Monday, October 5th

At Castanet, we don't just sell online ads, we sell results.

That's why we can't get into detail on rates until we fully understand your product, goals, and translate that to an effective online marketing campaign that will get you the results you need. For every client we prepare a written proposal to match your needs to our product with several campaign options.

Your goal is results. Our goal is a long term relationship with a satisfied customer.

Our advertising rates vary depending on the nature of your campaign. Factors include size of the ad, postion of the ad, the number of weeks the ad is displayed and available inventory at the time. Rates are discounted for longer time commitments. Smaller ads and lower traffic areas of the site cost less. Cost for past campaigns we have booked have ranged from a few hundred dollars to thousands all depending on the results required by our client.

Our rates include the cost of designing the ad and display page if required. Additional nominal costs are incurred if creative changes are made beyond the agreed to program.

The following payment terms are applicable: