours or those close). Follow procedures.
  • Gemini - Connections or information becomes public. Do damage control. Associates will help.
  • Cancer - Status or career ambitions are affected by others. Adapt to the change of situations.
  • Leo - Plans connected to distance require a level of commitment from you. Decide how much.
  • Virgo - Unusual circumstances connected to others or the past are sources of gain for you.
  • Libra - Relationship showdowns affect personal or business future. Make nice or let it all go.
  • Scorpio - Your influence or leadership brings change affecting other's duties, position or gain.
  • Sagittarius - The new, unusual or unexpected brings change. Organize how you will play it out.
  • Capricorn - Consider the pros and cons of home or base of operations. Ambitions affected.
  • Aquarius - Others are interested in what you say or do and seek you out. Disclose some info.
  • Pisces - An unusual approach to finances or investments works for you. Sign or finalize, etc.


Horoscope: March 23 - 29

Indecision creates stalls or disconnects in business or personal. Take a hard look at what you really want and who will be there with you. Positive discussions encourage agreements as most can visualize the benefits of being united. Each should have faith in their ability to contribute something worthwhile. Bring new or bright ideas to the table. Launch plans or inventions. Do upgrades, especially on equipment. Make private arrangements. Put in extra effort or overtime where needed. Relationships heat up. Results depend on your intentions (positive or negative).

  • Aries - Private deals work out for all involved. Presentation is different from expected results.
  • Taurus - Grand plans come together in connection with others already involved in some way.
  • Gemini - Your ability to promote is almost magical now. You are praised or applauded. Deal.
  • Cancer - Communications over distance become more intense. Positions are confidential.
  • Leo - Opportunities connected to your past come up. There are some added financial benefits.
  • Virgo - Intuition is strong and gives you the opening where you can gain or collect your dues.
  • Libra - Make changes or switches that are more suitable in personal or business; reorganize.
  • Scorpio - Lucky opportunity may require quick decisions on your part. Check necessary facts.
  • Sagittarius - Secrets attached to home or property matters will provide other advantages now.
  • Capricorn - Plan something special or unusual that will be profitable down the road. Focus.
  • Aquarius - You will be the winner in most areas. Others pave some of the way for your gains.
  • Pisces - Others step aside as they know you are the one able to generate the most for all.

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Heather Zais has been a psychic since birth. She had a vision of her own future at the age of 11 that covered about 20 years of her life. Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people. She has taught and lectured in schools and colleges as well as at an institute in Germany. She has clients around the world. 

Heather resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer,  medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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