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Selkirk students angered

Students are angered to learn that Selkirk College is circumventing provincial tuition fee policy to vastly increase tuition fees.

The BC Liberals have mismanaged colleges and universities to the extent that their policy is now being ignored. Through incompetence, Minister Andrew Wilkinson is losing control of Selkirk College.

Selkirk College has unveiled its proposal for a 6.6 percent increase to student fees. Current Ministry of Advanced Education policy caps tuition fee increases at 2 percent. A new "Student Services Fee" accounts for 4.5%, while the remaining portion represents a general fee increase. At least four other colleges or universities in the province are also refusing to follow the policy, due to years of mismanagement and under funding.

In addition to increasing tuition fees for all programs, Selkirk College is introducing fees for adult basic education. These high school level courses, which were previously tuition fee free, will be charged at $544 per course. While some students will be eligible for a grant to cover the cost of the new fees, funding for the grants is precarious, and many could be turned away.

Tuition fee increase for adult basic education block the most in-need people in our community from accessing education. By charging tuition fees for high school level courses, the BC Liberal government is leading Selkirk College down a path that is deeply flawed.

Shane Feddersen
Spokesperson for the Selkirk College Students’ Union

Bring home the CF18s

Re: Canada’s decision to bring home the CF18s.

Funny as it sounds, I have not heard one of the so called experts say anything about the cost to Canadians in money, let alone whether it is in a combat role or what ever, the government and experts decide to call out our presence in this war.

If you look up the cost of dropping one 500lb laser guided bomb ($29,000 USD), one hellfire missile with a cost of $114,000 USD, fuel, gatling gun rounds, ground crew (at least 300 or so), refuelling, AWAC aircraft and much more, our help is 2%. The useless waste of man power and fuel for each sortie when the hardware is not dropped, then how can we not support MP Fuhr and this government buy removing our CF18s. 

Train their personnel to fight their own home land wars. Don't let one capable person to to enter Canada as a refugee and send them back to be trained. Then we can really say we support the free world with their problems.

Dale Dirks

Re: Jobs in Kelowna

I'm writing this letter in response to the woman from Calgary who said people from Kelowna only hire friends and people from here. 

Absolutely contacts help in this town, as it does anywhere. To say these practices make us a small town mentality is completely naïve. The practice of using "contacts" or "networking" has been around long before social media sites like Linkeden existed. 

However, I must also state, accusing Kelowna of having a small town mentality is hardly an insult. At heart we are still a small community. 

As someone who was raised here I am tired of people coming here on holidays, falling in love with the area and deciding to move here but not doing any research. It's not summer here 12 months out of the year. We don't hang out at the beach, and laze around eating fruit all year round. The pay is lower because of a thing locals call sunshine tax. There are not enough jobs to go around. The city was looking at another construction boom when West Jet was putting in a flight to Fort Mac, but with the oil and gas crisis I'm sure that is on hold now. 

So please, unless you are planning on creating jobs in our community, please come to visit only. We would love to show you our beautiful beaches, wineries and restaurants, but at this time we are not hiring.

Celena Simms


Family Day

Did it ever occur to anyone that "Family Day" should be just that. A day where family can get together.  

Who out there has all of their family in the town they live in? How about in the province they live in? I would love to use the long weekend to be able to travel to see my family in Alberta and Saskatchewan, but what is the point? They are working because they do not have the same "Family Day" as me!   

I think that this sucks big time!

Karla Longacre

Full marks for remarks

Full marks to Tracy Hurst on her thoughtful response to the poll regarding changing the date of BC Family Day to coincide with that of the other Western provinces.  

I was pleased to see her draw attention to the issue of crowding at the local recreation sites in addition to the impact on hospitality and entertainment venues. Nice to see someone thinking from a "benefit to local business" perspective on this issue instead of a totally personal preference.

Marsali MacIver

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