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Britney's 'lizard' date

Britney Spears once cut a blind date short after being set up with a man she described as looking "like a lizard".

The Stronger singer split from film and TV producer boss Charlie Ebersol last year (15), and while she is happy being single, she has a friend who keeps trying to play matchmaker by setting her up with dates.

Although a couple of dates went well, she admits the majority of the time they're "too awkward" or "too much", especially one time when she was shocked by a man's lizard-like appearance and had to make a sharp exit as soon as possible.

"The dating thing and meeting other people, it's hard. Tricky," she tells U.K. host Jonathan Ross. "I will say there's been two dates that have been kind of cool but other than that it's just too much. I went out with this one guy and he looked like a lizard. I was so scared. As soon as I turned around I was like, "Oh My God'... he looks just like a lizard and I had to go, it was really bad."

When asked by Jonathan if she just left, she nods and adds, "immediately" and admits she was so mad, she gave the friend who set her up an angry phone call, but her pal insisted the man didn't look like a lizard in his pictures.

Although she's not looking for a man and is "really happy with herself" right now, Britney says her ideal man would be "nice", a trait she consider rare in current society.

"A lot of men are about games," she explains. "It's just the mind game with guys, the calling back and the texting, it's just too much, it's silly."

Britney's interview airs in the U.K. on Saturday (01Oct16).

Tom Hanks 'haunted'

Tom Hanks is still haunted by a moment when he ignored his then four-year-old son.

The Castaway actor has four kids, eldest son Colin and daughter Elizabeth with ex-wife Samantha Lewes and sons Chester and Truman with current spouse Rita Wilson. Tom is proud of all of his offspring, but has one regret when it comes to his parenting lookalike Colin, who is now following in his father's footsteps with his own successful acting career.

One day, his son wanted to go out with him and he yelled at his father from the window of their home, but Tom ignored him and got into his car and drove off.

"He was only four, and I could have taken a moment and been a decent dad and gone to him," he sighed to Daily Mail Online, admitting he was "young and stupid" at the time and didn't think it would make a big difference. However, for Tom, the memory lingers with him to this day, as he missed out on that one chance to do something.

"That has haunted me. But you know something? I mentioned it to him not long ago. I said: "Do you remember that time when you were four and I was getting into the car and you kept calling to me and I didn't say anything?' And he just looked at me like I was crazy, and said: "No! I don't remember that!'"

Luckily Tom has Rita, 59, to keep him in check nowadays and the couple are rarely seen apart. He has also provided her with a great deal of support since they tied the knot in 1988, especially during her recent breast cancer diagnosis.

Luckily, after revealing she'd undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery last year (15), the actress is free of the disease and although Tom has been praised for his encouragement and giving her hope, he doesn't see himself as a hero.

"My task wasn't so great - it was just to be attentive and supportive, and if you can't do that, well, then you're a coward," he explained. "It isn't brave to be the husband of somebody who's battling cancer - the brave one is the one who's actually doing it!"

Royal playing Vernon

Independent pop artist ROYAL is pleased to celebrate the recent release of her new radio single “Wild” with a show in her hometown of Vernon on Friday, October 28th at Record City at 8PM.

Released to Canadian radio on September 13th, “Wild” is the first radio single release for ROYAL since her selection as a Top 12 Finalist in the coveted 2014 BC Peak Performance Project and it also serves as her debut collaboration with celebrated producer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge).

Inspired by an ill-fated relationship that saw her find empowerment and self-identity by breaking free, “Wild” marks a musical shift for ROYAL in an 8-year journey that has taken her from folk pop beginnings toward a new indie pop flavour fused with rich vocals, lush harmonies, and a cinematic pulse.

During her musical evolution, there have been many highlights for the Vernon-raised songstress, including multiple film and TV placements from her debut album (2009’s Seasons), first prize in the 2010 We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Competition, a Canadian HOT AC Top 40 single (2010’s “Christmas With You”), and The 2014 BC Peak Performance Project, which saw her beat out hundreds of artists to become a Top 12 finalist and participate in an industry bootcamp and a series of performance showcases, which ultimately led to ROYAL’s refined sound.

Throughout her journey, ROYAL has consistently stayed the course as a self-supporting and empowered female independent artist – determined to succeed on her own terms while creating genuine artistic connections with her growing audience.

Tickets for ROYAL’s “Wild” release show in Vernon on October 28th at Record City at 8PM are available for $10 at the door.

For more information, please visit www.royalofficial.com

Hammer drops baby hints

Armie Hammer has dropped some major hints about the gender of his baby.

The American actor and his wife Elizabeth Chambers announced they are expecting their second child earlier this month (Sep16), a sibling for their 21-month-old daughter Harper.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (29Sep16), Armie shared that he already knows the sex of the impending arrival, which is due "next year".

"You can find out (the gender) now at nine weeks, which is really bizarre," he told host Jimmy. "They do a blood test. They test if there are hormones in there. They go, 'Oh, you've got testosterone"so you've either got balls or you're having a baby boy.'"

And with a surname like Hammer, The Lone Ranger star remarked that he had tread carefully when deciding upon the new baby's first name.

"We're thinking Jack," he joked, adding that he could also christen the baby, "Michael Charles, and he can just go by M.C.," in reference to hip hop artist M.C. Hammer.

"Are you really thinking about that?" Jimmy then asked Armie. To which the star replied, "I think I just gave away our baby name? I'm in so much trouble!"

Since becoming a father in late 2014, Armie says parenthood has been a breeze for the most part. But the 30-year-old added that he wasn't sure if Harper was merely an "easy" child, or if he and his wife had been "winging it the right way" so far.

"So, we're just kind of going with it. I guess the only reason we're all here is because raising babies works. I think people"especially new parents, at least I did"sort of underestimate the resilience of human survivalism. Like, this thing is going to survive. That's the only reason it's here," he laughed.

Blake Lively gives birth

Actress Blake Lively has reportedly given birth to her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds.

The Savages beauty welcomed the tot at a hospital in Manhattan, New York, a source tells the New York Post's Page Six gossip column.

No further details about the child's birth were available as WENN went to press, and a representative for the new parents has yet to comment on the news.

The newborn is a sibling for Blake and Ryan's daughter James, who will turn two in December (16).

Meanwhile, the family's new arrival already has friends in high places - the insider reveals Taylor Swift was en route to visit mother and baby on Friday morning (30Sep16).

The pop superstar was among the guests at Blake's baby shower, which doubled as her 29th birthday bash, in the Big Apple in late August (16), when the actress gathered friends and family at the Campagna restaurant at the Bedford Post Inn, which is owned by Richard Gere.

It was not known whether the couple was expecting a baby boy or girl, as the party location was decorated with gender-neutral white and green balloons.

The news of Blake's pregnancy first surfaced in April (16), and she debuted her growing baby bump at the world premiere of her Woody Allen film Cafe Society at the Cannes Film Festival in France in May (16).

Blake and Ryan have made no secret of their desire to have a big family.

"I'm one of five kids; my husband's one of four," Blake explained during an interview on U.S. breakfast show Today in June (16), before joking, "We're officially breeders! You can go on our website and we will give you some of our children."

The couple wed in 2012.

Britney got 'contact high'

Britney Spears once got a "contact high" from audience members at her Las Vegas show because the fumes from their drugs were so strong.

The 34-year-old singer has been performing in Sin City with her Britney: Piece Of Me residency show at Planet Hollywood, which began in December 2013 and is set to run until May 2017, and she admits her audience are often under the influence and it can sometimes affect her as well.

"A lot of the people are very intoxicated during the shows," she tells U.K. host Jonathan Ross. "I actually got contact high. I haven't smoked weed since I was like 17 years old and all of a sudden, towards the end of the show, it was so strong I couldn't function because I just got the contact of it. I was like "Oh my goodness!' I had to leave, I had to go. I kinda just said, "I can't do it anymore.'"

Britney is surrounded by parties in Vegas but she admits she's not at all tempted to go along because there are drugs involved and she would rather just go home and watch films.

"I'm kinda boring. I love movies," she confessed. "I know it sounds so boring but I'm not this crazy go out girl, that's not me. I cook. I like a lot of different rices. I like rice, I do, that's my favorite thing!"

She is known for wearing a variety of revealing outfits and performing sexually-charged routines onstage but Britney admits her stage persona is far removed from who she really is.

"I'm used to my show, it's like a character change," she explained. "I'm a performer so I know how to mentally adjust my head to go there in character. It's not me, it's not who I am at all but it's part of what I do."

Nick Jonas: 'no time to date'

Nick Jonas has made a conscious choice to stay single, insisting he wants to focus on his career.

The Jealous singer ended his relationship with Olivia Culpo last year (15) and has since been linked to actresses Kate Hudson and Lily Collins and singer Selena Gomez. Despite all the rumors surrounding his love life, the 24-year-old insists he is single.

"It's been challenging to find any time on that front," he tells LA Confidential magazine. "But it's also a choice I made to just have this season of my life be solo, so that I can make the most of all I'm trying to accomplish. I've got plenty of time, at 24. I mean I hope I have plenty of time!"

Nick recently released his latest album, Last Year Was Complicated, and he has previously spoken about using his breakup with Olivia as an inspiration for the record. The singer knew his fans would be able to relate to the overall theme of losing someone close to them.

"Heartbreak is a theme that a lot of people relate to...," he says. "I saw pretty quickly that it was a lot of what my fans could relate to. It's nerve-wracking when (the feelings) are as personal as the ones that I shared were. But I feel relieved when I use my writing as a way to process - it's very therapeutic."

However, even though Nick poured his heart out in his music, he isn't ready to discuss the specifics behind the split.

"I was with (Olivia) for two years," he told radio host Ryan Seacrest earlier this year (16). "We had a beautiful relationship together and it was great. It was time for that to end, which is sad."

Classical Arts 101 Series

This Culture Days, Opera Kelowna and the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan have created a first-of-its-kind event that will welcome people to experience the classical arts without the cost and time commitment associated with a traditional performance.

The Classical Arts 101 series is a day of programming that will give people an opportunity to learn more about a variety of subjects through 30-minute presentations that are a blend of TED Talks and casual television interviews hosted by Alexandra Babbel, Artistic Director of Opera Kelowna.

“This series is truly phenomenal. We are bringing together local experts and some extremely talented people in a variety of disciplines, and just breaking down those barriers that challenge these organizations,” explained Babbel. “A lot of people have these ideas about Opera or theatre and how it tends to be boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth and this is the perfect chance to see that for yourself.”

Presentations will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 2nd and will culminate in a special showcase of performances at 7:00 p.m. The series truly offers something for everyone with half-hour presentations on a wide variety of subjects that range from traditional classical arts like ballet, theatre and sculpture, to more modern subjects like fashion and makeup. Each “class” and the culminating finale show will take place against the backdrop of the white walls and bright windows at The Forum, a new venue in a converted church space on Ethel Street.

The Classical Arts 101 series is part of Culture Days, a collaborative Canada-wide, volunteer movement to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. Taking place from September 30 to October 2, some 30 cultural organizations in Kelowna have rallied to produce more than 60 free events and activities throughout the Culture Days weekend. The wide variety of activities are designed to welcome attendees to participate and there is truly something for everyone, from wine events to kids dance lessons and the construction of a bee hotel.

“This is going to be one of the can’t-miss events of Culture Days this year. The day is going to be outstanding and we look forward to welcoming everyone, no matter your experience or knowledge level in the arts,” said Babbel.

For more information on the Classical Arts 101 series and other weekend activities, please visit CultureDays.ca.

Gaga Super Bowl headliner

Lady Gaga has been confirmed as the headliner of the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Rumors suggesting the Applause hitmaker will be gracing the stage at the National Football League final next February (17) have been circulating for weeks, and all the hearsay has turned out to be true.

Gaga took to Twitter on Thursday (29Sep16) and posted a message attached to an advertisement for her much-anticipated performance. It read: "It's not an illusion. The rumors are true. This year the SUPER BOWL goes GAGA! @nfl @FOXTV @pepsi #PERFECTILLUSION #GAGASUPERBOWL".

The advertisement she shared features the cover image from her new album, Joanne - a side profile shot of the pop star wearing a pink wide-brimmed hat.

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, will hit the stage at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on 5 February (17), midway through the 51st Super Bowl.

Her performance at the sporting extravaganza will take place a year after she belted out the U.S. national anthem at Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California, where half-time headliners Coldplay were joined by Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

She previously admitted singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the sporting event was one of the greatest professional moments of her life so far.

"This is one of the highest honors of my career," she explained to the NFL Network at the game. "I get a chance to sing for all the athletes - who have been working so hard their whole lives for this moment - the coaches, as well as the fans in the stands who are waiting for this moment. I think it marks what being an American is all about."

Gaga to sing at Super Bowl

It's official: Lady Gaga will headline the Super Bowl halftime show.

The NFL and Pepsi announced Thursday that the pop star will take the stage Feb. 5 at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Gaga sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl this year in Santa Clara, Calif. Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Coldplay headlined the halftime show.

Gaga will release a new album, "Joanne," on Oct. 21. The Grammy winner's hits include "Poker Face," ''Bad Romance," ''Born This Way" and "Applause."

Fox will broadcast the Super Bowl.

Ozzy will pay big time

Sharon Osbourne plans to make her husband Ozzy pay for his infidelity for the rest of his life.

The couple has patched up its marriage after the rock star's cheating scandal led to a brief split earlier this year (16), and now Sharon insists things are good again.

But she won't let her husband forget what he did to her after she learned about his affair with hairdresser Michelle Pugh.

During an appearance on chat show Conan on Tuesday (27Sep16), after Sharon was asked if she was going to make Ozzy pay for his actions, she chuckled, "Oh, big time. Yes!"

But, confirming all is well in the marriage again, Sharon revealed she has always had problems with her husband's addictive nature, adding, "It's tough, you know, when you're an addict. He likes too much alcohol, he likes too much drugs, he likes too much sex. Everything is too much, so it's tough for somebody that suffers with that."

Sharon also told Conan host Conan O'Brien she wasn't impressed with her husband's mistress, insisting she thought he'd pick someone better looking: "I said, 'My God, you do need glasses! Who would do that with that?'"

Ozzy underwent therapy for sex addiction after news of his extramarital affair broke and he publicly apologized to his family for the shame his behavior caused.

"Over the last six years, I have been dealing with a sex addiction," he said, according to Us Weekly. "I am mortified at what my behavior has done to my family. I thank God that my incredible wife is at my side to support me."

Scherzinger cheating rumors

Nicole Scherzinger blasts rumors she cheated on her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov with Calvin Harris earlier this year (16) as "ridiculous".

Nicole and Calvin were spotted arm-in-arm leaving London nightclub Tape in July, weeks after the DJ's split from Taylor Swift, and soon sparked speculation they were dating.

However, the 38-year-old X Factor judge slammed the reports that she was cheating on her boyfriend, Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, with Calvin.

"It was all, 'She's the biggest cheater', I'm like, excuse me? I was walking on cobblestones, almost fell, grabbed him, two frames and that was it. It's ridiculous," she told Glamour magazine.

Nicole has been dating 25-year-old Grigor since July last year (15), and said the key to their successful relationship was they work at it.

"I am happy. I'm in a really good, solid, more balanced place in my life. I've grown a lot as a woman," the singer explained. "My grandma always used to say, to find the person you wanna marry, you have to find the person you wanna work on your relationship with for the rest of your life. That's the key word: work."

Nicole has bounced back from the heartbreak of her on-again/off-again romance with Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, after the pair finally called it quits in February, 2015.

Aside from the talk of her love life, the Don't Hold Your Breath hitmaker joked about her disappointment at losing out on the role of C.J. Parker to Kelly Rohrbach in the forthcoming Baywatch movie.

Nicole trained daily to get herself in shape for the role made famous by Pamela Anderson in the 90s TV series, but was pipped to the post by 26-year-old model Kelly.

"I started this year working out every day, motivated to get my butt in shape because I was determined I was gonna be the new Baywatch girl. I was hell-bent, I'm an ocean angel, I love it," she recalled. "I was devastated. What is my year, what is my life, if I'm not in Baywatch?!"

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