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Traffic control respect

City of Kelowna residents:

I am a traffic control person and have worked all over the Okanagan. I am amazed at how badly the people of Kelowna treat us out on the road. I personally have had people intend to scare me by trying to run me over. I have seen people spit on other traffic control. We hold you up for a few extra minutes because you can't be bothered to take another route to work. It's the way you take everyday why should you change it?

It's not our fault that upgrades need to be done. We don't drive our cars into the poles to cause the road to be closed. We don't hit the water line while digging a hole, we don't plan any of the construction work. We are just trying to do our jobs. We aren't just Traffic Control, we are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters. Some of us are single parents. Others are taking care of a sick parent. We are human beings and do not deserve to be treated like garbage. 

Just because your in a hurry, does not mean my life is less important. There are people at home that would miss me if I didn't come home one day because you were in a hurry or not paying attention and hit me. 

We don't enjoy stopping you, in fact on most jobs we try not to stop people. We are there for everyone's safety.  We keep the workers safe, pedestrians safe, drivers safe. Most importantly we keep you safe. By putting our own life's on the line. To make sure everyone makes it home at night. We make crappy pay and work bad hours. Just like everyone else. 

So please when you see construction work, slow down. Pay attention, put your phone away, try to be patient. We will send you on your way soon. And please don't take your anger out on us. We are just trying to do our jobs to the best we can. 

Thank you from all Traffic Control Persons
Carey Fillingham

My desire to serve

My desire is to serve the people of South Okanagan – West Kootenay and the people of Canada.

Service has always been important to me. I have volunteered with the homeless in Vancouver’s Downtown East side and volunteered in South America helping those less fortunate.  Penticton has always been home to me and over the years I have volunteered at the hospital’s Extended Care Unit and been a fundraiser and board member of the Penticton Christian School.  

This desire to serve led me to my first career choice – to work in health care.  I worked in rehabilitation, first at Lions Gate Hospital and then at the Village by the Station seniors home in Penticton.  During my two years at Village by the Station I also volunteered with our local MP, Stockwell Day.  After winning the 2006 election Stockwell asked me to serve as his Parliamentary Assistant.  

Throughout my time volunteering with Stockwell and the subsequent two and a half years on Parliament Hill, I saw firsthand how an effective MP can help their constituents. Whether that is helping an individual who has become frustrated working through the government bureaucracy; or advocating for the funding of worthy local projects; or making sure that legislation under consideration remains in line with the wishes of your constituents. Stockwell set an example I intend to follow in Parliament as your representative.

I left Ottawa in 2008 to continue the family real estate business with my father Chuck Neufeld that my grandfather Neil Thiessen started in Penticton in 1949.  As I left Ottawa, I knew I wanted to stay engaged in the country and continue to speak up for the concerns of individual Canadians.  On my return to Penticton I re-engaged in politics at a local level, becoming Stockwell’s riding president and later representing BC on the National Council of the Conservative Party.

My interest in politics began in my youth on October 30, 1995 – the night of the Quebec referendum.  I was shocked to see that our country had nearly broken apart.  I started following the news closely and learning as much as I could.  Four years later, with the sponsorship of the Royal Canadian Legion in Penticton I went to Ottawa to lay a wreath at the National War Memorial on November 11th.  During my visit I was able to tour Parliament and meet with the Leader of the Opposition, Preston Manning.  These experiences cemented my desire to serve and be engaged in our country.

If you, as a resident of South Okanagan - West Kootenay, choose me to represent you in Ottawa come October 19th, I will endeavour to serve you – advocating for our region in Parliament through the maze of government bureaucracy, serving you by speaking up for legislation which continues to put you first, allowing for individual choice and less regulation by government, and seeking to keep taxes low. I hope to build on the conservative principles of providing strong economic leadership, expanding free trade, and keeping our communities safe.

Marshall Neufeld
Conservative Candidate in South Okanagan - West Kootenay

A letter of gratitude

On July 31st, 2010 our Kirschner Rd. location was destroyed in the Stewart Centre fire. As we approach the 5-year mark it is important that we express our gratitude to the many that supported us during this time. Immediately after the fire, we were flooded with gratitude that we were all safe, healthy and had a warm, dry place to go home to. And in the days that followed we would return home after the chaos of trying to rebuild and find gratitude in remembering that everything that matters was still there. We drew strength from each other, as it was in these moments that we learned that Pro Source Irrigation is so much more than its walls.

We want to express gratitude to our valued customers who continue to support us year after year. Without you, Pro Source Irrigation would not have been able to re-build. It is because of you that we always strive to be better than we were yesterday. 

We want to express gratitude to our staff, many of who were there before, during and after the fire. Your work ethic, dedication and smiling faces represent everything that Pro Source stands for; your perseverance will never be forgotten.  

We are grateful for the continued opportunity to be able to establish a connection with everyone who walks through our door, as we have seen the value in the sustenance and strength of these relationships. Saying “thank you” seems like to simple of an act, however, as we express our gratitude, we will never forget that it is not to solely speak these words but to live by them every day. 

Forever grateful,

The Minaker Family
(Sean, Linda, Emily, Gordon and Ben)


Faller needlessly killed

You may have heard about a fatal logging accident on northern Vancouver Island.  

The death was caused by a tree knocked over by a machine working above the faller – tree hits faller, killing him instantly.

I pray that Jeremy Tanaka's life was not taken in vain.

Hopefully, making this public will bring back safe practices in the logging industry provincewide.

Jeremy was a great, safe faller, a committed family man leaving four children and a wife behind. We love him, and he will be missed.

My name is William Harkonen, 32 years logging, 28 years falling – I know what I am talking about.

Please make this public, as the cost of unsafe logging practices has now become way too high.

Tears are in my eyes again, so I will hit send.

William Harkonen

A deadly combination

Do the Honourable Clark and Ms. Polak truly not know, or know but choose to ignore, the issue of Biosolids and Prions? They certainly believe that pathogens are destroyed in the treatment process of producing Biosolids. They could not be more wrong.  

The United States Environmental Protection Agency National Water Research Compendium 2009-2014 lists prions eight times as an emerging contaminant of concern in sewage sludge (biosolids), wastewater effluents and manures. The concern is precisely because Prions are not destroyed in the biosolid "treatment" process.

A Pathogen is a term used to describe an infectious agent such as bacteria, or parasite or prion that causes disease in it’s host. A Prion is a small infectious particle composed of abnormally folded protein, are the only known infectious agents that do not contain DNA or RNA but do cause progressive neurodegenerative conditions in animals and humans such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) seen in humans and it is now believed to cause Alzheimer’s.

Prion diseases, collectively called transmissible spongiform encephalopathy’s (TSEs), are untreatable and fatal and there is no known simple, cost effective method for eliminating Prions. Google Biosolids and Prions for more information on this subject.

The precautionary principle imbedded in Canadian Legislation states that: “Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as reason for postponing cost effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”

Stop spreading biosolids on the land. Prions will kill us.

Patricia Ray

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