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Happy Birthday!

Yes, Castanet viewers, we value your feedback and requests! 

We have now added Birthdays to our Celebrations page

Check it out under the main Community tab and send us your special announcement!

And, it is that time again - time to clean out the clutter and hold your Garage Sale

Simply click on the link under the Community or Classifieds tab and post your sale! 

Our Garage Sales page features a full size map, garage sale list, route planner and is printer friendly  for your convenience!


Happy Spring!

Welcome Kamloops

Have you noticed something new on Castanet? We've added a Kamloops page.

"We've been ramping up our Kamloops coverage for sometime and now we have a news page for the City," says Castanet News Editor, and former Kamloops' resident,Trevor Rockliffe.

Castanet editorial staff have been getting requests from readers in Kamloops and the Thompson-Nicola Region for more news coverage and we are answering the need states the News Editor.

"From City Hall to the fire department, RCMP and the Regional District we have reached out to many key organizations and government offices in the area so we will be on top of local news as it happens when it happens, and we will update the Kamloops page as news happens."

Rockliffe is also asking for help from people in Kamloops.

"Our readers in the Okanagan send us news tips, photos and video all of the time. They make us who we are and it gives us more eyes on the streets. If people see news send us a tip or better yet shoot a photo or a video and send it to [email protected], we pay for news and we'll post it on the Kamloops page."

Castanet also has a great reader photo gallery and people are encouraged to send in outdoor photos of sunsets and animals. If you have a topic you'd like to bring up you can also send in letters to the editor.

Do you have a news story? Send it to [email protected]


Spirits at Castanet

To add to the lore of Castanet and to celebrate our 13th anniversary one of our people created this little ditty.

The Castanet Dash
I was working in the office, late one night
When the sirens were screaming, an eerie sight
The reporter from his desk, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise
He did the dash, he did the Castanet dash
He did the dash, it was an internet smash
He did the dash, he posts his stories in a flash
He did the dash, he did the Castanet dash
From the West Side of Kelowna to the East
To every Okanagan computer where the Casta-nuts feast
The latest classifieds and stories, as the page re-loads
Viewers get their fix from their own abodes
He did the dash, he did the Castanet dash
He did the dash, it was an internet smash
He did the dash, he posts his stories in a flash
He did the dash, he did the Castanet dash
The Tango site launched, to amp up fun
Silly pics and videos, or a random pun
The team consists of Mr. Stand-up Rob
Plus the Tango girls who make the boys heads bob!
They seek events, and they own the day
And Kelowna is aware they are here to stay
It's clear Castanet and The Tango too
Are Kelowna's go to for Entertainment and News
Let’s do the dash, Let’s do the Castanet dash
Let’s do the dash, Sales bringing in the cash
Let’s do the dash, To everyone behind the scene
Let’s do the dash, Castanet has a winning team!

If anyone wants to make a digital recording out of this we'd be happy to feature it on Castanet, send it to [email protected]



13 years and 100,000 stories later...

​Not many internet start-ups are able to stick around long enough to celebrate a second, third or fifth anniversary - let alone a 13th.

Today, Nov 1, 2013, Castanet celebrates 13 years as Kelowna's and the Okanagan Valley's 'Home Page.'

And the numbers bear that out.

"We are attracting every week about 300,000 different people to the website. The second best metric is our page impressions which is over 8 million per week typically," says Castanet General Manager/Sales Manager, Chris Kearney.

"That makes us number one in the province for general news, beating The Province newspaper, The Sun and CTV in both time spent on the site and the amount of pages people consume."

You can add to that more than 50,000 ads in one of the largest classified sections in the province.

The company, started by then SILK-FM owner Nick Frost Nov. 1, 2000, has gone through many iterations in 13 years and passed numerous milestones.

On Oct. 6 of this year, Castanet published its 100,000th story. That number is probably 30% higher as the numbering system was not installed until late January 2004, causing the 'count' to miss out on more than three years of stories.

In the 26 days since that 100,000th story was published nearly 1,750 stories have been produced.

"It seems significant to me. It's just a reflection of how hard our news team today, and in the past, has worked," says Kearney.

"They are always pumping out stories and looking for new story ideas and catching breaking news. They've done a wonderful job."

Despite the success today, the road hasn't always been smooth.

"Our viewers seemed to get it right away. But our advertisers didn't get it right away and so for the first few years we lost a lot of money, but we never gave up," stated Frost in a prior interview.

"What you learn in media is that if you can get a really big audience then the advertisers eventually will come, but it took a little longer for, that's for sure."

The news side of Castanet began mainly with just the written word.

It didn't take long before video and audio were introduced and now, with the seemingly daily advances in technology, live streaming.

Over the past several months, Castanet has produced live:

  • election forums
  • election night results 
  • interviews and press conferences.

More frequent live events are being planned for the coming months.

"Video in general has been very important for our growth," says Kearney.

"We see video being the future of on-line news. That's why we've allocated a number of resources to increase our video content onsite, whether it be live or canned stories."

While other media enterprises struggle, Kearney says he sees nothing like that on the horizon.

"When I got here in 2001 we had five staff. We're up to 26 staff and an office of about 4,000 square feet," says Kearney.

"I see no real signs of flattening out. We see consistent growth of visitor traffic and revenues year over year."

He says the key, as with any business, is to keep improving and to strive to get better.

Castanet is also a major supporter of the BCSPCA, Kelowna Salvation Army and Kelowna Community Food Bank.

With our corporate sponsorships, we contribute to the community and causes that are important to our clients and staff. In 2012 alone, Castanet helped raise over $85,000 for numerous charities.

Thank you for making Castanet your homepage.

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