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Animal ID: 452741

Kamloops shelter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-376-7722
Address: 1211 8th Street
Kamloops, BC V2B 2Y3
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Male Cat
Breed: Siamese Cross

4Yrs 7Mths 3Wks - 4Yrs 7Mths 3Wks
Colour: Blue Bicolor / None

Handsome younger male seeking lifelong companion! Enjoys wet food, treats, and gentle scratches on the top of his head. Seeking a quiet home with no children, or other animals.Montgomery first came into the care of the BCSPCA as a stray and would get into trouble with the other cats in the neighborhood. He was very nervous at first of people, especially too much touching and fast movements. He has slowly started to become more relaxed and has begun enjoying time with people. Especially when they sit and read a book to him. He is not used to being touched so can get upset if a hand strays too far down his body, and he prefers gentle touches to the top of his head or between his shoulders. He does enjoy wrapping himself around peoples legs though, especially at breakfast time or at the sight of the treat bag.As he can still be nervous around strangers so multiple visits will be needed to help build a bond between him and his new companion. If you are interested in meeting this dapper gentle-cat you can call 250-376-7722 or stop in at 1211 8th St. An adoption counseling session is required before adopting any animal.

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