Canada Day at Art Gallery

Whether you choose to create a chalk art masterpiece, paint at an easel en plein air, get creative on a great big box, or simply explore the exhibitions on view – the Kelowna Art Gallery has you covered this Canada Day.
On Saturday, July 1, from 10 am to 5 pm, the gallery will be open to the public for a full day of hands-on art activities and visual art exploration. This includes free access to the four exhibition spaces in the gallery. Visitors can expect to discover everything from a large fort-like structure in our courtyard area, to paintings by members of the Group of Seven in our largest exhibition space.
The celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday extends outside the gallery too. From 10 am to 1 pm, the public is invited to get creative with their choice of chalk art, painting, drawing, or transforming a cardboard box into a beautiful work of art that pays tribute to Canada. 150 of these boxes will be set up on the grassy areas surrounding the gallery for children, families, and members of the public to paint their artistic visions on. The Gallery asks the public to please consider bringing a non-perishable food item with them to donate to the Kelowna Food Bank for those in need. These donations will be collected at the event.
Canada Day at the Kelowna Art Gallery is free and open to the public, but those interested in taking part in the box painting activity will need to pre-book to reserve the appropriate number of boxes for their friends and family. To secure a spot please call the Kelowna Art Gallery at 250-762-2226.
The Gallery would like to thank Benjamin Moore Kelowna for generously donating the paint for this event, and the Great Little Box Company for donating a portion of the boxes that will serve as the blank canvases. 
For more information about this event, please visit or call 250-762-2226. The Kelowna Art Gallery is located at 1315 Water Street in the heart of the Cultural District in downtown Kelowna. 


Janet Jackson 'so happy'

Janet Jackson is "so happy" after becoming a parent to the "cutest baby", according to her longtime producer Jimmy Jam.

The Together Again singer welcomed her first child, son Eissa, in January and in May, she confirmed she had split from Eissa's father Wissam Al Mana.

However, despite going through some major life changes in recent months, the 51-year-old is "so happy", Jimmy Jam told ETOnline at the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Janet has been living in London but she keeps in touch with the producer via text message or FaceTime so he can talk to her baby.

"I get FaceTime (calls) at like two in the morning, usually when I'm wrapping up in the studio," he shared. "It's always just Eissa (on FaceTime), she's in the background somewhere. He's the cutest baby in the history of babies."

She has been largely out of the spotlight since she quit her world tour to focus on her family but she is ready to get back to performing and recording music, Jimmy said, adding that she is "excited to go back to her day job."

He also assured her that she will have newfound creativity and inspiration for her music now that she's a mum, and she's started to discover that for herself.

"A whole different reservoir of creativity, of cadence, of love, and all these things that have always been with you but it doesn't really come out until (you become a parent)," he added. "She's recognizing that."

Janet and Wissam reunited in court in London earlier this month for a divorce hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, where they reportedly met with Justice Anna Pauffley for several hours. Janet was reportedly "in good spirits" when she left, while Al Mana appeared "somber," reported E! News.

Beyonce Jay-Z name twins

Beyonce and JAY-Z have reportedly called their newborn twins Shawn Jr. and Bea.

It was revealed earlier this month that the Drunk In Love star had given birth to the pair, although neither she nor her rapper spouse have commented on the claims. However, Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles appeared to confirm the news by taking to his Instagram to wish the tots a happy birthday.

The twins are said to have been kept in hospital since their birth due to a "minor issue", but are apparently set to be discharged "any day now".

And a new report on claims an insider has let slip the monikers the famous pair have chosen for their newborns.

"They had twins, the boy's name is Shawn after his dad, and the girl's name is Bea " after their parents," the source told the outlet.

Beyonce is often referred to as Bey, while Jay-Z's real name is Shawn Carter.

Following the website publishing their piece, the Internet went wild as Beyonce's fans, known as the Bey-hive, responded to the name claims.

However, there were mixed reactions to the report, with some fans approving while others thought the duo could have pushed the boat out more when it came to choosing names for the twins.

"If the Beyonce rumors are true, imagine having a family with names like Jay Z, Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Bea and you're called Shawn," one wrote, while another added, "Shawn and Bea Carter? Are these the real name idk (I don't know) how I feel about them lol (laugh out loud)."

Others praised the pair for the names, with one supporter tweeting: "They're saying the twins names are Shawn Jr and Bea....if that's true, I like!!!!"

Beyonce and the 99 Problems hitmaker tied the knot in April, 2008. They welcomed daughter Blue Ivy in 2012, but the singer experienced heartbreak before becoming a mom when she had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. She previously insisted experiencing such a sad loss made her even more grateful when she eventually gave birth.

"There's no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you," she said.


Ed Sheeran reunites with fan

Ed Sheeran has made a terminally ill fan "overly happy" by reuniting with her to take a photo over a year and a half after they first met.

Teenager Sophia Gall from Victoria, Australia, has been travelling Europe since the beginning of this month after revealing her cancer has spread and become incurable.

She was previously lucky enough to meet her idol Ed back in December 2015 and shared a photo of the pair together on Instagram at the time, with medication tubes visible in her nose.

And it seems Lego House hitmaker Ed, 26, watched her recent emotional video in May in which she shared her desire to meet him once again before her health deteriorates more as she's now shared a brand new snap of herself grinning next to the musician. It looks as though Sophia met him during her visit to England, ahead of Ed's headlining gig at Glastonbury Festival on Sunday.

"(day 20) OMGMGMMMG (sic) IT HAPPENED. I WAS REUNITED WITH MY FAVE GINGER @teddysphotos !!!" she gushed in the picture caption, in which the singer is seen holding the camera phone as Sophia beams next to him. "ED SHEERAN YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING I am so overly happy right now. This day has been AMAMZING (sic) and I never want it to end!!!"

The other wish Sophia shared on her Facebook video last month was to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the U.S., though it's not yet known if the TV personality has granted it.

In the meantime Ed is getting ready to perform to a crowd of thousands at the annual music event, which will mark the first time he's taken the top spot.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 on Thursday he compared himself to the other headlining acts Radiohead and the Foo Fighters, joking, "I'm definitely the one that's of place on that list. But I think that's an exciting thing. You know doing this festival for the first time like not even as a main headliner but just playing it, it's daunting."

Paltrow criticized by NASA

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop website has been forced to change claims made about a line of 'healing' stickers.

The actress launched her lifestyle newsletter Goop in 2008, and has since gone on to expand the concept into a wider forum which offers everything from recipes to general health advice.

However, a new product Goop editors have recommended, Body Vibes Stickers, has come under fire by several organizations, including NASA.

In a blog post, Goop describes the wearable stickers as having the ability to "rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies" when worn near the heart or on the arm, and "fill in the deficiencies in your reserves, creating a calming effect, smoothing out both physical tension and anxiety."

Originally, Goop also included a claim that Body Vibes are "made with the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut's vitals during wear."

Editors at website Gizmodo were first to spot the striking description, and contacted NASA representatives who rejected the claim, stating, astronauts "do not have any conductive carbon material lining the spacesuits."

The claim has now been removed from the blog post, but the comment remains on Body Vibes' own website, where the stickers are priced at $60 for a pack of 10.

Goop editors also released a statement in which they emphasised that advice and recommendations given in posts were not formal endorsements, and the opinions of authors and experts were not necessarily representative of the views of the company.

"We constantly strive to improve our site for our readers, and are continuing to improve our processes for evaluating the products and companies featured," a representative stated. "Based on the statement from NASA, we've gone back to the company to inquire about the claim and removed the claim from our site until we get additional verification."

In the past Gwyneth's lifestyle website has come under fire for promoting a range of unusual practices or extravagant products, including oil pulling, vaginal steaming, and the use of jade eggs to boost sex.

Steve Carell not recognized

Steve Carell was left humiliated after he went to surprise guests on a celebrity-seeking tour and they failed to recognize him.

The comedian is known by many for his leading role in TV series The Office and movies such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, Little Miss Sunshine and Foxcatcher, which scored him a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

However, his A-list status seemed to mean nothing to tourists onboard a Hollywood tour bus, which takes them on a tour of different celebrity homes and hangouts, as his attempt at surprising them didn't quite have the desired effect.

"We were in LA driving to an event and we spotted one of the tour buses that go around pointing out who lives where and my wife thought it would be funny if I wound down the window and said hi to the tourists," he said on The Graham Norton Show. "I reluctantly did and nothing! No one recognized me! It was shameful."

The 54-year-old shared his story after Jamie Foxx, his fellow guest, revealed his youngest daughter Annalise loves the celebrity perks and showing off her famous dad, although he prefers to be a more low-key.

"She loves all that Hollywood stuff. Someone gave me a convertible Rolls Royce to drive and she loved it with the roof down driving down Sunset Boulevard," he explained. "When we got near Soho House I said, 'We've got to put the roof up because it looks terrible arriving like this.' And, just as I put up the roof up she shouted out, 'Jamie Foxx is in the House!'"

Steve was on the show to talk about his third time voicing Gru in children's animation Despicable Me 3, while Jamie appeared to chat about Baby Driver, which has received high praise.

Speaking of the reception, Jamie joked, "I don't normally buy into what the critics say but this time they are 100 per cent right!"

The Graham Norton Show, which also features Judi Dench, Kristen Wiig and Haim, airs in the U.K. on Friday.

Watch ole 'Bandit' run

They had a long way to go and a short time to get there, but hundreds of fans in Trans Ams have put the hammer down and made it to Atlanta to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Smokey and the Bandit."

About 350 cars this week retraced actor Burt Reynolds' wild ride from the Texas-Arkansas line to Atlanta in the movie that roared into pop culture in 1977.

"Every town we drive through, people come out to film us, take pictures and wave as our convoy of cars comes through – it's like being in a huge parade," said organizer Dave Hall of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Truckers and others also took part in "Snowman's Run," a road trip that raises money for wounded veterans in the name of the late actor and musician Jerry Reed, who played the trucker Snowman in the movie.

All of them have gathered in Jonesboro, Georgia, the town 15 miles south of Atlanta where much of the movie was filmed. This weekend, they plan to recreate some of the movie's memorable scenes, including a stunt driver's attempt to jump 150 feet through the air in a Trans Am. 

Reynolds himself will also be in attendance, and will take part in a question-and-answer session in a city park, Jonesboro City Manager Ricky Clark Jr. said.

Rihanna gives advice to fan

Rihanna turned agony aunt on Wednesday to help a fan coping with the end of a relationship.

The Stay hitmaker was contacted by Twitter user Samer, aka @WaladShami, who asked her for advice about recovering from a broken heart.

He told the 29-year-old all about his recent break-up and received a thoughtful response, which was then shared for other users to read.

"Just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself! Cry if you have to, but it won't be forever!" the Grammy Award-winner wrote. "You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime enjoy all that YOU are!!!!"

Samer later told Buzzfeed that Rihanna had provided him with guidance in the past.

He revealed, "It was my first relationship ever and they ended it with me in January, but it's been really hard for a multitude of reasons. I reached out to Rihanna because she's given me advice many times..."

Rihanna has been a source of support for other fans online as well. In April, 2016, the singer helped a Twitter user who sought her advice as he contemplated 'coming out' as gay.

"Baby, it's okay to be scared, but it's more important to be who you are," Rihanna responded in a now publicized tweet. "You are who you are, and as hard as it may seem, the best s**t ever is freedom and peace within yourself! Your family may not understand, but luckily you live in a generation that does!!"

Rihanna has had her own fair share of personal heartache after breaking up with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown after he beat her in a now-infamous 2009 altercation and she has also romanced Drake on and off for many years.

Depp: assassinate prez?

Johnny Depp has asked a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. The remarks came during a segment Thursday in which Depp was speaking about President Donald Trump.

He asked the question at the annual festival that celebrates the performing arts.

The 54-year-old "Pirates of the Caribbean" star followed by saying that he is not an actor, but someone who lies for a living.

However, he said, it's "been a while, and maybe it's time."

1970's Cinderella

New Vintage Theatre is proud to bring the days of disco back to Kelowna in their crazy fun summer musical A 1970’s Cinderella.

It is Los Angeles, 1977, and the Disco Queen has a problem. Prince, her son, can’t find “somebody to love”. Enter Cinderella and her dreams of meeting someone sweet and cool-like John Travolta or Al Pacino-the only thing standing in her way is her super freaky Stepmother and glamorous Stepsisters.  With a little help from her ingenious friend, Mouse, and The Godfather will Cinderella get her Happily Ever After at the Disco Ball? New Vintage invites audiences this summer to hustle on down and see this hilarious adaptation of a classic fairy tale, updated with a 70’s sensibility that will leave all ages groovin’.

A 1970’s Cinderella is created and brought to life on stage by Artistic Director Bonnie Gratz. The show stars Dana Murphy as Cinderella and features Graham Daley, Josie Morrow, Adam Weaver, Zoe Sommerfeld, Joelle Neufeld, Kayla Hunter and Bonnie Gratz, reprising her role as the “wicked” Stepmother.

Fun for kids, hilarious for adults, New Vintage encourages people to pull on their favorite bellbottoms and boogie on down to A 1970’s Cinderella. Tickets are now on sale for their magical indoor shows July 13-16 at The Mary Irwin Theatre at

There are two additional outdoor performances for Festivals Kelowna on July 9 and 23 at Kerry Park and Gyro Beach at 1pm, weather dependent.

Director Bonnie Gratz and Choreographer Danny Tagle are the team behind the hit Rock of Ages, and New Vintage is also the theatre company that brought Kelowna the hit Grease last summer. Audiences are encouraged to get their tickets now as both of these previous shows sold out early.

For more information about New Vintage Theatre, a charitable professional theatre company based in Kelowna, or their festival Kelowna Fan Xpo, check out

Canada's Wild West

The show is back for its 9th season at the O’Keefe Ranch as, this year, Canada and The O'Keefe Ranch both celebrate 150 years in existence.

The Cowboy Dinner Show will take guests back to Canada's Wild West and  Rob Dinwoodie and his western musical trio "Open Range" will capture the image of the cowboy in song and story, while the ever popular Ken Mather, historian, author and cowboy poet, will recollect the exciting events leading up to the establishment of the Historic O'Keefe Ranch.
This year, stories will be told of both the events and characters that were prominent in the development of western Canada and BC. With the 150thanniversary of O'Keefe Ranch occurring just before Canada's 150th, stories and songs will retell how wild this part of the world really was in 1867. 
These are glimpses of some of the history that will be shared at the show. A dramatic presentation of some historic figures will be portrayed by Jason and Christian Armstrong, who mix both humour and authenticity to the evening. The show will portray the historical drama that occurred in both the making of BC and the nation of Canada in this exciting and entertaining show.
A highlight for guests is to ride in the horse drawn BC Express stagecoach. It’s a replica of the stagecoaches that travelled the Cariboo road during BC’s gold rush days. Guests can also try their hand at roping, as Rob teaches this fine art, after which there is a fun competition for the honor of top roping cowpuncher.
The O’Keefe Ranch pavilion used for the Cowboy Dinner Show has recently been expanded and can now accommodate more guests.  A new stage and seating arrangement will ensure there isn’t a bad seat in the house. 
During the show guests will enjoy a cowboy feast of sizzling steaks with all the trimmings served up by Cattlemen's Club Restaurant. The evening will conclude under the stars singing songs around a cowboy campfire. This evening promises to be one that the whole family will enjoy and take with them as the highlight of the summer.
The Cowboy Dinner Show runs every Friday night from July 7 to September 1. Doors open at 5:00 pm, stagecoach rides and roping practice take place before dinner which is served at 6:30 pm during the show, and campfire singalong is from 8-9:00 pm. This is a family friendly show. Tickets are $52.45 for adults, $37.75 for children 12 and under. Cash bar available. To purchase tickets visit or call the O’Keefe Ranch at 250-542-7868.

Nelly's legal trouble over

Hip-hop star Nelly has revealed all of his recent legal problems have been handled.

The Hot in Herre hitmaker was arrested in 2015 for felony drug possession when Tennessee state troopers found narcotics paraphernalia on his tour bus and just a year later he was slapped with a $2 million tax lien by Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

But the star insists everything is all good nowadays and his trouble with the law is officially over.

"The arrests, I mean I was detained; I wasn't arrested," he clarifies to Rolling Stone magazine. "I don't have any charges. The IRS was something that was taken care of in the next couple weeks."

In a bid to help clear his name following the tax bill, Nelly's fans banded together to raise money online using the hashtag #SaveNelly, and although the 42-year-old appreciated the gesture, he insists he never needed financial help.

"I've got a quarter of a million dollars of diamond earrings in my (ear)," he notes before laughing, "I think they (IRS agents) would come for that (if I were broke)."

"I mean, there were some f**ked-up moments," he adds, "but I was never down. It was a situation where I needed to clean up business. We all go through that. But that was it. I cleaned it up and now we're doing what we do."

Nelly is focused on the future right now and he is looking to use antagonism and bad press to push himself forward in life.

"I don't think I'd know what to do if I wasn't doubted. I wouldn't know how to channel my energy," he shares. "I wouldn't know how to take that and put it into what I'm doing that winds up breaking ground."

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