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Gassed again (still)

Here we go again. Gas here (Winfield) is $1.27.9 a litre and cheaper just about everywhere else in BC. Victoria $1.21.9, Vancouver $1.26.9 with $.10 transit tax, Fraser Valley $1.13.9 to $1.18.9.

Omak, Washington, just 44 miles south of the border, $.84 per litre. Oil is $84.64 a barrel. Why again are we paying so much for gas? The no competition answer is total BS.

There is not a damn word out of our esteemed MLA's. Nothing!! They just rake in more tax $$. Christy and her gang will not give a valid reason why we are paying so much here in the valley, probably because they haven't been asked.

I don't understand why the media is not asking these questions, and demanding answers (probably high hopes) from our "elected representatives". Does their greed for taxes override them having the guts to approach Big Oil and look out for the people who elected them? This is a provincial issue, not federal.

If this was happening to our neighbors to the south, there would be riots. Up here we say, "oh well". It's time for us to raise some hell and get some answers from Christy (she's the Puppet Master) and it has to start with the media.

We are all not rich here in the Valley and the Sunshine Tax BS wore out a long time ago. C'mon people!!! C'mon Norm.

Bob Harris.


TruD'oh hyperbole

Re: TruD'oh letter

I wanted to write a response to Dave's letter given the inaccuracies, half-truths, hyperbole and hypocrisies (assuming he's a Harper apologist), but it would take up more than 250 words and would, quite frankly, be a monumental waste of my time as his mind was made up long before his current grievances. 

That said, I do want to take Castanet to task for printing what amounts to little more than a juvenile, school-yard, name-calling tantrum. Honestly Dave, next time you want to make a point, try acting like an adult if you want to be taken seriously. 

Sincerely, John West.


I must say that Mr. Koebel has penned one of the best letters that I have read in a very long time.  I had the same thoughts but somehow couldn’t get the words out as he did. Absolutely awesome letter. 

It completely underscored the complete idiocy and contradiction and confusion of this young man that has nothing more going for him than the name Trudeau. I won’t get into father Fuddle Duddle, but I will say, that, the essence of the Trudeaus, was very well captured by Mr. Koebel.  

Kudos to you sir,  you certainly have a way with words, and those words, were meaningful too.

Mrs. Lynn-Marie Mossman



Marathon run-around

I live in the Manhattan Drive area and we were totally cut off with the marathon using all our roads.  I needed to go out at 9:30 on my scooter and the volunteer at Manhattan and Guy Rd. rudely screamed at me to get off the track. I was already past her and I was going slowly and avoiding the runners, of course. (There were few at that time.).

When I returned at 12:30 p.m. I stopped to speak to her, explain that I had no other choice and I complained about her attitude. I asked her what choice did I have and she said I should have waited until the race was over! 

I told her I had a commitment and couldn't do that to which she replied "complain to someone who cares!"  I am supportive of these events, but when we are denied access (on tax payer funded roads) to  our homes and treated so rudely I am not a happy camper!

Perhaps volunteers need more training in basic politeness. And I expect an apology from marathon officials. 

Sandra Bonar

Chem trails?

OMG, Chem trails. Really! Fear no more. For those who have too much time on your hands, check out the real time flight paths in our area and compare it to what you see in the sky. 

This will prove there are lots of flights arriving, departing, and overshooting YLW airport.  And they are contrails people, not chem trails.

Check out, look for “live flight track”.

Linda Jones-Evans

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