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We all have our own personal style and often won’t go outside of that box. Maybe you won’t wear floral prints, but when you see them on your BFF, you love it. Perhaps learning what your personal style is will help you step outside of that box and be creative within your comfort zone.

Take this fun little quiz to see where you fit in.


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Brand crushes & music fests

I woke up this morning thinking.. “Oh no, it’s here.. Monday found me!” All I wanted to do was pull the blankets over my head and tell responsibility I wasn’t ready for it today. But alas, my coffee craving overpowered the desire to sleep so off I went to face the day with my new caffeine fueled enthusiasm.

Walking into work after a weekend, nothing can really prepare you for what you will face that day. I felt it as soon as I stepped in the door. That feeling that can only be described as butterflies that had too much Redbull. It crept from my stomach and warmed in my throat. I couldn’t catch my breath, I couldn’t form proper sentences, but there it was… A full blown Brand Crush! It seems over the weekend we got in a TON of new stock and what I was seeing was nothing short of love. The colours, the textures and oh my.. the cuts! I had to touch them, try them on, see every single item that we got in because they were too beautiful not to!

It seems that MinkPink has buried a hole in my heart and built a home in there. As I draped myself in these fabulous flowing fabrics it dawned on me…… FESTIVAL SEASON IS UPON US! In just a couple of short weeks the season will begin and I don’t know about you, but I want to be prepared.

With my Monday now being filled with childlike excitement of a new found love, I knew I had to share it with everyone and spread it around. Here at Frakas, we have come up with a list of some of the “must haves” you will need for this Music Festival Season, using some of our new beloved MinkPink gear, to make this season your best one yet! Take a look, fall in love, and make your Monday the best one yet!

MinkPink “Native Story” Slasher shorts, MinkPink “Shipwrecked” Tank, MinkPink “Festival Addict” Tank, Flower crown, BohoMarks Metallic Tattoos, bangles, fringe purse, statement necklace, dry shampoo and BoxedWater to keep you hydrated! Can you say OBSESSED?

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Article written by Darcy Burns (Frakas Stylist and Blogger).

Sheer, sheer and more sheer

Let's face it: sheer fabrics are never going away and thank goodness - not only do they jazz up tops and dresses but they make us feel like we're wearing nothing. But of course, designers wouldn't be designers if they didn't mix things up, which is why labels such as Ports 1961 and Roberto Cavalli led the charge with daring and outrageously feminine sheer looks for Spring 2015.

The New Crop Top

And we can't stop...and we won't stop (wearing crop tops, that is). Sure, Miley Cyrus made crop tops the uniform of 2013 and 2014, but the revealing outerwear of 2015 turns it on its head. Think ladylike, classy and elegant with lace or crochet detail.


Fresh Florals

Yes, we'll never get tired of florals for Spring. Fortunately, designers such as Chanel, Think big, bold and unabashedly feminine. Florals: they're here for good.


Boho Everywhere

Ditch your mini-skirts and tank tops for something a bit more romantic (and comfortable). The new boho look for spring 2015 comes courtesy of designers such as Vera Wang, who sent soft floor-sweeping dresses down the runway; We are doing hippy look with a twist. Long flowy kimonos with fringed hems and wide sleeves, suede bags with long tassels.


Whatever your style...ENJOY SPRING!

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Are you a Boxing Day shopper?

If you are anything like me, I assume you avoid shopping on Boxing Day like you would avoid sticking a pin in your eye. Crowds and parking wars don’t sound like a lot of fun. I must be honest though, I have not experienced Boxing Day shopping first hand as I am often working that day.

I can tell you where to head on Boxing Day to avoid all the chaos but still get in on the deals. Yes, I know you are thinking about shopping online in your jammies from the comfort of your sofa, and yes this can be a great way to shop, but I do have another suggestion.

Shop small business and shop local. You will find friendly staff to help, parking more abundant and a less frenzied atmosphere will make for an enjoyable experience. Local boutiques like Frakas need to get rid of last year’s fashions in order to buy new for 2015, so we are discounting our stock deeply. Fashion retailers are receiving “Spring” stock earlier each year, so with the new arrivals showing up early in January, we need to make room by discounting all our 2014 stock. This is a great time for deals in the fashion apparel world! There are often amazing fashion pieces still available as this is the least likely item to be sold as a gift. Many gift givers don’t want to be bothered with size, so scarves, leggings, hats and jewelry will often go first, leaving some great finds on dresses, tops and sweaters in lines such as MinkPInk at 40% -80% off on Boxing Day!

Shopping for a New Year's dress during Boxing week is a great idea too. Most dresses that didn’t sell before Christmas, will be discounted.

Come on out and see us in Mission Park Mall and we promise to serve with a smile, while offering amazing deals on Boxing Day!

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