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Reel Quick Movie Reviews

Brad Pitt's "Fury" explodes into theatres

All these movies are perfect with popcorn, but what are you in the mood for? 
Lots of swearing, shooting, and blood; it's probably one of the best war movies I've ever seen. The graphic scenes were intense while the cinematography, music and sets worked perfectly to depict the atrocities of war. Pitt's performance was nothing less than stellar, but it was the Percy Jackson kid (Logan Lerman) who really nailed his part and impressed me. 
My Rating: 30/34
Reminded me of: Lone Survivor, Inglorious Basterds, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Though it was another victim of one of those "the funniest parts are in the trailer" movie, it still was an enjoyable flick. It made several references to the classic kid's book and there's sure to be a scene that everyone in the family can relate to. I certainly wouldn't call it a big screen movie, but you can tell that the fun cast had a blast while filming.

My Rating: 25/34

Reminded me of: The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Judge
The acting was great in this dysfunctional family situation, but even with Robert Downey Jr's snark, I thought this movie was too long. Now that I've said that, it'll probably be nominated for a bunch of awards. Be prepared for a lot of Robert Downey breakdowns though - I've never seen him cry so much.
My Rating: 23/34
Reminded me of: August: Osage County, A Few Good Men
See you at the movies!


A disappearing wife, cheap flights & trolls

The title pretty much sums up the current movies this week. Fall is coming and the movie selection keeps getting better! I found some gems this week, so read on to check out my 3-sentence reviews!
Gone Girl
It's hard to describe or even review this thriller without spoiling any of the twisted and suspenseful plot. But let me say this - if you liked the book, you won't be disappointed by the movie and if you haven't read the book, be prepared for anything. The casting was near perfect but with an 18A rating, you'll want to find a babysitter for the kids.
My Rating: 29/34
Reminded me of: Prisoners, Side Effects, The Call


Hector and the Search for Happiness

In my opinion, this movie could have been a whole lot shorter if Hector had just gone to Disneyland. That being said, his more expensive route made for a soul-searching story with a lot of heart. Solid performances all around, it was an inspirational flick about taking risks and cheap flights to make sure your priorities are in check.

My Rating: 31/34
Reminded me of: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The F Word, Kings of Summer

The Boxtrolls

Oh, this was a delightful, charming, and all-around quirky movie. It's mind numbing to imagine how much work went into the creation of this stop-motion masterpiece, but it's truly a work of art. Some unexpectedly weird parts, (and a lot of characters biting each other), but the unique story was a welcome change from a "just-for-comedy" animated movie.

My Rating: 27/34

Reminded me of: ParaNorman, The Great Mouse Detective, An American Tail, Tarzan, Despicable Me 

Bonus: There's an extra scene about 2 minutes into the credits that's worth sticking around for. 

"The F word" isn't bad

It was a mix of romantic, mystery and drama at the theatres recently. So grab some popcorn and catch a movie because there's a pretty decent selection! 
The F word (also released with an alternative title: "What If")

I appreciate awkward movies because of the "real life" feel they bring, and this one was no exception. It was full of fun and original banter, inside jokes and fun cast. It had its fair share of predictable parts (without being overly cheesy), and not what I would rate PG, but I thought Harry Potter pulled off another successful flick. 

My Rating: 29/34
Reminded me of: The Way Way Back, Ruby Sparks, When Harry Met Sally
This was a really long but truly remarkable movie. They used the same actors for 12 consecutive years (age 6-18), so it's just like you're growing up with this boy and his sister. Since it doesn't have any action or any plot, you really have to be in a specific mood, but it is, without a doubt, a work of art and an Oscar contender. 

My Rating: 28/34
Reminded me of: Before Midnight, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, One Day

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner just wants to be another Hunger Games trilogy. Trying its best to be new and original, it was thick with mystery and suspense, but went a bit over the top in some places. It wasn't all bad, but the mix of familiar dystopian plots, overdramatic scenes, and poor casting choices (don't get me started on the distracting eyebrows), had me thinking of better quality films of this genre. 
My Rating: 24/34
Reminded me of: Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies, Catching Fire, Ender's Game, Edge of Tomorrow 
See you at the movies!

Coming to a theatre near you!

The Oscar-worthy movies aren't quite out yet, but I did find a few that peaked my interest. If you like football and real stories, When the Game Stands Tall was my favourite this week. 

When the Game Stands Tall

Even though I wouldn't consider myself a football fan, this story had enough heart in it to keep me interested. Because it was based on a true story, I was so much more invested in the characters, their stories, and their lives. With a fun soundtrack, my only complaint was that it was very similar to all the other 'true sports stories" movies.

My Rating: 28/34

Reminded me of: Remember the Titans, Facing the Giants, Million Dollar Arm

Magic in the Moonlight

Colin Firth is, without a doubt, the best part of this movie (sorry, Emma Stone). It's a typical Woody Allen script - controversial and does more than just dabble in existentialism, faith, and other deep topics. However, the cinematography was fantastic and may tempt you to buy a one-way plane ticket to France.

My Rating: 25/34

Reminded me of: Midnight in Paris, Importance of Being Earnest, The Prestige

Be on the lookout for: 
The Box Trolls (September): From the makers of ParaNorman, I'm looking forward to this quirky stop-animation movie. Check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes fun here.
The Maze Runner (September): With rumour of a sequel already in the works, this book-to-movie adaptation should be a heart-pounding, action-filled mystery. You can see the trailer here.
The Judge (October): Because we're always looking forward to Robert Downey Jr.'s next new movie. 
Gone Girl (October): From the best-seller list, it's a mystery/thriller. And Ben Affleck haters can just leave, because this trailer gives me the chills. 
See you at the movies!

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