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Anytime is the right time to give

'Tis the Season to Give, but what about the other 3 Seasons?

We can not just remember those in need for just Xmas, yes it's wonderful to give but after Xmas is over there still remain the homeless, hungry,children and family's going without. Giving should be from the heart anytime of the year.

I know people who think giving at Xmas means you are on the Big Guy’s good books for another year!  We still need those to remember when the shelves are bare that to give will help many thru trouble times.

I personally know myself I have had to use the services of the Food Bank.

Do not forget Giving Anytime is the Right Time to Give.

Merry Xmas

Brenda Nourry

New Liberal candidate Steven Fuhr

It has become apparent with the latest news release the new Liberal candidate for the next Federal election has really impressed the Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.  Steven Fuhr, retired Air force Major, CF18 fighter pilot was selected along with LT General Andrew Leslie to be special advisors on military matters, to Justin Trudeau.  One would expect this from a Lt General but to be appointed at the rank of a Major is not usually witnessed in government circles.  This means Steven, because of his time  with aircraft especially the CF18 and other important dealings with the proposed new aircraft for Canada the  F- 35 will if elected be a very high profile member of parliament from this area, something we have not had for a number of years even if the Honourable Ron Cannan has sat on a number of committees resulting in the opening of the Pass Port Office and the closure of the VAC Office with off setting employee numbers.  The importance of having a very high profile MP is important for the economy of the Okanagan and it would seem the PM has not come through even after i sent a number of letters suggesting Ron would make a good Minister hoping that the PM would understand.  He chose not to.  However, the PM chose to promote Mr. Fantino, a newly elected MP, to become the Minister of Veterans affairs and we all know how that is working out for the PM and the Minister.  Not very well.
I attended for a brief period, a gathering of citizen who wanted to hear Stephen speak and to get a better idea as to what he is made of. I was very impressed to say the least even if i served for 34 years and came to understand the new officers, men and women of the armed forces has changed, better educated, more in tune with their surrounding both militarily and civilian life styles and a joy to be around.
I believe Steven Fuhr is on his way to accomplishing great things again for his country as a prospective MP who will be listened to by Justin Trudeau on very important matters and will help out the economy of the Okanagan.
Dale Dirks, Veteran, MMM CD

Re: A failing education system

In response to Mika Mitchell, I find her letter both overly negative and generally mostly incorrect. I believe females are encouraged by society to get into traditionally "male" occupations like the trades and Doctors while men are more discouraged by society to get into "female" occupations like nursing.  

Numerous studies show Universities are comprised of over 55% female, and the trend is only increasing in that direction.   Females are dominating advanced education, so if anything I would say that our Education system is failing the males, not the females.

Also, while there are certainly terrible events and a lot of hate still in this world, I can guarantee that a child born in Canada today has a much brighter future then one born 100 years ago.  Tolerance and acceptance of others who are different than me or you still has a long ways to go, but I believe that acceptance of different religious beliefs, skin colour or sexual preference is miles ahead of where we were 50 or 100 years ago.

Warren Pineau

Breach of trust

Legal definition: BREACH OF TRUST. The willful misappropriation, by a trustee, of a thing which had been lawfully delivered to him in confidence.

So shouldn't politicians have to conduct themselves in the same manner as all professions involving the element of trust; professions such as judges, policemen, educators, doctors, clergy, public officials, and so on? Shouldn't we have codes and statutes that set a level of political ethical behaviour?

I ask these questions because in 2011, when running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of BC, Christy Clark promised to allow freer MLAs and free votes in the legislature. It is now three years later with no action so I emailed her asking for a definitive answer, yes or no, as to whether or not she intended to keep the promise. All  I received was an autonomous dissemble on how great she and the Liberal Party are, and no direct answer to the question. So I went to her constituency office in West Kelowna with document copies of the email and the promise and asked the staff if they could get an answer. No response at all.

So I then contacted the MLA for my riding, Dan Ashton, because it is his job to get answers for his constituents. I've gotten no answer whatsoever. But then, we all know our system requires that his primary allegiance is to serve the Liberal Party; not his constituents.

Because of their refusal to answer I have to conclude that they do not intend to keep this promise. Was the promise just a ploy to get elected with no intention of keeping it? If so, without public abrogation, it constitutes a breach of trust.

I think it is high time our politicians revamped our political system to raise itself to a higher level by establishing ethical codes and statutes to live by. They don't really have to be as nauseating as they are; it is a choice they make by being intellectually inert on self reform.

Roy Roope

RE: Tools to fight invasive species

Thank you for your recent coverage of the proposed new federal regulations to ban importation of invasive zebra and quagga mussels into Canada. It was great news, and a significant honour to have the announcement made in the Okanagan, recognizing the intense concern expressed by local residents for the health of our lakes. The new rules allow border agents to screen boats for aquatic hitchhikers, and for the federal and provincial governments to coordinate emergency response procedures. 

Significant further actions are needed to ensure ongoing vigilance and reasonable protection for our valley. As we know from the Okanagan’s 40-year experience with invasive milfoil weeds, one innocent deposit of an invasive species can cause headaches, heartbreaks, and high maintenance costs for decades to come. These mussels could form a whole new category of super-pests.

Following on last week’s federal announcement, we hope to soon see the roll out of the Province of B.C.’s  new invasive species response plan.  We also hope to see adequate federal and provincial budgets set aside for monitoring and enforcement, and an on-the-ground plan for how boat inspections and decontaminations will proceed. 

Boaters, fishers, and all lake goers are an important part of the solution. We invite you to learn more about the threat posed by invasive mussels to Okanagan waters and how to avoid inadvertently transporting these creatures into our lakes and streams at

Doug Findlater
Chair, Okanagan Basin Water Board 

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