Need to be good neighbours

We welcome all visitors, but as everyone is aware, the danger of wildfires is extremely high, and we must all exercise extreme caution in outdoor activities.
Last Saturday evening, we became aware of dangerous activities at a big house party at a private residence in West Kelowna. The crowd of partiers were smoking and drinking liquor - no issues there, but the activities happened indoors as well as outdoors, on a windy evening and adjacent to undeveloped dry forest (the back yard backs onto interface area).

The revelry continued, despite calls to the RCMP, until 2:30PM at which time they ‘shut down’. Only then could we breathe a sigh of relief that our homes wouldn’t be burned to the ground that night. 
The message to all is clear; visitors are very welcome, and parties are fun, but we all need to take responsibility. Smoking near an interface area is foolhardy and dangerous. Just take the party indoors! I believe we can all agree with that, and when we see it happening – we need to be good neighbours and report it immediately.  We’ll be doing everyone a favour.

Leonne Wilson Jones

Time to take action

I am fed up like so many others.

It's time we seriously take things into our own hands with 'texting while driving' and cigarettes being thrown from vehicles.

If you see this:

- Take their plate number, time and location. Call your local police. Be prepared to give a statement and give the license plate number as well as a description of the vehicle. Taking photos while driving is not legal, but if you have a passenger with you that is able to take photos of the vehicle that is even better, according to the police. 

- There is also a website to anonymously report littering, www.reportlitter.ca

- If the offender is driving a company vehicle, call the company owner. Tell him you have no intention to do business with drivers who talk on cell phones or throw cigarette butts out their window. 

We all need to work together to stop putting lives at risk. You could be the next one affected. 

Jim Phillips

NDP to take power?

From what I seen from the poll count, the NDP didn't get many votes this time around. So how is it they are taking power when they didn't get that many votes? What's the point of voting if we can't elect who we voted for? 

Something is night right here! 

Mike Dion


Housing crisis

In light of the hundreds of people who are now homeless due to fire evacuations or the loss of their homes, I do believe the housing crisis in the Okanagan should be addressed. 

Not only in recent months has this been a mass problem amongst lower income or middle class working families and people with pets here in the Okanagan, but now with many more people displaced this crisis had become in simplest terms a state of emergency. Shelters around the interior are at capacity housing people who otherwise would be on the streets and for what? Because there is nothing large enough available to rent or if there is the prices are so high they would have to chose a roof or power and gas and food or maybe we should talk about the elephant in the room and also take into consideration the fact many people although illegal turn people away for having children!  

Most of the shelters being utilized are designed for people who are in dire crisis, like people fleeing abuse. Thankfully they are helping others have a place to call home for a few days or weeks instead of staying in a tent, but doesn't this only add a bigger problem? People who need to use these services because of abusive situations may be turned away because of the capacity of the shelter. To have hard working families living in shelters and tents working full time jobs or with the ability to pay at least $800 plus for a home to be in is the most insane thing to imagine. Why are these families suffering? And what is being done to remedy this horrific situation? 

People here are often concerned with the aesthetics of these city/town communities. Well when tourists start noticing that the citizens of these places are sleeping in tents with young children and struggling to get by what do you think that does to the integrity of these places? I will tell you, as it maybe a problem some can sweep under the rug now or excuse with some story of "well they don't work hard enough" or whatever other story people dream up to make it easier for them to sleep at night. 

This is getting worse and if this letter doesn't open the eyes of people with the ability to change this, then maybe some of the stories being shared on social media will. Too often we see ads pleading for leads on houses for rent for families of all types. Moms and dads begging for someone to help them so they don't have to explain to their children that the warm bed they once knew is now the scratchy surface of a hard tent bottom. The safety of a locked door is no more and the only thing now keeping them safe is mesh and a zipper. These are the people who work without a break to make it by in their community. The people who have paid their rent on time every month and yet still have been thrown to the wolves, without a leg to stand on. 

This isn't a ‘their crisis’, it is an ‘our crisis’ and this lack of attention on this matter will no longer stand.

Thanks for sharing my opinion on this matter. I hope instead of causing anger it causes change. 

Chantel Leitner

World not a garbage dump

City of Kelowna priorities? 

We are a tourist town/city, thriving on tourist dollars. But! or Butt! The amount of cigarette butts on the streets, sidewalks, beaches is disgusting. And there are no “butt out” stations to be seen. Education and advertising people/city, provide people with the knowledge and the receptacle to put their butts in.

I have gone to the extreme of picking up a lit discarded butt, then approached the culprit and butting it out on his cigarette package in his shirt pocket, telling him to use an ashtray next time. Traffic lights another great place to toss a butt. I have gotten out of my vehicle walked to the culprits picked up the butt and put it out on their windshield, the best is to leave it lit and toss it back in their car saying “excuse me I think you dropped this”. I’m lucky some body hasn't gotten physical over these extreme antics but good lord people, wake up. The world is not your garbage dump.

I am 100 % for taxing the butt, if crass idiots want to throw out their 10 cent butt at least the homeless can cash in, then they would be cleaned up.

Len Merchant

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