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Taylor Swift 'scared' of being framed for murder

Taylor Swift is "scared" of being framed for murder.

The 24-year-old singer admits her worst nightmare is being blamed for a terrible crime she hasn't committed as she believes "so many people" could stitch her up.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', she explained: "I'm scared of getting framed. So many people would frame me and they could frame you for any crime that you could go to jail for. Look at me, I wouldn't survive in jail.

"I think it comes from the fact that I could open up my phone, I could look at my phone and see any headline written about me at anytime and it could be the most ridiculous untrue thing.

"So, I think the dream and the nightmare of being framed comes from, I could do nothing wrong, I could sit in my house with the cats all day and somehow there could be an article about me buying a house in a place I've never been or dating a guy I've never met.

"But then you take it a step further and in nightmare world it's being framed for murder."

However, that isn't the only thing the 'Shake It Off' hitmaker is terrified of as she admits she also can't stand sea urchins.

She said: "They're like a grenade. They're sitting there waiting to completely injure you to the point where ... You can't see a sea urchin right there and then you step on one and it has barbs and it goes into whatever it touches and then you have to go to an emergency room and it has to be surgically removed. "You could lose your foot. you could lose your hand. You could lose your hand trying to get it off of your foot. So, I don't like sea urchins."

The Situation pleads not guilty to tax fraud

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino has pleaded not guilty to tax fraud.

The reality TV star and his brother Marc Sorrentino denied any wrongdoing when they appeared in court together in Newark, New Jersey, today (10.23.14).

The siblings allegedly conspired to fail to pay federal income tax owed on income earned for "promotional activities" between 2010 and 2012.

Mike has also been accused of failing to file a tax return in 2011 after earning $1.99 million that year.

However, the 32-year-old star reportedly allowed his brother to take control of all his business dealings but, while he doesn't want to be convicted for a wrongdoing he doesn't feel he has actually committed, he doesn't want to make his brother a scapegoat.

Mike was originally scheduled to be arraigned on October 6, but the federal case was put on hold for two weeks as it would have clashed with the 'Jersey Shore' star's filming commitments on the reality TV show.

The company were also concerned that Mike would have been forced to pull out of filming, which would have lead to a re-cast or delay shooting the scenes.

Mike and his brother's trial for their tax fraud case will take place on December 2.


Keira Knightley to make Broadway debut

Keira Knightley is to make her Broadway debut next year.

The 29-year-old actress is set to appear as a beautiful but doomed heroine in the stage adaptation of Emile Zola's novel 'Thérèse Raquin,' from October, 1, 2015, the Roundabout Theatre Company have announced.

The production is to be directed by Evan Cabnet and will be based on the story about a woman trapped in a failed marriage, who strikes up an illicit affair with her husband's best friend.

The novel, which was published in 1867, was turned into a film starring Simone Signoret in 1953, and was then taken and adapted again for the movie 'In Secret', starring Elizabeth Olsen, last year.

Meanwhile, Keira made her West End debut in 2009 when she starred in the comedy 'The Misanthrope,' before taking to the stage just two years later for Lillian Hellman's 'The Children's Hour.'

The stunning star was last seen in the romantic film 'Begin Again,' and will next feature on the big screen for 'Everest', also starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin and Sam Worthington, which will be released in 2015.

Jennifer Lawrence wants to be 'rock star girlfriend'

Jennifer Lawrence wants to be a "rock star girlfriend."

The 24-year-old actress has reportedly swapped her designer frocks for "edgy T-shirt and jeans" for her new boyfriend, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, 37.

A source told the US' OK! Magazine: "She really wants to look cool as the girlfriend of a rock God and has splashed out on a whole range of new edgy T-shirts and jeans so she looks the part backstage when Chris is performing. She's totally into the whole scene and loving her new life as the leading lady of a music legend. She's trying to lose her gawky image and keep her designer clothing for red carpet appearances."

However, it appears the 'Hunger Games' star doesn't really need to change up her look to fit in with her new beau as Chris' friends already approve of the beauty and believe she's a better match for him than his estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow, whom he split from in March following 10 years of marriage.

A source said previously: "Although Jennifer is different from Gwyneth, both girls are earthy. They like to play and act silly at times. Chris is happy because he and Jennifer are on the same wavelength."

It's not just Chris' pals who have grown to like Jennifer as Gwyneth, who has daughter Apple, 10, and son Moses, eight, with Chris, also gets along with her.

An insider said two months ago: "Her take is, 'Hey, he could do worse.' She just wants him to be happy."

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Britney Spears earns 1m per week

Britney Spears is earning $1 million a week.

The 'Toxic' hitmaker began a two-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas in December 2013 and it has now emerged that ticket sales were so successful, after just 50 shows her representatives renegotiated her contract from $310,000 per performance to $475,000, including her share of merchandising and other perks.

The deal - which means Britney earns just $1,000 less than the city's biggest earner, Celine Dion - also saw the number of shows the 32-year-old star will perform over the duration of her residency rise from 92 to 140, TMZ reports.

The staggering pay check from her residency, plus income from record sales and other ventures mean the 'Piece of Me' hitmaker is banking around $1 million every week.

And it is just as well Britney - who has sons Preston, nine, and Jayden, eight, with ex-husband Kevin Federline - is earning so much as it was recently revealed she spends over $30,000 a year just on her dogs.

She forked out over $13,000 on a pair of pooches in 2013, a white Maltese in January and a Yorkie in July for $5,568 and $8,212 respectively as well as paying a staggering $5,205 to get her dogs looked after when she wasn't there.

The figures came courtesy of new legal documents filed in her conservatorship, which also revealed Britney spent a hefty $1,585 on clothes for her canines including $650 in one four-legged friend spending spree.

Her grand total spend of $31,234.15 on her pooches was completed by spends such as dog food.

Bill Murray can't imagine joining Tinder

Bill Murray thinks online dating is "amusing."

The 'St. Vincent' star, who has six sons from two previous marriages, claims he doesn't need any assistance meeting women and "can't imagine" joining Tinder.

Discussing the mobile app, the 64-year-old actor said: "I know about Tinder. I know it became very popular at the Olympics."

He added: "I think it could be amusing. But I can't imagine doing it particularly. I feel like I've lived that life, and I can live that life at any moment and say, 'hey, you with the camera, damn it I'm coming your way.' "

Bill says he is very impulsive and thinks he gets away with things because he always shows up for work on time.

Asked if he likes to live spontaneously, he told 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': "Everyone thinks they're doing that okay, they don't want to be bullied, they don't want to be pushed around. There is a certain comfort level that you get to. People don't push you around at your job if you're good at your job and you show up on time. You don't have to be good at your job, but if you show up every day that's most of it."

Kendra Wilkinson thinks husband is being blackmailed

Kendra Wilkinson thinks Hank Baskett is being blackmailed.

The 'Kendra on Top' star insists she "didn't care" after a recording of an alleged phone call between her husband, who was accused of cheating on her earlier this year, and transexual model Ava London was leaked online recently, as she believes her husband is being set-up.

Asked about the tape, the 29-year-old beauty told E! News: "It didn't do anything. It didn't make things worse, it was just recycled c**p. If anything, it even sounded more like a set-up. It was premeditated."

She added: "I feel like celebrities right now have a big target on their heads and blackmail is to follow."

Asked if Hank tried to explain the tape to her, she said: "He didn't need to. This is [a] straight set-up and if anybody thinks, 'Oh, he's guilty,' I'm like, 'Who's the one guilty? The one who is setting up this blackmail, that's the one who should be in jail right now.' "

The blonde beauty's "heart" has prevented her from filing for divorce to date.

She said: "I'm not making a rash decision in a divorce or staying with him, I'm just trying to let things happen naturally, let things play out a little longer because I found myself in a position where it came down to literally a signature for the divorce to go through, and something held me back.

"Something a little bit more powerful pulled me away from doing that and the power I believe is my heart. I believe we're all given a heart to use for forgiveness. I think that if you don't use your heart, there's no point in life."

Beyoncé and Jay Z have overcome 'major problems'

Beyoncé and Jay Z have worked out their "major problems."

The 33-year-old singer fueled speculation her husband had cheated on her when she cried on stage during their 'On The Run' tour over the summer and changed the lyrics of her track 'Resentment', singing: "She ain't even half of me. That b***h will never be me," but their marriage is back on track after they recently renewed their wedding vows.

A source close to the couple told "They did have major problems. But they worked it out and they've renewed their vows.

"They worked it out for [the sake of] their reputations and for [their 2-year-old daughter] Blue Ivy."

The duo have also been spotted house hunting in Paris in the past month and the insider confirmed: "They're looking for a place."

The rapper, 44, previously admitted the city is "special" to them, as they got engaged and conceived Blue there.

The couple are planning to document their recent troubles on an album, which will give a "raw and honest" insight into their relationship.

A source previously said: "The horrible time they've had this past year will be documented in every lyric to every single song.

"It's going to be the most raw and honest thing they've ever done because they're determined to tell 'their own truth'.

"They want to show the world how they see it, from the inside, and in their own words."

Lamar Odom refuses to divorce Khloé Kardashian

Lamar Odom reportedly refuses to divorce Khloé Kardashian.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star filed court documents to legally dissolve her four-year marriage to the former NBA star in December after months of rumours he was addicted to cocaine and cheated on her with multiple women, but he has yet to respond to her petition.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Khloé can't even get in touch with him right now."

Another insider said: "He refuses to sign the divorce papers."

A friend close to Lamar, 34, said he is still hoping to repair their marriage, even though Khloé has moved on and recently split from rapper French Montana after eight months of dating.

Lamar has been keeping a low profile since he was dropped by the New York Knicks for failing to "uphold the standards to return as an NBA player" over the summer.

The athlete has been sending Khloé and her mother, Kris Jenner, flowers on a regular basis in a bid to win her back.

A source recently said: "He sends her favourite flowers all the time just to make her smile.

"Kris has always held a special place in her heart for Lamar, so when he reached out to apologize to her too, she was like putty in his hands.

"Lamar knows that even if he earns Khloé's trust back, it's her mom who makes all the family decisions. He's thrilled they're talking again."

Jessica Chastain: Matthew McConaughey is 'gorgeous'

Jessica Chastain thinks Matthew McConaughey is "gorgeous".

The 'Zero Dark Thirty' actress - who stars alongside Matthew, 44, in 'Interstellar' - gushed over the hunky actor as he was presented with the 2014 American Cinematheque Award at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California last night (22.10.14) and recalled the moment she became a fan of the Oscar-winning star.

The 37-year-old flame-haired beauty told E! News: "It was A Time to Kill. The closing speech and he's the defence attorney and he stops and he kind of puts his hand on his face and he chokes back his emotions and I remember watching that moment.

"Before that film, I thought, 'Oh, that man's gorgeous,' and then when I saw that it was, 'Yes, he's gorgeous, but he's an actor. That was in the beginning and I've been a fan ever since."

There was no shortage of praise for the 'True Detective' actor at the star-studded event.

His 'Mud' co-star Reese Witherspoon also paid homage to the well-loved actor and admitted she could "watch him all day".

She explained: "He's handsome and he's got talent. He's got what my friend calls a 'two-hour face'--you want to watch him for two hours. He might even have a 'six-hour face.' That hasn't been tested yet. Well, it has, hasn't it with True Detective? You could watch him all day."

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel even joked that watching handsome Matthew on screen had altered his sexual orientation.

He said: "I've learned a lot from Matthew from watching his movies over the years. One thing I've learned is that I'm bi-curious."

Jennifer Lopez set for $26.3m Vegas deal

Jennifer Lopez is in talks over a $26.3 million deal to perform in Las Vegas.

The 45-year-old beauty has entered negotiations with bosses of The Axis, Planet Hollywood about receiving $350,000 per show as part of a 72-gig deal over a one or two-year period, according to gossip website TMZ.

The huge sum per performance is said to be even more than Britney Spears' $310,000 to play a show at the same venue.

But Britney is set to earn more than her fellow singer as she reportedly signed a deal to perform 96 gigs over two years, meaning she will earn $29.7 million overall.

However, neither Jennifer nor Britney can match Celine Dion's huge deal as the music legend - who is on an indefinite hiatus to care for her 72-year-old spouse René Angélil, who has throat cancer - earns an incredible $33.3 million for 70 shows a year.

Country couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were recently said to have rejected a $1 million offer to play three shows at Caesars Palace's The Colosseum in Sin City, and their reported counter offer of $1.25 million for the hat-trick of gigs, $416,000 for each show, was also turned down.

The money might come in handy for Jennifer after she splashed out $22 million on a plush four-bedroom pad in Manhattan recently, according to the New York Daily News.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux set wedding date?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have reportedly set a date for their wedding.

The 45-year-old actress and 'The Leftovers' actor got engaged in August 2012 and have yet to announce when they are planning to hold their big day but are now said to have finalised their plans.

A source told the US OK! magazine: "It's really happening! Jen is excited beyond belief. She says it will be the best day of her life."

However, despite having decided on a date and venue, Jennifer - who was previously married to 'Fury' actor Brad Pitt - is said to be remaining tight-lipped about the nuptials.

The insider continued: "If you try asking, she'll change the subject to keep everybody guessing."

The couple - who met while starring alongside one another in 2012 film 'Wanderlust' - are said to have revealed, however, that they want to be a low-key affair.

The source added: "Neither of them wants a huge, glitzy wedding."

Meanwhile, 43-year-old Justin previously confessed he felt a lot of pressure from the public to marry his fiance of two years, but that he wasn't bothered by it.

He said at the time: "There is this hum of pressure that - I can't stress enough - I just don't pay any attention to ... We're just doing our own thing. We are completely happy, obviously, but we're not on anyone else's timeframe."

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