Water quality

My family and I recently moved here from Nanaimo, and one of the first things we noticed is how terrible the water quality is in West Kelowna.

I realize at certain times of year boil water advisers come into affect, but it seems the water always has a smell and discolouration. Just wondering if this is normal for the area?

Shawn Marshall

Dog beach

We also frequent this beach as it is the one and only dog beach. 

I usually take a bag full of bags that I collect from my veggies to fill these dispensers and am amazed at how quickly they go.

Do people really not bring a bag when walking their dog? Do you think it won’t poop? I really dislike the ones who park up top and let their dog out to run down the hill and poop on the beach while they get their blankets and coolers etc. 

So next time you go bring a bag for your dog and one for those who aren’t prepared for the inevitable.

Heather Hamilton

ICBC at the public trough

The BC Liberal's 2014-15 provincial budget predicted $8.9 billion in net income by 2016-17 from Crown corporations to help the Liberal government balance its books. That includes $1.23 billion in dividends from BC Hydro over the next three fiscal years, and $480 million of “excess optional capital” from ICBC during the same period.

And now, ICBC is at the public trough again looking for yet another rate increase.

Of course the government appointees at the BC Utilities Commission will rubber stamp the request without any consideration of where the money is actually going and why the previous surpluses have been siphoned off.

Yes, we have reasonably low income taxes, but they sure pick our pockets any way they can to make that claim.

Gord Marshall

Bravo Right to Life

I laugh at all the people that find the right to life bill board offensive. Is it because it's true?

The killing of babies is offensive. Just because they are called fetuses doesn't make them non humans. I think that sign is doing exactly was it was designed to, make you think.

People that think abortion is OK need to rethink their morals. Just because it’s legal, does not make it right.

I for one think the sign is great. It's called freedom of expression, even if you don't like it.

Bravo Right to Life.

Mark Wiebe

Misleading readers?

During the media Q&A session following our August 2nd council meeting, the question was raised, “Who reads the local paper at least 4 times per week?”. Out of seven individuals, I was the sole member of council without a raised hand. Conversation ensued and finally a brief article titled “Picton passes on reading newspapers” ended up in the news.

For those unaware, several platforms are available to source your local news from. These range from social feeds, such as Facebook and Twitter, to online sources such as Castanet and Infotel, or others including Google Alerts, which curate news articles from the web sending them directly to my email.

With this extremely relevant portion of the conversation omitted, one can only assume this article was printed with the intent of painting the picture of an ignorant and arrogant councillor, with little regard for Penticton’s citizens or their voice. I am not surprised or offended by the backlash in the letters to the editor or the many angry emails sent my way, as I too would be angered by this.

I’ve spent 35 years growing up in this town and believe Penticton is the greatest place on earth, therefore I will continue to work hard during my term to build it up. I will also absolutely refuse to support a business that, in my opinion, happily rips it apart in an attempt to generate more profit.

I’ve been advised to never start a war of words with someone who buys ink by the barrel and rest assured, ignoring this advice is not my goal. I am very aware that submitting this could have my name dragged through the mud for the remainder of my term. With that being said, I simply felt the need to defend myself and clarify this situation.

“If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read: ‘President Can’t Swim’.” - Lyndon B. Johnson

Max Picton
City of Penticton

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