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Animal ID: 439670

Shuswap shelter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-832-7376
Address: 5850 Auto Road SE
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 2X2
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Female Dog
Breed: Newfoundland Cross

2Yrs 3Mths - 2Yrs 3Mths
Colour: Black / White

Although we have listed Triscut as a Newfoundland cross it is only because our computer program does not have a listing for her actual breed. She is a Karakachan which is a very old Bulgarian livestock guardian breed. However, Triscut is showing signs that she may have some other breed in her. Triscut is not as heavily built as a Karakachan usually is. Also, while she is supposed to be a livestock guardian, Triscut is apparently afraid of most of types of farm animals and will hide in the trees rather than watch over them. Also she is not good with poultry. So what we are looking for her is farm like home but with out the animals. On the other hand , she is not as aloof with people as Karakachans can be. When they are working, people have learned through experience not to interact at all with the dogs. However, Triscut really enjoys people, especially just hanging out and leaning on them. She is quite content to hang out in the yard, enjoys water and swimming, likes to lay in the hay, and thinks it is fun to be high up as long as it does not involve stairs. She has lived peacefully with other dogs but doesn't play with them. Although she needs lots of exercise she does not do well in dog parks with dogs she is not familiar with. Triscut has only lived outside until now, but she finds being kenneled or doghouses very stressful. She has been quite comfortable here and would adapt well to an indoor home with lots of yard time. Triscut walks beautifully on a leash. Triscut is not a starter dog but would thrive in an experienced home. She is a big, beautiful girl just looking for that right loving home.

Suitability Guide:
House Trained