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Disgusted with teachers

As a parent of a child that goes to school, I'm so disgusted with how teachers are dealing with things nowadays. We had a good couple of years at this school (Helen Gorman Elementary), but the lack in positivity and encouragement these last couple of years and the fact that the teachers are tired and "over the hill" are wearing on my nerves.

Our child is outgoing and talkative, maybe too talkative for his own good, but we are getting pushed in drugging him " as in Ritalin, etc.", because he wants to talk and goof around and not focus.

My husband was ambushed by our sons teacher and the CEA, telling us our son needs to get some medication to settle down and focus. So I ask "Why does he not have someone helping him if he is so bad", and the CEA tells me he doesn't even come close to qualifying for that. So the solution is to zombify my child so he can sit and be quiet in the classroom?

These teachers pushing these medications without even doing any kind of research on them is mind boggling to me. Now my child is going to be labeled for the rest of his time in school as being an ADHD child, not just an 8-year-old boy who can't sit still for hours at a time. Something has to change!

A. Get young vibrant teachers who have some patience and the willingness to work with high energy children

B. Make sure the teachers realize that they are TEACHERS, not psychiatrists, doctors, etc.

C. Give children time to be children, and play outside more often then is called for


​Ed note: last name withheld to protect the child's identity.



Mars bombers

Having been present at the presentation of the petition with over 18,000 signatures to Christie Clark's assistant, I was surprised all the media missed a very important point.

The Mars Bomber is the only plane that is able to drop a fire retardant gel that can prevent a home from burning. This product was not available during the 2003 fires.

I would think that many homeowners would welcome this if they were very close to where the fire was burning. The plane and this retardant has the potential to save a lot of homes and relieve many of us from the anxiety of losing our homes to wildfire.

Sincerely, Karen Abramsen

Where's my cash?

I have an issue with today's plastic money. I pulled out 100 dollars from my account and placed the slippery bills into my pocket. I later got fuel and went to pay for it only to find my pocket was empty.

The money slipped out of my pocket along the way. This new great idea of using plastic for our currency is a joke. I said years ago that all our money should be in a coin currency.

No chance to counterfeit it and easier to keep in your pocket. It will also outlive most of us, if not all of us.

Someone needs to realize what a mistake it was to make plastic bills. 

Mike Dion



City Park Vibe

Kelowna City Park needs to allow more vendors to improve vibe.

We have lived here since 1989 and we enjoy city park and also travel to Penticton every second weekend for their great downtown community  market.

We don't drive there especially to purchase items although there are wonderful items to buy we go for the atmosphere,the cool summer vibe of a vibrant downtown core.

There are people of all ages every weekend and it's packed..street vendors and musicians and it's wonderful.
Kelowna could be more like this in the City Park area..but it's sadly lacking and now we learn from the few vendors that are actually allowed inside the park to offer the goods..that the City has cut their hours and shortened their season!

Why on earth would the City do this? Tourists and local alike enjoy the vendors and sterling through the park they add to the atmosphere.

Please support the vendors and encourage Kelowna to be more like Penticton.

Don't get me wrong Kelowna is wonderful now compared to before the make over downtown..its improved leaps and bounds..sidewalk patios are a much improvement to the vibe.

If you don't understand what we mean go visit Penticton on a Saturday morning!

Brian Johnson

West Kelowna

Ontario says thanks West K.

I just wanted to say thank you to the city of West Kelowna for your hospitality.  

My husband & I travelled from Ontario to the Yukon and Alaska and by the time we arrived in Vernon knew that we had brake problems and needed an oil change. We went to the local Ford dealer in Vernon as our motorhome is a Ford 450 chassis, they were close, and we were afraid to drive too far. They informed us that they only look at motorhomes on Saturdays and were booked to the end of the month.

We then left Vernon for  Kelowna, were warmly welcomed by Okanagan RV park, who referred us to Kal Tire at Industrial Rd.  They booked us in immediately, determined that we did need brakes badly and went above and beyond for us.  

To top it all off, my bicycle got a flat tire while we were here, and we were referred to Outbound Cycle who repaired it for us right then and there. How impressive!!  We won't forget to refer those who deserve it and will certainly remember those who would let a traveller go down a mountain road with bad brakes.

David & Theresa Meier Lindsay Ontario

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