I moved here for a reason

I keep reading letters from people complaining about everything that one expects from living in a rural beautiful environment.  

Letters complain about noise from orchards, wild animals such as coyotes in their yards, and someone complaining about deer.  Are these people so closed minded that they don't realize no one is forcing them to live here?  

If you don't like orchards doing their job, and you probably eat their fruit; if you don't like coyotes in the backyard, which was probably part of their land before mankind developed it; if you don't like deer in your yard, which was their land before mankind developed it, then please go live in downtown Vancouver or another large city.  

No one is forcing you to live here and if you don't like the beauty around you, such as orchards, wild animals, then move! Quit complaining. 

I'd rather have a deer or coyote in my backyard instead of grumpy, nasty people like these complainers. I moved here for a reason and I love it!

Margot Shaw

Very much appreciated

Thank you to the kind person that inflated my rear driver’s side tire while I was parked in the Costco parking lot. I drove it to the tire store and they found a screw in it and repaired it. 

Your anonymous but thoughtful deed was very much appreciated.

Pamela Leco

Family Day values

Out of curiosity, I checked to see which Nova Scotia consumer oriented institutions were open and which were closed on the Family Day holiday. 

Here's just a partial list of what is closed: SuperValue stores, Sobey's, WalMart, Costco, both major and smaller malls and shopping centres… and the list goes on. I think you get the idea.

Wouldn't it be nice if B.C. based institutions were to place family values above the interest of corporate profit and close for the day.

Jim VanZante


List not accurate

One thing that makes me believe the fix was in for the approval of rezoning and a lease for Tourism Kelowna.

After I made an enquiry to the city today, the minutes from the public hearing and council meeting were posted to the city web site. 

I carefully reviewed the list of names of people submitting letters of objection. To my surprise, although I sent a message to every Councillor and the Mayor and Council e-mail, my name was not on the list. How many more were not included?

I would encourage everyone that submitted a comment to check the city website, (past council meetings Jan 24, 2017), and see if your name is there. If not register a complaint with the city.

Gord Marshall

4 Kilometers, $450,000,000

Just yesterday, a young girl in the lower mainland was sent home from the ER and died. Most likely because of an ”overcrowded ER.”

Surely our Governments could put $450,000,000 to better use than fixing a 4 KM stretch of highway. Yes it's a bad stretch, but with the surgery wait lists facing Canadians, is this really the best place for $450,000,000?

I think it is wrong.

Ken Warren

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