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Promises by Mr. Mulcair

Mr. Mulcair is selling his programs to Canadians at a rate that will see Canada continue to have a deficit budget, not a small one but very large in size. To date Mr. Harper has added over 150 billion dollars to our debt which stands at over 600 billion dollars. He wants us to stay the course even if he has not balanced the budget for the past 8 years. 

Fast forward to today and Mulcair, and yes with the economics as we are in right now Trudeau has said he will have to run a deficit budget until Canada can clear things up. The other two leaders, with Harper, are saying to stay the course with his questionable budget balanced and Mulcair who said he will balance the budget in his first year.  

How do we get two Leaders, who are so different in their concept of budgets, seeing there is only so much revenue to spend? You can be assured if Mulcair gets into power his first statement after thanking Canadians and his party is that Canadian finances are worse than expected, and they will have to cut a number of their promises until they get this under control.  

This just happened in Alberta with the new NDP government. All blamed on the oil situation, and even with our dollar one third of what it was a few months ago, still has not stimulated our exports.  

We are still in a recession with a slight upgrade in June. How about July and August? In Mulcair’s hip pocket is a large sum of money, 62 billion dollars of the military pension fund surplus. A surplus belonging to government by taking deductions from the military's pay for their pension, adding their matching figures, investing these monies and then taken this surplus which belongs to government by order of SCC and may use this money as they see fit.  

So will they use this money to balance their budget?  A crime if they do so since look at what has happened to the thousands of disabled veterans with PTSD, living on the streets, so screwed up and all this government is doing is applying a band aide. A band aide when there are billions of dollars in pension surplus to be used to help them and for that matter help all Canadians who need it.  

We veterans served Canada. We still have the understanding for the needs of all Canadians and would gladly share the wealth to help the less fortunate, but somehow and it is a mystery to most of us why it has not been done to date.

Dale Dirks


Scam postcards

I just received a postcard in the mail claiming that I had an unclaimed prize of $100 in gas rebates to Esso, Shell and Petro-Canada. When I called the 1-800 number provided and questioned them with how they got my info for the prize, they said it was through MasterCard, Visa and American Express. They also told me that not only had I won gas rebates but that they were through and that I won five 60 month subscriptions of any of 400 magazines they had to offer, but had to pay a fee of just under $3 for the last subscription as they were covering the rest. 

They also told me that they were part of and that with paying for the magazines I would be awarded 2 free flights anywhere in North America, Europe or Asia. All they wanted was my credit card number.

Also on another related scam note, I received a text message a few days ago from 306-501-3538 stating: "Become customer care analyst and earn $400/week. This will not affect your current job if any. To apply, email name to: [email protected] for details" The grammatical errors along with the fact that it was a totally random text led me to believe it was a scam. 

Just wanted to let you know that scams are on the rise again in this area. Scammers seem to target this area for a reason, probably because they are so successful in pulling them off. 

Tiffany Brown 

Money grab

Sunday morning at about 10:15 AM we arrived at the liquor store right on Hwy 33 across from Cooper's. We stopped in to purchase some liquor for a friend of ours who did us a favour. I noticed that across the street they were selling sweetcorn. The entrance I entered into had no signage that there was no parking allowed. We decided to go across the street as this was something new to us and get some corn. We were gone maybe 10 minutes, not even, and when we returned to our car we noticed a tow truck was trying to tow my car away. 

I approached the guy and I discussed with him and pleaded him to release my car, and that this whole week I have been terribly sick and I've missed a whole entire week of work on top of that I ended up in the hospital on Wednesday. This is my first day out and about feeling somewhat OK. I told him we went into the liquor store. 

This gentleman was rude, belligerent, and then constantly was cutting me off while I was trying to talk to him. He kept saying things like “ching ching: your money's flying away, your bills getting bigger, the longer you make me wait here the more I'm going to charge you”, and so on. I Explained to him that the entrance we took had no signage at all, and did not state we were not allowed to go across the street. We also spoke to the attendant inside the liquor store and received the managers phone number which we will discuss this with him on Monday. She mentioned this is happening a lot. We are going to fight this and were also looking for others who had to deal with this man or this business. 

I have photo proof of no signage.  I would not be fighting this if it were not for the fact that they had no proper signage on the property especially through the entrance that we took which was the second entrance closer to the Salvation Army. 

He charged us $105 to just release my car. This is a money grab. The spots we stopped at had nothing stating no parking as well. 

This man assaulted me when I attempted to take pictures of him towing my vehicle. He put his hand up to cover my camera which in turn hit me in my face. I have photos of this as well. 

We attempted to contact the manager of the liquor store, which we were customers of, and have yet to hear from him. 

Magdalena Steele

Barking dogs & dog control

Did you know that in order for RDCO Dog Control to enforce a barking dog violation in the City of Kelowna, Lake Country, Peachland, West Kelowna, Central Okanagan East and West, and to convict a barking dog owner, RDCO needs two different property owners to complain about the barking. RDCO Dog Control also need both complainants to get a visual of the barking dog.

The neighbours complaining about the barking may have to go out to try and see the dog barking in the middle of the night in their pjs, so the complainants can identify which dog in which yard may be barking. In many cases complainants can't even see a dog barking due to obstructions or it is dark. RDCO Dog Control officers tell complainants to take a photo or video tape the barking dog, but this puts complainants safety at risk, and exposes who is complaining about the barking dog. It also puts fear into other neighbours who believe there may be a prowler, peeping tom or stalker in the neighbourhood. I feel RDCO Dog Control should be the ones getting the visual of a barking dog, how about you?

If you don't want peeping toms, stalkers or prowlers in your neighbourhood, seeking a barking dog, please call RDCO Chief Administrative Officer Brian Reardon 250-763-4918 and your City or Rural area Director or Councillor to let them know you don't want your neighbours stalking your neighbourhood trying to get a visual of a neighbours barking dog, because you feel this should be RDCO Dog Control's job, because its RDCO who has the authority!

Sharon Schnurr

Re: Price of Gas

Mr. von Dach does raise accurate points. But there are more points to consider as well.

Governments of all levels love high prices. Using made-up numbers, let's say the price of a liter is $1.00. Let's say, and I know this is a lowball number by any measure, all taxes heaped on top are 25%. The government rakes in 25 cents per liter at $1 dollar, but only 12.5 cents when gas is 50 cents to start with. The taxes across various jurisdictions in BC range from the PST and GST, to carbon and transit taxes, oh and the special highway tax (like that money ever goes to our pathetic road systems). Also, you'll notice taxes are charged on taxes.

The Cdn dollar is traditionally pegged to the US dollar. Obama and his socialist minions (the average deluded left wing Canadian fantasy) have tanked the US economy and the value of their dollar with their policies. We have now fallen further in value in retrospect to their's, meaning gas just keeps rising in real prices, even if oil is selling for $39 per barrel now. Doesn't help that North America hasn't built any new refineries in decades, so we're always plagued with shut downs and spot price rises.

Yes, the oil companies are laughing all the way to the bank. But always follow the money, there are some other pimps in this whole thing too.

Rob Shaw

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