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National debt

It is irresponsible government to tell Canadians our books are balanced when the harper government has added to our national debt 300 billion dollars. How can we be balanced when we are so far in debt? Why do we have to borrow from the contingency fund 2 Billion dollars and at the end of this budget show we have a revenue of 1.4 billion. Why did we have to borrow 2 billion in the first place? This is not logical and makes one wonder how really bad off we Canadians are under the Harper Government, of which MP Ron Cannan is a part of. Read the chart.
Dale Dirks


Seniors stand to benefit

Re: Seniors stand to benefit

Yes they do and just to show you how much, I will borrow 10 grand from anyone who will give me money at no interest so that i may invest it in my future. The seniors that i chum with are barely making ends meet so how do we invest $5,500 dollars let alone adding another $4,500 to that tab. Just asking.
Dale Dirks  

Cliquey City

I was born and raised In Kelowna. I have been actively looking for a place to rent for one week shy of 3 months. Not one landlord has said yes to my dogs one is a pug other the runt of litter a boxer. We will be homeless soon. My grandparents would be disgusted in this city now. They were important members of the Rutland area and tragically died in mudslide on Philpott Rd in early 90's. What's a matter with you Kelowna. You are very cliquey city now.

Nadine Vellacott


Rail Trail Referendum

I was pleased to attend the Rail Trail information meeting last week at Creekside Theatre in Lake Country. Good information was provided and legitimate concerns were raised and addressed.

However I have trouble understanding those who think we should not spend tax money for parks and recreation facilities such as the trail, because our roads need work or because we already have municipal debt. What a pathetic town we would be living in, if in earlier times, voters had voted "no" in previous referendums, or if past councils had chosen to fix the roads rather than build the arena and curling rink, the seniors' centre, the community complex and Creekside Theatre, Beasley Park, Swalwell Park, etc. Roads needed fixing back then and will always need fixing. Paying taxes for ongoing infrastructure maintenance is  the price of living in a decent community. Paying additional taxes for amenities that improve our standard of living, such as those mentioned above and the proposed lakeside Rail Trail, is a privilege that I look forward to, in order to continue the Lake Country tradition of building a community that is a great place to live.

Fixing existing infrastructure or acquiring new facilities such as the trail is not an "either or" decision. We need to do both and we need to recognize that we will have to pay for both.

Several people have told me they will vote "NO" because they are mad at Lake Country and/or its Council for decisions on other matters. They want to punish those currently in City Hall, all of whom will move on; and I can say from experience, after they are gone, no one will remember who they were. The trail will be there forever. Voting "NO" will not punish existing politicians or bureaucrats; it will punish Lake Country's current and future citizens.

If we vote "YES" and move forward to build this great trail, our grand children and their grand children will be using and enjoying it for years to come. If we vote "NO", they will asking us why we were so cheap that we couldn't come up with an average of $27 a year for 20 years to provide a world class trail for them to use. A bargain at twice the price. The city of Vancouver wisely set aside Stanley Park in 1888 when its population was little more than 1000; San Diego set aside Balboa Park when its population was only 1500. And you can bet the roads were in poor condition back then. Surely we are wise enough to secure this trail corridor now so we can get on with turning it into the fabulous asset it will be.

Contrary to what some are saying,  the District of Lake Country does not currently have excessive debt, nor will the Rail Trail boost it significantly. As former Lake Country Councillor Tim Witty used to say, buying long term assets through borrowing not only ensures that the public can start enjoying those assets now, but it ensures that the cost will be spread amongst the people who will use those assets over the life of those assets. This argument makes especially good sense at this time, when the municipality can borrow money as such low interest rates.

Those of us who will vote "YES" can see the future benefit of the rail trail, and many of us are willing and able to meet the challenge of building and maintaining it. Vote "YES"; do it for your grandchildren.

Bob McCoubrey

Waterfront Farmers Market

Kelowna has a vibrant waterfront with more park space, why don't we utilize this space for the Farmers Market on a Saturday and learn from the successful Penticton market? The local businesses and restaurants I am sure would also benefit from the influx of people on a Saturday morning!

Make it happen Kelowna!

Sarah Probert

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