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Boaters in the way of fire crew

I want to add my two cents regarding boaters that get in the way of firefighting aircraft.

I find it amazing that there are no regulations in place that address the issue keeping boaters away from firefighting aircraft.

There is no way on Earth that a helicopter pilot should have to 'cherry pick' and dodge recreational boaters while risking their life fighting a fire.

There are strict Federal Regulations for instance in place to keep boaters at a distance from whales.

When there is a fire being fought and a lake being used to contain the fire boaters should not be allowed within at least a kilometre or more of where aircraft pickup water. This is just an example.

Maybe even shutting wide sections of Okanagan Lake down (some local legislation maybe?) would be helpful. I know if I was a chopper pilot there is no way I would want a boater anywhere near where I have to hover to pick up water - it's just way too stressful.

I (and I'm sure many others) do not feel that a pilot should have to waste time dodging pleasure boaters while risking their lives fighting a fire.

~Gary Weighill


They were here first

We continue to complain about seeing wild animals in our neighbourhood but we continue to build homes in their neighbourhood and people still put their garbage out too early.

The animals where here first.

If you don't want to be visited by a bear don't live in the area where they live and are continually losing their habitat.

~Larry Halliday

Morons on Okanagan Lake

I viewed the video of the morons on Okanagan Lake in the tubes when the helicopter descended to pick up more water. I wish I had not wasted my time. I am wondering why Castanet chose to post this nonsense on its web page?

Doing so gives these twits a stage they have neither earned not deserve and it encourages other morons from this town to do similar things. And if or when someone is injured, what then?

Will we hear what wonderful people these morons were when in reality they got what they deserved?

Shame on Castanet for posting this ridiculous video. Please be a little more selective and leave this excrement where it belongs - in the toilet.

~Alan Milnes


Teacher's true colours response

In response to this letter called Teacher's true colours. 

That is funny. You state you are grateful that your children were educated in Alberta. So I did my own research.

Teachers are paid $10000-$20000 more per year, get almost double the prep time in Alberta compared to BC and have reasonable class size limits. So yes there would be fewer disruptions, happier teachers and a better system.

You seem to think that the teachers in BC are not worth as much, why ?

I am not saying pay them as much as Alberta, but maybe their demands are not as unreasonable as the media makes them out to be.

You most certainly are correct about one thing. We are taxed to death in BC. Since we both agree on that point, and obviously the taxes are not going to education, the question remains,
where are all these taxes going ?
~Jack Gilbert

Borders: religion free zones

Dear Editor.

There is absolutely no way anybody should be allowed special treatment at our borders because of their religious beliefs.

Our border security people have a very serious responsibility to make sure nobody is allowed the opportunity to use their religion to knock down our borders, our values and our traditions.

Anybody who does not want to be processed by our border security people, male or female, is simply not wanted in our country, and should not be allowed to enter.

Many of those religious zealots, whose fanatical devotion to a God, represent a serious risk to national security.

American border security people are completely autonomous in the administration of their duties, and barring a Presidential order to the contrary, their decisions are final.

On the Canadian side of the border our Prime Minister is arbitrarily sacrificing national security hoping to get the immigrant vote.

Harper’s pre-occupation with protecting his political power base has prompted a disturbing development that is denying our Canadian border security people the undisputed authority they need to do their job.

Our border guards are charged with the responsibility of controlling the flow of people and products across our national borders. 

Those men and women need to know that our government is backing their efforts and actions 100%.

Today Prime Minister Harper is standing behind them saying “except you, you, and you”.

~Andy Thomsen

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