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Disabled Funding for Veterans

Members of the Canadian Forces are trained to the highest standard and are ready to challenge any threats identified by the Government of Canada. Billions of dollars may be required for the ISIS mission!

Is the Government of Canada prepared to use the existing Pension Act to support our Military personnel should they return home disabled? Today’s disabled Veterans and their Families must wait and see if more funds will be available for their needs in the 2015 budget?

Something is wrong here! We have a Canadian Government that can afford to spend billions of dollars to send our Military personnel in a war situation but it can’t afford to financially look after our National Heroes when they return home disabled. Shame on the Government of Canada for failing to financially provide for its Veterans of their previous War!

Canada should establish a “ National remembrance day” to remember the service of our Disabled Veterans. They and their Families have given so very much for our Country Canada.


John Labelle

Veterans Advocate 

27 Dresden Court Lower, Sackville Nova Scotia, B4C 3X1


Withering from Conservatives

The provincial government tells us that for a married couple, $18,000.00 is 'sufficient' to live on per year. Even more severe and damaging the federal government, (Conservatives), have me 'withering' for at least three years for appeal to denial of CPP Disability benefits. 

As far as I can tell, the Conservative government has misrepresented, illegally, the CPP Act to its voting public. 

My wife has cancer and I am supposed to live on her disability funds. Or so the message seems to be. Another message to Canadian citizens also seems perfectly clear; six years plus 'politics' equals $$$ millions. Thirty years plus contributing taxpayer equals minus zero!

Signed, NOT a proud Canadian
S.R. Solski

Bad gas . . . prices

All the complaints about gas-gouging are totally legitimate. We are literally getting "hosed" at the pump. 

I drive a car that cannot use Ethanol blend gas, so I have to buy either Shell V-Power premium or Chevron 94 octane, which have no Ethanol. What I cannot understand is why in the USA, premium gasoline is 20 to 40 cents a gallon more expensive than regular, yet here in Canada, I have to pay more than 90 cents a gallon (almost $1.00 more at Chevron) extra for ethanol-free premium than US prices.

An average fill-up costs about $20 extra because of the huge difference in the price of premium vs. regular. My other thought on fuel prices is why diesel is more expensive than gasoline when it costs less to produce. Why?


David A. Linge


'I am going to' candidates

Dear Editor.

The biggest challenge facing voters in any election is to identify the candidates that are going to represent the whole community, not just pursue their own biases and pet issues.

We should also be aware of candidates who will want to build monuments that will only serve to advance their political ambitions.

Stay away from the “I am going to” candidates, because they might just do it.

The only mandate city councillors have is to act as our Trustees, and as such, to conduct our business on our behalf as directed by us as citizens.

The performance of the present Summerland City Council borders contempt for the people and the democratic process.

The arrogant and defiant attitudes demonstrated by our council members during the last term are not acceptable.

This election is a golden opportunity to purge our council chambers, and elect a new team that is going to be committed to representing all the people on all issues and to make decisions that will benefit the whole community.

Let us not waste this precious opportunity.

Andy Thomsen


Affordable housing

It's all good saying Kelowna needs more affordable housing for families, I agree 100%. What about those that don't need the 2-4 bedrooms, not a lot of affordable living for singles because not everyone makes $60,000 a year.

Why not the tiny houses or even the container homes? Cheap, practical and not a long construction time, they can be environmentally friendly, they don't require a great deal of space.

What more could you want?

Barb Radovanovic

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