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Going Nuts

This past Saturday was the perfect occasion to go nuts in West Kelowna! Visitors were invited to the Gellatly Heritage Farm for the Annual Fall Harvest Fair. The nut orchard celebrated its 101st birthday this year and is the oldest of its kind in BC!

There was a wide variety of vendors selling delicious fresh fruits, locally grown vegetables and home made pastries, as well as featuring talented artists and craftsmen.

The playground was filled with kids having fun by the lake and enjoying the fresh breeze coming from the south.



And what a great occasion for a family picnic!

Families from all around the country were thrilled to handpick nuts, or peacefully walk through the historical farm.

You can handpick a whole variety of nuts until early November from 9am – 4pm, 7 days a week. All the proceeds from the sales goes towards restoring and maintaining the site, which is also a RDCO Regional Park.

Picture the Okanagan invites you to check out the Spooktacular Halloween Pumpkin Walk at the farm later in October, and look forward to seeing you again next year!


Fun in the Sun

These past few months, the Valley gathered locals and tourists together to enjoy everything there is to be done under the sun, our delicious wines, attractive golf courses and our legendary hospitality! Summer in the Okanagan also mean plenty of events and festivals taking place in the many welcoming communities.

Kids are now back to school, the joyful laughter on the beaches has been replaced with the quietness of the water clapping on the shores. It’s already that time of the year where days are getting shorter and the air is becoming cooler, proof that autumn is at our doorstep, ready to take over from summer.

For its last column of the season, Picture the Okanagan toured the Valley to feature what gives the Okanagan its inredible reputation and what makes it such a fantastic destination to visit, as well as an awesome place to live in...you!


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114th Interior Provincial Exhibition

A crowd estimated at well over 100,000 people gathered to the 114th Interior Provincial Exhibition & Stampede in Armstrong and Picture the Okanagan was amongst them! Beautiful sunny weather combined with smiley faces and excitement, everyone I met had a great time!

A broad range of activities could be enjoyed under a blue sky such as the rodeo, a pony competition, Monster Truck rides, a lumberjack show, live music, hours of fun in the amusement park and much more!

A huge kudos to the organization, the volunteers, the food vendors, the exhibitors & everyone who worked extremely hard to make the biggest crowd gathering event of the Okanagan a huge success!




Fun In Summerland

This week, Picture the Okanagan invites you to enjoy a day of fun in Summerland! Whether you are with your family, alone, with friends, a refreshing hike around Garnet Lake will fill you with plenty of energy, quietness & breathtaking viewpoints on the emerald coloured lake in the middle of wilderness yet only steps away from town.

The road to get to the protected park is partly paved, partly gravel and is well maintained. There are washroom and picnic tables on site, and the parking lot is accessible just past the dam, at the south tip of the lake. While you explore the area, you’ll find yourself walking the oldest route of the Okanagan Valley, the Fur Brigade Trail, which goes through a beautiful pine forest with lots of clearing on the ground and interesting vegetation and features. Bring a lunch, and enjoy the sound of nature and everything the area has to offer!

On your way back to town, a stop to the Peach Orchard and Rotary Beaches is a must! Featuring a kids playground, picnic tables, doggy beach, volleyball court, a boat launch, docks and a pier, there’s countless things to be done for a full afternoon of fun in Summerland!

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