Castanet's week in review

Castanet's week in review with Nich Johansen.

Plastic problem for duck

Marianne was strolling downtown when she noticed a duck that had gotten a piece of blue plastic stuck on its neck.  

Despite receiving some assistance from another helpful pal, the duck just couldn't seem to get the plastic off.

"A huge reminder for people to please recycle," Marianne said. 

Lights out on Dilworth

UPDATE: 8:18 p.m.

According to FortisBC, crews are still on site working as quickly as they can to restore power.

UPDATE: 2:45 p.m.

FortisBC says the power outage on Dilworth Mountain was caused by a cable shorting out, and they are currently switching it out with a new one. 

While they do not have an estimated time of completion, FortisBC's Karen Zukas says power should be restored "shortly."

UPDATE: 2:30 p.m.

FortisBC says the outage on Dilworth Mountain is due to a "bad cable," but they don't know when power will be restored. 

FortisBC's Karen Zukas says the outage has affected about 660 homes in the area. 

Crews are currently working to restore power, but Zukas says they do not know yet when that will be. 

ORIGINAL: 2:10 p.m.

Residents on Dilworth Mountain are in the dark Saturday afternoon.

The power went out for many residents on the mountain at about 1:30 p.m.

A resident on Lillooet Crescent says the outage looks to be pretty widespread.

FortisBC has yet to comment on the outage, but a recorded message on their voicemail says they are aware of it. 

Searching for lost dog

Dog lovers are out in full force in the Upper Mission Saturday, on the hunt for a missing pooch.

Volunteers with Paws it Forward, a local dog rescue society, have been searching for Mitzu for three days now.

Mitzu was a recent rescue, but she slipped out of her harness near Gordon Drive and Frost Road on Thursday morning and hasn't been seen since.

Many people have joined Paws it Forward in the hunt for Mitzu Saturday, searching the surrounding streets for any sign of the dog.

Mitzu is very skittish and Paws it Forward says she will run away if her name is called or she is approached. 

If she is seen, Paws it Forward can be reached at 250-470-7923.

Anyone interested in joining the hunt can meet up with the others at Gordon Drive and Frost Road.

"We are going to catch her today, I have a feeling," wrote Paws it Forward on their Facebook page Saturday. 

Updates on the search can be found on Paws it Forward's Facebook page

Club assault trial wraps up

Defence council for two men accused of being part of a vicious assault outside a Kelowna nightclub gave their closing arguments to the court Friday.

Steven Kaplan and Kyle O'Brien have faced two weeks of trial for their involvement in a September 2014 sucker punch outside Sapphire Nightclub that knocked Michael Martin out, fractured his skull, put him in a coma for two weeks and caused brain damage.

Kaplan had been involved in two fights with Martin earlier in the night, and followed him to Sapphire.

Kaplan, who was banned from most bars in town, talked briefly with bouncer Kyle O'Brien before O'Brien went into the bar and dragged Martin out in a chokehold.

Minutes later, Steven Kollie, a much larger man, approached Martin and Kaplan, who were talking. 

Surveillance footage outside the club, shows Kollie landing the sucker punch and calmly walking away. No one, including O'Brien, pursues him.

Kollie was convicted of aggravated assault in May, and given a five-year sentence.

In his closing arguments, Kaplan's defence council, Cory Armour, said the Crown's case against his client relies on circumstantial evidence, and there are several other “reasonable inferences” that can be made about his actions.

When Kaplan brings Kollie to the front of the bar, prior to the punch, Armour says the judge has no way of knowing that Kaplan knew Kollie was going to assault Martin, rather than just intimidate him.

“It is not unexpected that (Kollie) might resort to violence even if that was not something that was initially intended by Mr. Kaplan in bringing him there,” Armour said, after noting Kollie's violent criminal past.

He also suggested Kaplan would not have orchestrated the assault to take place right in front of the nightclub, as he would probably know there was surveillance.

In response, Justice Allan Betton noted Kaplan did not appear to be surprised when the assault took place.

Colby Johnson, defence council for O'Brien, also suggested there are many other reasonable alternatives to the Crown's theory that O'Brien was complicit in facilitating the assault.

“There's no way Mr. O'Brien could have known when he brought out Mr. Martin that Mr. Kaplan or Mr. Kollie was going to be 'talking with fists,'” Johnson said.

Betton challenged Johnson, noting O'Brien had no noticeable reaction to the punch, and one would expect someone who had not known violence was about to take place would act surprised.

Betton will now deliberate on the Crown's and defence's arguments. A decision is expected Thursday.  

Big White, bigger heart

Big White Ski Resort, is teaming up with People in Motion, to give kids with disabilities a fun-filled day of activities. 

This Saturday, kids and their families will have the chance to try out a variety of winter sports like adaptive down hill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating and tubing. 

Big White Ski Resort has worked alongside People in Motion Kelowna since 1996, to help give adults and their children with disabilities the opportunity to experience all that Big White has to offer.

People in Motion is an organization that works to support people with physical and sensory disabilities. The goal is to get the people and their families to participate in and contribute to their communities as much as they desire. 

Participants have been rallying pledges over the past month through a ski-a-thon for their chance to earn a discounted day of skiing at Big White.

All proceeds raised by the ski-a-thon will be donated to People in Motion Kelowna helping support future events and further awareness for people with disabilities community of Kelowna.

For those wishing to donate, the People in Motion team will be located in the lower level of Happy Valley Day Lodge from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. collecting donations.

Donations can also be made online.

Tesla Taxi isn't just a taxi

Madison Erhardt

Current Taxi is changing the taxi game, one ride at a time. 

Current Taxi is British Columbia’s first all-electric taxi fleet owned and operated locally in Kelowna with an aim to provide luxury car service using environmentally friendly Teslas.

These taxis don't just look the part, they are also great for the environment.  

Dale Conway, Founder of Current Taxi said, "This has been a dream of mine for a long time. We wanted to offer Kelowna a completely different taxi experience. The biggest thing about these cars is that they are environmentally friendly. There is no car on the road that is cleaner." 

"We charge the exact same rates as everyone else. It's not about a premium price with us. It is about a premium experience," said Conway. 

Tesla Taxi is now ready for you. All you have to do is download the Current Taxi app and with two clicks of a button a Tesla Taxi will be right outside your doorstep. 

Multiple vehicle crash

A multiple-vehicle crash happened at Highway 97 and Dilworth Drive in Kelowna just before 10 p.m. Friday.

Multiple emergency crews were called to the scene. 

One car smashed into a sign by Orchard Park Mall. The other car involved was in the middle of the highway, also with serious damage. 

At this time, it is unclear how many people were involved in the accident, but several were rushed to hospital. 

The police were unable to provide Castanet with any information at the time of the crash.

Castanet will continue to update as more information becomes available. 

Madison Erhardt

$3,000 for missing dog

An Okanagan man is doing everything he can to get his beloved dog, Buck, back.

Cody Walsh, who lives on Evans Road near Oyama, has upped the reward three times for his missing pet. 

Buck went missing a month ago, and Walsh originally offered $1,000 for whoever could return his dog to him. Weeks passed, and there was no sign of Buck, so Walsh decided to triple the reward. 

"Buck is still missing. The offered reward is now increased. In the event Buck is with people, we ask that you please bring him home. No questions will be asked. He is extremely missed and has a great life that he also misses. We are not able to increase the reward again after today.

"Thank you again everyone for your amazing efforts to help Bring Buck Home," said Walsh.

Buck was wearing a blue collar with a silver tag when he went missing. He also has a microchip, so if he’s found and taken to a vet, he can be easily identified.

Anyone with information on Buck's whereabouts is asked to call Cody at 250-718-9688

Travel nightmare over

The couple that had their dream vacation turn into a nightmare, may be waking up from their bad dream soon.

"We received Juttas PR card a few hours ago, so Tuesday we will be on a flight home", Martin told Castanet.

The couple is thankful to be headed home. 

"We are feeling much better now, it's a breath of fresh air knowing that Jutta can now come home with me. Our stress level has dropped nearly to zero, and we can smile once again."

Martin mentioned about how difficult it can be to get the proper documents in situations like his. "One would think that there would be a better set of safeguards for situations such as this. Whether a person forgets, loses, has their documents stolen or just plain didn't know it was required."

We most definitely will be carrying her p.r. card when traveling from this point on.... lesson learned," he said.


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