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The Fashion Frakas by Colleen Becker

Tattoo jewelry obsession!

Temporary Jewelry Tattoos: The latest craze to hit the fashion world.

Whether you’ve seen them in the pages of Vogue magazine, on the bodies of divas like Beyonce or Rhianna, the decorative gold and silver body jewelry has become a fashion and beauty phenomenon popping up just in the past few months. The decorative pieces come in the form of stenciled delicate chain bracelets, laurel necklaces to festival ready feathers that seem to float across the skin with a sparkle. Easy to apply, and sold in packages of assorted designs. Easy to apply in under one minute and lasting for a week, this option offers a change in jewelry weekly. Stack them on, or go with one simple accent piece, the tattoos can be worn by all ages and there are designs to go with all outfits.

This trend started as an accent item to the Boho Festival look in clothing this Summer, but has been picked up by the fashion and beauty industry as a major statement for Fall/Winter 2014.

Get your tattoo packages for just $24 at Frakas (in store or online) or stop by and we’d be happy to apply a sample tattoo.

For more tattoo images visit our facebook page: Frakas Boutique or see them on line at

Shopping is my cardio!

Graphic tees = all the rage

Think of any saying, and it is probably available on a t-shirt, tank top or crop top. The bolder, the better. Shopping is my Cardio; Go F%$k your #selfie; I woke up like this; Drop out; I was born in the wrong generation; - to name a few of the choices in store now.

This growing trend is super prevalent during the summer months, with tank tops being the #1 seller.  I expect this trend will stay strong into the fall months with short sleeve and long sleeve T-shirts heading the way.

T-shirts have come a long way. They are super soft and cozy. I almost want to use the word, "plush" to describe them. Available in a variety of styles from asymetrical hems, to boat necks, to plunging backs. Made of lightweight rayon with spandex makes them wrinkle free and comfortable to wear. Available in an assortment of colors, but the bolder the print, the better. Keep your eyes on the beaches this summer for sayings ranging from philosophical to down-right rude!

Coachella Coachella!

What began as a chill, relaxed musical atmosphere has slowly morphed into one of the biggest fashion events of the year, prompting trendy, style-conscious ladies to plan their Coachella wardrobe well ahead of time. The festival is now known to set the stage for what to wear and which trends to follow for the rest of the summer season.

The fashion rules at Coachella are as follows:

  • Experimental.
  • Celebrities and nobodies equally outrageous.
  • Floral prints, tie dye, fringe, flower crowns, crop tops and bindis/other facial jewels, cut off shorts, band tees.
  • Over the top: full on costumes, a performer wearing a sheer mesh bodysuit with nothing but pasties underneath.
  • "Hippie" & "Boho chic".
  • Lots of head gear.. flowers/flower crowns, jeweled headbands, floppy hats, fedoras, feathers and full-on Native American inspired head dresses.
  • Bright printed maxi dresses, maxi skirts and palazzo pants are examples of the flowy, hippie-esque styles.


If you missed Coachella 2014, there is always 2015 to look forward to.

Meanwhile check out all the music festivals happening in our own province this Summer.

Get your Music fest gear at or check us out on Facebook at Frakas Boutique.


Coming up daisies

I recently spent a week immersed in the fashion scene while attending the largest fashion trade show in the world. It's called Magic Market Week and is held in Las Vegas twice per year. Celebrities make an appearance here when they launch a fashion line. (We were fortunate enough to see Fergie close up). The show is huge, so you really need to be at the right place at the right time. The show is open to retailers only and closed to the public. It draws more than 80,000 people to Vegas during MAGIC week. After Vegas, I made a two day stop in Los Angeles to shop the Fashion District.

If I had to choose one trend that stuck out in my mind the most this Spring, it would be the daisy trend. Daisy print tops, shorts, rompers, dresses and pants. Accessories such as daisy headbands, daisy statement necklaces, daisy earrings, and all things daisy. There is something very serene about a bunch of daisies. Reminding me of a picnic in a park, this is a sweet feminine look that can be worn by any woman. Add a daisy accessory or go all out in a daisy print dress.

The 1960's Flower Child look is trending big time this Spring/Summer, and that is how the daisies come into play. Round frame sunglasses, crop tops, fringe tops, high waisted skirts and shorts, flowy printed pants, crochet bags and kimonos.

All three Frakas locations are overflowing with daisies and other amazing Spring fashions. Stop by and let one of our stylists help you find your inner 60's girl.

Visit us on Facebook at "Frakas Boutique", or on line at

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Colleen Becker is the owner /operator of FRAKAS, Shops for Women Inc. Frakas, has three locations, one of which is in the Mission in Kelowna. Colleen's expertise is in buying, with regular trips to the world's fashion meccas.


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