April 20, 2004




Superintendent Don Harrison

RCMP Kelowna Detachment

Kelowna, British Columbia


Re:     Polygraph


          I am enclosing a proposal agreement outlining the terms which should be acceptable to you.  You may want to address your proposed questions as to their form.

          Dr. David Raskin PhD., is, I have been told, the world’s foremost polygraph expert and should therefore be acceptable to you.  You will note he has in effect trained, and directed the RCMP in it’s own polygraph training programs.  His fee is $1,500 US for each test plus expenses as follows:  Return airfare from Alaska, one night hotel and meal expense in Vancouver.  Although I am impecunious at this time, a sponsor has agreed to pay my half.  I trust you will find a way to have the taxpayers pay your half. 

          I hope you don’t find a way to excuse yourself.  I am looking forward to a quick response.






Rick Ciarniello

Hells Angels, Vancouver



Rick Ciarniello and RCMP Superintendent Don Harrison hereby agree as follows:


That both will submit to a polygraph examination by Professor David C. Raskin, in Vancouver, BC, on a date to be set, as agreed to by both parties.


Rick Ciarniello will answer the following questions:

1.             Do you derive any of your income from criminal activity?

2.             Are you involved in criminal activity?


Superintendent Don Harrison will answer the following questions:

1.             Have you ever lied in the course of your duties as an RCMP officer; except when acting as an undercover officer?

2.             Have you ever violated the Criminal Code, the Narcotics Control Act or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act?


Superintendent Harrison, in the Kelowna newspaper, The Daily Courier, on April 8, 2004 made the following statement:

I would give him (Rick Ciarniello) a public apology if he was to take a polygraph saying he was not involved in criminal activity and he does not derive any income from criminal activity.”  “I would stand up in front of the whole world and do that.”


When Ciarniello does pass, and given Superintendent Harrison has acknowledged that he will apologize to the “whole world”;


Ciarniello will be satisfied for Don Harrison to stand on a podium in Kelowna town square at 12:00 noon on Friday, July 2, 2004 to issue the following apology:


I said, on March 26, in the Kelowna newspaper, The Daily Courier, I have little doubt that the Hells Angels are involved with downtown’s drug scene.  “They’re the worst criminal element in North America.”  “Their stock and trade is drugs, prostitution and extortion.”  “Anything criminal that makes money, they’re involved in.”  “They own a house on Ellis.”  They have their fingers in a lot of business in town here.”  “I’m amazed that everybody thinks they’re so cute.”  “I watch them at bar (closing time) and people are sitting there worshipping these guys.”  “These guys are scumbags.”  I hereby, sincerely and without reservation apologize.  My statements were untrue and I apologize to both Mr. Ciarniello and all members of the Hells Angels that I unfairly defamed by my remarks.  As I promised, I make this apology in front of the whole world and I do so.



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