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Jennifer Lopez opens up about abusive past

Jennifer Lopez's soul felt "diminished" after she suffered abuse from a previous partner.

The 'Booty' hitmaker spoke out in her memoir, 'True Love', about the emotional and mental abuse she received from an unnamed ex.

In an excerpt obtained by PEOPLE magazine, Jennifer wrote: "I've never gotten a black eye or busted lip, but I have been in relationships where I felt abused one way or another: mentally, emotionally, verbally.

"I know what it feels like for your soul to be diminished by the way your loved one is treating you."

She added: "Every day that you don't walk out that door, every day you accept things in your partner and in yourself, is a day that you're saying, 'It's OK'."

Meanwhile, in the book, the 45-year-old singer also revealed details about her previous relationships with high-profile stars such as Ben Affleck.

She also recounted the moment she made the decision to end her marriage with Marc Anthony after suffering a panic attack at a photoshoot.

She explained: "Anybody looking from the outside in would have thought my life was great. I had a husband and two beautiful children [Emme and Maximilian].

"I was on 'American Idol' and my new single 'On the Floor' had gone to number one all over the world. What people didn't know was that life really wasn't that good. My relationship was falling apart and I was terrified."

She added: "It was one of those moments when you're so scared you can't even scream. In a blur of fear and panic, I looked at Benny and my mother and blurted out the words: 'I don't think I can be with Marc anymore.' Then I burst into tears."

Katie Holmes's single parent struggle

Katie Holmes has admitted she struggles as a single parent.

The 'Days and Nights' star - who has 8-year-old Suri with ex-husband Tom Cruise - has revealed she doubts her parenting skills on occasions.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "You do the best you can. Some days you feel really good about yourself and some days you don't."

Katie - who divorced from the 'Mission Impossible' star in 2012 - believes support from other parents makes things a lot easier for her.

She explained: "You really need to support each other, help people through whatever it is they're going through -- whether it's: 'My kid just threw a tantrum' or 'I was late for graduation' or whatever it is, you know!"

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old - who has help with Suri from a "ready and willing" mother and nanny - has admitted she'd rather spend as much time as possible with her daughter.

She said: "I do have help yes, but it's your baby, you know? You want to be the one who was there."

Despite finding being a single parent challenging, Katie believes it is important for parents in similar situations to her to do their best and not feel pressured by the expectations.

She said: "I think we all need to just ease up.

"Ease up on the expectations, and the worrying. We're all trying to do the best we can."

The man with 10,000 noises

Michael Winslow, the man with 10,000 noises, dropped in on Castanet on Thursday to 'sound off' about Friday Night's Haunted Howler in Kelowna.


Justin Bieber 'depressed' over Selena Gomez split

Justin Bieber is reportedly "depressed" over his recent split from Selena Gomez.

The 20-year-old singer is believed to be heartbroken after the 'Come And Get It' hitmaker rejected any of his advances to reignite their relationship.

A source told "Justin has been really depressed. Nothing he's doing so far to get Selena back is working and it's put him in a really dark place.

"He went to New York for a change of scene to try and find new perspective; he's hoping Selena will come and meet up with him."

The couple - who have been dating on-and-off since 2010 - most recently ended their relationship after Justin was spotted having lunch in Paris with model and 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star, Kendall Jenner.

The pair reportedly split because Selena was annoyed with her popstar boyfriend for flirting with other girls in front of her face.

Meanwhile, Selena recently revealed that she had turned to celebrity pal Taylor Swift for support and advice, following her split from the 'Baby' hitmaker.

A source explained: "Taylor wants [Selena] to at least try taking a year off dating. She thinks she should date herself for a while, take the time to get to know herself and appreciate herself.

"But she's not going to force it, she's trying to lead by example this time, instead of forcing her ideas down Selena's throat, she realises she can be kind of pushy and she's working on that."

Ashton Kutcher: Google taught me about babies

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis learned about parenting from Google.

The couple welcomed daughter Wyatt into the world at the beginning of this month and the 'Jobs' actor - who was stepfather to Rumer, 26, Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 20, his ex-wife Demi Moore's daughters with Bruce Willis - admits they did a lot of research before the baby was born.

Speaking on 'The Talk', Ashton said: "Everybody says when you get a child, they don't come with an owner's manual, but that's kinda not true because Google's kind of like an owner's manual.

"You can pretty much Google anything and it's there. For me, I go to my partner, you know? I talk to Mila, and we make choices. We did a lot of research -- we both did like, a lot of research."

"I'd been a parent to teenage girls before in my life, and so I have experience with girls, and experience with that like, from age seven to 25.

"But infants, it was like a whole new thing. So, we really started studying what it is to take care of a baby and how you do it, and the whole thing. It's all on Google, it's kinda there."

The 36-year-old star also admitted he loves being a father because it means he is now someone's "hero".

He said: "I kind of have like, a hero complex a little bit. I'm somebody's hero now. It fulfills every bit of your ego when the kid starts to cry and you're like, 'Oh, I got this,' and you take it, and suddenly the child calms down, and you're like, 'Oh yeah!' You feel like you're like a baby whisperer."

Chris Brown settles lawsuit

Chris Brown has settled a civil lawsuit for $100,000.

The 'Run It' hitmaker has agreed a payment to Parker Adams - who he recently pleaded guilty to assaulting last October - after he filed a civil case against him, TMZ reports.

And that isn't the only legal matter the 25-year-old star has settled.

In January, Chris got into a fight at a West Hollywood recording studio with Frank Ocean's entourage and was subsequently sued for $3 million by his rival's cousin.

However, sources told TMZ the case has now been resolved after the 'Beautiful People' hitmaker agreed to pay out just under $20,000.

Thought he pleaded guilty to assaulting Parker in court in Washington last month, Chris managed to avoid jail as the terms of his plea deal made meant he was sentenced to time already served.

The singer was released from jail on June 2 after spending 108 days behind bars for violating his probation after he allegedly made threats about using guns while seeking anger-management treatment in rehab.

He was previously placed on probation for five years and sentenced to six months community service for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

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Anne Hathaway wasn't prepared for marriage

Anne Hathaway "wasn't prepared" for her relationship to change after she got married.

The 'Interstellar' star, who tied the knot with Adam Shulman in September 2012, admits she fell more in love with him than ever after they exchanged vows.

The 31-year-old actress told the UK's The Daily Telegraph: "When we got married, I thought it was a great party. I honestly thought we were doing it more for tradition. I wasn't prepared for the radical shift my heart was going to have."

The brunette beauty is relieved the jewelry designer, 33, is able to travel with her a lot because he can take his work on the road.

She said: "I'm very fortunate that my husband has a job that allows him to travel and kind of make his own schedule. So he travels with me whenever possible. We have a rule that we aren't apart for more than two weeks."

The Oscar winner previously admitted she made the first move on Adam in 2008 after she discovered he was single.

She said: "I was in L.A. when I met him. I was told he had a girlfriend, and I backed off because I'm not that girl. Then when I found out six weeks later that he didn't have a girlfriend, I was like, 'We should throw a party. We should invite Adam.' "

Emma Watson was 'very nervous' before her feminism speech

Emma Watson was "very nervous" before speaking at the United Nations (UN) headquarters.

The 24-year-old actress, who gave a speech about gender inequality as she launched the HeForShe campaign in her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in New York City last month, admits it "wasn't an easy thing" for her to do, she but feels "lucky" that she was raised to be a feminist.

The 'Noah' star told the December issue of the UK edition of Elle magazine: "I was very nervous. It wasn't an easy thing for me to do. It felt like, 'Am I going to have lunch with these people, or am I going to be eaten? Am I the lunch?' "

The former 'Harry Potter' actress says she hopes to continue to clear up possible misconceptions about feminism.

She said: "Feminism is not here to dictate to you. It's not prescriptive, it's not dogmatic. All we are here to do is give you a choice. If you want to run for President, you can. If you don't, that's wonderful, too."

She added: "I'm lucky I was raised to believe that my opinion at the dinner table was valuable. My mum and I spoke as loudly as my brothers."

During her acclaimed speech, Emma said she first experienced sexism from the age of eight.

She added: "Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong.

"If we stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by what we are -- we can all be freer and this is what HeForShe is about. It's about freedom."

Lawyers don't expect Ghomeshi lawsuit to go to court

The lawsuit filed by radio host Jian Ghomeshi against the CBC is unlikely to ever land in a courtroom, employment lawyers say.

Toronto attorney Bill Gale said barely one per cent of civil suits go before a judge, with the vast majority of cases settled out of court.

Gale expects Ghomsehi's case to follow a similar path, particularly since court proceedings would unlock secrets both parties would probably prefer to keep from the public's view.

"I would think they would settle because I'm sure there are lots of unsavoury details about both sides that are going to come out if there's an actual hearing," said Gale, a partner at Grosman, Grosman & Gale.

"It's too important to both CBC and him to keep this quiet. They'll settle at some point and we'll never know."

He described Ghomeshi's attempt to seek $55 million in damages as "ridiculous," saying Canadian case law differs from that in the U.S. where awards can reach millions of dollars.

"A huge Canadian judgment for punitive damages, for example, would be $1 million," he said. "(And) that would be astronomical."

Ghomeshi has said he was fired because of his sexual behaviour and has written on social media that he engaged in adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission, along with ``rough sex (forms of BDSM).'' The activities were consensual and he and his partner used safe words to signal when to stop the activity, he said.

The Toronto Star reported that it approached Ghomeshi with allegations from three women who say he was physically violent to them without their consent during sexual encounters or in the lead-up to the encounters. The newspaper said Ghomeshi _ through his lawyer _ responded that he ``does not engage in non-consensual role play or sex and any suggestion of the contrary is defamatory.'' The Star reported none of the women filed police complaints.

Ghomeshi's lawyers filed a lawsuit this week against the CBC, alleging breach of confidence, bad faith and defamation by the public broadcaster, seeking $55 million.

Another Toronto employment lawyer called the damages sought by Ghomeshi as "almost laughable" and he believes the ex-radio host has little chance of victory if the case reaches court.

"An employer is free to hire and fire at their discretion, as long as they don't breach human-rights-code legislation and they provide a fair severance," said David Whitten, a partner with Whitten & Lublin.

"Last I checked, sexual adventurism is not protected (human-rights) code ground, so they were free to do what they did."

He said if an employer doesn't like a worker's activities outside the office, they're free to let the person go on that basis alone.

In Whitten's view, Ghomeshi's lawsuit is more a public-relations manoeuvre to get public sympathy on his side.

"It's designed clearly to make a real impression on the media and the public at large that he's coming out swinging," said Whitten, who has represented employers and employees.

Neither Whitten nor Gale had examined the statement of claim Ghomeshi filed this week.

The Canadian Press

Chloe Grace Moretz: I'm a geek

Chloe Grace Moretz is a "geek" when she's at home.

The 17-year-old actress - who can be seen playing a prostitute alongside Denzel Washington in new action thriller film 'The Equalizer' - insists she lives a pretty normal life away from the cameras and likes to be at home indulging in her counter culture hobbies.

She said: "I'm a bit of a geek in real life, but I'm very driven when it comes to my work.

"I'm not the kind of person who's going to do anything crazy and my mom makes sure I stay grounded."

Chloe is not into partying and is happiest when she's at home with her family, mother Teri, father McCoy and older brothers, Brandon, Trevor, Colin and Ethan.

Speaking in the new issue of Loaded magazine, she revealed: "I'm not a party person or someone who needs to lead a wilder life. I have a very solid family and some very good friends. My mother and brother Trevor are very supportive of me and I always know they're kind of watching over me."

Although Chloe - who is currently romantically linked to Brooklyn Beckham - isn't interested in going out all the time, she does love travelling and enjoys all the trips she gets to make away America for her career.

She said: "I do get to party but I don't have any desire to go overboard. I'm a very normal girl except for the kind of job I have. I want to be with good people and enjoy all the advantages I have to travel and lead an interesting life. The only really crazy things I get to do is go to a festival like Cannes. It's fun to go on the red carpet and make silly poses."

Chris Martin was 'a little too close' to Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly dumped Chris Martin because of his friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The 24-year-old actress, who recently split from the Coldplay frontman after four months of dating, thought he was "a little too close" to his estranged wife and grew tired of the attention surrounding their relationship.

A source told PEOPLE magazine: "Everyone jumped the gun with this romance. It is hard for her to understand the feelings between Chris and Gwyneth."

The 'Magic' hitmaker has maintained a close relationship with the 'Iron Man 3' actress for the sake of their daughter, Apple, 10, and son Moses, eight, since their split in March after 10 years of marriage, but their bond made the 'Hunger Games' actress uneasy.

Another insider said: "She broke it off with Chris. She was tired of the spotlight on their relationship and she also thought that Chris and Gwyneth were a little too close for comfort. It was an odd situation for her.

"It was kind of serious but also not really in a sense. It was really just [Jennifer] having fun and living in the moment, enjoying time with someone she likes, but [Chris and Gwyneth's] close relationship got to her in the end and she felt like it wasn't worth it."

But others claim the British rocker was simply too "intense" for the young actress.

A source told MailOnline: "Chris wanted to spend all his free time with Jen - there was a discrepancy between how they viewed their relationship, she's so easy going and he's quite intense.

"Jennifer said Chris is an all or nothing kind of guy, so she chose nothing. She broke up with him late last week. He was completely blindsided, he was really sad about it."

The duo ended their romance amicably and friends haven't ruled out a reconciliation in the future.

The insider added: "It's too early to know what will develop in any of this."

Katie Holmes doesn't want Cruise definition

Katie Holmes doesn't want her failed marriage to Tom Cruise to define who she is.

The 35-year-old star wants to be known as an actress rather than the person who tied the knot with the Hollywood actor - who she divorced in July 2012 after six years of marriage - and admits she is "ready for new challenges" in her life.

She said: "I don't want that moment in my life to define me, to be who I am.

"I don't want that to be what I'm known as. I was an actor before, an actor during and an actor now.

"I don't have any fear now, I don't have a lot of rules for myself, and I don't take myself that seriously."

The former couple have eight-year-old daughter Suri together and while the raven-haired beauty loves to have playful tickle fights with the youngster, she also tries to instil some good manners into the little one.

Katie added to PEOPLE magazine: "[Suri] means everything to me. I'm learning every day, and I have been since the minute I became a mom.

"My patience has grown, but between 4 and 6 pm ... I mean, wow. Between tickle fights and glitter art, I try to throw in some manners along the way."

In August, Katie was reported to have swapped New York for California when she splashed out $3.8 million on a Los Angeles mansion in a bid to boost her Hollywood acting career.

The move was also thought to be beneficial for Suri because the pair's new abode is situated in an affluent cul-de-sac populated by many children the same age as the youngster.

Jim Carrey won't wed again

Jim Carrey doesn't want to marry again.

The 'Dumb and Dumber To' actor - who was previously wed to Lauren Holly for a year and Melissa Womer for eight years - insists he won't "voluntarily" tie the knot again, even if he meets the perfect woman.

Asked by Howard Stern if he would consider marriage for a third time, he said: "I just don't see it as necessary at this point. Is it really sacred? I don't know."

Then asked what he would do if the right woman came along, he added: "I can't say that I know how I would feel if I meet somebody that knocks my head off.

"I can't make hard fast rules about the future but I wouldn't voluntarily go that way."

The 52-year-old star - who dated Jenny McCarthy for five years until 2010 - is wary of getting romantically involved with anyone else in the spotlight again because the relationship overshadows his career.

He explained: "If you hook up with someone who is famous, you become a sellable commodity and that's the most important thing in those magazines.

"It's not what you're doing in the movie. It's who you are with, what are you doing, are you breaking up?"

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