Property tax exemption

Our property taxes keep going up for home owners in Kelowna. For some reason city council has decided to give a tax break to developers to build rental apartments. A building on Enterprise Way will be subsidized for $42,000 a year for ten years, now they want too extend that out to twenty five years. That is over one million dollars in taxes we will never see, this is only project.

If you take the 80 units in this building that are rented out for $1,000 a month that works out to about $950,00 a year in rental income, who needs a tax break?

If a private citizen wanted to put in a legal suite and asked for a subsidy I wonder what would happen?

Who is city hall representing the citizens or big developers?

Remember this at election time.

James Walker


Save Diamond Mountain

My wife and I are owner operators of Diamond-T Ranch, along with our son and his family. Our local cattle and hay operation is located in the North Glenmore community. We are and have been farming various properties in Kelowna for 60 years.

We purchased our 108 acres of mountain land in 1980, prior to purchasing we did our due diligence knowing the acreage was out of the ALR and we were told by the City that the landfill was going to be reclaimed for agricultural use. 22 years ago, we approached the city of Kelowna with a plan to subdivide our land into several smaller acreages, which would allow us to scale down our cattle farming operations and to retire comfortably in our much loved community.

At this time the Approving Officer indicated that they had concerns with the subdivision of our land, as it was more suitable for a development “similar to Dilworth Mountain”. This was in 1996. We have since engaged a development company who had spent over a decade planning what we believed to be a marvelous community for many kinds of people from all walks of life, we call it Diamond Mountain. Unfortunately, the Diamond Mountain community plan is at risk of being thrown out due to the proximity to the Glenmore Landfill, and the city staffs fear of potential nuisances.

For the last 38 years, we have daily tended to feeding, calving, cleaning corrals, fencing etc. on our mountain and have never in all these years been affected adversely by the landfill. 12 years ago we built our residences on the mountain 500 m from the landfill. There is no issue with dust, noise, or smell making its way to our property. We realize that the city of Kelowna Approving Officer in 1996 was correct, our land has the potential to become something much greater than a few acreages for the wealthy. We have an opportunity to create sustainable, affordable homes for over 800 families, with access to daycares, senior housing, parks, and trails for the entire community to enjoy.

On Monday, March 19, Kelowna’s Mayor and Council will vote on whether our dream of sharing the land that we love with our community will become a reality. We hope they make the right decision so we can see many happy residents enjoying the land that we have enjoyed for so many years. Please share your support by emailing the Mayor and City Council.

Len and Marlene Tonn

Daylight savings

Why is it twice per year, every year, the media is all abuzz about the apparent (or at least claimed) ill effects of the changes to and from daylight savings time. One hour, twice per year.

Come on, many people mess up their minds and internal clocks far worse from a serious party and likely far more often. What I never hear anyone fret about or change their plans is the ill effects of a 1,2,3 or more hours of time change due to a week or two at a sun or ski resort, strange!

Beware of herd mentality. Suck it up, and/or, next time stay safe, stay home.

Wayne Evans


Too dramatic for kids

When I read of this decision, I had my issues with it to but not for the same reasons, I wondered about 11 and 12 year old's (from grade 6) moving on to middle school where they will be surrounded by kids much older than them and exposing them to things that they are far to young to have to deal with.

The same applies to the tweens moving on to high school. At these ages, they are emotionally pliable and susceptible to outside influences and are (most, not all) ill equipped to handle a lot of it. In the lives of young people, a year is a long time. They change dramatically in short periods of time both physically and emotionally.

Virtually all of the kids affected must be in shock, having been preparing for the transition to middle and high school a year later than what they now are being told is the case. It’s traumatic enough transitioning from grade school to the bigger schools and having to do it a year early will be making some of them sick.

I wonder if any of the school trustees gave a moments thought to the emotional toll it is going to take on many of them? Shouldn’t the parents have had a say in this? Shouldn’t they at least have been notified that this possibility existed? Last thought here, portables suck.

Peter Haslock

Proposed tax

My husband and I have raised 6 fabulous, very successful children and spent most of our summer vacations and many winter ski holidays in  beautiful B.C. We love the area so much that 18 years ago we bought a waterfront condo. Now, not only my husband and I, but all of our children and grandchildren enjoy the beautiful area. As I am writing this, one of my sons and his family are enjoying the condo, skiing, buying groceries going to restaurants, supporting local services.

If this tax goes through you will not have this boost to the local economy. Our holiday condo is used by all of my children and grandchildren (two of the families are B.C. residents). Throughout the year we support many local businesses from sporting goods stores to home improvement stores. We were so upset and insulted to hear that our neighbours and fellow Canadians were going to treat us like this. It is not a very well thought out way for a government to get out of a hole as I truly feel it will totally backfire. What will happen if we cannot handle the increase in taxes and pull out of your fabulous province? So many of the local businesses will be adversely affected.

Us fellow Canadian citizens who love to enjoy our most western province are not the problem. Please rethink this terrible tax bill and try find a workable solution to your financial problems, over taxing  some of your biggest supporters in not very sensible. From a very concerned fellow Canadian.

Patty Metcalfe

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