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Dave Grohl's teenage dates

Dave Grohl was would only take women on "free" dates as a youngster.

The Foo Fighters rocker revealed he never had much cash available as a teenager so rarely had any romantic outings with potential girlfriends, and if he did, such dates would involve activities which didn't cost him any money.

He said: "I've got to be honest, when I was young I never took anyone on any dates because I didn't have any money.

"Any date that I went on when I was 17 or 18 years old probably involved some liquor stolen out of the cabinet and something free, like steps in the middle of town, and a punk rock show that we snuck into, or something like that."

The 46-year-old musician - who now has daughters Violet, nine, Harper, six, and nine-month-old Ophelia with his wife Jordyn Blum, who he wed in 2003 - added he didn't have many admirers when he was young anyway, as he was overweight and tended to give himself "really bad tattoos".

Speaking on BBC Radio 1, he joked: "I'll send you some pictures of me at 17 or 18 years old, it's not pretty. I probably weighed about 107 pounds and had some really bad tattoos that I'd given myself, and was stumbling out of a van on a punk rock tour ... I was no Hugh Jackman when I was a kid."


Stone puts split behind her

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have put their "long and forced separation" behind them.

The 26-year-old actress and the 31-year-old actor, who recently rekindled their relationship following their split six weeks ago, have reportedly picked up where they left off because "nothing major happened" to cause them to break up.

A source close to the couple said: "Emma and Andrew are a great couple who have been apart for work. They are still seeing each other. Nothing major happened between them while he was away other than a long and forced separation. Andrew has been incredibly busy and so has Emma. But the sparks are still there."

Another insider told that the British actor, who has been filming his upcoming movie, 'Silence,' in Taiwan since January, has been staying at Emma's home in Los Angeles for the past few days.

The couple were spotted dining at Malibu Farm earlier this week, as well as at the nearby Sushi Park.

Rumours first began swirling that they were giving their romance another chance after the Oscar-nominated actress was spotted greeting Andrew's parents at a special screening of her new film 'Aloha' in London last weekend.

Judith Ruins Everything

New Vintage Theatre is proud to announce their third season, Theatre With Benefits, and is thrilled to kick the season off at the end of the month with a World Premiere ; Judith Ruins Everything by Logan Mullin of Vernon.

“This season is full of excitement and provides audiences with a thrilling range of theatre experiences.  From our popular festival Kelowna Fan Xpo (KFX) and the parody soap opera As The Sun Burns to musicals like Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Full Monty to this provocative play opening our season and the thriller Dead Serious there is a lot of buzz about our season”, says Founder and Artistic Director Bonnie Gratz. 

Judith Ruins Everything is about a woman who seemingly has everything-a cool Vancouver loft, a handsome husband, great job and opportunity to travel,  but cannot seem to find happiness because of an unresolved mystery from her past.  The play starts on the very evening when Judith takes matters into her own hands and decides to once and for all meet up with a childhood friend who can actually shed some light on the issue that has nagged at her for years. Nathaniel, Judith’s husband, played by John Van Dyk, patiently supports his wife’s invitation to these strangers to him for dinner. But he is not expecting an evening of fireworks that ensues once the guests-played by Cory Armour and Tamara Ross- have arrived and pleasantries have gone out the window. 

Audiences are invited to come and find out at  the big World Premiere of Judith Ruins Everything at Creekside Theatre, May 28-30 at 7pm. Tickets are $25 each or $80 for a group of 4 and are available by calling Creekside at 250-766-9309.  Each performance includes a chance to win The Best of Lake Country Prizes including golf, wine, ziplining, tickets for events and more!

For more about New Vintage Theatre, a professional not for profit, charitable theatre company based in Kelowna check out or call 778-214-1456.


Clooney moving to UK

George Clooney will move into his new UK mansion at the "end of summer".

The 'Tomorrowland' star has revealed he and his wife, Amal, 37, will relocate to their expansive 1600s property in the picturesque village of Sonning, 40 miles outside of London, by September.

The 54-year-old actor can't wait to get settled in the £10 million estate with his human rights lawyer spouse, but added he won't be able to reside there permanently as he will still have to fly back and forth to Los Angeles to fulfil his acting commitments.

He told USA Today: "It will be done by the end of the summer and we'll be in it. And we'll sort of go back and forth between L.A."

George added his new pad is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

He explained: "It's very different. And the town has been so welcoming to us. There's a pub that we walk to, we walk through a graveyard to (get there). It's fantastic."

The hunky actor is clearly planning on spending a lot of time at his local after he confessed to stocking the premises with his own brand of Casamigos tequila upon discovering they didn't sell his favourite drink.

He said: "There's this great pub we go to. It's fantastic and we drink all kinds of pints and things. I bought them a few bottles of my tequila - I deliver now."

Kanye's record donation

Kanye West has made a record donation to a youth organisation.

The 'All Day' hitmaker has given $133,000, part of the proceeds from his Louis Vuitton Foundation concerts, to the Chicago-based arts institution Donda's House, which he co-founded in 2013 in honour of his mother Dr Donda West.

The organisation provides youths with artistic direction through various classes and programmes including creative writing, record producing and health education.

Donda's House Executive Director, Donnie Smith, said his contribution to the centre - which caters to budding artists between 14 and 24 years old - will help improve their "capacity with new staff as we deliver the high-quality arts programming that our participants deserve", according to a press release.

The house's co-founder Che 'Rhymefest' Smith added it was an "honour" to have received the donation and credited the 37-year-old star for using his influence for the benefit of the organisation.

He said: "His leadership has enabled Donda's House to grow quickly and impact the lives of over 160 of Chicago's young people already in our short history.

"This is a great honour and a true tribute to his mother's legacy, who did so much for young artists."

Schilling scared of nudity

Taylor Schilling is "scared" of shooting nude scenes.

The 'Orange Is The New Black' star has confessed she dreads stripping off on camera but is happy to do so, with a bit of "hand-holding", if it helps to get across the "truth of the scene".

She explained: "I've been scared of the nudity. Just as an actor [that] has been frightening for me.

"I've needed some hand-holding."

The blonde beauty, 30 - who plays Piper Chapman on the Netflix series - receives a lot of support from the show's creator Jenji Kohan when it comes to filming intimate moments.

She explained: "But what it always comes back to - and why I think those conversations are so valuable - is that we get to the truth of the scene and there's never anything gratuitous on this show."

Taylor added that Jenji has helped her to see that moments of nudity can give viewers an excellent insight into her character's thoughts and feelings.

Speaking at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' screening of 'Orange Is the New Black' in Hollywood yesterday (20.05.15), she said: "It's a physical manifestation of the internal vulnerability. The physical vulnerability matches the internal vulnerability, and once that's very clear, as an actor I can go anywhere."

Madonna delays tour

Madonna has delayed the start of her tour to make sure it is "perfect".

The 'Like A Virgin' hitmaker - who was set to kick off her 'Rebel Heart' world tour in August - has pushed back her first performances by almost two weeks but has assured fans it will be "worth the wait".

According to Entertainment Weekly, she said in a statement: "As my fans already know, the show has to be perfect. Assembling all the elements will require more time than we realised. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause my fans. I can promise you this show will be worth the wait. Can't wait to share it with all my Rebel Hearts out there."

The tour is now set to open with a concert in Montreal, Canada, on September 9, with her August 29 and 30, September 2, 5 and 6 shows in Atlanta, Miami and San Juan all having beed moved to late January 2016.

While the 56-year-old singer is busy putting the finishing touches to her show, she is also reported to have been spending time filming a secret music video with Rita Ora.

Madonna and the 24-year-old star are said to have made a "real connection" when they met at various showbiz events and have started working together on the hushed up project.

A source recently said: "It's an incredible coup for Rita to do a vid with Madonna and shows how big she is becoming in the States. They met at showbiz events but had a real connection so Madonna asked her to do it. Rita changed her schedule to be able to do it in an instant."

Taylor Swift sends fans gifts

Taylor Swift sends her most loyal fans gifts.

The 25-year-old pop superstar feels blessed to have such committed followers and to say thanks she tries to send as many of them presents at Christmas as she can.

When asked how she relates to her most committed fans, she said: "It's really not difficult. I know as soon as I say such a thing that it will make it a bit more difficult for other artists, because then they have to go on the Internet and get to know their fans more. Now I can afford it, I buy Christmas presents for my fans and I send gifts to my fans all over the world."

The 'Style' singer - who is dating Calvin Harris - admits she really enjoys connecting with her fans on social media.

Taylor tries to speak to her followers one-on-one on Twitter because then she feels like she's building meaningful relationships with the people who buy her music and go and see her perform.

Speaking to Germany's Glamour magazine, she said: "Connecting to my fans keeps me mentally healthy, when I connect with individual fans it feels less overwhelming than if I connect with thousands of fans at a time. If you see these fans in groups then are millions. But if you see them as individuals it's much cooler to do your job because then it really means something to you."

Duchovny too old to marry

David Duchovny says he is too old to get married again.

The 54-year-old actor, who divorced Téa Leoni last year following their split in 2011, insists he has no regrets about their time together, but has no desire to walk down the aisle ever again.

The 'X-Files' star said: "I don't think I want to be married again. I just feel like I'm old!

"My marriage and my family is one of the happiest parts of the history of my life. I would never change it. I don't understand why people try to rewrite their history."

David has no plans to remove the tattooed wedding band on his left ring finger.

He joked: "I'm not going to cut my finger off."

The former couple, who have two children, West, 15, and Miller, 12, still spend a lot of time together.

He told PEOPLE magazine: "We live five blocks away from each other. For our children, it's necessary. We should have a zip line!"

The 'Californication' star also gets on well with his daughter's boyfriend.

He said: "He's terrific. One of the nicest things Téa has said to me is that the fact that West has a nice young man is a testament to you as a dad. I don't know if that's true, but it was nice to say, and I choose to believe it!"

Letterman signs off

David Letterman ended his 33-year career as a late-night television host Wednesday, ushered into retirement by four presidents who declared "our long national nightmare is over" and saying there was nothing he could ever do to repay his audience.

The show ran 17 minutes over the usual hour, much of it because Letterman took the time to thank the people who worked for him. As the tuxedoed Foo Fighters performed "Everlong"— a song they first played on the "Late Show" when Letterman returned after heart surgery in 2000 — a long montage of photographs from three decades of television history zipped past on the screen.

"The only thing I have left to do for the last time on a television program (is say) thank you and good night," he said.

Letterman presided over 6,028 broadcasts on CBS and NBC, the transplanted Hoosier making Top 10 lists and ironic humour staples of television comedy and an influence to a generation of performers. True to his self-deprecating style, he said Stephen Hawking estimated that tenure delivered "about eight minutes of laughter."

Letterman will be replaced in September by Stephen Colbert, who he endorsed by saying, "I think he'll do a wonderful job."

The taped intro of President Barack Obama and former Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush referenced President Gerald Ford's declaration to the country when he took office following the 1974 resignation of Richard Nixon. Letterman sidled up to Obama to say, "you're just kidding, right?"

Ten stars from Steve Martin to Tina Fey delivered the final Top 10 list of "things I've always wanted to say to Dave." Julia Louis-Dreyfus, with Jerry Seinfeld standing nearby, said, "Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale."

No. 1 was Bill Murray: "Dave, I'll never have the money I owe you."

Letterman joked in his monologue that he's been on the air for so long that the hot show when he started was "Keeping Up with the Gabors."

"You want to know what I'm going to do now that I'm retired?" he said. "By God, I hope to become the new face of Scientology."

From his start on NBC's "Late Night" in February 1982, Letterman's comedy was about more than telling jokes. He attached a camera to a monkey's back, tossed watermelons off a roof and wore a suit of Alka-Seltzer to plunge into a tank of water. Celebrities used to being fawned over either clicked with his prickly personality or didn't, and when Cher called him a more profane version of "jerk," it became a memorable moment.

He shifted to CBS in 1993 when NBC gave the "Tonight" show to Jay Leno instead of Letterman, a slight he never forgot or forgave.

Letterman even began his final monologue Wednesday by joking, "It's beginning to look like I'm not going to get the 'Tonight' show."

The tricks subsided as Letterman mellowed with age and fatherhood. His audience welcomed him back after a heart bypass, listened as he became the first late-night host back on the air after the 2001 terrorist attacks and saw him acknowledge to inappropriately having sex with a subordinate.

"When I screw up now, and Lord knows I'll be screwing up, I'll have to go on somebody else's show to apologize," Letterman said.

With his monologue and Top 10 list, the final show kept the same format of thousands before them, although he gave no one the pressure of being a guest on the final show. Murray played that part Tuesday night. His last few weeks have been warmly nostalgic, with Letterman entertaining old friends like Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Oprah Winfrey. Anticipating the end, viewers sent Letterman to the top of the late-night ratings the week before last for the first time since Jimmy Fallon took over at "Tonight" and they competed with original telecasts.

Letterman, before saying goodbye, thanked virtually everyone involved with the show from CBS Corp. Chairman Leslie Moonves to his researchers and crew members.

"It's so obvious every night and again tonight that they were so much better at their jobs than I am at my job," he said.

Letterman remained dry-eyed throughout the broadcast, but several audience members who filed out of the Ed Sullivan Theater had tears in their eyes.

"He was guarded but you could tell it was really hard for him," said John Bernstein, who flew in from Los Angeles to attend the final taping. "You could see his emotion. But I think he's feeling a lot more than he's showing."

Rival Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to Letterman by not making a fresh ABC show on Wednesday, when he usually competes in the same time slot. Fallon opened his Wednesday monologue by saying: "I want to thank you for watching this on your DVR after you watched Letterman."

The Canadian Press

Apple inspires 'Star Wars'

Apple inspired some of the futuristic ensembles in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'

Costume designer Michael Kaplan, who previously worked on 'Blade Runner' and 'Fight Club,' has revealed the technology company heavily influenced the contemporary stormtrooper armour in the upcoming film.

Asked how he approached the project, he said: ''With the stormtroopers it was more of a simplification, almost like, 'What would Apple do?' JJ [Abrams, director] wanted them to look like stormtroopers at a glance but also be different enough to kind of wow people and get them excited about the new design.''

Kaplan claims none of the original costumes were suitable for the new movie, which is set to be released on December 18.

He explained: ''Audiences of today have become so sophisticated that a lot of things you could get away with in the past, you can't anymore.

''These new ones are much more heavy-duty, but they are redesigned, too, they're not the same stormtroopers.

''I mean, it would be a little odd to have the same stormtroopers this much later when Leia and Han are so much older.''

Meanwhile, Kaplan looked at Nazi uniforms when it came to revamping some of the other costumes.

He said: ''The Rebels are kind of wools and natural fibres, cottons, and the Empire is very hard-lined, almost like Thierry Mugler. Very kind of edgy. The haircuts are these three-quarter parts, which were big in the 1930s, so that's kind of recalling something from the past. Slicked back and very hard-lined, yeah. Well the Nazi thing was always there with the Empire.''

Sam Smith's surgery success

Sam Smith's operation on his hemorrhaged vocal cords was a success.

The 'Stay With Me' hitmaker, who was forced to cancel a string of Australian shows last month and put recording his upcoming album on hold, is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery on his vocal cords in Boston last Thursday (05.14.15).

In a statement, Massachusetts General Hospital, which treated the British star, said: "Sam Smith underwent vocal cord microsurgery by Steven Zeitels, MD, to stop recurrent vocal cord hemorrhage (bleeding). This condition is the result of unstable blood vessels in the vocal cord that can rupture and prevent vocal performance.

"Sam came to Boston to consult and undergo corrective voice surgery with Zeitels, the director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Centre. Zeitels, who is also the Eugene B. Casey Professor of Laryngeal Surgery at Harvard Medical School, has pioneered many vocal cord surgery procedures for benign and malignant problems including the use of specialized lasers to stop vocal cord bleeding in singers. He has performed this unique procedure for many vocalists - including Steven Tyler, Lionel Richie, and Adele - allowing them to return to full performance. Similarly, Zeitels expects Sam to make a full recovery from his laser microsurgery."

The 'Lay Me Down' hitmaker, who celebrated his 23rd birthday on Tuesday (05.19.15), recently warned fans he would not be able to speak for three weeks following the procedure.

In a post on Instagram, he wrote: "Enjoying my last day of speaking. After today no speaking for three weeks. So if you see me on the streets sorry if you think I'm a d***head and can't say hello. Also gonna be silent for my birthday. Sounds fun aye? (sic)"

Clooney doesn't want kids?

George Clooney says having children isn't high on his list of priorities.

The 'Tomorrowland' star, who is married to British human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, has "thought about" having a baby, but hinted they have no plans to start a family together in the near future.

Asked if he has ever thought about having children, the 54-year-old star said: "I mean, I've thought about it, I suppose. But I haven't really--it hasn't been high on my list of...I've been asked it a lot lately because I've gotten married and I'm doing a movie with kids in it..."

But the Oscar winner admits his family is really important to him.

He told Charlie Rose on CBS series 'This Morning': "I'm really close to my family..."

Aside from having a good relationship with his mother, Nina, and father Nick, George also adores his nephew.

He proudly added: "My nephew was just made prom king from the high school that I went to."

George and Amal, 37, tied the knot in Italy last September after he popped the question after just seven months of dating.

The actor "knew fairly quickly" that the brunette beauty was the woman for him.

He added: "[I have] someone who I can talk to about anything, and someone who I care more about than I've cared about anything. It's nice."

Miley cries over dead fish

Miley Cyrus has written a song about her dead fish.

The 22-year-old singer, whose pet blowfish Pablow died in February, broke down in tears while performing the track she wrote about him during her latest Backyard Sessions showcase.

Dressed in a unicorn onesie, the 'Wrecking Ball' singer, who posted a video of the emotional performance on Facebook, poured her heart out in the lyrics, singing: "Why does everything that I love have to die? If I could do it again, I'd release you to sea because I can't bear to see someone so wild just die in a tank."

Miley, who got a tattoo of Pablow three months ago, was previously devastated after her dog Floyd was killed by a coyote in April 2014 and blamed herself for his death.

In a lengthy post about her grief on Twitter at the time, she wrote: "I don't know when the regret and the guilt will fade. I don't know if it ever will.

"I feel like I let my boy down. My job was to protect him and I'm not a person that takes failure lightly...Today is one of those days where I can't open the curtains to see the the windows to hear the world going on around me because to be honest I hate the fact that the world's still spinning. I want it to stop...I want everyone's heart to break the way my heart is breaking."

She also honoured the late Alaskan Klee Kai by getting a tattoo of his head inked under her left armpit.

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