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Re: Second crossing

In regards to all those comments made about the bridge and if we need a second one or not and when, I would like to add the following:
When we had the old bridge with one lane each way and the traffic was standing it was the bridges fault and we needed a new one. Then we got a new one, however, not much has changed. Traffic is still standing still on the bridge at times and again, it’s blamed on the bridge. Well, it is not! When traffic comes to a standstill it’s a problem at either end. Kelowna can’t handle the traffic and neither can the west side. It does not matter how big the funnel is on the top, the hole at the bottom determines how fast it will drain. A second bridge will widen the top, however, the hole at the bottom is still the same. As long we do not have a “very good solution” how to handle the amount at the bottom, we should not consider to widen the top. We could try it by synchronizing the traffic lights for example, at a fraction of the cost of a new bridge and see what happens.
Roger von Dach


Medical wait time

Dear Premier Clark & Dr. Lake:
May 18, 2015, marked the 17th month since my doctor, in West Kelowna, requisitioned GI screening be done on my behalf.  That’s right…since December 18, 2013.
I was advised from the get-go that I could expect to wait up to 12 months for the procedures.  However, on December 1, 2014, my doctor was advised that it could take a further 8 weeks…or sometime around mid February 2015.  Mid February came and went… with no word and no explanation.  Then in mid April, my doctor again contacted GI screening, and was advised that it could take yet a further 8 week wait.  I have lost confidence that it will happen by mid June.   
My condition has greatly worsened over the past 7 months and I have daily on-going gastrointestinal issues. It’s of absolute necessity that I obtain scoping and biopsies to assess and diagnose the problem.  Would you be waiting over 75 weeks to get diagnosed and treated?
Obviously Interior Health is shamefully failing to provide medically acceptable wait times…and all this is happening under your watch.  Whatever the reason, be it lack of accountability, or lack of funding, you have the power to fix it…and it’s not getting fixed! This problem is solely on you, the Liberal Government of B. C. and Interior Health.  There needs to be a really close look at how our tax dollars are being spent at Interior Health and the problem solved.
I’m frustrated, and I’m angry, and I’m tired of being sick every day with no answers to the problem.  How long is too long for a person to wait?  Seventy-five weeks and counting…are people   expected to accept this - come on!
It would behoove you to respond to this letter. 
S. Vermette
West Kelowna

Stealing from my son

To the lowlife individuals who have been stealing from my son.
Two weeks ago, a young man bullied my adult son (who has a disability) to take funds from an ATM - $240 of money he had earned working at a job, not stealing from other people.
Last night, someone else broke into the new carriage house that my other son has just finished so that my disabled son can live semi-independently. The new TV was ripped out of the wall. My son Jordan saved for months to be able to buy that new TV for his new home.
I’m venting here – and very very frustrated. Our family, and friends and volunteers have worked out of the goodness of their hearts to create this home for Jordan. Other people from Kelowna have worked hard to provide him with quality of life in Special Olympics, Cool Arts, his jobs and in other ways.
And yet… others cannot seem to see that there is something very very wrong with taking advantage of him.
Shame, shame, shame. If I knew who you were, you’d be very sorry.
Sara Lige 


Strobing Lights

I believe the City of Kelowna should take certain measures to improve road safety in our city, especially in respect to bicyclists. 

The issue is the bike safety lights, and the strobe or flash option that usually comes with them. I do not know if you are aware, but this option presents a danger to people with epilepsy, particularly those who have photosensitive epileptic seizures. 

Epilepsy affects 1 in 26 adults, which means there are ~4100 people in Kelowna who have epilepsy. A person with epilepsy should be able to participate in daily life, such as walking down a street, without facing the risk of a cyclist using a strobe light. I am sure I do not have to explain the danger of people having seizures near roads or on cement. 

The measures taken could be something like promotional or informative material requesting people to not use the strobe light functionality. The city can also ask local bicycle businesses to participate in this information campaign to improve public safety. 

Beyond the seizure risk, flashing lights do not actually increase the safety of cyclists. A flashing light is much harder to track the location, speed, and direction than a steady constant light. I feel confident the benefits of this would be obvious. All of Kelowna accrues a benefit when bikers make this switch. Easier to track translates to fewer accidents, which means less time out of work, and less costs to the local hospital and clinics. 

Tyler Laing

Re: Coffee discrimination

Before you run off to the human rights tribunal for discriminating against bikes, please note; the safety issue is not for you, it is for the employees to guard against robbery.  It is much more difficult for a person in a car to reach through the drive through window than it is for a person on a bicycle or a pedestrian.  This is why people on foot are not allowed through the drive through either.  Please do your research before spouting off.

Matt Johnston

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