Horoscope: May 20-26


Mixed emotions cause some to sit back and think about continuing a relationship or ending it.

Make sure it’s not just a co-dependent situation as that is not beneficial to anyone. If a relationship is too much work, then you don’t belong together; the right one is out there.

Focus on career to buy some time; a different perspective will emerge. Handle papers or documents by Tuesday when feelings are more in tune.

The planet Uranus is now in the sign of Taurus, bringing change on a global scale for the next seven years.

A focus on the Earth, tradition and financial markets. Earth changes and disruptions. Go back to the land, farm, ranch or be self-sufficient. New discoveries.
ARIES: You push to get ahead or climb the ladder. Location will become more important. Choose one. 

TAURUS: Consider alternate sources of income or making changes to current one. Stick to the basics.

GEMINI: Alter the way you handle personal matters and those related to others. Settle any outstanding issues.

CANCER: You put a plan in motion to increase control over your situation. Talk to those in charge now.

LEO: Others are a resource of information and may have tips for you that you can use. Follow up on it. 

VIRGO: You can wing and land up in a better position than you first thought. This is personal or other.

LIBRA: The extra planning and effort you put in will make others look good as well. Stay on course.

SCORPIO: It’s fine to take more time with wheeling and dealing if it advances your agenda. Open up.

SAGITTARIUS: Your words are clear and precise as you are put in a position of authority or control.

CAPRICORN: You receive praise or support from those who are observing how you handle things.

AQUARIUS: A new sense of freedom allows more independent movement in areas that require it.

PISCES: Your hopes, wishes or speculation are far reaching and will grow legs with some extra time. 


Horoscope: May 13-19


There is hope for recovery on many levels as well as relationships; reunions are special.

Plan events that would be enjoyable to all. A show of generosity goes a long way. Meet in the middle if others are overstepping boundaries or seem unbalanced.

Bright ideas spark changes that could include equipment upgrades as well; get phones or other communication devices.

The new moon in Taurus places more focus on finances and practical matters; assess values.

Freewheeling actions can lead to accidents or other radical activity, so be careful. Lay out stable plans that may be time sensitive.

Take a break on the weekend for light-hearted fun or special entertainment.
ARIES: You can shake things up by not letting others know where you really stand. They need to speak first.

TAURUS: Standing your ground can cause others to feel nervous as they hoped things would be different.

GEMINI: Private or protected information comes out and there will be some additional question to answer.

CANCER: Others have some influence on your position or status in personal or business areas. Talk it over. 

LEO: Surroundings or location choices need your attention now. Certain circumstances will affect outcome.

VIRGO: Others help you up the ladder as they become more aware of your value to their own agenda, etc.

LIBRA: Be ready to travel or adapt to sudden changes affecting you or those who rely on you or your ideas.

SCORPIO: Different rules or regulations will require some adjustments for all involved. Read them carefully. 

SAGITTARIUS: Stick to your values or ethics no matter what others want you to do. It will be very important. 

CAPRICORN: Others count on you to be the fixer on more than one level. You have the right experience.

AQUARIUS: Take charge of pressing matters. Clearing or getting repairs done is a welcome relief of sorts.

PISCES: Rely on connections or procedures from the past as this still works for your agenda or situation.

Horoscope: May 6-12


Hopes are high by those looking through rose-coloured glasses with unrealistic expectations about their own status or relationships.

See people as they really are to save a lot or re-organization along the way.

Backtracking can get expensive if you were too far in at the beginning. Always get the facts up front as talk is cheap.

Sort out some funding issues on either side. Handle matters or a personal or business nature over distance and decide who will be travelling.

Stubborn egos need to settle down and let those with the right rank or knowledge take the lead. Some get fired up or resign from frustration; it’s for the best.

Work around limitations until you find your footing or right path.

ARIES: Power struggles lead to a shift in the pecking order by choice or not. Decide what you really want. 

TAURUS: Pull resources together behind the scenes as there are some things you can’t do alone. Share.

GEMINI: Closed-door meetings could become a battle or egos. Consult the facts or rules to settle all this. 

CANCER: You will need leverage to get what you want. Meet with those on the inside track or in control.

LEO: Take a time out or look at other places or locations. You are at an intersection, changes will follow.

VIRGO: There are important matters to discuss over finances before relationships get more involved.

LIBRA: Make sure you are clear about your long-term ambitions. Reach agreements or sign things now. 

SCORPIO: Those who are on your side wish to remain anonymous for now, but it allows for relaxation. 

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid jumping into anything financial, especially on someone else’s behalf. It plays out. 

CAPRICORN: Make decisions based on what is needed for yourself or those who are counting on you. 

AQUARIUS: Intense talks or communications involve confidential or secret matters. Compare some info. 

PISCES: Your reach goes beyond the limits set by others. You have ways to manoeuvre around all this. 


Horoscope: April 29-May 5


A line drawn in the sand on various levels will show where those involved really stand.

Emotions get more intense under the full moon in Scorpio.

Showdowns can be unforgiving to some degree, pick your battles with care. Pause to allow your intuition to guide your words in a more acceptable manner.

There is more than one way to win in the end. Make the effort to get together in person so you can read each other’s mood and avoid any regrets. Take some time out for cozy, quality time. Decisions come after, depending on how this goes.

Try to keep emotional attitudes out of business decisions for best results. Focus on direction for the long term. It will matter later.

ARIES: Hold the line where you feel secure. A shift of positions evolves like some sort of dance moves.

TAURUS: Work with others on a need to know basis. There are matters that only you should handle now. 

GEMINI: Past events have some influence on your standing or reputation. Consider what steps are next. 

CANCER: Firm up agreements or write new ones. There needs to be a clearer level of understanding.

LEO: Be strong in what you believe even if it makes you feel like a target or sorts. Others admire you. 

VIRGO: Conserve your energy or information to be used in ways to give more leverage. Time responses.

LIBRA: Pull data and paperwork together to gain a more secure position in career or personal areas.

SCORPIO: The full moon in your sign makes you more intense than usual and this is felt by others.

SAGITTARIUS: The extra effort you put in pays dividends in expected results. Keep some plans private.

CAPRICORN: Your leadership qualities shine through and superiors or associates are able to chill out.

AQUARIUS: Advance your agenda in a step-by-step process and it will enhance your status or reputation.

PISCES: You have important or powerful associates in your back pocket so let them get involved now. 

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