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House, with pool

The pros and cons of a swimming pool home

In the Okanagan Valley, many of us love the idea of owning a home with a swimming pool. 

Swimming pools are a luxury for some people, for others they feel like a common necessity. Relaxing with our kids in those long Okanagan summer days, and drinking and dining beside the water during lazy summer nights - but is it an investment that pays off?

If you've been thinking about buying a home with a swimming pool, here are the things you should know:

The Pros

It’s fun! 

It’s a great way to get a daily dose of exercise for you and your children.

It’s perfect for relaxing, and ideal for spending weekends under the summer sun. It can keep your children where you can supervise them, rather than out and about.

It’s great for birthdays, parties, and other fun and special events.

It may help you sell your property to a buyer who wants a swimming pool.  

The Cons

It can be dangerous with children around, or, for that matter, anybody who doesn’t know how to swim. Every swimming pool needs proper safety fencing and door locks installed. Make sure you are prepared to pay for these added items, plus appropriate insurance.

Be aware that if you install a pool, chances are very good that you will never increase the market price of your home enough to include what you spent on the pool unless you own the home for a very long time.

Pools require constant maintenance, care, and filtration. It’s not a “set it and forget it solution” – it’s a part time job, like most luxury items.

The ongoing maintenance is costly, and you must be prepared for the added cost of running a pool. The chemicals, heating, and water bill alone are well into thousands per year.  

If you add a pool to your home, be aware that it will be a long time before you get your investment back, if ever. If you buy a home with a pool already installed, you must realize that when you sell, there is a limited market for your home. In both scenarios, you will have a huge ongoing maintenance bill.  

Some buyers want to buy homes with pools, but a larger number won’t touch them. Resale wise, they aren’t a great investment, but enjoyment wise – they are the best.

So, if you are up to investing in a swimming pool for your home, or buying a home with a swimming pool, make sure the enjoyment will outweigh the costs.  

Either way, here’s wishing you happy and pleasant summer days ahead!

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Waterfront? Where?

Buying waterfront property in Vernon?

Which lake? Okanagan, Kalamalka or Swan?

The Okanagan Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere, and a real source of pride here in British Columbia. 

The beauty mainly comes from the pearls of the Okanagan, as they are commonly known: lakes Kalamalka, Okanagan, and Swan.

For many new buyers, the struggle to choose between these lakes is very real. All three are surrounded by amazing beauty,  offer a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle, and create part of the best landscape in the country.

Most people cannot buy three properties, one on each lake, so one must make a well-informed decision of which lake is best for them.  

Swan Lake
This lake is a breeding, nesting, and migration haven for ducks, waterfowl, mash birds and more - combining flora and fauna, but is also a habitat for many reptiles and small mammals. As this lake is calm and relatively shallow, water sports such as water skiing and dragon boat racing in the summer are common, with ice fishing a popular sport in the winter.  

Okanagan Lake
Properties on Okanagan Lake deliver a special ambient which is nature-inspired but also well-connected to the bordering cities - Vernon in the north, Penticton in the south and Kelowna in the center. Less crowded with boats in the summertime due to its sheer length, Okanagan Lake is the best choice for someone who wants to be able to boat for 90 miles straight, with the opportunity to visit these neighbouring cities.  

Kalamalka Lake
Buying on Kalamalka Lake means living on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Being one of Vernon’s most visited tourist destinations, Kalamalka Lake mixes soft blues and green colours in an incredibly pleasing environment. It is the most popular and stunning of all the lakes, and therefore the most crowded on those hot summer days. 

Which one to choose?

In the final analysis, all three lakes combine a true real estate lake paradise in the North Okanagan. Choosing the right lake is based on your daily activities as well as your chosen or required price range. Homes on Kalamalka Lake are generally the most expensive, with homes on Swan being the least. 

Ultimately, living by a lake will sharpen the senses of every waterfront enthusiast. Choosing the right one is the hard part.

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House won't sell?

Three details that must align for a successful home sale

For a successful sale of any home, there are three key factors that must come into alignment. When these factors come into balance, your home will sell. When homes sit on the market for extended periods of time, it is because one, or more, of the factors is out of whack. Sometimes it can mean that a house will simply never sell.

The first of the three factors on our list is the condition of your home. If the condition is excellent, your house will generally sell faster, and for more money.  

The second critical factor is exposure to the marketplace, something we commonly refer to as marketing. The more exposure/marketing a home receives, the more inquiries, showings and offers it gets. Sometimes even multiple offers.

Yes, you knew it was coming. The price has to be considered right as it compares to the market. Who determines the market value? Well . . .  the market. Buyers will determine if a home is priced well, or at least within a reasonable margin of market value, and will offer accordingly. Market value is determined based on how badly a seller wants to sell, and how badly a buyer wants to buy. 

All the above items are dependent on each other. If condition goes down, price goes down. If exposure goes up, price goes up. And vice versa for both.  

There is one very important thing for sellers to note: Your agent can only control one of these three factors: The exposure of your home to the market. As owner and seller of your home, you are in charge of the condition and the price. We can suggest, advise, and even recommend a list price, however only you can choose the price. 

Just as prices in the stock market rise and fall based on supply, demand, and other external market conditions, so does the market value of your home. Market value is a moving target, and constant analysis and review of list price is imperative for a successful home sale. Only you can choose to adjust the price when necessary.  

If your home has not sold, then one or more of the three factors above is the issue. First, examine the exposure of your home. If the exposure is excellent, then the blame must fall on condition and/or price. Condition must go up, or price must come down. 

The market is not always kind, however it is never wrong.   

Questions or comments, [email protected]

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Loo redo

The Seven: Cool Bathroom Upgrades 

Underwhelmed with your bathroom style? Then it’s time for a change. Every bathroom benefits from a remodelling every several years, and it does not have to come with a big price tag.  

To help make your bathroom look better than ever, here are seven unique and inexpensive upgrade solutions that will make the loo spiffy.

1 - Vintage dresser vanity
Seems as though the world is shifting to that retro look seen in the movies. But vintage bathroom vanities are in more than ever - which is why recycling and, if necessary, refinishing your vintage chest or dresser vanity is a great idea. Your bathroom will be stylin’.

2 - Replace your towel bar
Investing in good looking modern towel bars is inexpensive and will immediately update your bathroom for a very low cost. They are easy to install yourself, and there are endless choices at Home Depot, or your local hardware store.  

3 - Install a shower door
It's the 21st century and time to ditch the shower curtain. Shower doors are one of the best upgrades your bathroom can get. Not only are they practical by preventing any leakage to the floor, they will expand your bathroom space, without blurring it with a dull floral design.

4 - Invest In smart storage
Bathrooms are always in need of a (dry) space, which is why you should consider every space as an opportunity to put drawers or cabinetry on the wall. It’s inexpensive, practical and looks good.

5 - Monochrome or 3D bathroom tiles
Monochrome is a recent trend for bathrooms - if you want your bathroom to look royal and elegant, consider a 3D monochrome design.

6 - Media And music
Hey, it is the era of technology, isn't it? You can add music and media in your bathroom to entertain yourself during relaxing soaks. A small television or a Bose Sounklink is an easy way to add media without the fuss of rewiring.

7 - In-floor heating
Cold winter mornings demand ways to quickly shed the cold. Our first contact in the morning is the bathroom floor, and in-floor heat will warm your body from the feet up. If you are replacing your flooring anyway, now is the time to add a heating mat or wiring to warm those toes.


These bathroom remodelling trends are a sound investment at minimal cost. They make the most of your current bathroom space, whether it’s for resale or the long-term comfort and beauty of your home.

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Lisa Salt is a Vernon born Realtor® who, along with her husband Gord Fowler from Calgary, lead one of the most successful and dynamic real estate teams in the North Okanagan. 

An international clay target shooting champion, Lisa brought the attributes of hard work and diligent focus to the real estate industry to create the success she and her team have today. 

To experience the local knowledge and expertise that only someone born and raised in the Okanagan can offer, call Lisa today and 'Just Add Salt'.

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