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No apples for teachers

Dear BC, and all you hard working family men and woman.

Why should the teachers get any signing bonus and receive anymore than all the other unions who recently signed for 5-5 per cent? They should accept the 5.5 per cent like everyone else, with no signing on bonus, nobody else received this, teachers are well paid, more than a lot of us.

I coach girls soccer two nights a week training games on the weekend and travelling some weekends to tournaments and I do not scream to get paid for it and like many, many other volunteers we do this honestly for the kids, so get back to work educating the kids stop making the kids your excuse that you are doing all of this for them, and then you can still carry on negotiations with the Government on school class size and extra teachers.

You say you work lots of extra hours with the kids, you also get every stat holiday all your teacher study days which unbelievably teachers do not have to attend, Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays all paid.

You say the government has this money, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars where ???? Should they cut already existing programs, increase our taxes, the Province is already deeply in debt billions of dollars so please explain to me and other British Columbians where the money is coming from?
So please do not give in to sentimental pressure, lots of people agree with me, that they are using the kids to get their own way.

A Concerned citizen
Thomas James McLuskey


Is it a skunk or marijuana

1. A couple of months back I heard on the radio that it has been 50 years since the government implemented a ban on advertisements for tobacco products on TV and in magazines. 

This I believe was in an attempt to cut down on the number of children who would begin to smoke because it was cool.

So hearing people like Justin Trudeau (who is hoping to become the next Prime Minister) say that he is all for legalizing marijuana makes me wonder – did we just waste 50 years of tax dollars on anti-smoking campaigns?

2. Over the years I have heard many people complain in different forums about the dangers of second hand smoke and the cost to our medical system to treat both smokers and those affected by the second hand smoke.  Is the smoke from a marijuana cigarette harmless?

Quite frankly I couldn’t care less if people want to fry their brains with drugs, however the main concern that I have is the smell. Let’s face it , the only way to describe the odour is that it stinks like SKUNK. My neighbour smoked marijuana “for medicinal purposes” and there was never a day went by that I could be out in my yard without smelling the stench. Some evenings when it was warm and I had my windows open, the smell wafted into the house and the only thing I could do was close the windows. Legalize it and the only way you’ll ever get another breath of fresh air will be on your deathbed through an oxygen tank.

Needless to say, unless they can figure out some way to remove the smell I am totally against legalizing it.   Maybe all those sitting on the fence who say that the government may as well legalize it should give their head a shake.  This will be a decision that not only affects those who will be smoking it but those of us who have to breathe it in.

Helen Odell

Saved from a fire

Paynter Road fire

Dear Sir:  I want to publicly thank those three wonderful men that saved my niece’s life and their wonderful pooch, Chara.  We simply can’t have enough of neighbours such as these three. What they did was take an astronomical risk to themselves, but at the same time saved the precious life of my niece and her dog. 

Poor Chara, probably wanted to keep going back in because that’s what was so comfortable for her. I can also see how my niece could not have possibly lifted a heavy, big, confused dog all by herself. Anyway, on behalf of this family, THANK YOU.  You all took a risk and a big one yourselves. 

Of course they have lost some precious possessions, but what was and is important though, was saved. They will, of course, be uprooted for a number of months, but that is nothing in comparison to what could have happened. 

As a quick wrap up, THANK YOU, you three are awesome neighbours!!  I don’t use the word hero very much, but in this instance, that was and is exactly what you all are. 

May God Bless you abundantly!!
(Mrs.) Lynn-Marie Mossman


Boaters in the way of fire crew

I want to add my two cents regarding boaters that get in the way of firefighting aircraft.

I find it amazing that there are no regulations in place that address the issue keeping boaters away from firefighting aircraft.

There is no way on Earth that a helicopter pilot should have to 'cherry pick' and dodge recreational boaters while risking their life fighting a fire.

There are strict Federal Regulations for instance in place to keep boaters at a distance from whales.

When there is a fire being fought and a lake being used to contain the fire boaters should not be allowed within at least a kilometre or more of where aircraft pickup water. This is just an example.

Maybe even shutting wide sections of Okanagan Lake down (some local legislation maybe?) would be helpful. I know if I was a chopper pilot there is no way I would want a boater anywhere near where I have to hover to pick up water - it's just way too stressful.

I (and I'm sure many others) do not feel that a pilot should have to waste time dodging pleasure boaters while risking their lives fighting a fire.

~Gary Weighill

They were here first

We continue to complain about seeing wild animals in our neighbourhood but we continue to build homes in their neighbourhood and people still put their garbage out too early.

The animals where here first.

If you don't want to be visited by a bear don't live in the area where they live and are continually losing their habitat.

~Larry Halliday

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