4372 Beach Ave, Peachland 4372 Beach Ave, Peachland
This is just the back of my Mom's house (that she shares with my aunt and uncle). It is huge and visible from the highway.
10350 Chase Road, Winfield 10350 Chase Road, Winfield
Enjoy a candy cane while you walk down Candy Cane Lane through all the blow up scenes and twinkling lights! Accepting donations to the Kelowna SPCA but not expected. Come visit from 4-10pm every night!
2142 Michelle Crescent
Do not miss this one - it is wonderful!
2142 Michelle Crescent
990 Leon Ave 990 Leon Ave
We have the brightest house on the block. This is the first year I've put up this many lights and the kids are loving it, so I may have to keep adding to the setup.
3001 Elliott Rd 3001 Elliott Rd
Stumbled upon this beauty!
104-2220 Shannon Ridge Drive 104-2220 Shannon Ridge Drive
Beautiful festive display.
2885 Summerview Court 2885 Summerview Court
1st place winner for Smith Creek area! Front and back of house is done to perfection with thousands of lights! A truly stunning display from the front and back. A definite must see for any light enthusiast.
475 Brighton Road 475 Brighton Road
1271 Pheasant Street
Spectacular light and blow up display. Come and have a picture taken with Santa in his sleigh.
Rosemary Court, West Kelowna
Everyone drives past to see this street. Almost every house is lit up and totally decked out. The homes on the street behind have their backyards done up. They are elevated and part of the whole effect of the Rosemary Court.
1161 Houghton Rd 1161 Houghton Rd
I love the singing lights and air blown decorations!
2577 Bridlehill Ct, West Kelowna 2577 Bridlehill Ct, West Kelowna
Nicest house in Smith Creek!!
663 Hardie Crt
Neighbors also take part in lighting up the street!
427 Cadder Ave., Kelowna 427 Cadder Ave., Kelowna
Ooh, ahhh & awesome!
23-2124 Glacier Court 23-2124 Glacier Court
Commercial grade LED lamps.
2631 Gore Street 2631 Gore Street
Simply special!
1022 James Hockey Place 1022 James Hockey Place
Well organized and classy display with plenty of variety.
1120 Lacombe Road 1120 Lacombe Road
Over 6000 lights all synced to the sound of Christmas music. Enjoy the lights while listening thru fm radio in your car!
2385 Tallus Ridge Dr. West Kelowna 2385 Tallus Ridge Dr. West Kelowna
860 Wayne Road 860 Wayne Road
Come see this fantastic display. Over 30,000 lights! Accepting food bank donations.
2470 Packers Rd. Kelowna 2470 Packers Rd. Kelowna
The Macfarlanes would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. This will hopefully be the last year for our lights in this location as the house is for sale. Lots has changed and is new with the display this year, including a large pink ribbon. Hope you like it. Thanks!
735 Falkirk Rd 735 Falkirk Rd
All kinds of lights!
316 Phipps Cr. 316 Phipps Cr.
A wide variety of lights to see. Come by and have a look.
727 Nahanni Place
A really pretty display of lights: green, red, clear. Big spruce tree (all green), two tall cedars in front of house (red & clear), lower shrub lights (clear and red). Very pretty yard display of lights.
Collison Rd/Gramiak Rd/Mary Crt Collison Rd/Gramiak Rd/Mary Crt
Candy Cane Lane is back again this year bigger and better than ever! Come take a stroll down the lane from Dec 1 - Jan 1:)Please bring a non-perishable food donation to the drop-bin on the corner and help support our community. Look forward to seeing all come and enjoy the lights!
592 Glenmeadows Road
Simple, yet Elegant!

The 2014 Kelowna Regional Transit Parade of Lights is brought to you by Castanet.net, Power 104, Q103.1 and Costco.