Horoscope: June 25-July 1

Overview for all signs:

Allow more time with matters you would rather push. Circumstances cause delays as others are undecided about their involvement or what they expect.

Some will be coerced into taking a stand one way of the other; it's show and tell.

Those with charming words lay out a path that can be win win on all sides. Sift through the smoke and mirrors to get to the bed rock.

Creative talents will be showcased and can be a nice distraction. The urge to race should be harnessed into productive activity instead of a challenge. Behind the scenes plotting goes on trying to hide secrets. Some move.

Look at the practical side of all the issues and find the common ground; there is some.

ARIES: Pull strings when it comes to making decisions on home, property or base of operations for all.

TAURUS: Take the lead near or far. You have the ability or connections to influence how events unfold.

GEMINI: Discussions regarding finances or assets will need input from those who have power over it.

CANCER: Explain your needs or expectations at length to those who can do something about them.

LEO: Behind the scenes matters need attention. Tests, treatment or surgery is optional. Discuss this.

VIRGO: Make concessions in areas that fit your needs. All involved have their own agenda with this.

LIBRA: Ease into duties or responsibilities as you don’t have to prove anything. Assess best location.

SCORPIO: You have the leverage to make private deals that would benefit all involved. Arrange data.

SAGITTARIUS: Sell or convert where you can. Deal with the past or what has run its course for now.

CAPRICORN: Negotiate positions with those in power or authority. There seems to be a better deal.

AQUARIUS: You have power behind the scenes near or far. Get things moving in the right direction.

PISCES: You have aces up your sleeve that you can play when the time is right. Follow your agenda.


Horoscope: June18-24

Overview for all signs:

The new, creative or original works as a motivator on various levels. Push past blocks or delays where possible.

Some will feel excited as they anticipate changes that were promised. There will be those harder to convince as they grumble on the side lines.

It's time for show and tell. On other levels proof or evidence needs to be layer out for review and assessment.

Scrutiny will be deep and serious as many feel emotional as this unfolds, impacting the future of key individuals.

Financial arrangements work out. Take time out or travel. Discuss different plans considering all angles.

The new moon adds focus to home and family matters; get it all organized.

ARIES: You can move forward once funding is approved or in place. Navigate through any paperwork.

TAURUS: You have some added luck with plans and circumstances as they unfold. Others step up.

GEMINI: You pull out all the stops in the promotion of your agenda. The new moon provides fresh start.

CANCER: The new moon in your sign gives you another chance. Step out of your comfort zone now.

LEO: Private financial arrangements will allow you to deal from a position of strength. Make plans.

VIRGO: Choices will affect your status or location. It's time to change or improve your situation now.

LIBRA: The new moon highlights your career or where you can make the most impact. Benefits exist.

SCORPIO: Spread your wings into areas that would provide a good path to your ambitions. Go there.

SAGITTARIUS: You benefit from others finances or assets. In-depth talks lay the groundwork for you.

CAPRICORN: Your personal influence increases as others relax their concerns, following your lead.

AQUARIUS: You are lucky in most areas as you plan your next moves. Consolidate funds or assets.

PISCES: Decide if you want to carry on the status quo or shake things up a bit. Its all up to you now.

Horoscope: June 11-17

Overview for all signs:

Those with obsessive, compulsive thoughts should keep these to themselves for now as circumstances changes.

New information sheds light on related matters. This allows a feeling of optimism to return.

Make use of covert or privileged connections that give you the inside track. Separate truth from alternate facts as there is some fudging; follow gut feelings. 

There is a transition of sorts. Responsibilities change for some by choice or not. In any case, it looks final.

Strings are pulled behind the scenes to bring this about while avoiding arguments across the isle of battling with strong egos.

Pause and reset goals or the path you will take to reach them in the future.

ARIES: Chats in private will bring others on board with you in an anonymous way. It works out better.

TAURUS: You make progress with work and finances. Navigate obstacles or restrictions to get ahead.

GEMINI: You shuffle the financial deck to allow for spending in areas that you feel are more deserving.

CANCER: Behind-the-scenes plans or meetings will affect residence, job or location. Choice is limited.

LEO: Speculative thoughts carry you over the rainbow. Make sure there is real, grounded support.

VIRGO: Classification will have some effect on your status or position. Discuss this in person to gain.

LIBRA: You benefit from travel or moves, near or far. Connect with your past or alternate locations.

SCORPIO: Others show their support for you and are willing to fund your plans or projects. Compare.

SAGITTARIUS: You benefit from mate or partnership matters. Finalize any related papers or sign them.

CAPRICORN: Others view you as a leader even if you don’t have the official title. It works for all now.

AQUARIUS: You gain from those who have been there for you in the past. Negotiate special terms.

PISCES: Visit those in seclusion or out of sight in some way. Serious, long-term plans are discussed.


Horoscope: June 4-10

Overview for all signs:

Take time for sober second thought in this full-moon week.

The way words are strung together will be important to how events play out; clear any misunderstandings. Some previous impressions will turn out to be incorrect, so delayed action on them works in everyone's favour.

Key individuals should compare notes before information is made public.

Financial negotiations continue and need to be worked around. In any case, most are optimistic about the progress that has been made so far.

Make an effort to meet in person. Some are still obsessed with their own agenda even if it does not match reality.

The weekend highlight love, romance or related events. Enjoy.

ARIES: Bright ideas can be turned into money-making projects. Get others on the band wagon with you.

TAURUS: Buy yourself some time so you can pull things together. Manoeuvre around any obstacles, etc.

GEMINI: You do your best to be convincing in ways that others expect. Corrections can be made later.

CANCER: Negotiations go on in private. Nail down what you can while the rest remains up in the air.

LEO: Tap associates who have the right connections or influence to assist you with your plans.

VIRGO: Double check that others follow through on their promises. Status or residence is discussed.

LIBRA: Take time out or leave town. Keep some of your agenda private; it will be important for now.

SCORPIO: The full moon highlights your finances and assets. Convert or liquidate what you should.

SAGITTARIUS: Your sense of duty is strong and others count on that. Special arrangements work out.

CAPRICORN: Others show support for you in tangible ways. Keep most of this to yourself, if you can.

AQUARIUS: You have luck with home or property matters. Make changes or alterations that suit you.

PISCES: Make private deals with those on the same page. Others have their own ambitious agendas.

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