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Strange light in the sky

I know this is rather late, commenting on this story but I just read it tonight and I too was totally amazed and questioning what I saw in the sky on July 1st, 2015 @ around 12:05 am.  I've lived in Lakeview Heights and now Shannon Heights since 1990 and on quite a number of occasions have watched Meteor Showers or have seen quite a number of  individual meteors (with a lengthy tail). With that said I have "never" seen anything like this - of this size... a large fireball with a very pronounced tail - until it disappeared behind Little White. It first appeared in the north west (on the left side of where I was sitting at the front of our home in Shannon Heights) catching my eye as it was so extremely bright coming out of the very clear dark sky and descending across the sky towards the east (over the lake) and disappearing behind Little White (semi in line with our home). What was astounding to me was that the large size and bright white yellow orangey glow at the front never dissipated as it went this distance along with the tail - longest tail that I've ever seen and moving slower then what my eyes were accustom to seeing. Usually, over all the years, anything that I have ever seen across the night sky has appeared from the dark, white, streaking fairly quickly across the sky and then disappearing into the dark as quickly as it had appeared and satellites, bright white, staying the same size, crossing very slowly across the dark sky, and with no tail. This was neither. I even thought that it might possibly be "space junk", debris of some sort, but it would have to have been something pretty huge (for the size it was when it disappeared behind Little White) wouldn't it?
At the time I called out to my husband immediately (I've never done that before) and unfortunately he missed it.  In the days that followed I shared this story, quite a lot (something I've never done before about things I've seen in the sky) and I even asked my son if he had seen or heard anything in the news about it (another first for me) and then I forgot about it....until I read the article tonight.
This is the first time I've never written in, about a news article, in my entire life. It sure would be interesting to know what it was or perhaps it will just stay as a mystery for me.
Ruth Grant



CN Corridor tax increase

District of Lake Country refuses to separate CN Corridor tax increase.
When I received my tax notice this year I noticed a very big increase from last years tax notice. I then sent a email to Mayor Baker and the rest of Council asking how much of the increase was for the purchase of the CN Rail Corridor. I guess they past my email on to Rose Bronswyk Kassa (Financial Services Manager) and she got back to me. She said for this year they only requested $60,000 to service the debt for the rail corridor and it was lumped in with the rest of the municipal taxes. I then told her that all tax increases for this should be separated on our tax notices much the same as school taxes are. Her answer to this was that the District would not be segregating this capital purchase on our tax notice.
If you recall leading up to the referendum on this purchase Mayor Baker was telling everyone that it was only going to cost us $27.00 per year increase in taxes based on a property valued at $465,000. By lumping this tax in with the rest of the municipal taxes we will never know how much each property owner is paying and in fact by the time the 20 years is up you will have paid much more then the $27.00 per year starting at the $465,000 level.
I am asking all Lake Country property owners to call Mayor Baker and the Councillor for your ward and get them to change future tax notices so that we can all see exactly how much we are paying each year for the rail corridor as everyone will be different according to the value of your property.
Ron Volk
Lake Country


World is not an ashtray

First off, great work by the firefighters who contained the Huckleberry Fire in Joe Rich. Outstanding work! Now to the reason for this letter. I’m not a smoker, but I do see people who are still smoking in 2015 (which is beyond me) and I still see smokers who think the world is their ashtray. Um, I have news for you. The ground isn’t an ashtray. And when you are in your fancy car, if you can’t bring yourself to put your filthy cigarette out in the tray, flicking it out the window into the tinder dry forest or grass isn’t the appropriate action.

Honestly, how stupid can you be to throw your butt out the window and continue on your merry way, leaving a possible forest fire behind you and possibly changing the lives of hundreds of people, not to mention the financial cost, because you don’t want to smell up your car?

As I said, I’m not a smoker but for those of you who are, think! If you must have your nicotine fix at least do the proper thing and put your cigarette out 100%. Seriously, use your head. The world isn’t your ashtray.

Rick Sewell


Ashtrays and fire

I wonder if anybody has ever thought about how many fire more have started since they stopped putting ashtrays in automobiles. Lots I bet. People are too cheap to buy a plastic one. I see lots of fairly well to do people in there fancy cars throwing smokes out the window all over the Okanagan, and not only here it's everywhere. Maybe the government should make it mandatory to put ashtrays in vehicles.

Todd Carter

City grass

Re: City grass is different.

The grass at Rutland Centennial Park is looking in very bad condition and in need of water. The city took over the park with a promise and a plan to make it a beautiful space and yet so far nothing has been done except to remove the caretaker's home. When will the city begin to implement the plan that was presented to Rutland residents?

Donna Duke

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