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'I am going to' candidates

Dear Editor.

The biggest challenge facing voters in any election is to identify the candidates that are going to represent the whole community, not just pursue their own biases and pet issues.

We should also be aware of candidates who will want to build monuments that will only serve to advance their political ambitions.

Stay away from the “I am going to” candidates, because they might just do it.

The only mandate city councillors have is to act as our Trustees, and as such, to conduct our business on our behalf as directed by us as citizens.

The performance of the present Summerland City Council borders contempt for the people and the democratic process.

The arrogant and defiant attitudes demonstrated by our council members during the last term are not acceptable.

This election is a golden opportunity to purge our council chambers, and elect a new team that is going to be committed to representing all the people on all issues and to make decisions that will benefit the whole community.

Let us not waste this precious opportunity.

Andy Thomsen


Affordable housing

It's all good saying Kelowna needs more affordable housing for families, I agree 100%. What about those that don't need the 2-4 bedrooms, not a lot of affordable living for singles because not everyone makes $60,000 a year.

Why not the tiny houses or even the container homes? Cheap, practical and not a long construction time, they can be environmentally friendly, they don't require a great deal of space.

What more could you want?

Barb Radovanovic

Fuelling rage

GasBuddy is confirming this a.m. that Vancouver is paying 123.9 per litre for regular gas. 

They have a 10 cent per litre carbon tax. Kelowna does not have that carbon tax but despite that fact, we are currently paying for regular gas at 125.9 or higher in some areas.  Abbotsford is also in the non-carbon tax category and they are currently at 109.9 per litre.  So wouldn't that indicate we are all being over-gouged at the pumps by approx. 15 cents per litre? Supply and demand - um ... I call BS.

So Christy, tell us again how it is that there's no price-fixing by big oil when it comes to putting gas in our tanks, and exactly how much are you and yours siphoning off from these continuous and blatant rip-off profits being paid daily by already over-burdened tax-paying British Columbians?  Enquiring minds want to know and I believe there's also a few hundred thousand of us that want:

a) an immediate independent investigation into price-fixing between gas suppliers, and
b) substantial reimbursements paid to all drivers that have been found to have been affected by this price-fixing.

The Province can pay us all back the substantial money we consumers have been continually ripped off of for by these gas companies and, by its complacency and head-turning, also by the Provincial government.

Christy can then go ask her big oil buddies and get them to reimburse her.  The BC Libs and big oil are pretty tight, so shouldn't be a problem I imagine.

Cynthia Preston


Gas price follow

Re: Gassed again

When oil rose to $106 a barrel, gas jumped to $1.35.9/litre in minutes! Now with oil down 25% to $81 and change, gas in Penticton is only down 3% to $131.9, Do the math and we SHOULD be paying $1.05.9/litre.

It does NOT cost 18 cents/litre to ship fuel from Abbotsford to Penticton! This predatory pricing adversely affects business costs and individual pocketbooks and is no less than an act of economic terrorism that needs to be acted on.

What does it take to get the attention of big oil and a government that are both drunk on their windfall profits at our expense? Elsewhere, acts of terrorism are treated to swift and decisive responses.

C'mon and play fair and quit punishing us for living in the Okanagan! 

Bob Ardies, Penticton.

Gassed again (still)

Here we go again. Gas here (Winfield) is $1.27.9 a litre and cheaper just about everywhere else in BC. Victoria $1.21.9, Vancouver $1.26.9 with $.10 transit tax, Fraser Valley $1.13.9 to $1.18.9.

Omak, Washington, just 44 miles south of the border, $.84 per litre. Oil is $84.64 a barrel. Why again are we paying so much for gas? The no competition answer is total BS.

There is not a damn word out of our esteemed MLA's. Nothing!! They just rake in more tax $$. Christy and her gang will not give a valid reason why we are paying so much here in the valley, probably because they haven't been asked.

I don't understand why the media is not asking these questions, and demanding answers (probably high hopes) from our "elected representatives". Does their greed for taxes override them having the guts to approach Big Oil and look out for the people who elected them? This is a provincial issue, not federal.

If this was happening to our neighbors to the south, there would be riots. Up here we say, "oh well". It's time for us to raise some hell and get some answers from Christy (she's the Puppet Master) and it has to start with the media.

We are all not rich here in the Valley and the Sunshine Tax BS wore out a long time ago. C'mon people!!! C'mon Norm.

Bob Harris.

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