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$10,000 for one putt

There's a saying in golf, you drive for show, and you putt for dough.

And, just as the young men on the Mackenzie Tour PGA Tour Canada know good things start with a good drive, so too does the professional sales staff at Kelowna Chrysler.

When the Mackenzie Tour returns to Gallagher's Canyon Golf and Country Club next month, one lucky person will have a chance to putt for $10,000, courtesy of Kelowna Chrysler.

It could be you.

There's two ways to enter.

Go to www.kelownawinner.ca and take part in a fun, interactive putting game. Along with a chance to enter the draw, you'll also win some great prizes from Kelowna Chrysler.

Or, pop down to Kelowna Chrysler at 2440 Enterprise Way, and ask for complimentary tickets to the Mackenzie Tour event, slated for June 14 to 18. That will automatically enter you into the draw.

Check out the putting green at the lot for more chances to win some great prizes.

No purchase necessary.

One name will be drawn from those received. That person will get one shot at $10,000.

For the past 45 years, Kelowna Chrysler has done more than just sell quality new, and pre-owned cars and trucks.

They have also been a strong community supporter, and a sponsor of the Mackenzie Tour's GolfBC Championship at Gallagher's Canyon.

"Golf is a great part of the fun and excitement of Kelowna," says managing director Scott Amis.

"When Ram trucks went 25 per cent on clearout this month we needed to get the word out quick. We knew the Mackenizie tour was a great sponsored way to get lots of exposure quickly and support the sport we love," he added.

If you love golf, and you're in the market for a new, or pre-owned vehicle, stop by and see what Kelowna Chrysler has to offer.

And, during the Month of RAM, we're offering 25 per cent off the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price on RAM truck. That could be worth up to $18,000 in cash discounts.

Who knows, that one visit could also be worth a cool $10,000.

Because, at Kelowna Chrysler you will drive for show, and maybe, just maybe, putt for dough.

Fight aging with lasers

When we’re in our twenties, it’s easy to say we’ll never use any sort of anti-aging products, maybe not even hair dye. Easy to say until we start seeing ourselves age. There’s been amazing advances in laser and radiowave technology that have enabled people to not undergo invasive surgery to get younger, healthier looking skin.

Tara Graves, a former makeup artist for the Hollywood film and TV world, has taken her passion for beauty behind the machine at Health Point Laser Clinic. She tells us about a new treatment using nanofractional radio waves, called the Venus Viva.

“As we age, because we’re always absorbing UVA and UVB from the sun, our skin becomes damaged and we start to see the visible signs of aging because of the loss of collagen and elastin," she said. "This treatment can help rosacea, scars, sun damage, pigment in the skin, large pores and more."

The treatment helps tighten and repair skin as it delivers radiofrequency through tiny pins that essentially create mild injury to the skin to force it to create new collagen. This helps tighten and smooth the skin. The entire treatment takes less than a half hour, is painless and has minimal to no downtime.

Check out the video above to see how the process works.

A new take on used cars

Their roots cling firmly to the dirt of small-town Western Canada, but a new player in the Kelowna car market is putting a big twist on how people think about used cars.

Driving Force will open its Kelowna operation today, and Norman Leach, the company’s director of marketing and communications, hopes locals will embrace the company’s fresh take on the used car business.

The company’s method, honed over the decades since they first opened in Spruce Grove 39 years ago, is not to just pick up old cars and plunk them on a lot to re-sell. 

Instead, they buy brand new vehicles, operate them for a while as rentals, and then sell them at a discounted price once they’ve done their service in the fleet.

It’s a model that allows the company to both provide quality car rentals, and sell slightly used cars at eyebrow-raising prices.

“We’re not in the business of reselling used cars, we’re in the business of manufacturing used cars,” Leach explains. “You can come to us and buy everything from a 26-foot van to an Audi A6, or, if you just need it for a few days, rent that same van or Audi.”

“We sell great vehicles, with low mileage, at a much lower price than a traditional used car lot,” Leach continues.

It’s a novel concept, and one that Driving Force has brought to 24 communities across Western Canada.

Prices aside, Leach says he loves what the company does because it’s an innovative approach to a very traditional business, but also because it allows them to give back to the communities where they set up shop.

“It’s easy to get lost in big cities and be just another business, but in smaller centres we are able to become a part of the community. We’re the people who sit next to you on the hockey bench, we’re the people who go to the symphony with you, and we love that feeling,” Leach says.

Already, Driving Force has signed on to be the official transportation provider of the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, and Leach is very excited about a plan developing with the Kelowna Rockets that would see the company become an active part of Rockets home games.

To learn more about Driving Force, head down to their new Kelowna location at 2320 Highway 97 North, or browse their Kelowna inventory online.


Win cash for your recipe

Choose a recipe, grab a partner, and film a cooking video for your chance to win

Cooking brings people together; it fosters creativity, teaches patience and helps us better appreciate the food we eat.

Cooking can be incredibly rewarding; it can build communities and inspire passion in people young and old. 

And now, thanks to Better Together BC, cooking can also win you some serious cash.

The group’s highly-anticipated Hands-on Cook-off challenge launches across the province April 18.

The challenge seeks to help families celebrate the joy of cooking and eating together by asking a multi-generational pair, or two young people, to submit a video demonstrating how to prepare their favourite recipe.

Breakfast, BBQ, pizza, salad, dinner, snacks: recipes of any flavour are on the table. Simply share one of your favourites and show everyone why the dish is better made together.

This year’s theme is “celebrating and redefining family,” because here in B.C. family means something different to everyone. 

Cooking together is a grounding and deeply bonding tradition for individuals, families, and for communities, and the Hands-on Cook-off challenge continues to inspire more people to enjoy family meals. 

Cooking and eating together is linked to all kinds of benefits for children, youth and families –  including better grades in school, better physical and mental health, and better overall social adaptability.

To enter the challenge, any B.C. resident can simply submit a video to Better Together BC between April 18 and May 18. Videos must be no longer than three minutes, and can be entered online here.

A bounty of $1,000 and $500 cash prizes are up for grabs in several different categories, with more than $4,000 on the table.

This year, for the first time ever, families of foodies can also enter a video on Instagram. Follow and tag @bettertogetherbc and include the hashtag #handsoncookoff on a one-minute video featuring two generations cooking together and you can win a $250 Amazon gift card.

This year’s panel of judges feature the likes to TV personality and cook, Art Napoleon; the co-founder of Foodie Kids Inc. Michelle Tang; Chef Paul Cecconi of Brodo Kitchen; Rebecca Coleman of Cooking By Laptop; and award-winning cooking instructor, Chef Heidi Fink.

That means if you get chosen, it was by some seriously sensational culinary minds.

To enter, for more information on the challenge or for complete contest rules visit Better Together BC online.

You can also check out Better Together BC on social media through the #handsoncookoff hashtag. They’re on Facebook @bettertogetherbc, Twitter @bettertogether and Instagram @bettertogetherbc.

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