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Thanks on Canada Day

Earlier today I was with my two young children in the superstore parking lot and fell dislocating my knee. I wanted to send my sincere thanks to the group of people that came to my assistance and helped me as well as my little ones until the ambulance and my husband came. Although I won't be able to celebrate Canada day at the fireworks tonight I am reminded of what a great country we live in and the wonderful caring people who make our nation an incredible place to call home!

Happy Canada day!

Vicky Teal


From dove to hawk

I was at Prospera for the FolkFest this Canada Day. We so enjoyed the multi-cultural aspects. We also listened to Ron Cannon, Mayor Basran, and Steve Thompson.

They talked of a fighting Canada, they talked of war.  

I was born in Canada in 1946, shortly after a very necessary war, involving most of the world. I have been in Kelowna since 1972. It is saddening, the recent leadership trend, transitioning from ‘dove to hawk’.

We grew up feeling that the world view of Canada was as a peace keeper. Canada was country that could be trusted. A nation that was neutral and fair. A country to be proud of.

Did we forget our roots? We once were the world leaders in peace keeping. Did we forget 1956, where we took the leadership role in the Suez Canal Crisis. It continued into the 90s. 

Harper is hostile to the UN and their peacekeeping efforts. Twenty years ago Canada was the number one contributor of UN peace keeping troops. We have dropped to 65th  on the list… the most dramatic drop of any developed nation.

Harper was in opposition when America invaded Iraq. Harper wanted to join Bush, but fortunately he was not PM at that time. He quickly jumped into the group bombing of Libya. He celebrated with an expensive ‘Fly Over’ upon the return. Why does he push for more Military Days? So American.

To Netanyahu a hawk of hawks, “You have no better friend than Canada”. Harper 2015.

The world sees us in a much different light, than the old Canada that I knew. The neutral and trusted peacekeeper image is gone. Canada has abandoned their traditional role as a voice of restraint. The national identity that I held so dear has been destroyed.

Beware travellers, the Maple Leaf on your clothing or back pack isn’t what it used to be! We are just part of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq invading forces.

I have lived and worked abroad for seven of the past eleven years. People ask “why has Canada changed?”.  My answer, “not sure if it is a Canadian change, or a Stephen Harper change”. I hope the latter. 

Happy Canada Day.

Daryl Cooper

Lights in the Sky

After reading the report on the strange light in the sky last Saturday night we decided to respond. We too saw the light as we drove up Glencoe road. It was so bright that we stopped at the end of our driveway for about 15 minutes to watch it. It was completely stationary.  Only movement was shape changing from perfectly round to flat to oblong. It also flashed creating a halo. We thought it might have been a huge helicopter hovering with a massive spot light for the fire, but really it was too bright and big. Then we thought maybe a planet, but again it changed shapes. The pictures don't do it justice but if you zoom in you can see the shapes.

Kari and Phil Taneda

My name is Jan Rauter. I live in Rutland on the Bench.  I was going to bed last night around 10 o'clock and I happened to look out my bedroom window and saw this really bright light with a very small light off the top and slightly to the right.  At first I thought it was a plane but it stayed in the exact same place. I called my husband to come look and we stood on our back deck and watched it for long time. It did not move at all. I then went to bed, checking about every 5 - 10 minutes and it was still there. About 5 minutes to 11:00pm I looked again and it was completely gone. So I thought to my self that there was no way it could have been a star either. I really had no idea what it was but I fully expected there to be some kind of write up in the paper as I thought that if I could see it so clearly then I was sure other people could see it and it would be reported.

Jan Rauter

I read the article on the strange light in the sky on Saturday and had to tell you that I saw a weird light on Saturday too! I am so glad I wasn't the only one. I live in Rutland and what I saw was a bright round light appeared,from my perspective it seemed, to be under the moon. From where i was, it seemed to just drop from the sky and disappear! There was no noise and i listened and watched for sometime  thinking it might have been a  huge meteor or something and didn't hear anything. I have never seen anything like it! I didn't have a camera and it moved so fast I didn't think it would have helped anyway!

Jessica Malakoff 

Re: the unidentified object in the sky.

Couple of weeks ago, in the early morning sunlight, I spotted something that looked like a helicopter, hovering very high in the sky above Glenrosa. It hardly moved, and there was no sound, just the occasional strobe-like flash of light from it. My camera wasn’t powerful enough to identify it, so I got out the binoculars. What was it? It was a bunch of flat plastic party balloons that must have escaped from someone. As they moved around, the sun occasionally reflected from one of them, hence the ’strobe’ effect. They caught some wind and slowly moved east, so I phoned Air Traffic Control at Kelowna, thinking that they might present a hazard to aircraft.

Angus McNee

About two weeks ago my friends and I saw something strange and very round fall from the sky like a meteor would. It was perfectly round but it was bright white and orangeish pink in colour. We looked everywhere for reports the next few days but there was nothing. It looked just like the first picture but white and it was falling so it had a small tail. But it seemed to just stay still for a bit before it fell.

Ashley Renner

This is great that someone else saw the same light (lights) as we (nine people) did Saturday night. We first spotted a bright light coming towards us then it made a right turn and quickly disappeared. Within seconds a second red ball came from the same direction and was huge. I happened to have a set of binoculars right beside me and I grabbed them and focused on the orange/red ball. It was very large with no form similar to the first picture taken by the other persons sighting. It became the hot topic as there were nine wittiness all in our 60's. This sighting was looking East from Welker Rd. over Vernon Mountain. I haven't reported it as we don't know who to report it to.

Wayne Little

Amazing acts of kindness

I witness the most amazing acts of kindness last night. I was sitting on a bench with a couple of friends in city park watching the sunset. We where approached by a very intoxicated but friendly young man (early 20s). We offered him our bench because he was having problems walking but he declined. He walked over to some stairs and decided he was going for a swim - definitely not a good idea in his state. Quickly this young girl (maybe late teens) ran over to him and got his attention and invited him to join her and her friend on the bench they where sitting at. At first we thought maybe they knew him. I went over and asked her and she said no. I realize then she just wanted to keep him safe. What an angel. At that moment I was humbled - why didn't I run over and stop him. I thanked her.

We all need to start taking care of each other.

To the young man - I hope you feel better.

To the young lady -  you touched my heart - thanks again

Jan Streeter

Rail purchase tax response

On June 29, 2015 Castanet published a letter from Mr. Guy Bissonette indicating that the District of Lake Country incurred a 5.14% tax increase.  Mr. Bissonette’s letter suggested that the District added the funding for the rail corridor to the overall 3.13% tax increase resulting in a 5.14% increase.  As Chief Financial Officer for the District of Lake Country this representation is simply not correct.  The District of Lake Country had a 3.13% tax increase and included within the tax increase was partial funding for servicing of the rail corridor debt ($60,000).  Full servicing of the debt will be required in 2016; therefore in 2016, the Budget will include an additional increase of approximately $107,000 to fund the final amount required to service the debt.  This additional money will be part of any increase requested in 2016 as part of the overall budget considerations.

Lake Country encourages property owners to follow the budget process and to stay informed.  Information on all requests for funding can be found in the budget document.  The 2015 document is on the District website at


Rose Bronswyk Kassa

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