The Joy of Travel The Joy of Travel by Joy McGinnis

Joy McGinnis shares her personal wanderlust and professional insight for emerging travel trends, destinations and useful "what now?" tips.
A necessary evil  Sep 27, 2016
The ethics of travel  Sep 20, 2016
The Mexican dentist  Sep 13, 2016
Behind the Wheel Behind the Wheel by Tim Schewe

A veteran columnist and traffic enforcement officer with the RCMP, Tim writes on all things traffic-related.
Bright ideas for fall driving  Sep 27, 2016
Yellow means stop  Sep 20, 2016
Get out of the way  Sep 13, 2016
Writer's Bloc Writer's Bloc

Welcome to Writer’s Bloc, a column for guest writers to share their experiences with our readers.
Side effects of fat loss  Sep 26, 2016
Alzheimer's hidden signs  Sep 18, 2016
Burn fat faster  Sep 14, 2016
Scale My Life Scale My Life by Ryan Lancaster

Ryan Lancaster is a pretty average guy with some pretty big dreams.
Creation anxiety  Sep 26, 2016
The secret to my success  Sep 19, 2016
Execution trumps all  Sep 12, 2016
Getting Along With Your Computer Getting Along With Your Computer by Cate Eales

The Technology Shaman helps make your online computing safe, accessible and fun.
Beware ransomware  Sep 26, 2016
Good and bad utilities  Sep 19, 2016
What could go wrong?  Sep 12, 2016
Transitions Transitions by Ross Freake

Ross Freake is the columns editor at Castanet.
How do you see the world?  Sep 25, 2016
A slave to time  Sep 18, 2016
Creating reality  Sep 11, 2016
Heather's Horoscope Heather's Horoscope by Heather Zais

What's in your future? This is your horoscope stop, with psychic Heather Zais.
Horoscope: Sept 25-Oct. 1  Sep 25, 2016
Horoscope: Sept. 18-24  Sep 18, 2016
Horoscope: Sept.11-17  Sep 11, 2016
Happy Gourmand Happy Gourmand by Kristin Peturson-Laprise

Happy Gourmand is about enjoying life and living in the moment, and sharing that joy to keep those good vibes going.
Fave thingamajigs  Sep 24, 2016
Know thy food  Sep 10, 2016
A bite of nostalgia  Sep 3, 2016
Mortgage Matters Mortgage Matters by April Dunn

April Dunn has been assisting clients to purchase, refinance, or renew their mortgages for over 20 years.
Kim's Flick Pics Kim's Flick Pics by Kim Rhindress

Movie night and you're not sure what movie to see? You're in luck, Kim is here to help with her spot on insightful movie reviews.
Paranoid about privacy  Sep 23, 2016
Sully a reluctant hero  Sep 16, 2016
War Dogs is best in show  Sep 9, 2016
It's All About . . . It's All About . . . by Mark Jennings-Bates

Mark writes about ways to improve on success in our lives, with ideas to help stay focused for growth and development.
International cat herding  Sep 23, 2016
Tiny houses big problems  Sep 16, 2016
Adventures with Sonya  Sep 9, 2016
Lavigne on the Scene Lavigne on the Scene by Kevin Lavigne

This column is meant to praise the successes of past events, inform you of new local businesses that are opening, celebrate successes of established businesses and to promote some fun upcoming events.
Older talent celebrated  Sep 23, 2016
Anjali Inman is here  Sep 16, 2016
United by ribs  Sep 9, 2016
Dan in Ottawa Dan in Ottawa by Dan Albas

Dan Albas, MP for Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola, keeps us posted on what's going on in Ottawa.
Costly moves in Ottawa  Sep 22, 2016
Postal pandemonium  Sep 15, 2016
Debt eroding economy  Sep 8, 2016
Grind My Gears Grind My Gears by Landon Bradshaw

Bringing out the points of views from cyclist, drivers, and pedestrians. How to play safe on the roads out there.
Ride over the elephant feet  Sep 22, 2016
Education lost  Sep 8, 2016
Cyclists' lives matter  Aug 25, 2016
The Shoebox The Shoebox by Darren Handschuh

Life gives Darren plenty of material for his column, and no one is safe from his musings – especially himself.
Vinyl memories  Sep 22, 2016
Let kids hurt themselves  Sep 15, 2016
The seventh level of hell  Sep 8, 2016
The Blackboard Jungle The Blackboard Jungle by Richard Knight

Richard Knight is a retired teacher with a lot of stories to tell.
Classroom cowboy  Sep 21, 2016
BJ leaves his mark  Sep 7, 2016
Saved by a kitten  Aug 24, 2016
Dr. Oz's Vet Advice Dr. Oz's Vet Advice by Dr. Moshe Oz

Dr. Oz of Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital provides expert advice and information about our pets.
Sleeping with your dog  Sep 21, 2016
Hot pets dangerous  Jul 20, 2016
Does my pet have cancer?  May 15, 2016
States of Mind States of Mind by Paul Latimer

Explore the fascinating mysteries and complexities of the mind, with Dr. Latimer.
Brotherly bullying  Sep 21, 2016
Do you remember...?  Sep 14, 2016
Loving thyself too much  Sep 7, 2016
Achieving Justice Achieving Justice by Paul Hergott

Lawyer Paul Hergott is most drawn to, and passionate about, pursuing fair compensation for injured victims.
Creep-catcher justice  Sep 20, 2016
Sidewalks are stop signs  Sep 13, 2016
Just be Fair, ICBC  Sep 6, 2016
The Mortgage Gal The Mortgage Gal by Laurie Baird

A mortgage professional, Laurie Baird provides guidance for obtaining a mortgage, a new home, or planning a move.
Housing tax worries market  Sep 19, 2016
Managing your credit  Aug 29, 2016
The stress of house buying  Aug 15, 2016
Bonnie on Stage Bonnie on Stage by Bonnie Gratz

Bonnie Gratz is the Artistic Director of Kelowna's New Vintage Theatre, and offers us an exciting insider's view of local theatre.
Money Ramblings of a Financial Underdog Money Ramblings of a Financial Underdog by Stephen Sayapov

The financial underdog gives advice on building good personal finance habits to change your financial future for the better.
This is Life, Based on a True Story This is Life, Based on a True Story by Tanya Gunderson

Tanya is a single parent to two teens, a mini dachshund, and somehow a cat. They cohabitate mostly happily in West Kelowna, despite the transit system being so bad.
Making of an angry parent  Sep 14, 2016
Teachers' advice  Aug 31, 2016
The toughest job  Aug 24, 2016
MP Report MP Report by Stephen Fuhr

Stephen Fuhr proudly serves as your Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country.
Feedback helps MP  Sep 10, 2016
More money for families  Jul 17, 2016
Canada Post review  May 12, 2016
Just Add Salt! Just Add Salt! by Lisa Salt

Lisa Salt, along with her husband Gord Fowler from Calgary, lead one of the most successful and dynamic real estate teams in the North Okanagan.
House-selling secrets  Sep 10, 2016
Watch for red flags  Jul 10, 2016
Pizzazz pointers  Jun 12, 2016
Cartoons by Marzio Cartoons by Marzio by Marzio Manderioli

Marzio is delighted to collaborate with Castanet to share his cartoons with you.
A rainy school start  Sep 7, 2016
Big apple  Sep 6, 2016
The Royals visit  Aug 31, 2016
About the House About the House by Hugh Cairns, RHI

If you're planning to do home improvements, stop here first. This column is here to guide you.
A house to love  Sep 5, 2016
Beat the heat  Jul 18, 2016
Homebuyers unprotected  Jul 11, 2016
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! by Yoree Grozenok

Yoree Grozenok has a wealth of knowledge and experience in recycling, which he shares with readers.
It is a junk-erful life  Sep 4, 2016
Protect your identity  Apr 20, 2016
Don't bogart that junk  Mar 22, 2016
Investment Real Estate Investment Real Estate by AJ Hazzi

With a well-deserved reputation as a real estate renegade, AJ Hazzi has been shaking up the Kelowna real estate scene since 2002.
Do not get caught  Sep 1, 2016
Sun, beaches and cash flow  Jul 26, 2016
5 trade secrets, free  Jun 15, 2016
Possibility Possibility by Shelley Gilmore

As the Executive Director of United Way CSOS, Shelley Gilmore's goal is to ensure that social and health issues are addressed through collaborations, partnerships, and funding supports.
What do you care?  Aug 13, 2016
Hope - what's it to you?  May 14, 2016
A thief among us: The bully  Apr 10, 2016
Trip Shot Trip Shot

Trip Shot is for you, travel photographer.
Family cycling is amazing!  May 22, 2016
Trippin' thru the Cariboo  May 11, 2016
Pinnacle Peak hike  May 8, 2016
Spirited Endeavours Spirited Endeavours

Welcome to Spirited Endeavours - come on in, pull up a chair, grab a glass, stay awhile.
Drink it. Bake it.  May 8, 2016
Dew on angel's nipples  Apr 30, 2016
I'm Earl. Drink me  Apr 23, 2016
The Dad Vibe The Dad Vibe by Jeff Hay

Jeff Hay is a Kelowna-based writer, motivational speaker, parenting coach, and father of four.
Brink of divorce? Wait.  Feb 7, 2016
My genetically average kids  Jan 8, 2016
"Santa's dead??"  Dec 25, 2015
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