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Re: Interior Health & seniors

Re: Interior Health and seniors

There is rehab in KGH, he will have physio in KGH.  He may have pre-operative physio to teach him the exercises to do post op.  He can be referred to Home Care Nursing and will be able to utilize Home Supports as required. Just ask the ward to send a referral. Or he can self refer or you can refer for him. This is free for the first few weeks. Does he require home supports now for personal care or a nurse to assist with pain management? (FYI: free from charges).

With our growing population of seniors and reduced funding it is now necessary to plan ahead. What other supports can he have? Friends / family? Can he hire privately? If not he will get the afore mentioned support. Does he have access to some funding eg: is he a Veteran?

Has he accessed supports in community. Arthritis supports? Cardiac programs. Diabetic clinics to get himself to optimum health for such surgery. With age and cardiac issues he is a "higher risk" surgical candidate. Those programs are free.

There are volunteers out there and groups that especially help low income seniors. Many help with cleaning etc. There are meal programs, frozen meal programs (both locally and from Vancouver, grocery stores that deliver, friendly visitor programs, dial in program for grocery shopping and delivery for low income seniors. Can he stock up before surgery?

Has your friend exhausted all forms of pain control? There is a pain clinic and the arthritis clinics for supports and education. Does he need to consider moving to Supportive Housing?

If his surgery is successful he will be a lot more able within a short time after. An Occupational Therapist will do a home safety check to make sure it is safe to be home and re-check his mobility there. If he requires mobility aides, toilet raises etc they are all free on loan from the Red Cross (run by volunteers) for up to 6 months.

His best resource is to call his nearest Health Unit for info and advice on services and resources. Or go in....there are lots of leaflets and information packages. Probably even a person to talk to.

I don't disagree that the Health Services have really declined but most of us providing care really do care.

Respectfully, from one who cares a lot.

Andrea McMillan 

Community support

On Saturday I get to begin a journey of a lifetime ‐ going to Germany to participate in the World Tap Dance Championships. 

Dance, in all forms, is my passion and I was lucky enough to earn a spot on the Junior Team Canada Tap Team this year.  It is truly an honour to represent Canada and I will do so with pride, enthusiasm and confidence.  I would like to thank the many businesses who helped sponsor me on this amazing journey.

Lutz Consulting & Contracting Ltd.
Ramco Floor & Tile  
Kinsmen Club of Kelowna
Wayne Friesz, Form Works
Tamitik Builders
Debbie Tuddenham, Capri Insurance
Keldon Electric & Data Ltd.
Simply Inspired
Dr. Colin Hughes
Kelowna Rockets
Lake Country School of Dance
Thomas Gaffney Architects
Competition Glass Co Ltd.

I’d also like to thank the countless other individuals who came out to the various fundraisers I was a part of.  With your generous support, I can keep doing what I love... Dancing!

Live, Love, Dance

Maya Lutz

Interior Health and seniors

I just got off the telephone with a gentleman of eighty years of age. He lives alone. He is due to have a hip replacement. This man has had a heart attack, a stroke, is diabetic and has severe arthritis, particularly in his hands. The man is in agony. Yet, because Interior Health has deemed this "elective" surgery, he is getting practically no help at all.
He is actually expected to inject himself with needles after the operation. A young nurse at Interior Health humiliated him in front of a crowded patient’s office by telling him that ninety-five year old women can do it themselves. They are going to throw this man out of hospital as soon as they can, and he has no place to go. Interior Health has apparently cancelled rehab at Cottonwoods. Maybe the new offices on Doyle have soaked up all their money. How is this man expected to take care of himself when he can hardly move? He’s had to buy many supplies and is expected to buy even more immediately when he is released. How can he do this when he cannot move? Is the Minister of Health, Terry Lake, asleep on the job? It seems that Interior Health does not care one jot about senior citizens, and Christy Clark doesn’t seem to care either. Seniors are only good for this government come voting time. It is high time things change.
Seniors have to take up the clarion call that we are not to be stepped on by a government that doesn’t care, that is deliberately trying to starve national health in favour of private American healthcare. God forbid if that happens. We will all be dropping dead on the streets. I’ve seen it happen in the USA, and, guess what? They will let you. Wake up, editor and tell the truth about what is happening.  Help seniors and stop this rot that is destroying Interior Health and the Canadian health system right here in Kelowna.
Laurence D. M. Marshall

Buying land for park

Congratulations to all involved at the City, and all members of Kelowna City Council, for their great foresight and vision in purchasing the land on Lakeshore Road to be used as a lakefront park.

This will be a priceless valuable asset for both residents and tourists for generations.

Well done!
Paul Mitchell

Another pipe dream?

Regarding the major land purchase by the City for a waterfront park, it was reported, “The city has not made a purchase of land this significant in over 40 years,” said Mayor Colin Basran. “The $12 million, 2.9 acre land purchase is funded through the Development Cost Charges Program and land reserves.”

Perhaps they have conveniently and once again forgotten that during the nine years between 1989 and 1997 (18 years ago) they purchased eleven nearly identical properties for $3.9 million totalling 900 feet of sandy waterfront. I have 26 pages of the then confidential documents carefully detailing the acquisition of each property and the purpose. For example, in 1992 one paragraph of the 3096 Walnut Road purchase reads;

"Property acquisitions to the north of Cedar Avenue were initiated with the express purpose of expanding this beach end as a neighbourhood lake access park. The lake access in this area is fairly sandy with a gently sloping bottom suitable for swimming. The Leisure Services Department initially supported expansion of the Cedar Avenue beach end to the north for development of a neighbourhood lake access park. The Leisure Services Department also supports extension of this park down to Meikle Avenue beach access because of the ability to include the 66 foot road right-of-way and the large portion of Crown foreshore in the park development at no cost to the City. Staff's recommendation is to continue renting the existing residences until all properties have been acquired and then to develop the entire area as a neighbourhood beach front park similar to Kinsmen and Strathcona parks."

The area being referred to is at the foot of Cedar Avenue in the heart of the growing Pandosy Village. Many of you will recall the more recent public initiative to get the city to recognize what this purchase was for after the city attempted to have it sold for development. They have since designated the land for some loose form of "eventual" park use, but the current 2030 financial plan does not allocate any money to develop the beach and park until 2027; 30 years from when the land assembly was finished. Even 2027 is arbitrary because who knows what council 12 years from now will want.

Surely, a rapidly growing and affluent city could have afforded the little it would have taken to make the Cedar Avenue waterfront accessible to the public. After all, the city even admits that in its surveys increased public access to the waterfront remains among the highest priorities.

Rather, I believe that this latest and very expensive land purchase will eventually be treated similar to Cedar Avenue in that the ultimate goal is to sell the land for development but keep a sliver of the waterfront as a public boardwalk. As far as an actual park, we are likely again being sold a pipe dream.

Michael Neill

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