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Reel Quick Movie Reviews

Dinosaur Robots and Doo-wop

This summer holds tons of action movies to choose from, but there were a few dramas out there I really enjoyed this week. Here are my spoiler-free reviews!

Jersey Boys 

This nostalgic movie will transport you to the 60s for inside look into the world of fame and fortune and the cost of it all. Based off a musical, it definitely has a strong Broadway feel, but the sets, music and costumes were excellent. Whether they are familiar classics to you or you're hearing the Doo-wop songs for the first time, you'll be tapping your toes and definitely leave with these catchy songs stuck in your head.

My Rating: 28/34

Reminded me of: Walk the Line, Gangster Squad, Hairspray



If you’re looking for a break from the action-packed blockbusters that seem to come out each week, this historical drama is a welcome change. Based off a true story, the elaborate sets and gorgeous costumes will probably get this movie nominated for some “Most Convincing 18th Century” award. It was very predictable, but with a great cast, it was still worth a watch if you’re into the “Jane Austin-esque” genre. 

My Rating: 27/34 
Reminded me of: Lincoln, The Butler, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility
Oh Michael Bay, you've really out done yourself this time. From Optimus Prime training dinosaurs, to Mark Wahlberg single-handedly fighting robots, there wasn't a building or car untouched in Bay's trademark overly explosive scenes. Even after suspending disbelief for 2.5 hours, the cringe-worthy dialogue made me never want to watch this movie again. 
My Rating: 15/34
Reminded me of: Transformers 1-3, Pacific Rim, Jurassic Park
See you at the movies!


Dragons, Aliens & Food Trucks

Now that school's out, there's more time to head to the theatres and check out the latest movies! With something for everyone, here are my thoughts on select movies this week:


Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise is a new recruit with fear of blood and a lot to learn in this "50 First Dates meets sci-fi" action flick. True to time-travel movies, this one was especially riddled with bullets as well as plot holes, but was better than its trailer made it seem. And if you're into alien-things trying to take over the planet by force, this movie has enough explosions to make Michael Bay jealous.

My Rating: 26/34 

Reminded me of: Groundhog Day, Pacific Rim, 50 First Dates, Wreck-It-Ralph, Pacific Rim, Minority Report


How to Train Your Dragon 2

As much as I like the humour and wit of these movies, this sequel didn't live up to my expectations. A few heartwarming scenes didn’t seem to outweigh the weak plot and the mishmash of multiple story lines running throughout. It was great to see the adorable Toothless again, (and in 3D!), but I think this sequel could have had stronger characters, plot and charm like the first.

My Rating: 26/34 

Reminded me of: How to Train Your Dragon, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Croods



It is essential that you see this movie on a full stomach, or at least with a large bag of popcorn on your lap. This unusual father-son story was an unexpected collision of music, food, culture and social media. Though it has a star-studded cast, it was the solid performance from the kid (who plays Percy) that gave this movie heart and passion. 

My Rating: 28/34

Reminded me of: No Reservations, Ratatouille


See you at the movies!

Sneak in Kleenex into theatres this week!

This week at the movies was an emotional roller coaster of tears, laughter and drama. Check out my concise reviews for your next movie night out!


This whimsical movie had a fresh storybook feel to it, but it was a bit off course from hitting its mark. Angelina's cheekbones had a solid performance but the acting seemed forced in a few parts, possibly because of a weak script. With a few unexpected twists in the story (it helps to forget everything you ever knew about the classic Sleeping Beauty) I did like the creative spin from the villain's perspective.

My Rating: 25/34
Reminded me of: Wicked, Alice in Wonderland (2010), Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Lord of the Rings
The Fault in Our Stars 
True to book, this depressing yet amazing movie is in no way "mascara-friendly". I mean, this tragic love story makes The Notebook seem like a comedy. When you combine superb acting with a great soundtrack, my only advice to you is to bring a box of Kleenex. 
My Rating: 29/34
Reminded me of: My Sister's Keeper, Walk to Remember, The Notebook
The Grand Seduction
I'll be the first to admit that Canadian films can be exceptionally terrible (check out my review on 'Enemy' with Jake Gyllenhaal), but Grand Seduction had the right balance of hilarious moments, authenticity and heart to make it a huge success. With very few big names, it will never be a popular Hollywood blockbuster, but I really liked that it was never trying to be one.
My Rating: 29/34
Reminded me of: The Barbarian Invasions, The Shipping News, P.S. I Love You
See you at the movies!


X-men vs. Amazing Spider-Man?

This summer kicks off early with several anticipated action-packed blockbusters and an underdog story. Here are my quick reviews of the latest to hit the screens.


X-men: Days of Future Past

It's not every day you get to witness Gandalf, Juno and Catwoman working together to send Wolverine back in time to stop Katniss from killing a dwarf president. Setting the time travel plot holes aside, this movie was predictable but everything Marvel comic fans love. I especially noticed that CGI was saturated throughout the film, but then again, so were Hugh Jackman's abs. 

My Rating: 27/34

Reminded me of: X-Men, Inception, Back to the Future, Olympus has Fallen

Bonus: There is a short scene at the very end of the credits!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

For someone who doesn't even like spiders, this movie was way better than I expected. An awesome movie for the big screen, this sequel has more impressive effects and action scenes than its predecessor "The Amazing Spider-Man". With just the right amount of comedy and chemistry, it goes without saying that Andrew Garfield > Tobey Maguire.

My Rating: 29/34

Reminded me of: The Amazing Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Thor 2

Bonus: There's an X-men: Days of Future Past trailer after the credits start


The Other Woman

Why do they make movies like this almost 2 hours long? The beginning dragged on and the ending was pretty terrible, but it did have some hilarious redemptive parts in between. Save this one for a girl's night if you're looking for a morally skewed and over-the-top revenge story.


My Rating: 21/34

Reminded me of: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Crazy Stupid Love, What's Your Number


Million Dollar Arm

It's been too long since there's been a heart-warming, funny, inspiring story for anyone who's stopped believing in themselves. I was impressed with this movie and so pleased I got the chance to watch this gem before it left theatres. Not just for sports fans, this underdog story will remind you that life is about risks and failures, and there's always more than meets the eye. 
My Rating: 31/34
Reminded me of: 42, Miracle, Philomena, Invincible, Odd Life of Timothy Green

See you at the movies!

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