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Beached over marina

I have recently moved back to the mission and I'm deeply concerned about the marina expansion at Manteo Resort and it's negative and its impact to the utility and enjoyment of Rotary Park.

With the piles now in place it is clear that this project adversely affects both public use of the waters off Rotary Park, a kit boarding and sailing destination and significantly degrade the southern view of the Okanagan Lake. The park is essentially choked by this project at the expense of the citizens of this City and the few access areas they have of the lake. 

Has there been any discussion among the association about this project? Does the association have a position? I fear that most people have become aware of this project as a result of the piles being driven and this was approved with little consideration. This is confirmed in the significant discussion that is occurring on castanet forums.

Time appears to be of the essence. What is the position of the association and might there be an opportunity to meet with the Resort, the approving authority (the province) and council to try to salvage to whatever extent possible the integrity of Rotary Beach.

Robert Stupka, P.Eng. Kelowna

No problem with cameras

Hello there, just wanted to chime in with a couple quick comments about the cameras in Kelowna!

I personally love that the city is doing this, I've thought this should be downtown for years! I would personally love to see them on the Greenway at hidden locations, as that can be a dangerous zone in the darker hours of the day.

Maybe also at larger beaches and dog parks to prevent more events happening like people sabotaging the sand with dangerous objects and also incidents with dog attacks. 


Dylan Barker

Bear kill

I have never been so appalled at these officers who killed the mother bear and her cubs. It is a disgusting example of the “lack of value” in animals and their babies.  Who gave these officers permission to kill these bears? I would like to know who gave the “ok” for this act of stupidity. Human beings like these officers should lose their jobs.  

There is no forgivable reason why this had to happen. Why weren’t these bears trapped and taken to the wilderness??  WHY??   I suppose there will be excuses for their actions. They always have an excuse. Maybe some citizens of the Okanagan should put together a “Wildlife Coalition” to deal appropriately with these situations that seem to come up more and more. The mother bear can be dangerous if she feels her cubs are threatened.  

However, there have been many situations where this wasn’t the case. Is it Government cut backs that is destroying our wildlife or the decisions of the officers?? Is it more convenient to kill than to transfer the mother and her babies?? A citizens coalition for these animals may help in the prevention of poor decisions such as this last incident.  

It’s a disgusting act and it not only effects our wildlife but it causes people to be negatively impacted by the trauma of watching this happen and hearing the sound of the guns.  We have to remember. We are on their land. We destroy. We conquer. We abuse. We need to think differently!!!
Wanda MacKinnon
Concerned citizen


Cameras around the city

What do you think about the city being wired with cameras? 

My thoughts, kudos to the individuals who made this happen! 

In the world we live in, disorder/crime, we need to protect the good citizens.  When the intent of others is to cause pain/suffering or indulge in crime for self-serving reasons/ gratification, let those individuals be aware eyes are upon them and consequences are their fate.  

I love the direction the City of Kelowna has taken to make downtown a beautiful place to visit, the next step is making it safe for everyone to enjoy.   

I believe the ones who oppose this are the ones who have something to hide, so do what’s right and you won’t feel violated, as a matter of fact you won’t even be aware the cameras exist because your intent is good, so why would it matter?

Brenda Zarr

Manteo marina, no problem

C'mon. This lake is so devoid of marina space it is ridiculous.

I like the view of a bunch of boats and the people who enjoy them and spend a lot of money in the community to do so. I fully support Manteo and any venture that will bring boat slips to this lake.

Are you kidding me, the paddle boarders feel threatened?

Don Jensen

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