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Barking dogs & dog control

Did you know that in order for RDCO Dog Control to enforce a barking dog violation in the City of Kelowna, Lake Country, Peachland, West Kelowna, Central Okanagan East and West, and to convict a barking dog owner, RDCO needs two different property owners to complain about the barking. RDCO Dog Control also need both complainants to get a visual of the barking dog.

The neighbours complaining about the barking may have to go out to try and see the dog barking in the middle of the night in their pjs, so the complainants can identify which dog in which yard may be barking. In many cases complainants can't even see a dog barking due to obstructions or it is dark. RDCO Dog Control officers tell complainants to take a photo or video tape the barking dog, but this puts complainants safety at risk, and exposes who is complaining about the barking dog. It also puts fear into other neighbours who believe there may be a prowler, peeping tom or stalker in the neighbourhood. I feel RDCO Dog Control should be the ones getting the visual of a barking dog, how about you?

If you don't want peeping toms, stalkers or prowlers in your neighbourhood, seeking a barking dog, please call RDCO Chief Administrative Officer Brian Reardon 250-763-4918 and your City or Rural area Director or Councillor to let them know you don't want your neighbours stalking your neighbourhood trying to get a visual of a neighbours barking dog, because you feel this should be RDCO Dog Control's job, because its RDCO who has the authority!

Sharon Schnurr


Re: Price of Gas

Mr. von Dach does raise accurate points. But there are more points to consider as well.

Governments of all levels love high prices. Using made-up numbers, let's say the price of a liter is $1.00. Let's say, and I know this is a lowball number by any measure, all taxes heaped on top are 25%. The government rakes in 25 cents per liter at $1 dollar, but only 12.5 cents when gas is 50 cents to start with. The taxes across various jurisdictions in BC range from the PST and GST, to carbon and transit taxes, oh and the special highway tax (like that money ever goes to our pathetic road systems). Also, you'll notice taxes are charged on taxes.

The Cdn dollar is traditionally pegged to the US dollar. Obama and his socialist minions (the average deluded left wing Canadian fantasy) have tanked the US economy and the value of their dollar with their policies. We have now fallen further in value in retrospect to their's, meaning gas just keeps rising in real prices, even if oil is selling for $39 per barrel now. Doesn't help that North America hasn't built any new refineries in decades, so we're always plagued with shut downs and spot price rises.

Yes, the oil companies are laughing all the way to the bank. But always follow the money, there are some other pimps in this whole thing too.

Rob Shaw

Kelowna gas, $1.34 a litre

It continually amazes me, how, we in the Okanagan valley, are taken advantage of every day. 

Having just returned from a few weeks in Ontario where gas ranged from .92 per litre to 1.05 per litre. What I noticed there was the competition among all the different gas stations. Unlike the Okanagan valley where gas prices are fixed by the distributor and/or fixed by oil company management, and the fact is, there seems to be no one to stop these greedy bastards. Oil is at an all-time low and we are paying the highest prices in the country by .45 cents  per litre. Newfoundland, where, everything is brought to the island by ship, are paying 1.01 per litre. Victoria BC is paying 1.22 per litre. 

So, maybe it is time for people of this valley to start calling our elected officials and tell them in no uncertain terms to get off their ass and start doing something about these inflated fixed gas prices here in the valley taking place right under their noses. 

I realize they don’t give a damn as their gas is paid for by us, the tax payer.

It is election time and it is high time we started asking some serious questions and demanding some serious results from these people we are paying six figure plus incomes to. 

Ian MacLean


Ashtrays in cars

​Simply put, smoking in cars is a form of distracted driving, just as much as texting or cell phone use.

What we really need in this province is legislation prohibiting smoking in any vehicle at any time. This can be very easily accomplished by amending the current distracted driving legislation to include smoking in any type of automobile.

A smoking ban in automobiles is as easy to enforce as the current distracted driving legislation and would virtually eliminate the current smoker caused forest fires.

Bill Phillips 

Liberal promise

The promise by liberal leader Justin Trudeau on Monday to bring back the life long disability pension for disabled veterans and to bring back our VAC office is something I personally have been fighting government for since 2005/06 when all parties abolished this program for its disabled veterans. MP Ron Cannan, who voted and closed our VAC office, sided with the government to not bring back the life long pension for our disabled veterans, and the NDP who have for what ever reason not chosen to do so, is music to my ears and very a heart warming promise.  

We lost over 150 uniformed military in the battle of Afghanistan and not once did out prime minister Stephen Harper attend one of the ceremonies in Trenton bringing home their bodies.  Not one. And Ron Cannan is part of this culture and he has to go.   

We had over 2200 active disabled veterans files here in Kelowna and all now transferred to Penticton. Ron was the yes man here in Kelowna as I sat in on a meeting trying to persuade him to back us veterans and he failed us. To me, to support our uniformed military veterans who do suffer especially with PTSD and other wounds to flesh and body is something any government should not have abandoned but they did and now we have a chance to repay them for their service.

Remember we are still fighting in Afghanistan and Syria and our Joint Task Forces are in places no one is allowed to say but they are veterans and in harms way.  

Thank you Justin Trudeau and the liberal party. Thank you Major retired Steve Fuhr the liberal candidate to defeat Ron Cannan, the guy who did not help veterans.

Dale Dirk

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