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Chad Kroeger moves out

Chad Kroeger has moved his stuff out of the home he once shared with Avril Lavigne in Los Angeles.

The Nickelback frontman was spotted collecting several boxes and some of his most treasured items, including two guitars, from their $5.4 million property in Sherman Oaks, which they purchased together in July, just hours after the 'Hello Kitty' singer confirmed their split on Instagram on Wednesday (09.02.15).

The 40-year-old rocker was accompanied by an unidentified young woman, who helped him move his belongings, which also included a fan, into his vehicle, according to

The former couple spent most of their time living in their native Canada since getting married in the South of France in July 2013, but a source recently revealed Avril, who has been battling Lyme disease since last year, is building a new life for herself in LA.

The insider said: "Avril is still sick, so she's not working much--just here and there. It's been a tough year. But these days, she's living in L.A. and has a very close, supportive group of friends. She's focused on her recovery but she knows it's going to take time."

The pair, whose marriage was first rumored to be on the rocks last September, decided to end their two-year marriage because they "didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things."

But while announcing their separation this week, the 'Complicated' hitmaker insisted they are still "the best of friends."

She wrote: "It is with heavy hearts that Chad and I announce our separation today. Through not only the marriage, but the music as well, we've created many unforgettable moments. We are still, and forever will be, the best of friends, and will always care deeply for each other. To all our family, friends and fans, thank you sincerely for the support."

Hilaria Baldwin loses 18 lbs

Hilaria Baldwin has lost 18 pounds.

The 31-year-old beauty has lost the impressive amount in just ten weeks and credits her success to avoiding stress.

She said: "I gave birth about 10 weeks ago, but I'm not trying to lose the baby weight.

"I've come to a point in my life where I'm not trying to be skinny, I'm just trying to be healthy, and I've found that if I don't really stress about it, the weight kind of just comes off."

Hilaria - who has daughter Carmen, two, and newborn son, Rafael with husband Alec Baldwin - also puts her success down to coconut water.

She shared: "I started drinking it religiously when I was pregnant with Carmen to soften the early contractions I had throughout my pregnancy.

"My doctor wanted me to drink Gatorade, but I prefer not to drink anything with artificial colours, and coconut water is supposed to hydrate just as well.

"I'm totally on the coconut bandwagon right now because I'm breastfeeding my son and it's also supposed to help with milk production."

And after choking on a chip as a young girl, she avoids snacking on anything similar, preferring fruit and vegetables.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: "To this day, I don't really like chips or crackers or anything like that. I'm very into textures. I don't like popcorn because it reminds me of packing material."

Sienna cut from Black Mass

Sienna Miller has been cut from 'Black Mass'.

The 33-year-old actress filmed scenes as Catherine Greig, the girlfriend of Johnny Depp's character Whitey Bulger, for the upcoming biopic on the infamous Irish-American mobster Bulger but they were left on the cutting room floor.

Director Scott Cooper told the Boston Globe that although Sienna was ''fantastic, it came down to narrative choices''.

He explained that a decision was made to focus on Bulger's life before he left Boston, rather than during his years as a fugitive when Catherine was his girlfriend.

Last year Sienna admitted to doubts about her Boston accent, revealing that she had worked hard with a dialect coach before filming.

She said: ''Up until the day before I flew here, I couldn't do it and it sounded stupid. And I was sort of religiously watching every film ever set in South Boston: 'Good Will Hunting,' 'Gone Baby Gone,' 'The Town'. Catherine had a thick accent, so I hope I do it justice.''

Other actors who star in the movie include Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson, Joel Edgerton, Juno Temple, Corey Stoll, Kevin Bacon, Adam Scott and Peter Sarsgaard.

Cat Deeley is pregnant

Cat Deeley is pregnant.

The 'So You Think You Can Dance' presenter and husband Patrick Kielty - who she married in a secret ceremony in Rome, Italy, in 2012 - are "so happy" to be expecting their first child together.

Cat revealed on Twitter: "Exciting news... Paddy and I are so happy to be expecting our first child in the spring... Lucky us."

The news comes just a month after the Northern Irish presenter joked about the possibility of having children with his 38-year-old wife.

He said: "I hope any child we might have has Cat's looks and my accent.

"With our two strong accents, we basically needed subtitles or a UN translator."

The couple were friends for 10 years before they tied the knot and the 44-year-old star recently insisted there was "always a spark" between them before their relationship became romantic.

Patrick said: "There was always a little bit of a spark between us but either she was with someone or I was with someone and by the time we were both single she was in America. It was always one of those things that never worked out.

"Women tend to be in charge and we men just have to get on the pitch, stand on the leg that's shaking most and not drop the ball when it comes our way."

Paris Hilton lost 350k ring

Paris Hilton lost a $350,000 ring because she was tired.

The 34-year-old heiress accidentally left the diamond jewellery in an SUV taking her across the tarmac to her private jet at an airport in Lodz, Poland, and blamed her exhaustion from her hectic work schedule for her carelessness.

Paris told TMZ she was very tired because she had performed in Ibiza the night before, flown into Poland and worked all day before jetting back to the Spanish island.

The DJ-and-socialite is now trying to get the contact details of the firefighter who found her ring so she can give him a reward and send some gifts for his family.

Last month, Paris was left shocked after four of her neighbours were robbed at gunpoint.

The 34-year-old socialite took to Twitter to reveal the terrifying news, writing: "Last night 4 of our neighbours houses got robbed at gunpoint. Thank God my boyfriend has such an amazing security team at his house (sic)."

While Paris did not specify where she was, she is believed to be spending most of the summer with her boyfriend, 39-year-old Thomas Gross, at his home in Ibiza.

Paris is DJing at the nightclub Amnesia every Saturday until September 12.

Bryan Cranston on fame

Bryan Cranston thinks being famous is like being pregnant.

The 'Breaking Bad' actor claims the fact he is easily recognised means people are comfortable approaching him and giving their opinions on his work, no matter whether they like it or not.

He said: "Being [famous] is almost like being a pregnant woman. People think they can just put their hand on your belly and tell you, 'Oh you're going to have a boy!' It's like having a complete stranger fondling you.

"And they have this sensibility where they feel comfortable coming up to you and saying, 'You know that thing you did? I didn't like that movie.'"

However, the 59-year-old actor insists he doesn't mind as he would rather his work sparked some response in people than have them not feel anything.

He added in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: "It happens all the time. They're not in the storytelling world, but they hear buzzwords. So they'll go, 'I didn't like your character's arc.'

"I'm open to all of it. The only failure in art is when you move someone to no emotion whatsoever.

"I'd rather have people fiercely angry with me so long as they're moved to some emotion. Even if the emotion was off-target -- even if I was trying to move the audience one place and they go another. You missed, but at least they felt something."

Haylie Duff shows off baby

Haylie Duff has shown off the first picture of her baby daughter.

The 30-year-old star and fiancé Matt Rosenberg welcomed little Ryan into the world in May and after previously teasing fans with images of the little girl's legs, she has now shown her in full for the first time.

She captioned the picture of Ryan, who was wearing a pink bathing suit: "Baby's first vacation."

She then followed up the picture with a second image of the tot's face.

Alongside it, she wrote: "Our sweet baby girl #RyanAvaErhard Rosenberg is 16 weeks today (sic)"

'The Real Girl's Kitchen' star was recently praised for her parenting skills by her sister Hilary Duff.

She said: "She's doing great and I'm so proud of her.

"She's really a natural mom."

However, the 27-year-old star - who has three-year-old son Luca from her previous marriage to ice hockey player Mike Comrie - did admit there is one thing her big sister is not so good at, as she regularly calls her up to help wrap up the newborn baby.

She said: "I've been there a lot. I give a mean swaddle so [Haylie's] always calling me like, 'Come over here! Give this baby a swaddle'. It's really fun to have a new addition to the family."

Tori Spelling suing for burns

Tori Spelling claims she suffered third degree burns at a restaurant.

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star is reportedly suing the Benihana restaurant chain after slipping and burning herself when she visited one of their branches in Encino, California.

In the lawsuit, she claims she was hospitalised after she fell onto the hibachi grills, receiving "deep second and third degree burn injuries".

The 42-year-old actress is suing for the medical bills as well as "general damage" the incident caused and a loss of earnings, gossip website TMZ reports.

An eyewitness at the restaurant said Tori tried to put on a brave face after the incident, which took place in April this year.

The source said at the time: "She got up to leave and tripped, falling backwards on to a scorching hot grill. She shouted out in pain from a large burn on the back of her right arm.

"You could tell she was hurting, but she was trying to put on a brave face for the sake of her four young children who were quite obviously worried. Dean looked upset too, but you could tell they were doing their best to stay calm and not alarm the children."

It is believed Tori was ordered by a doctor to have a skin graft in the days following the accident and has been left with a large red scar.

Wilkinson slams rumours

Kendra Wilkinson feels her critics are rooting "so hard" for her marriage to fail.

The 'Kendra On Top' star, who exchanged vows with former NFL star Hank Baskett six years ago, believes their relationship will always have "ups and downs," but insists she is in it for the long haul.

The 30-year-old beauty said: "Marriage is a lifetime of ups and downs. And Hank and I welcome the challenges that will continue to help us recommit our lives to each other and look forward to growing as partners for years to come."

The former Playboy model, who has son, Hank Jr, five, and daughter Alijah, 15 months, with the gym owner, also hit back at new rumors she is preparing to dump Hank, 32, and has been mistreating him recently.

She told "Honestly, what kind of mother would invite that kind of chaos and pain into her home?

"I am, though, sad to see anyone root so hard for a marriage to fail. I don't feel the need to defend the authenticity of my marriage, my family or my business anymore."

The couple have worked hard to get their marriage back on track after Hank was accused of cheating on Kendra with a transgender model while she was eight months pregnant with their daughter.

She recently said: "Our marriage is amazing right now. We are working on it every single day. It's a lot of work, 24/7, but we're both willing to put that time in and really stick it through. We're both in it for the long run, and we both have goals, and they're both the same."

Underwood freaked out

Carrie Underwood admits she was terrified when her baby boy got locked in a car.

The 'Smoke Break' hitmaker's husband Mike Fisher was forced to break a window to free their six-month-old son Isaiah Michael from their vehicle in July after their dogs accidentally locked it from the inside.

Asked about the incident, the 32-year-old star said: "It was such a random thing, we were at the airport.

"My husband and I both got out at the same time, and both shut the door at the same time, and immediately one of our dogs -- I still don't know what one it was -- jumped up on the control panel on the door. [We] heard the thing click, and I was like, 'The doors locked, the doors locked, the doors locked.' Nobody had a spare set of keys."

After failing to open the doors without force, Mike "ended up having to break the window."

But Carrie claims her in-laws may never forgive her pets for the incident because it was their car.

She told Lisa Dent and Ramblin' Ray on their Chicago-based radio show on US99.5: "I don't think our dogs will ever be invited back."

Milano considers adoption

Alyssa Milano is thinking about adopting a baby in the future.

The 42-year-old actress, who has two biological children, Milo, four, and Elizabella, 11 months, with husband David Bugliari, admits she would love to expand their family further, but fears she is getting too old.

She said: "I want another one, but I'm 42 so it's like, why push my luck? I have two healthy children and I had them both later in my life. Maybe I adopt in six years."

The brunette beauty is grateful that her son and daughter get along really well.

The former 'Charmed' star told "He just loves her so hard, he wants to smash her. It's that kind of delicious like, 'Oh I love her!' He's the perfect big brother. I could not have asked for anything better.

"Who knows what's going to happen when she can walk over and take his toy. But right now, he's just so madly in love with her and she worships everything that he does. It's so sweet."

Alyssa loves reading to her daughter, but isn't impressed by her taste in music.

She said: "Honestly, I'm embarrassed to say my daughter's favourite track to dance to is 'Big Booty' [by Jennifer Lopez]. She's obsessed with that song."

Avril and Chad confirm split

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger have split after two years of marriage.

The 'Hello Kitty' hitmaker and the Nickelback frontman, who denied their relationship was on the rocks last year, have confirmed their separation with "heavy hearts," but insist they are still "the best of friends."

In a statement on her Instagram profile today (09.02.15), the 30-year-old star wrote: "It is with heavy hearts that Chad and I announce our separation today. Through not only the marriage, but the music as well, we've created many unforgettable moments. We are still, and forever will be, the best of friends, and will always care deeply for each other. To all our family, friends and fans, thank you sincerely for the support."

The blonde beauty also posted a smiling snapshot with her estranged husband, 40.

The former couple, who got married in the South of France in July 2013, first sparked rumors they were on the verge of splitting last September after Chad skipped Avril's 30th birthday party in Las Vegas.

An insider claimed at the time: "It's over. He has been going around LA telling people that they are divorcing."

But Chad later claimed he was relieved when Avril, who split from Sum 41 rocker Deryck Whibley in 2010 after four years of marriage, finally confirmed she was secretly battling Lyme disease following months of speculation about their marriage.

Speaking in April, he said: "I'm like, 'OK, the wife has come out and said this, and now I don't have to keep hiding.'

"With everyone going 'What's wrong with your wife? What's wrong with your wife?' and me just going, 'Ah, she's gonna be fine.'

"I'm like 'OK, I can talk about this now.'

"Things are looking up and definitely getting better."

Gary Busey joins DWTS

Gary Busey will compete on the next series of 'Dancing With The Stars'.

The 71-year-old actor - who has appeared in movies including 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and 'Point Break' - revealed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' that he has signed up to take part in season 21 of the celebrity dancing contest this autumn.

Arriving in to the studio on a horse, Gary joked he had signed up because: "I didn't have anything else to do."

Gary is no stranger to reality TV shows, having appeared on 'Celebrity Apprentice' and the UK's 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

He is the ninth contestant to be announced; joining Bindi Irwin, Victor Espinoza, Hayes Grier, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, Chaka Khan, Andy Grammer and Nick Carter on the ABC show.

Backstreet Boys singer Nick recently revealed that he has his friend and former pop rival, 'N Sync's Joey Fatone - who competed on seasons four and 15 - to thank for persuading him to sign up.

Nick said: "I'm excited. [Joey] talks about it all the time and I was really debating if I wanted to do it, and he said, 'It's a great experience, it keeps you in shape and it'll teach you a lot of stuff. 'You'll get what you put into it.' And I'm a hard worker, so I think it'll be fun."

'Dancing With the Stars' starts on Monday September 14 on ABC.

Farrell's letter to cigarettes

Colin Farrell wrote a "break-up letter" to "the Spirit of Tobacco".

The 'True Detective' star came up with an unusual way of quitting smoking with a symbolic ritual in which he penned a note explaining his decision to give up the deadly habit, before burning it along with his cigarettes.

He said: "I wrote a break-up letter to the Spirit of Tobacco.

"I got a frying pan and tossed the letter with a load of tobacco, put some paraffin over it, and lit a match that sent a big, wallowing cloud up into the sky. Then I didn't have a cigarette for another two years."

Though the 39-year-old actor has been single for five years, he insists he is "OK" about his personal life as his priority is his two sons, 11-year-old James, and five-year-old Henry, who he has from two previous relationships.

He told the new issue of Men's Health magazine: "It's not that I don't get lonely sometimes, but I'm OK about it.

"The most significant aspect of my life lives far away from anywhere that a camera is needed. You play the part and do interviews but don't overextend yourself or put on a mask or change your name.

"When you get home, the only thing that matters is your son is not eating his turkey sandwiches and he's not into avocado anymore, so you have to find something new that he'll eat for lunch."

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