Technology freedom!

I reach for my non-existent cellular device in my pocket and feel complete freedom. I know what your thinking and maybe a year ago, I’d have thought the same exact thing.Is this person legit crazy?

No more notifications, no more Instagram creeping and posting daily for likes and comments, wait no more Facebook scrolling to get updates on people you literally never speak to in person till your eyes roll back full of confusion. No more finding out information you didn’t necessarily want to find out, like your ex has a new girlfriend and when exactly did he even become your ex? Your best friend is already married, Facebook was notified before you were but hey this is the generation, the society where if its not Facebook official it never really happened or did it?

This societies lack of interest in face to face genuine intimate connections is corrupt. I was finally so mentally drained and sick of all of it. I logged off and have no cellphone, but guess what my life has completely opened up and I’m not going back. I’ve aced my first computer programming assignment with 100%, each class I focus 110% on everything I’m learning because I no longer have the constant stress, obsessive compulsive activity of constantly checking my phone every 5 seconds, did they text? Should I text back? Maybe I should call them? Who am I meeting this week?

What’s most interesting is I’m watching myself grow into this strong, determined person without the emojis dictating my every emotion along the way and without this constant mobile connection to the online world, “I am free to be me”!

Brittney Taylor


Real Dianne Watts?

Dianne Watts is once again showing us that she is merely driftwood in the river of politics gravitating to whichever place in the political spectrum gives her the best odds of winning. 

A quick google search reveals a chameleon like persona as evidenced by her backing Liberal Bonnie McKinnon in 1991, Conservative Doug McCallum for mayor in 1996.  Then as mayor herself as an Independent, followed by her role as a Conservative MP. 

Now she has aspirations of governing our province as a Liberal.  At least with Christie Clark we knew we had a conservative disguised as a Liberal and voted accordingly. 

Will the real Dianne Watts please stand up? 

Robert Brown

Thanks from Save Skaha

Save Skaha Park Society (SSPS) is delighted with the news that the City of Penticton (COP) is severing all ties with Trio Marine Group and that Skaha Park will remain in the hands of the people who own it, namely the citizens of Penticton.

For the past two years the 5,200 member society opposed the building of the proposed waterslide and when that deal finally collapsed, publicly stated that SSPS was completely soured on every aspect of the entire business relationship between the COP and Trio Marine Group, and recommended the City end its relationship with them in its entirety.

At the public input session of November 23, 2016 when SSPS stated that opinion, there was a standing ovation.

It is unfortunate that it took the City of Penticton this long and at these costs, to realize it as well.  SSPS thanks all their members and residents of Penticton for their unwavering support these past two years. 

Lisa Martin


KYC easy solution

There is a solution to KYC’s red ink situation that readily presents itself for serious consideration.
KYC has a number of options available that involve partnering with Tourism Kelowna to lease or to own part of the KYC building for use as its proposed visitor centre.
Tourism Kelowna has significant public financial resources that will assist KYC, including: a one time $500,000 grant for it's visitor centre from the province that could be restructured and applied to renovating the KYC building for visitor centre use; an annual $350,000 grant from the city for self promotion; and an annual amount of $3 million from the city’s hotel room tax. 
This public revenue stream allows Tourism Kelowna to either: lease part of the KYC building; partner with KYC in building ownership or, buy the building from KYC and leasing part of it back to the KYC.

These options allow KYC to find a white knight that has the support of Kelowna Council, the Chamber of Commerce and taxpayers. 
Importantly, these options allow Tourism Kelowna to receive some much needed public relations benefit over it’s unpopular choice of siting it’s proposed building on waterfront parkland and alienating the site from public uses. They also help Tourism avoid the label “The Gang of Thieves That Stole a Public Park.”
A civic election is looming, which makes Council receptive to being seen as a facilitator in this matter.
I would urge the KYC Board to speak with Council and Tourism Kelowna to explore these options further to everyone’s mutual benefit and to save waterfront parkland for public uses.

Richard Drinnan

Traffic nightmare

Sexsmith Road has become a complete nightmare since the extra set of traffic lights were installed halfway down Sexsmith. It was always a busy road but now that those new lights are there, it makes the whole thing much worse.

The whole road is bumper to bumper all the way down and it sometimes starts up by Dr Knox school which is insane. Ever since they put the new road into the Sol Terra Ranch subdivision which goes up and over the mountain to UBCO it’s been a joke.

Whoever decided to put that main thoroughfare to UBCO through a residential housing area was crazy.

Add the fact that the highway is now a construction site and it makes for a nightmare of a journey at school time and around 4:30pm to 6pm when everybody is leaving work.

I was trying to turn left out of the new road at the new set of lights but I was completely unable to join Sexsmith because of the gridlock. Due to driving attitudes in this town nobody will let you into merge into the traffic. So after waiting for 10 minutes I gave up, turned right and had to go around the long way to get to the highway.

It’s concerning when you see all the construction going on around town with all the condos and townhouses being built, our road infrastructure already can’t cope.

Mike Ashley

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