Quigley sentencing

I just read the sentence set out for Ryan Quigley and have to say I am astonished that someone can commit such a horrible act and only receive 12 years!  I don’t give a hoot if the guy was high on crack, he took a wonderful girls life and deserves far more time than a measly nine years! I did not know the victim but I can only imagine the disgust her family is feeling after this ridiculous ruling.

What is our country coming to when people can take a life like that and walk out of jail nine years later free to live their life.  He in an adult and he should be held for whatever actions he puts forth even if he decides to shove a bunch of crap in his body to “alter” his so called mind.

He made the decision to do drugs not her and he should pay with at least 25 to 30!

My regards to Aimee’s family as I am sure she was a very amazing person and her spirit will live on.

Cara Carpenter


The lying has to stop

Trudeau won the election on the promise of electoral reform, and he was willing to deliver on that promise, till he found out the people want Proportional Representation.

Trudeau and Harper both hate democracy, and want a ranked, preferential, run-off ballot, to be able to continue to form 'majority' governments, with about 1/3 of the popular vote, leaving the other 2/3 with no representation in the Legislatures.

The NDP canvassed the country, and found out more than 70% of the people want Proportional Representation.

FairVoteCanada also canvassed the country, and confirmed that more than 70% of the people want Proportional Representation.

That leaves Trudeau with only two choices: Deliver on his promise – or resign as Prime Minister.

The lying has to stop.

Andy Thomsen

More worries than wins

Open letter to Minister Steve Thomson: Wildlife group says trophy hunt report highlights more worries than wins

Dear Minister Thomson,
We read with great interest your recently released report, ‘Scientific Review of Grizzly Bear Harvest Management System in British Columbia.’ Our interpretation of what this report suggests about your ministry differs from your own, however. 
This report is far from the win you seem to think it is; it is clearly a warning of what will happen, should immediate action not be taken.
Expert Opinions. When data is thought to be inaccurate, “expert opinion” can override physical, scientific methods of collecting and estimating populations; the report notes that “any data-based estimate will outperform expert opinion” and that 39% of the province’s populations are based on expert opinion instead of preferred methods of modelling. The report also notes that “no clear criteria for the use of expert opinion over-riding model predictions, nor clear documentation of how experts derived their estimates.” Additionally, the potential bias or conflicts of these experts was not discussed. (See pages 2, 17, 22)
Lack of Funding. An unreliable, and often unacceptably low, stream of funding for monitoring the resources surrounding grizzly bear populations, including the bears themselves, is shown to be very problematic for the panel, who note that a “lack of resources reduced effective management planning and resulted in excessive dependence on extrapolation methods … this resulted in an ad hoc inventory program largely driven by other resource development (e.g., oil, gas, mines, pipelines, hydro).” (See pages 3, 26, 27)
Transparency. Perhaps the most common theme throughout the report is the lack of transparency – from how individual decisions are made on population estimates to an apparent lack of interest in public and First Nations input. (See pages 2, 3, 28, 33, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43)
The irony of transparency being brought up so frequently is, of course, that information on this very report: the decision to use this panel, the funding they received, the access to resources and information they had, is unavailable.
It is important to note that this report was solely designed to look at scientific procedure, and though it found merit in the efforts of your government, there are significant flaws – potentially fatal flaws – to the sustainability of grizzly bear populations if they are not addressed. It also does not address the public view, the ethical arguments, or the First Nations stances on a grizzly bear trophy hunt.
We can only hope that your government will stop patting themselves on the back long enough to see just how much work needs to be done to protect grizzlies – not for a hunt, but from one.

Lesley Fox
Executive Director - The Fur-Bearers

Daytime running tail lights

I love the idea of daytime running headlights. It is far easier to see a car or motorcycle coming towards you with headlights on than off. 

Recently there was a short article encouraging the use of daytime headlights. What was not said, however, is when your daytime running lights are on your tail lights are not on. Your dash lights are on and your headlights are on, but your tail lights are not. Some people may not know this. 

There have been several times when I have come up behind a white, silver, or grey car on a snowy, rainy, or misty day. Surprise! 

It is easier to see a pair of tail lights through the mist, fog, and snow than it is to see the back end of a white car in a snow storm. Just one click will turn on your parking lights up front and your tail lights out back. It makes a huge difference and the extra warning you get may just keep you out of an accident. As always, stay alert and adjust your driving for road conditions and visibility. 

Now that fall is here, time to light up your rear!

Richard Foster

Elitist students

Regarding this comment in a recent letter, "We already waste millions of tax dollars to support elitist students in private schools". 

How many tax dollars have  been spent to build our new St. Joseph school?

How much longer will it take to educate the public that private schools pay to build their schools themselves and this save the "millions of dollars" for the public schools.

Rosemary Lalonde

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