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Horoscope: January 25 - 31

Contain your energy until you know where you want to direct it; this will matter. Check with those who can give you some advice. Prepare legal or other important documents. Chat about the benefits that could be shared; collect on what is due. Plan for advancement. Avoid letting relationship issues side-track this. Intuitive feelings guide you on what moves to make. Intense thought compensates for wasted time; burn the midnight oil. Plans should be grounded in reality. Ideas and opportunities abound bringing quick solutions or changes. New equipment would help as well. Clear intentions pave the way for greater success. Pick up speed where possible.

  • Aries - Stepping into your past connects you to people or resources that will help you move forward.
  • Taurus - Career or business future is elevated with ease as everything shifts or changes. Settle up.
  • Gemini - You are showcased as the one to win over others. Put a support system in place with them.
  • Cancer - Arrange to collect from papers, documents or others. Discuss the rules or regulations now.
  • Leo - Limit any financial disclosures when merging or partnering with any unsecured speculators.
  • Virgo - Quietly check on who is in your corner. You can count on some that you are not aware of.
  • Libra - Changes made against your will turn out to be to your advantage when all is said and done.
  • Scorpio - Focus on home, family or base of operations. You can have what you want. Negotiate.
  • Sagittarius - Your public image is heightened in various ways. Make all communications clear now.
  • Capricorn - Take care of back-log or what is owed to you or by you. It will all balance out nicely.
  • Aquarius - Everything is coming up rainbows, so stay on your present path to make it worthwhile.
  • Pisces - Intense brainstorming allows you to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Bank on your returns.


Horoscope: January 18 - 24

Pause to look within; re-align personal directions. Don’t worry what others are doing; secure your path by the new moon on Tuesday. Make better use of resources; no need to impress anyone. Give the ego a rest. Investigations go to a deeper level. The additional information or evidence will influence the outcome. Mercury turns retrograde midweek, so expect reversals, delays or other annoying problems to get in the way. Avoid signing anything that you can’t get out of if you need to. Use this period to regroup, sell or get rid of whatever you no longer need on any level. Take care of repairs. Prepare for travel issues. Work on a stable plan or base of operations.

  • Aries - Discuss your ambitious plans with professionals. Your status would be influenced in some way.
  • Taurus - Tap into your store of knowledge or talents. Put together useful information for ultimate gains.
  • Gemini - Your influence over others is hypnotic. They accept your words on some level of faith or trust.
  • Cancer - Negotiations are confidential and involve choices concerning home, work or alternate places.
  • Leo - Protect financial or other sensitive information. It's not time for any major disclosures. Negotiate.
  • Virgo - Follow a secure path until you see how it will be affected by others or unusual circumstances.
  • Libra - Restlessness causes you to consider major changes. Make any necessary adjustments now.
  • Scorpio - Your air of authority rises above others in an easy way. Situations are nebulous or shadowy.
  • Sagittarius - Use charming words to smooth communications where needed. Coordinate situations.
  • Capricorn - Your steady, responsible attitude pleases those who are watching. Keep up the good work.
  • Aquarius - Adjustments you make with finances, investments or assets prove to be worthwhile moves.
  • Pisces - You seem mysterious or illusive as others try to figure out what you are planning to do now.

Horoscope: January 11 - 17

Expectations over-shoot actual performance, so dial back a bit; it won’t matter in the end. Be patient as a change in circumstances is coming. Check financial wiggle room to keep spending in line; avoid the credit hangover. New or unusual people you meet add spark to relationships. Upgrade communications or devices, especially if it will improve productivity levels. Personal feelings deepen, so decisions need to be made about how far it will go, or not. Control issues cause reactions. Intense thought or research digs up important information; use it wisely. Speak in a lighthearted manner for best effect, it's time to think positive and move forward.

  • Aries - Cut ties with people or situations that are no longer worthwhile. New opportunities open up.
  • Taurus - A change or procedure makes a transition smoother. Get rid of any deadwood or delays.
  • Gemini - Others apply pressure in subtle ways. You have a natural ability to maneuver around it.
  • Cancer - Negotiations intensify as an agreement is hammered out. Some plans need alterations.
  • Leo - Motivate others to settle things for the good of all. They are just being stubborn to get more.
  • Virgo - Clarify information to make sure it can be used for all the right reasons. Weigh intentions.
  • Libra - Put the brakes on excess or other activities that end up being more costly than expected.
  • Scorpio - Avoid spending on improvements that won’t add much value. Take an alternate route.
  • Sagittarius - Your words instruct or command. Others realize you are serious about most things.
  • Capricorn - Going the extra mile looks good on your record. It can also add to your future income.
  • Aquarius - Past support systems are still in place. Be in touch with those connected to them all.
  • Pisces - Let others know what your limits are. Convert things to cash or re-invest differently now.


2015: Year of the Sheep

The Year of the Sheep starts on February 19th as the Chinese Zodiac follows a lunar cycle. The influence of the #8 comes from the reducing of 2015 to a single digit = 8.

Keywords: Hope, trust and faith.


#8 years are more prosperous in business and commercial activities. There will be engineering feats. It will be a good year for big business, government, banks, taxes, military, estates, wills, insurance and joint assets. Balance material and spiritual needs. Seek calm.

8 looks like the eternity symbol, so there will be advances toward living longer as well as continued efforts for those wanting a death with dignity.

Stem cell research will include testing on skin cells as well. Greater effort will be made to combat viruses, especially Ebola.

Female leadership is strong in the sheep flock with many following the elder female as leader. We will see more females going for the top positions on various levels. This includes some focus on the Queen and her family. A shift in the pecking order is likely. In general the Royals will get more attention than usual for positive or negative reasons. Changes or closure likely. Scandals showcased, past or present.

There will be a need to head for the hills, mountains or higher ground in some areas. Also a look at those hiding out there. Check for bunkers or caves; some show sheepish behaviour.

Natural and man-made disasters continue; some more extreme, including earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches and floods etc.

Markets will see gains and profit taking; banks too.

Great talkers and promoters try to scam or pull the wool over our eyes; don’t be the sacrificial lamb or get fleeced. Some will need rescue from the precipice of disaster. A gallant saviour or wise shepherd will be required to guide the flock, pick or vote wisely.

Those is high places will fall when the truth comes out. Lies will be exposed and others will see the deception, duplicity and unfulfilled promises.

Terrorists will change tactics. Watch for wolves in sheep’s clothing or the lone wolf and suicide bombers. Increase surveillance and guards as investigations intensify. A unified counter attack from all sides is needed to combat these threats. Surprise cyber attacks come from unusual places.

Major efforts made to recover what was lost on many levels; searches deepen.

Help for the less fortunate improves in sheep years. Efforts made to provide the necessities of life as the cost of food rises and there are shortages of some.

Art, music, theatre and fashion flourish in 8s. Some funding from unusual places. There is an interest in wool products, knitting or skins.

Ice and snow are #8s, so there will be concerns for too much or too little especially in the arctic with the survival or the polar bears.

There will be more for veterans and their families as respect increases.

Government rules and regulations undergo review and change; some reversed.

Letters, writing, lyrics, poetry and rap showcased; some old. What is written gains importance. Highlights of truth, belief or old fashioned values. Justice is important.

Property values increase with some getting involved for personal or business gains.

Advances in diagnosing and dealing with depression and related issues.

The Middle East remains a hot spot as both sides are not happy with the situation.

Also in the news this year: Nasa, space, FBI, eyes, trains, mask, secrets, scandals, murder, most wanted, cyber crime, pens, veto, tea, party, navy, jets, UN, purple, hearts, mast, SOS.

Names in the news that will get extra attention: Putin, Duffy and Bill.



  • Aries - Status or reputation requires dramatic action on your part. Make your moves or choices carefully.
  • Taurus - You can re-invent yourself this year. Rely on past knowledge or connections to help you along.
  • Gemini - Plans and associates change behind the scenes. Take covert action when picking locations.
  • Cancer - Discuss choices with powerful individuals or those in charge of delegating certain new positions.
  • Leo - Adapt to changes with focus or direction. Switch occupations, activities or re-align your goals.
  • Virgo - Powerful emotions stir you to dig deeper or investigate. Review all related information. Note it.
  • Libra - Personal relationships affect home or base of operations. Consider alternate locations. Travel.
  • Scorpio - Adapt to new or different circumstances. You still have considerable influence where it counts.
  • Sagittarius - Personal, financial power grows. Manage as much as you can and delegate responsibilities.
  • Capricorn - Your leadership qualities open up other opportunities. You progress in natural ways to gain.
  • Aquarius - Your strong influence behind the scenes increases the success of plans or shared projects.
  • Pisces - Private investments or associations are beneficial for all involved. Negotiate any special terms.

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