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Oasis' unheard tracks

Oasis are to reissue their third album 'Be Here Now' with previously unheard tracks.

The LP - which originally came out in August 1997 - is to be re-released as part of the band's 'Chasing The Sun' series and will be available from October 7 via Big Brother Recordings.

The reissue contains unheard song 'If We Shadows', a demo version of 'Trip Inside (Be Here Now)' which became 'Be Here Now' on the final tracklisting and a new mix of 'D'You Know What I Mean?' - the first single from the record which was number one in several countries.

Noel Gallagher - who broke up Oasis in 2009 when he walked out of the group following a bust-up with his brother Liam - had intended to remix the entire album due to what he considers to be the over-produced sound of the original release but after completing his 'NG's 2016 Rethink' of 'D'You Know What I Mean?' he decided to leave the rest of the songs in their original ''mental'' format.

He said: ''I've tried to redo the whole album. I went into the studio and after about two days I was like, 'This is missing the point, the album is supposed to be this f***ing mental.' We got as far as the first track before we couldn't be arsed any more and gave up ... It does sound f***ing mega though!

''I went back to a couple of things I'd edited and thought, 'No, they sound f***ing s**t, they sound better when there's no singing before three minutes, so, y'know, you're kind of digesting the cocaine before the singing starts. It is to be accompanied with a crate of beer and a bag of f***ing charlie, and don't be making any plans for the next couple of days. That's the spirit in which it was intended. And if you listen to it in that spirit, it might be the greatest album of all time.''

As well as the rarities the reissue also includes a disc of demo versions of the songs recorded on the Caribbean island of Mustique and all the B-sides from the album's singles, including highlights such as 'Stay Young', 'Angel Child' and 'Going Nowhere'.

'Be Here Now - Chasing The Sun Edition' comes in the following formats: Standard CD and digital download, Special Edition 3 x CD and deluxe digital download, 12in vinyl LP with download code for two volumes of bonus content and the limited edition Super Deluxe Box Set - which includes LP, Special Edition 3 x CD, hardback coffee table book with new sleeve notes, exclusive vinyl plus a 12in white label sampler of the 'Mustique demos' and Oasis merchandise.

'Be Here Now - Chasing The Sun Edition' tracklisting:

Disc 1 - 'Be Here Now':

'D'You Know What I Mean?'

'My Big Mouth'

'Magic Pie'

'Stand By Me'

'I Hope, I Think, I Know'

'The Girl In The Dirty Shirt'

'Fade In-Out'

'Don't Go Away'

'Be Here Now'

'All Around The World'

'It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)'

'All Around The World (Reprise)'

Disc 2 - B-sides and Extra Tracks:

'Stay Young'

'The Fame'


'(I Got) The Fever'

'My Sister Lover'

'Going Nowhere'

'Stand By Me' (Live At Bonehead's Outtake)

'Untitled' (Demo)

'Help!' (Live In LA)

'Setting Sun' (Live Radio Broadcast)

'If We Shadows' (Demo)

'Don't Go Away' (Demo)

'My Big Mouth' (Live At Knebworth Park)

'D'You Know What I Mean?' (NG's 2016 Rethink)

Disc 3 - Mustique Demos:

'D'You Know What I Mean?' (Mustique Demo)

'My Big Mouth' (Mustique Demo)

'My Sister Lover' (Mustique Demo)

'Stand By Me' (Mustique Demo)

'I Hope, I Think, I Know' (Mustique Demo)

'The Girl In The Dirty Shirt' (Mustique Demo)

'Don't Go Away' (Mustique Demo)

'Trip Inside (Be Here Now)' (Mustique Demo)

'Fade In-Out' (Mustique Demo)

'Stay Young' (Mustique Demo)

'Angel Child' (Mustique Demo)

'The Fame' (Mustique Demo)

'All Around The World' (Mustique Demo)

'It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)' (Mustique Demo)


Grants for local bands

Two bands from the Okanagan Valley have received grants through Storyhive, a community-powered funding program from Telus.

The program gives production grants and distribution opportunities to creative talent in Western Canada.

Snowdrifts - Looming

Snowdrifts, a synth wave band with members from the South Okanagan, presents their first music video for the epic and eerie single 'Looming.' Partnering with director SJ Finlay, 'Looming' is a cinematic exploration of the subconscious and supernatural.

Icelandia - Paper Suns

Icelandia is an electro-pop group from the South Okanagan. They teamed up with director Steve Cogbill for their video 'Paper Suns' which features a forest creature that embarks on a quest seeking that which it most desires. A fantastical underwater world awaits in this abstract story of perils, triumph, and confronting inner demons.

Find more great music videos and web series at www.storyhive.com.

Adele visits cat cafe

Adele visited a cat cafe in Vancouver on Tuesday (19.07.16).

The 'Hello' hitmaker took a break from her world tour to take an unannounced trip to Catfé with her three-year-old son Angelo - who she has with partner Simon Konecki - and was particularly taken with a feline named Larry.

Employee Leona Morrison revealed: "We had no idea she was coming. We were overfull and then there was Adele.

"She was with her son and someone else and they came in and found Larry and gave him some pats and they were here quickly and then just left."

Leona admitted she and her colleagues didn't recognise the 28-year-old singer at first until she revealed her identity and asked to come in for 10 minutes, much to the delight of a children's birthday party which was taking place inside.

Leona said: "The mom told me afterwards it's a party no one will forget...

"We're just thrilled that she would come by and honoured and grateful."

The 'Skyfall' singer was "starstruck" by Larry, who is being adopted out.

Leona told CTV News: "He's very open to pats and he seemed to be really into it. He's a bit of a ladies man. He's a charmer."

After Adele and her son left the building, Catfé staff played some of her music for the cats and they "seemed amenable to it."

All of the cats at Catfé are adoptable through the BC SPCA's Drive for Lives scheme - which transports animals to the Lower Mainland from rural areas with lower adoption rates - and since opening its doors seven months ago, they have found homes for 149 felines.

Adele was in Vancouver ahead of two concerts there on July 20 and 21.


Kendall Jenner's Rocky fling

Kendall Jenner is reportedly having "a fling" with A$AP Rocky.

The 20-year-old model has been spending a lot of time with the 27-year-old rapper over the past few weeks and they are enjoying having fun together.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "It's a fling. It's not serious."

They first sparked rumours they were dating when they were seen walking through Paris together last month before enjoying an evening of eating and dancing.

The pair then caught up again in Los Angeles two weeks later.

Kendall was most recently linked to basketball player Jordan Clarkson and despite spending Fourth of July together, they're not keen to make anything official.

A source said: "They're casually dating but it's not anything very serious."

Kendall recently revealed she wants to be married with children within the next 10 years.

She wrote in a post on her website: "Hearing Kylie mention what she sees her life like at 30 - on a farm with kids - got me thinking about my own life in 10 years, which weirdly gave me a strong urge to play 'The Sims'.

"If I were building my perfect world on the game, this is how it would look: I'd have a beautiful, secluded house in Malibu with a gorgeous husband and a couple of kids.

"Seeing models like Cindy Crawford and Gisele live chilled but extremely fortunate and blessed lives seems like exactly what I would want.

"Even though I love dogs, I don't want to be overwhelmed so I'd probably just have one. I'd definitely want a horse, too, so I could ride whenever I wanted."

Joe Perry collapsed on stage

Joe Perry collapsed on stage due to dehydration and exhaustion.

The 65-year-old guitarist was rushed to hospital after passing out at the Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island in Brooklyn on July 10 as he played with his band the Hollywood Vampires.

It had been speculated that Perry had experienced a cardiac arrest but now he has now revealed a combination of dehydration and exhaustion caused his collapse.

He was initially taken to Coney Island Hospital and then treated at Columbia Presbyterian in Manhattan before being discharged to return home to California where he is resting.

Perry has been touring the Hollywood Vampires - which also features Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Matt Sorum from Guns N' Roses and Robert DeLeo form Stone Temple Pilots - and his Aerosmith bandmate Steven Tyler has expressed concern the group has been over-booked, leading to the six string strummer's health issues.

Speaking to Pulse of Radio, the 68-year-old singer said: ''I've had calls in for two days and I'm really concerned. I don't know what's going on with him and his management people. I just don't know and it's starting to scare me a little bit.

''I know they're putting out nothing but, 'He's recovering, he's really good, he fainted, exhaustion.' But I know my brother. And he's just about the only other guy that's just as passionate about his art as I am. He's always asking me to do three, four shows in a row. I know how to maintain my career, my health. I don't think he knows how to.

''I think he's out there and someone's over-booking him. Even though one could say the band booked themselves; well, that's righteous of 'em, but they're doing like eight or nine shows in a row - or five in a row. And I think they're all a little burnt. I think they need to look at that, Y'know, not young anymore, right?''

A statement released on behalf of the Hollywood Vampires has assured fans that Perry is ''stable and resting''.

A representative for the band told Rolling Stone: ''Joe Perry is stable and resting. His brother Vampires and fans wish him a speedy recovery.''

Dion thankful for fans

Celine Dion's fans helped her appreciate that "life is beautiful".

The 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker was left devastated in January when René Angelil - the father of her sons René-Charles, 15, and five-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson - died after a long battle from throat cancer, but the gifts and kind words she receives every day have helped her to cope.

She said: "Every day I go out and there are hundreds of people giving me paintings of [René], letters for me, books to soothe me, products for me to take time for myself, candies for the kids, colouring books.

"It's like, 'Wow, this is beyond music.' This is a relationship that I've been having with my fans for more than 30 years. They are helping me go through what millions and millions of people are going through every day.

"It makes you realise that life is beautiful, and you have to live for today. Today it's raining in Paris, and it doesn't make a difference for me anyway. Sunny, rainy, cold or hot, it's how you feel inside and the passion that you share."

The 48-year-old singer is also comforted by the fact her sons have coped well with their father's tragic passing, and her believe Rene is still "inside" her helps her carry on.

She told Entertainment Weekly magazine: "I am more than holding up, I have to tell you. My children, my family, my fans night after night--it feels like it's not just one thing that's helping me.

"My children adapted themselves so well, so that helps me as a mom to really cope with that tremendous loss. But I feel that he is inside of us, helping us, [saying] 'Go for it! I'm here, the kids are safe--have your passion, have a good time.' "

Ariel Winter dating friend?

Ariel Winter is reportedly dating Sterling Beaumon.

The 'Modern Family' actress - who split from longterm boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette last month - has been spotted out with the 21-year-old actor on several occasions and sources say they are more than just friends.

The pair attended the SkySpace Launch Party in Los Angeles together and were very affectionate with each other.

An onlooker told E! News: "The two arrived at the SkySpace LA event together and left together. They were seen hanging out all night and it seemed like they were more than just friends.

"They were definitely very flirty and always close to each other."

Ariel, 18, and Sterling - who shot to fame as a young Benjamin Linus on hit TV series 'Lost' - have known each for years and co-starred in a 2010 Nintendo commercial.

In the past week they have been seen at celebrity hots spots including The Roxy and The Nice Guy.

Ariel confirmed her split from Laurent last month with a funny Instagram post.

She wrote: "When you're surprised that people just haven't gotten it yet..." and added a gif of Kim Kardashian West saying, "I'm like dropping hints that I'm single."

The pair met in 2013 and Ariel previously revealed she made the first move.

She said: "It was kind of like I saw him, and I was like, I would like to get to know him. And I did! I'm very outgoing, so I kind of initiated the, 'Hi, I'm here! It's nice to meet you.'"

Shrek 5 release date

'Shrek 5' has been given the green light.

Following NBCUniversal's acquisition of Dreamworks Animation, 'Shrek 5' has been slated for a 2019 release alongside a creation from Edgar Wright and David Walliams titled 'Shadows', the Hollywood Reporter reports.

The announcement may come as a surprise to fans of the franchise as the last movie, 2010's 'Shrek Forever After, which was also marketed as 'Shrek: The Final Chapter', was thought to be the conclusion of the series, leaving things on a happy note for the lovable ogre.

Equally, the last two films didn't receive the same critical acclaim as the first two but they did go on to be box office hits, which is likely to be a large part of the reason why the studio have approved a fifth movie.

Addressing investors last month, NBCUniversal's CEO Steve Burke said that 'Despicable Me' and 'Minions' producer Chris Meledandri would be taking control of its new, expanded group of animated films, and also revealed he would be looking to revive 'Shrek'.

He said at the time: ''He is creatively going to try to help us figure out how to resurrect 'Shrek' and take a lot of the existing DreamWorks franchises and add value as we create new franchises.''

Along with the original films, the Shrek brand has spawned a number of spin-offs, which include 'Shrek the Halls', 2007, 'Scared Shrekless', 2010 and 'Puss in Boots' - a prequel to the Shrek series, exploring Puss' origin story and his life before meeting Shrek and Donkey.

No further details of the sequel have been released.

Mila Kunis' 2nd pregnancy

Mila Kunis keeps forgetting she's pregnant.

The 32-year-old actress is set to give birth to her second child later this year but she has admitted she has to keep reminding herself she has a little one growing inside her because she's so distracted with her and her husband Ashton Kutcher's 21-month-old daughter Wyatt all the time.

She explained: "With [my first pregnancy], I could tell you precisely what she was developing, and what stage it was ... but [with] the second one, I'm running after a toddler or I'm working, so I'm like, 'Oh that's right, I'm pregnant.' "

The brunette beauty even gets a mind-blank when it comes to remembering how far into her pregnancy she is.

She added: "The other day, someone asked me how far along I was and I was like, 'I have no idea'. I was like, 'I can tell you when I'm due, and then I can do the math.' "

Meanwhile, although she regularly forgets she's expecting another tot, Mila has no qualms about the baby's arrival as she knows Ashton, whom she married last year, will be very hands on from the moment the little one is born.

Speaking on 'Live With Kelly!', she said: "He's [Ashton] an incredible father. There's not even a question. You know some men -- and it's OK -- it takes them a little bit of time to adapt to having a baby and feel comfortable. Wyatt came out, and two seconds later he had it down. He's swaddling and changing diapers. He's incredible."

And Ashton - who was previously married to Demi Moore and acted as stepfather to her three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, with Bruce Willis - previously described parenthood as the "greatest thing ever."

He said: "It's legitimately the greatest thing ever."

Carr's Landing Art Tour

The  Twelfth Annual Carr's Landing Art Tour takes place this year on the two last weekends
in July:  July 23 -24 and July 30-31 in the hours between 10 and 4.   For the event artists in the Carr's Landing area open their studios to the public in an event which has drawn hundreds of visitors over the years.  Access to the event is from the south is via Okanagan Centre Road at the north end of Winfield or from Vernon via Commonage Road.   Directions and studios will be well marked with roadside signs.  Several wineries are affiliated with the Tour including Gray Monk, Intrigue, Arrowleaf Cellars, Ex Nihilo, 50th Parallel and Blind Tiger.

They welcome two new artists have joined the group this year.   Maureen Kaczkowski is a collage artist whose carefully crafted collages deal with social themes.   She will be exhibiting with Chris Malmkvist.   Daniela Hasler is a portrait artist of considerable talent.

Art Tour Passports and maps are available in a number of locations including each of the artist's studios.  They contain maps and directions to each studio.  Visiting 8 studios &/or wineries and collecting artists' signatures or winery stamps will earn guests a chance in draws to win artwork or wine.

For Further information: 250-766-4459 or [email protected]
or see them on Facebook Carrs Landing Art Tour 2016

Eva Longoria stays busy

Eva Longoria has likened her schedule to "rocket science".

The 'Desperate Housewives' star always has a packed schedule but has revealed the secret to getting it done is prioritizing and cutting back on social media browsing.

She told CNBC: "If I'm not moving forward, I'm moving faster forward. My schedule is usually like rocket science. I prioritize. I do conference calls while I'm driving. I do all my reading while I'm flying. I'm very efficient with my time.

"People waste more time than they realize. How long are you checking your Instagram? I recommend you prioritize, and that starts with having goals. You've got to know what's the most important thing in your life right now and focus on that."

However,, the 41-year-old actress recently took time out of her busy schedule to wed José Pepe Bastón and gushed about the "magical" day.

She shared: "[Our wedding] was so magical. We had so much fun as you can see from all the posts from everybody. It was the funnest wedding I had ever been to. I'm glad it was mine.

"I just flew back [from the honeymoon] a couple of hours ago. We went to Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand. We had this amazing wedding blessing from a monk who tied these [red string bracelets] on us. It was magical. My honeymoon was magical."

And despite not ruling out the possibility of having children one day, Eva insists she is content with having her "three beautiful step-kids" at the moment.

When asked if she wants to have children soon, she added: "Who knows! One thing at a time. I have three beautiful step-kids who are just amazing. They were part of the wedding so it was just special."

Beckham's home shopping

David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly searching for a £6 million country home.

The couple have recently finished renovations on their central London property but fashion designer Victoria is keen for the family to have a base away from the bustling city.

So after being inspired by TV show 'Downton Abbey', she is looking for a sprawling estate that boats stables, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, a design studio and a pond where soccer legend David can fish.

A source said: "Victoria has stepped up her search in recent weeks and wants to get a move on. She wants her own version of Downton Abbey - something very classic as opposed to their place in London which is very modern."

The couple - who have four children, Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 11, and five-year-old Harper, together - are said to be looking in or around the Cotswolds, south central England.

Friends say they are keen to buy a country home as Victoria thinks it will help improve family life.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "Victoria is desperate to find a new place in the country. She and David have struggled to make time for each other of late due to their hectic work schedules. But moving back to the country is a big step for them and a new phase in their relationship."

David and Victoria previously had a huge country mansion in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, which they sold in 2012.

They also have a home in Los Angeles, where they spend most of the children's school holidays.

Last week, removal vans were spotted outside their London property, sparking speculation they could be saying goodbye to the British capital.

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