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Pets off-leash

For the past 4 weekends, my family and I have gone been hiking thru Kalamalka Lake Provincial park enjoying the spring like weather. During our hikes more than 90% of the pets we encountered were off-leash, both on trails and on the people only section of Corsen’s bay beach. Our 4 year old daughter is very afraid of dogs, since she's been attacked twice. This has proved to be very distressing to my daughter as the pets that are off-leash running up to her and has reduced the enjoy ability of our outings, with us having to pick her up or shield her from these dogs.

It is clearly stated on the BC Parks website, that pets are to be on-leach at all times except for the 2 designated areas.

I feel that there is not enough signage to remind pet owners that their pets are required to be on-leash at all times in the park and can only be off-leash at the 2 designated pet-friendly beach areas.

I would like to remind pet owners that they are responsible for knowing and abiding the rules when they have their pets with them, keep them on-leash, clean up after them. Because when they decide to be the animals that they are and they injure someone because of your negligence, there will be financial and emotional repercussions.

Jon Jones


Smart meter radio turn off

Dear Fortis,

Thank you for the recent notice in the mail that you will be installing a smart meter on my home.  When I called to make sure mine has the radio turned off your representative asked me why and I replied, "Seeing as an entire Province just recalled every smart meter because they were exploding on homes it seemed like common sense." Your representative's convincing argument of, "that was a different company" was so touching and so convincing that I almost put the lives of my children in your hands and took your word for it.  But I decided to have the radio turned off anyway.

I was told that there was an 88$ fee to have the radio button turned off.  My question is, are you hiring any button pushers at the moment?  For $88 a pop to push a button, I can only assume that these button pushers are being paid extremely well.  I assure you, I have excellent button pushing skills and could push hundreds of them in an hour.  Let's say I push 200 buttons an hour.  At $88 a piece, that's $17,600 I could make for you in one hour!  Even if I could get a small piece of that, the extra income would go a long way towards paying the recent $600 electricity bill I received.

So please, I beg you, consider me for your radio button pushing position.  I have small kids, a small house and an exorbitant electricity bill. I could use all the help I can get.


Micha Pesta

Re: Citizens not cash cows

Those firefighters are out on training assignments when you see them shopping for groceries(which are for the men at the hall) and when they stop for coffee. Police do the same thing in their cars (not necessarily grocery shopping) and apart from the donut jokes, there is no flack and why should there be?

You don’t seriously think that they simply “borrow” the truck to go get lunch or coffee?

While at times they have time on their hands, the debt gets paid in full as soon as the alarm goes off and they race out to attend an MVA or a house fire or any other manner of god knows what that would make most people faint or run in the other direction.

It makes me wonder what you would have to say about the cost of a minimal raise when they are attending a structure fire at yours or your neighbours house.

Whatever they get paid, at crunch time, it isn’t enough.

Peter Haslock

Citizens not cash cows

I have to wonder where West Kelowna's council's brains were when they signed this deal. I have seen 4 firefighters take their fire truck to go shopping for groceries. I have seen 4 firefighters take their fire truck and go get coffee at Starbucks. I have spoken to business owners that have firefighters wander around their store doing absolutely nothing (yes the owner of the store asked if he could help them) and now they are going to get a 2.5%  raise per year for 5 years when the majority of citizens in West Kelowna probably haven't had a raise in 5-10 years.

We the citizens are not cash cows for you to take advantage of when ever you feel the need. In the future when the other employees of the taxpayers of West Kelowna want a raise where do you think they will point their finger and say "they got that much so we deserve that much as well”?

I voted for some of you who promised fiscal responsibility and the first thing you do is break your promise. Why oh why do I ever believe a politician

James Fenton 

Trail doesn’t help Lake Country

Re: Corridor must be saved

It is not a measly 27 dollars, it is over 100 dollars when our roads, sewer, and water systems are poor. Not to mention the paying Kelowna back for that borrowed money. As a lake country tax payer from Carrs Landing, this trail would be of no assistance to us. It is life or death to pick up our mail on Carrs Landing Rd., so a hiking trail for a few people does not help the residents of lake country. 

Kathy Smith

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