Horoscope Aug. 7-13

OVERVIEW: The full moon highlights justice on a larger scale. Those with strong ego’s try to interpret this to fit their own agenda. Others observing will see through it quickly. Aggressive or threatening words or actions will have to be curbed. A private chat would be helpful to decide what is relevant now. Certain matters reach a conclusion or just get tossed aside. Rug pulling can be a back and forth situation with no real winner. Secret or clandestine relationships continue. Some have a future and others don’t. Avoid deluding self or others. Look for concrete support systems or backing as words alone become empty promises. Get things in writing.

ARIES: You put on a brave or confident face to see how others will act or react. Keep your cool.

TAURUS: You will feel more convinced of your choices as you want to move forward freely.

GEMINI: Behind the scenes maneuvers could affect you as well as others tied into the situation.

CANCER: Horns are locked over who owes who or issues of control over money or assets etc.

LEO: Shifts in loyalty can lead to exposing things meant to remain hidden. Meet up in person.

VIRGO: Try to work with those who have some influence over your future as you go forward.

LIBRA: Breaking free from one situation will land you in another. Think it over carefully now.

SCORPIO: Your status or reputation is influenced by others or location choices. Check info.

SAGITTARIUS: Distance matters require some attention. Keep certain details confidential.

CAPRICORN: Discuss financial future and where to go from here. Avoid using credit for it.

AQUARIUS: Your emotions are strong and focused in prime areas of concern. Settle this.

PISCES: Play cards close to the vest. Look deeper to prove any of your important points.

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Horoscope July 31-Aug. 6

OVERVIEW: The Sun and Jupiter are in friendly aspect to each other. This makes it a favourable time to seek advancement or other benefits from those with wealth or power etc. Public appearances should be elegant or professional with a degree of dignity. It is also a good time to publish if you have something ready. Also a good time to see minister, lawyer or further education. Put the past behind you if there is nothing left. Get rid of any tedious or time wasting activities that can be depressing. Be willing to say goodbye. Look for something to say that is positive so all can move forward. Passionate feelings need explanation. True love can blossom.

ARIES: Step out and have some fun with all ages. There is some relief as changes are due.

TAURUS: You are more set in your decisions and others get the message. Let it all go now.

GEMINI: Discuss important matters with those who understand you or the bigger picture.

CANCER: Show leadership without pushing too hard. You need influence from others etc.

LEO: It’s a good time to take steps toward what you really want. Check alternate locations.

VIRGO: Be cautious with wording, spoken or written. Give direction or other good advice.

LIBRA: Clear the status of relationships to see if you are on the same page. Its worth doing.

SCORPIO: You can be the power behind the throne without making it obvious. Smile a lot.

SAGITTARIUS: You feel better, focused and energetic. Step out or plan to travel light now.

CAPRICORN: Improving surroundings comes easy. Others are will to help out if needed.

AQUARIUS: Contact with professionals is helpful. Clear backlog on all levels. Set path.

PISCES: Your worth is noted. Income can increase. Use your charm to ask for more.

This article is written by or on behalf of an outsourced columnist and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

Horoscope: July 24-30


Moderation will be key as some want to kick over the traces in personal or business.

Keep your wits about you as the lure is for their benefit and not yours. Don’t get caught in compromising positions.

Communications could be leaked or overheard so button up. It’s hard to take things back. Threats may actually be carried out personally or globally. There is much tension in the air.

The New Moon allows a chance to start over. Keep reins on ego as well as finances. Wording will tip the scale. Disclosure needs to be backed up with facts.

Flights should be planned with care or alternate routs as issues cause frustration. Stay put.

ARIES: Personal ambitions will have some influence on where you will live. It has to be practical.

TAURUS: Control issues cause emotional conversations. Make sure you are prepared for them.

GEMINI: Those trying to pull rank are not as confident as they want others to think. Wait it out.

CANCER: Value comes up for review. Soft peddle regrets. Don’t count on others for support.

LEO: Sabre rattling is not the way to rise to the top. Avoid giving away you plans to get there.

VIRGO: Trying to get away from it all lands you into another situation. Rely on your patience.

LIBRA: Don’t let others talk you into something. Guard finances and assets. You can manage.

SCORPIO: Jealousy causes you to take a stronger stand and weather the storm. Walk it off.

SAGITTARIUS: Unexpected communications connect you to distance. Discuss it in private.

CAPRICORN: Avoid those trying to tell you your worth. Your track record speaks volumes.

AQUARIUS: Work with others or those in charge to arrive at proper decisions. It will be OK.

PISCES: Don’t get swept up in others issues. This could trigger position changes or other.

This article is written by or on behalf of an outsourced columnist and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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Horoscope July 17-23

OVERVIEW: Wishes can come true or favours returned. Meet to discuss the details. Words can be inspirational on any level or precede with a launch. Put in that extra effort. Spirits can be lifted. Engagements or weddings are highlighted and can go ahead. In business, it’s OK to merge. Some try to apply force with threat of exposure. Silence is golden to allow extra time to investigate. Leaks can be a red herring. Those frustrated over a lack of power or control will act out or spill the beans. Covert activity ramps up to try and get an edge. Watch.

Aries: You push ahead with solid action. Success is closer than you think. Secure each step.

Taurus: You have reached a point where you want change. Weigh what you say or promise.

Gemini: Brainstorm with powerful or influential contacts. It will benefit you in the long run.

Cancer: Presentation and your appearance before others will be important now. Connect.

Leo: Dig deeper for information. Research more than one area. Tie up loose ends if you can.

Virgo: You get the support you need by avoiding confrontation. Go around various obstacles.

Libra: You receive word or information that lifts your confidence. Smile to make it easier.

Scorpio: Stay on track and you can navigate certain steps to get what you want. Silence.

Sagittarius: Home and property matters can be more ideal. Meet in secret to gain the edge.

Capricorn: Join forces or make use of rules or laws that work in your favour. Look them over.

Aquarius: You will feel you are making some headway now. Hammer out the details. Relax.

Pisces: Intuition is sharp now and is a worthy tool to use. It will help you advance agenda.

This article is written by or on behalf of an outsourced columnist and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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