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Sam Smith taking a break

Sam Smith is ''going to take a break'' before his next album.

The 23-year-old singer will take some time away from the spotlight later this year before he begins working on the follow-up to 2014's 'In the Lonely Hour', which topped charts around the world and bagged him four Grammy Awards.

He revealed: ''I'm going to take a break. A massive break towards the end of the year I think. Just because I want to re-gather.''

However, the 'Lay Me Down' hitmaker revealed he's already got his sophomore record mapped out and has written tracks for the eagerly anticipated collection.

He explained: ''I'm already writing. I feel like I've already got the title to the album; I've got the concept to the album.''

And although he will be taking a break from his worldwide fame before tackling his next LP, he feels like the hard work is already done because he finds it easy to write tracks once he has come up with a ''concept''.

Speaking to Magic Radio's Jo Parkerson, he said: ''I work in terms of concepts. When I find the thing I want to write about, I actually go out and physically do it. It sounds really weird, but when I knew that the album was going to be called 'In the Lonely Hour', I think I subconsciously started being lonelier. I feel like once I've got that concept of what I want to do, I start physically doing it so I can write music about it.''


Ice-T to be a dad again

Ice-T and wife Coco Austin are expecting their first child together.

The 57-year-old rapper - who already has two children, LaTesha, 39, and Ice, 23, from past relationships and two grandchildren - is set to be a father for the third time as his wife of 14 years is pregnant, sources confirmed to E! News.

Coco, 36, has previously spoken of her desire to have a child with the 'Law & Order: SVU' star.

She said: "I don't want to be like those 80-year-old women with no one around them.

"I want to have something I gave birth to early in life and be like, 'You can help me out now!' "

And the blonde beauty has also admitted she felt "pressure" to have a child of her own.

She previously said: "There's a lot of peer pressure for me. It's not just my family that's giving it, it's the world...When the time's right, I will."

Her husband added: "At the end of the day, it's Coco's call. She puts in the order and I can do the deed."

The happy news came shortly after it was revealed the couple have landed their own daily talk show, 'Ice and Coco', which will premiere on Fox channels on August 3.

Speaking about the show, Ice - whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow - said: "Three words to describe our show would be real, crazy and funky. This show reflects our life. It will be hip, pop culture, fashion, everything."

Carey for Hollywood star

Mariah Carey will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 45-year-old singer will get the 2,556th star, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced, and it will be unveiled in a ceremony on August 5.

Guest speakers will include directors Lee Daniels and Brett Ratner, along with Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid.

The 'We Belong Together' hitmaker - who has achieved 18 number one singles in the US since the start of her career, more than any other artist - is currently performing at her Las Vegas residency and explained the show has stopped her from starting work on her 15th studio album.

She said: "I haven't started writing my all new album yet. Currently I'm absorbed in making my show, '#1 to Infinity', the most fun for my fans as possible."

However, the star hinted she may be more eager to head back into films instead of music when her residency ends, having previously starred in 2001's commercial and critical flop 'Glitter' and 2009 Oscar-winning drama 'Precious'.

Asked whether she wants to do more films, she told Gay Vegas magazine: "I would love to! I love acting. It's a totally different way for me to express my creativity."


Swift & Harris collaboration

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are planning a collaboration.

The couple began dating earlier this year and have now started working together in the hope they can create a ground-breaking hit by combining their distinctive sounds.

A source revealed: ''Taylor and Calvin have been speaking about collaborating since they started dating.

''They've had a couple of sessions jamming in the studio and are working with producer Detail.

''He was behind a string of Jay Z and Beyonce tracks including 'Drunk In Love'.''

Although the collaboration is still in its early stages, Taylor, 25, has already been recording vocals at a studio in Los Angeles and they are hoping they will have a song ready to debut at the American Music Awards which is expected to take place in November.

The source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''Taylor has already been in LA laying down vocals for one of the tracks which could be premiered at the American Music Awards later this year.

''Musically, Calvin and Taylor are from different worlds - but they are determined to bring their styles together.''

However, Calvin, 31, has been coy about the idea recently and said he was unsure if they would be working together when asked if the pair would be heading into the studio in a recent interview.

Spears wants more kids

Britney Spears reportedly split from Charlie Ebersol because he didn't want to have children with her.

The 'Perfume' hitmaker, who has sons Sean Preston, nine, and Jayden James, eight, with ex-husband Kevin Federline, reportedly decided to end her romance with the producer in June because she wants to have a bigger family.

A source said: "The beginning of the end was when Britney told Charlie that she wanted to have more kids. His career is red hot and so is Britney's. He told her he didn't know if there would ever be a right time for them to take a step back and become parents.

"Britney wanted a bigger family, but Charlie wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. It was make-or-break time for their relationship."

But the blonde beauty, 33, believes she will eventually meet her Prince Charming.

The insider added to Life & Style magazine: "She just wants to find someone who wants all the things that she wants in life."

The singer previously said she felt "very blessed" to be in a relationship with Charlie, 32.

She said: "I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm in a real good place. I'm very blessed."

Lady Gaga joins U2 on stage

Lady Gaga joined U2 on stage on Sunday evening (26.07.15).

The band were playing at New York's Madison Square Garden when the 29-year-old star joined them to perform a surprise rendition of 'Ordinary Love', which was written in honour of Nelson Mandela for the soundtrack to 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'.

Hugging and kissing the star - who sang and played the piano - frontman Bono said: ''It's yourself. Her Ladyness, Her Gaganess is here this evening. That's a treat.''

At the end of the performance, he added: ''Princess, Queen, one day Woman of New York City, here with us tonight in Madison Square Garden. What a delight.''

And after the performance, the 'With or Without You' hitmakers took to Instagram to praise the singer once again.

Along with a photo of them on stage, they wrote: ''All hail Her Gaganess @ladygaga#U2ieTour (sic).''

Replying to the message on Twitter, Gaga wrote: ''@U2 all hail You Too (sic).''

And an excited fan at the show wrote on Twitter: ''So then...U2 happened!!!! Who's that blonde lady? Oh...Lady Gaga. Amazing amazing night. (sic)''

The 'Do What U Want' singer isn't the first famous face to have been spotted at one of the band's recent concerts, with Sir Paul McCartney, Nile Rodgers, Alicia Keys and Jon Bon Jovi all attending the group's shows.

Yukon Blonde comes home

After moving away from Kelowna to chase their dreams of rock stardom in Vancouver eight years ago, Yukon Blonde was back in the city where it all started this weekend, playing the main stage at Center of Gravity.

The band flew in from Austin, Texas, taking a break from their American tour to play in their hometown.

Jeff Innes, lead singer of the band, said he loves getting the chance to play in Kelowna.

“It’s awesome. All our families are still here, so every time we’re back, it’s nice,” Innes said, after finishing their mid-day set. “I try and get back here about four or five times a year.”

Innes, Brandon Scott and Graham Jones began playing together as their first band, Alphababy, almost 10 years ago. Innes said the music scene in Kelowna was something special back then.

“It was amazing. Kelowna was the best. Everybody in the local scenes all around B.C. knew Kelowna as this really rad scene,” he said. “We’d rent out church halls and pack them, it was really easy for us. We would just throw up some posters around town and 500 kids would show up.”

The trio took the hype they generated to Vancouver and eventually formed Yukon Blonde. Three full albums later and the addition of two more members, James Younger on bass and Rebecca Law Gray on keys, and Yukon Blonde is one of Canada’s top rising bands.

And they have no plans to slow down.

Their latest album, On Blonde, was released June 16. Innes said it took six months to make.

“From the last record, it’s a little bit slower. I guess it ends up being a little bit more groovy, and there’s a bit more synthesizers in it,” Innes said. “The arrangements were really thought through. It’s the first record I’ve ever done that feels like a real record.”

After a stop in Toronto on Sunday, the band heads down to Denver, followed by Salt Lake City and Boise, to finish up their tour.

Kanye West: I'm a bad celeb

Kanye West thinks he's a "bad celebrity".

The 38-year-old rapper has joked he doesn't make a great star because of his unusual behaviour but believes his music makes up for it.

He quipped: "[I'm a] bad celebrity, but a pretty good artist."

The father-of-one made the comments while doing a talk with Steve McQueen at Los Angeles County Museum of Art to officially unveil a video to his tracks 'All Day' and 'I Feel Like That'.

Kanye - whose wife Kim Kardashian West is currently pregnant with their second child - also revealed why he asked the '12 Years a Slave' director to work on the nine-minute video, which was shot in a single take in a dockyard in London earlier this year.

He said: "I elevated my palate. I wanted him to be in charge ... It wasn't overly thought out ... He came to our wedding, also."

According to a report by the Los Angeles Time newspaper, the musician - who is gearing up to release his seventh solo studio album 'Swish' - also spoke about the music industry, art and his relationship with money, and was unapologetic about his trademark rants.

He added: "I go off on these rants that don't make any sense but I don't give a --."

John Stamos after rehab

John Stamos feels "healthy" and "grateful" after leaving rehab.

The 51-year-old star has returned to Twitter and is ready to get back to work after checking into a treatment facility to seek help after being arrested for DUI [Driving Under the Influence] in Beverly Hills, California on June 12.

The 'Full House' actor broke his silence on the social media site on Friday (07.24.15) following his release, tweeting: "I'm back! Took a month to take care of things. Healthy. Feeling grateful for the love & support of family & friends."

Shortly afterwards, his former on-screen wife Lori Loughlin responded: "Welcome home @JohnStamos!! Can't wait to see you Monday! #FullerHouse."

Stamos was arrested after police officers were alerted to the fact he'd been drinking when he started driving erratically along Santa Monica Boulevard.

He was handcuffed before being taken to hospital "due to a possible medical condition" and is set to appear before a judge for the DUI charge on September 11.

Following the incident, Stamos took to his Twitter account to thank his fans for their support.

He wrote: "Thanks to everyone for their love & support. I'm home & well. (sic)"

The 'ER' star also showed his appreciation to the hospital staff who looked after him, adding: "Very appreciative of the BHPD & Cedars for their care. (sic)"

Carly Rae wants Twitter beef

Carly Rae Jepsen wants a Twitter ''beef''.

The 29-year-old star has revealed she felt left out when she saw Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift feuding online earlier this week as she's never got into an online argument.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, she quipped: ''I wanna have a beef! Pick someone for me to have a beef with.''

However, the 'Call Me Maybe' hitmaker doesn't believe in all of the celebrity rows which the media reports on and thinks the media are always exaggerating any comments stars make to each other.

She explained: ''I actually feel like there is kind of a new age and women are much less competitive. I feel like the media does that too [exaggerates] sometimes, like back in the day when Britney Spears was against Christina Aguilera and it's like, is that really real? Or are they [the media] just trying to cause trouble?''

However the star - who recently premiered her new single 'Runaway With Me' - insisted she is focusing on her own music at the moment with her third studio album 'Emotion' and teased she is planning to tour later on in the year.

She said: ''I believe we're doing something for the late-fall, but I don't have dates yet.''

Spears to extend residency

Britney Spears is in talks to extend her Las Vegas residency again.

The 'Perfume' hitmaker has reportedly been approached with a new deal to continue performing her show 'Britney: Piece of Me' at The Axis at Planet Hollywood throughout early 2016, but has yet to sign a contract.

A source told E! News the 33-year-old singer, who is currently enjoying a break in Hawaii with her sons, Sean Preston, nine, and Jayden James, eight, hasn't indicated yet what she plans to do.

But she is also rumoured to be eager launch another tour in the near future, as she is recording new music.

The blonde beauty is currently scheduled to perform a string of dates from August to October, before taking to the stage for her final gigs over New Year's weekend in December as part of the 142 concerts she agreed to do.

The 'Me Against The Music' hitmaker first launched her residency in December 2013, but renewed her contract for three months in May.

The star previously admitted performing in one venue has been a "really grounding" experience for her.

She explained: "The way I used to travel all around the world and do a different show every night, I'm like, 'How did I do it?!' "

Perry and Mayer split again?

Katy Perry and beau John Mayer have reportedly split up for the second time this year.

The 'Roar' hitmaker and the 'Gravity' rocker previously parted ways in March 2015, due to Katy's "trust issues" and John's lack of "anything major going on with his career".

However, now it has been reported they have separated once more.

A source close to the couple revealed that they've called quits on their romance, despite attempts to rekindle their relationship in January.

E! News reported that the insider didn't give any insight as to why they ended their on/off partnership this time round, but highlighted the couple are known to call things on and off frequently and always make up.

A source previously gave reasons for their last break up earlier in the year.

The insider told RadarOnline: "Katy and John reconnected once she had a break in her Prismatic World Tour. So, for those few months they had a great time, pretending that it would last - and of course it didn't.

"The reason they have split in the past is because Katy gets busy. John can't handle the lack of attention, and she can't handle the trust issues she has when she's so far away. So they've learned that it's better to just take a break when they can't be in the same place."

Neither Katy or John have commented on the split.

Al Pacino not ready to retire

Al Pacino is not ready to retire from the film industry.

Even now he has reached the age of 75, the Hollywood legend - who stars in forthcoming movie 'Manglehorn' - has "no desire to quit" acting just yet, as he feels there is "no difference" to how he works despite his advancing years.

Pacino said: "I have no desire to quit. Sorry. Why? Why didn't I quite 20 years ago, 40 years ago? What's the point of quitting?"

The 'Godfather' star also revealed he developed the attitude to embrace life as much as possible after he watched a close friend die from cancer at the age of just 35.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, he explained: "I had a friend who died of cancer at 35. That's young. I was sitting with him a good deal of time and at one point he said to me, 'I want to tell you something I've learned: three months, 30 years.' No difference. That was the insight that he got when he was close to death. And I understand that."

Although he is certain his acting abilities have not diminished with age, Pacino accepts some people have to retire because they're physically not able to do their jobs any more.

The Best Actor Oscar winner said: "A painter can be 100 and paint a group of college kids playing football. It doesn't matter, because he's not playing football. He just grabs a brush and does the strokes. That's the difference (with age). That's really all it is."

Kate Moss marriage over

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince's marriage is reportedly "over".

The couple - who married in 2011 - are said to have confided in friends that they are not able to repair their relationship problems and the Kills rocker is now waiting for his 41-year-old wife to "move forward" with divorce proceedings.

A source said: "They are properly over as a married couple. It's gone past the point of no return.

"Jamie's just waiting for Kate to move forward with divorce proceedings.

"Neither are in any hurry but they both suspect there won't be a reconciliation.

"They accept they'll probably have to make some sort of statement but don't want to feel forced into anything."

Insiders claim one of the contributing factors to the couple's problems is Kate's jealousy over 46-year-old Jamie's friendships with other women.

Another friend told The Sun newspaper: "Jamie's been clear that they've not been close for a long time.

"She's always been beyond jealous about his female friends and he was sick of it."

Mutual friends of the couple are said to have sided with Jamie in the wake of the separation.

One pal said: "Everyone's rallying around Jamie over it all and feeling very sad for him.

"Hardly anyone seems that concerned that Kate's going through a break-up too. She's burned a lot of bridges over the past few months."

It was recently claimed Kate - who has 12-year-old daughter Lila from a previous relationship - hasn't seen Jamie "for weeks", while he has been spending time with model Lady Mary Charteris and her husband Robbie Furze.

A source said: "Kate does not like Lady Mary at all and the feeling is mutual. When they have met at functions, Mary has called her 'Croydon Kate' to her face.

"Jamie has spent time at Mary and Robbie's place in London, despite the fact he has a marital home with Kate a few miles away. Things are so bad that they have been avoiding being at their place at the same time. They have not seen each other for several weeks."

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