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Regarding Best Before Dates

Now I don't agree with tampering with Best Before dates on any type of packaging, however, when it says Best Before it does not mean the the product in the package is not consumable.

There are ethical issues at play here, where I feel that changing dates on packages is unethical, I do not feel that selling the products with an expired date would be a problem. Mark the product down, blow it out of the door to make room for newer product.

I think that the industry that governs the packaging of consumable product should change the wording on packaging from "Best Before" to maybe "Not To Be Sold After" or "Not To Be Consumed After”. Then there would be a crystal clear decision that if one was to change the dates, it would then be an infraction.

I am sorry for all that are involved in this situation, and hope that no one got sick from any of the product that was purchased with a package that had the date changed.
Dave Hingston


Lake Country Rail Trail

Thirty-five years in Lake Country, how lucky is that?  Including thirty on an orchard adjacent to Wood Lake, so my family has many times walked lakeside portions of the railway.  It’s a precious place to be - serene, peaceful, beautiful.  And now we have the chance to secure this lakefront property for everyone to share.

Lake Country has pressing infrastructure needs and a frustrating shortage of cash to deal with them.  There also seems to be a distrust of government, and a resentment of the richer community to the south.  I truly believe we need to set aside these issues for the moment and think carefully about the future of our community.  Stats tell us that my generation (I’m 67) is the most affluent generation ever, due in no small part to money we’ve made on outrageous land values; it’s predicted that coming generations will be far less fortunate, saddled with a housing market already unaffordable to so many.  It seems incumbent on us to preserve as much outdoor space as we possibly can for future generations, many of whom will be scrambling to find affordable places to live and work.

Walkers, hikers and cyclists travel to Europe every year to take advantage of dedicated trails that are kept separate from motorized traffic - why wouldn’t they come here if we offered something similar?  The rail corridor will provide business opportunities for Lake Country residents - opportunities our children will need if they are to live and prosper here.  So I ask you please, if you’re on the fence, take the plunge and vote yes for the future of our community - become a yay-sayer.  And be sure to vote, there’s plenty of opportunities to do so.

Anne Wise

What a waste

I was at Costco last night to buy a roast chicken and the shelves were empty.  I saw that the oven was full of chicken about ready to come out.  There must have been 50 or so.

I asked the girl how long I had to wait and she said that could not sell the chickens because they ran out of labels for the package.  

Health Canada prevents the sale if not labeled and so the whole lot was going to get thrown into the dumpster.

I was stunned.

Costco is a very reputable company and you would think that Health Canada would allow unused food to be given to charities, food banks, soup kitchens…somewhere! Just not the dumpster!

With the Valoroso news in the media I know this might not interest anyone but there should be some mechanism to allow perfectly good food to not be just thrown into a dumpster because of a missing piece of paper.

Whatever the point is… I was just sickened to see all that beautiful chicken go to waste.

Sometimes I wonder where our priorities lay.

I see both sides… but it’s still sad.

Maybe someone might read this letter and make a difference. 

Bill Ferguson

Cigarette warning labels

Get rid of cigarette warning labels that portray graphic images on them. It is unnecessary to use any other format than text warning labels on any products sold today. Do you see any pictures of diseased organs on liquor or wine bottles? Do you see any pictures of coroners, working hard in the morgue preparing dead bodies for the grave, on your big mac container or drink cup? How about putting these disturbing pictures on all products sold that pose a risk to your health? Think of it, the list would be endless; alcohol, fatty-foods, sugar-rich foods, everything and anything that is bad for you.

Look, my point is, written warning labels are more than enough on any products sold over the counter, and anything thing else is just over kill.

Again, think of a warning label we have all seen for years, the flammable label seen on thousands of different products. It shows the word flammable in big red letters and usually accompanied by a picture of a flame...not a picture of burning bodies or blown-off body parts.

It is insulting to any grown, legal adult, to have to suffer these pictures on their pack of smokes, put there by your government to inform you of the dangers of smoking. A government profiting of the sale of cigarettes.

Enough said.

Ken Knorr, smoker

Get the kids off the street

Slow down children playing! I am sorry but I have twice been harassed by parents doing the speed limit on the road. Last I looked the speed limit was 50 unless other wise posted! These signs people put on the road, supplied by BCAA, or turtles with ‘slow kids playing’, purchased wherever, are absolutely ridiculous! Do the RCMP indorse this? Who approved of these signs? 

Children do not need to play on the streets as they have back yards or parks. Roads are for cars. I do not drive in your back yard, do not play on my street! In addition the basketball hoops, skate board ramps and hockey nets that are left out on the on the road day and night, toppled over by the wind at times. If I happen to hit one of these on my way home at night as I did not see it, will mom and dad pay the deductible on my insurance?

It seems fine to play on the street but god forbid, should I decide to do a little autocross racing in the playground!

Gayle and Wayne Hall

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